Now They Know How Many Holes it Takes to Fill the Grand Mosque

Blackburn is an industrial town in Lancashire, in the North of England. Outside of Britain it is known mainly for having “4,000 holes”, as John Lennon put it in the Beatles’ song “A Day in the Life”.

When I lived in England back in the sixties, Blackburn was still a working-class English city, but now it is mostly Muslim. The following brief report from German TV describes the Islamic community in Blackburn, and proposes — wait for it — that Blackburn could serve as a model for the “integration” of Muslims in Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:09   Blackburn has 52 mosques.
0:12   One drives to prayer in the Jaguar, or even the Bentley.
0:15   Most of the 50,000 Muslims in the city
0:18   are professionally successful and very devout.
0:21   The Muslim-only gymnasium for girls is among the best in the country,
0:24   and after school the kids are brought to prayer service in the convertible,
0:27   two hours, four times a week.
0:30   This is how integration works for us, these Muslims tell us.
0:33   Although they say, they live peacefully next to each other,
0:36   and not with each other.
0:39   “I have lived here all my life, I work with non-Muslims.
0:42   we are open for all; in Islam everybody is welcome.”
0:45   Muslims are shaping the cityscape of Blackburn.
0:48   We meet Sela. She is a substitute teacher.
0:51   She gives her opinion that integration with a full hijab works.
0:54   “Of course it would be much better
0:57   if we were a little bit more tolerant, on both sides;
1:00   we Muslims too have to become a bit more open.”
1:05   Sarah Pattell also sees it like this.
1:08   She grew up in Great Britain, operates her own driving school,
1:11   and she is convinced that Blackburn could be a model for Germany as well.
1:14   “Maybe it will look like this in Germany 30 years from now.
1:17   Let the Muslims learn their religion, and practice it,
1:20   and bring their culture into the country.
1:23   Then it will work there like here with us.”
1:26   Especially the enterprising Muslims provide jobs
1:29   and prosperity, the Labor representative Kate Holland tells me.
1:33   “The Asian community spends large sums
1:36   for charitable causes and for the poor.”
1:39   And it is the community elders who call the shots,
1:42   more so than the politicians or the authorities.
1:45   “We experience a deeply divided society here.
1:48   Muslims in Blackburn want to remain among themselves.
1:51   They live in another world, in a parallel society,
1:54   with strict religious commandments,
1:57   and many non-Muslims — they move away.”
2:00   To Millhill for example, a suburb of Blackburn,
2:03   where many older people and workers’ families live.
2:06   “When we move to an English part of town, and more and more
2:09   Muslims move there too, the others leave.”
2:15   “It just seems like a wall, it shouldn’t be like that!
2:18   The children are growing up like that, and they think it’s normal,
2:21   but they shouldn’t isolate themselves like this.”
2:24   Through this invisible wall in Blackburn,
2:27   suspicion towards the Muslims keeps growing, while their influence
2:30   in Great Britain keeps on increasing.

31 thoughts on “Now They Know How Many Holes it Takes to Fill the Grand Mosque

  1. A people that won’t defend itself against these invasions deserves to die out. If white Europeans refuse to reproduce and reject Christendom they deserve to die out.

    • No one *deserves* the huge forces arrayed against them.

      Your nic – Sursum corda – contradicts this harsh and summary judgment of others. The British people have been betrayed repeatedly by their leaders down the centuries.

      So beyond your prescription of “hurry up and multiply and don’t forget to go to church this Sunday” what specific remedies do you have to offer a suffering people?

      Or perhaps you are somehow in complete control of the social forces in your area? Please let us know how you performed that particular miracle.

      • I totally agree with Dymphna.
        Every single country in the West has been spoon fed all those rainbow lies about multiculturalism by politics and the MSM.
        Add a good part of White and WW2 guilt, and you end up with nice but weak people who cannot believe that such things would occur.
        Eastern Europe had an even tougher ride but that made its people much more aware of danger.

        • I don’t understand the idea of white guilt. I feel no guilt for what anyone else did or didn’t do. The dastardly white governments in S. Africa and Rhodesia were in fact a blessing to the black populations though, again, I had nothing to do with what they did that was horrid. I never owned a slave and never lynched anyone.

          I do agree whites are weak. They refuse to see what is plainly before them and the vast majority express no outrage even when the insult is personal and immediate. Some dufus in Norway (?) got raped by a black or a Muslim and didn’t want the assailant to be deported. Pathetic.

          Europeans refuse even to vote for salvationist politicians or parties. Le Pen will perhaps win the first round in the next election and then be buried by the fools in the second. Sweden is worse. The Sweden Democrats are frozen out by voters. AfD will drown in a sea of CDU/SPD votes.

          Willful blindness.

          And suicide.

      • I don’t think Sursum corda passess judgement. If the people as he said do not deserve it, for me it implies people don’t have to be responsible. I at times find you confusing, D. I think in one of your articles you blame Daniel Pearl of not being responsible in assessing the situation, went to Middle East, captured, and killed. I think you imply he deserved it. Isn’t that a judgement too?

        • Bret, Daniel Pearl’s decision to go to Pakistan and place himself in harm’s way was an individual choice. He not only failed to take into account the evil, he actually sought it out. Such behavior isn’t heroic, it’s foolhardy

          That was one person’s *choice*. It’s quite different from passing judgment on a whole people, telling them they deserve being taken over and obliterated.

          • The critical difference between Pearl and the West is that there was not a gargantuan media/academia/government machine telling him lies about his situation.

            There is a huge machine lying to the West. Taxing them into non-replacement birth rates, admonishing them not to have children as it is bad for the environment, telling them thay have to accept mass immigration as there is not enough taxpayers. They are just like us, tbey are just like us, they are just like us…..

    • Didn’t you read in the Bible that in the end, Christendom will almost disappear, and there shall be an overwhelming majority of evil people on the Earth, which should make the fire and brimstone easier?

  2. I grew up in the north of England. As a young adult I simply didn’t want to visit there again. In my more sentimental middle age I would have liked to but couldn’t afford it. As I approach old age, I am too heartbroken by what it has become to do so.

    • Sorry to hear about that, Mick. It would probably be even more heartbreaking to actually see the changes.
      Keep it alive and well in your memories, and let’s all hope for a better future for Europe.

      • I hope just something can be done to preserve Blackburn as an English town. If I am able to go back to England in the near future , I would try to do something to help to preserve all the lovely English towns and cities.

        Now it is being taken over by those awful mosques and money obsessed foreigners. I just hope more English people would do something to save their lovely English towns and cities.

  3. Shocking to read that there are 52 mosques in Blackburn.
    They are only “successful” because they parasite on an advanced Western country such as UK. I think most people would be unable to afford to support those vile Islamic excesses or constant demands for more mosques or welfare. They should all go back to their many ugly Islamic countries in Middle East and Asia.
    It is strange how they can be so “successful” in a Western country while their Islamic community is so unsuccessful in most ways in their own predominantly Islamic country in South East Asia, where intolerance and hostility are common. I am sure soon people would realize all funding for the Asiatic Muslims would end up only benefiting those greedy Muslims that those Muslims would use it to force everyone to submit to their disgusting Eastern totalitarian ideology.

    • They’re only “successful” because the West has provided a structure for people to be successful in. More indigenous people throughout Europe would be successful too if they weren’t denied preferential treatment through affirmative action, and if the jobs market wasn’t blocked, among others by mass immigration.

      • Very true. These types of nonwhites and other nonwhites(who already have their Islamic homes in so many Islamic countries) are in reality denying others who are really in need of a real home from having a home. They endless mosques takes up all the spaces. They only provide inferior jobs to people who submit to their horrible Islamic culture.

        Actually, what are they trying to prove by their rude invasions on Western countries? Are they trying to falsely push the illusion that their Islam is “superior” when in reality it is the English town that they are invading that are superior and much more habitable without them.

        Hopefully, they don’t leave their filth or ugly stain on a lovely English town when they leave.

    • The Saudis pay for mosques to be built in Europe and the US. They have the oil money and use it to advance Islam. Under Trump, we may be able to become energy self-sufficient.

  4. English people need to rise up to prevent those Asian Muslims from taking over the lovely English town.

    English people need to start doing something to stop those Asians from spreading more ugliness, filth and intolerance in a lovely English town.

    It would be a sad day if those Asians turn it into another Middle Eastern or Asiatic hellhole.

    • If they don’t do any what you say ‘need to’, the English people deserve it. With the exception of Tommy Robinson, Liberty GB, Anne Marie Waters, and alike. Those don’t deserve it. Well because they do what are needed to do.

    • And what happened when this started, the English did rise up, and fought?…. 30 years jail.

      Taxed and propagandized to pay for it. I hold the people not responsible, the elites on the other hand will have this visited on them unto the 7th generation….

  5. Fifty-two mosques, mostly paid for with Saudi cash, in a population of 147,000. Population in 2001: 105,000. Sales of burqas and niqabs rocketing. This is the product, as the female driving instructor says, of bringing their culture with them. More significantly, note her description of what happens when Muslims move into a neighbourhood. “Others” move out. Not white people, not indigenous English, but “others”. I rest my case.

  6. I agree. Stay in your country of origin. Why invade other countries and violate their space and culture? Build your own in your own country. It is the right thing to do.

    • But it`s their religious obligation to islamize the world…

      Not all the time, but always when there is a window of opportunity.
      It`s sad the we have to live in such a time.

      Now we have to do the best we can, as others before us.
      Quiet likely not so much for ourselves but for the generations of true free men coming.
      For the Future!

  7. In other words, that report is probably meant to once again tell German people that they have nothing to fear.
    And yet it clearly illustrates how indigenous people are becoming the minority in their own country.

  8. I find the economic aspect interesting.
    Where is the money coming from, why are there (as they say) so many wealthy muslims?

    After the decline of the former industrial and textile sector – “Blackburn has had significant investment and redevelopment since 1958 through government funding and the European Regional Development Fund…”

    “The town centre is currently subject to a new multimillion-pound investment…”
    Source Wikipedia

    Doesn`t look like a booming city to me though.

    I would presume that Blackburn is a good example of an orchestrated Islamization (also with some money in the background financing it).
    Just like people such as Ali Kettani have outlined already decades ago this strategy of (Muslim) concentration and partizipation, but at the same time seclusion (from nonmuslims).
    With the final goal to establish a local majority with Sharia and self rule.

  9. Of course they don’t mention the virtual enslavement of lots of white girls.

  10. I have read and enjoyed GoV for a few years now so it is with irony that i find my Home town of Blackburn being used as a Model of Multiculturalism!
    Professor Ted Cantle recently published a follow up report that found Blackburn remains one of the most segregated Towns in England.
    The population of Blackburn itself is app 100,000. The Muslim population is app 30% and rising-nearly 10,000 in 10 years this in part due to a deliberate Social Policy
    Blackburn is in the top ten areas in England and Wales for the dispersal of immigrants as the town is regarded as to quote the Home Office as ‘ being used’ to immigration.
    Many of the big, ambitious Mosques are part financed by the ME.
    One of the most recent ‘Super’ Mosques was part financed by Qatar.
    The agreed funding came after visit to the Qatari Royal Family by the then Home Secretary and Blackburn’s MP Jack Straw.
    I have noticed a huge increase in young twenty something women wearing full veils in the last 10 years and am convinced it is a Political statement and Cultural Marker.

    • First, they built their mosques. (Their mosques are a symbol of their evil and greed).
      Then, they start showing their extremely intolerance, true nasty colors, etc.

      Soon, the normal English people would find it difficult to do business or survive decently with those demanding Asians interfering in almost everything in country that they cunningly invaded with their mosques.
      It will affect mostly us infidels who happened to be poor or disadvantaged.

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