Horst Seehofer Breaks Ranks, Praises Trump

Germany is currently governed by a “grand coalition” of the Christian Democrats and the Socialists. The Christian Democrats, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, are the senior partner in the coalition. However, they are comprised of two separate parties, the CDU — Mrs. Merkel’s party — and the CSU, the Bavarian Christian Democrats, led by Horst Seehofer.

Mr. Seehofer has been very much at odds with the chancellor on her immigration policy. His tough stance has made him popular in Bavaria — the CSU recently polled at 92% for the upcoming elections.

Now Horst Seehofer has broken ranks with the rest of Germany (and Western Europe, for that matter), and declared his admiration for President Donald Trump.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Der Spiegel:

CSU-Boss Seehofer praises Trump

Horst Seehofer is impressed by Donald Trump. The new president of the US is implementing his electoral promises “with consistency and speed”. The CSU-Boss also demands a rapid end of the sanctions against Russia.

January 29, 2017

Bavarian Premier Horst Seehofer spoke out for an end of the sanctions against Russia as early as “this year”. “Russia should also return into the circle of the G 8”, the CSU-Chef demanded in Bild am Sonntag.

“We need to leave the 20th century way of thinking in blocs behind us,” Seehofer is quoted as saying. “It is about finding joint answers to terror, migration, climate change. A policy of ‘tit for tat’ won’t get us any further. Whoever believes we can pick a quarrel simultaneously with the USA, with Russia and with Great Britain, is making a great mistake.” He is moving for “realistic politics [Realpolitik] instead of saber-rattling,” Seehofer says. “We must spell out differing standpoints, for example about the annexation of the Crimea, but at the same time, we must strive for reasonable economic relationships.”

Seehofer found praise for the new US president Donald Trump: “He is implementing his electoral promises with consistency and speed, item by item. In Germany, we would convene a Study Group, then an Audit Group, and then an Implementation Group.”

This does not mean that he approves of each measure taken by Trump. He congratulated Trump and invited him to the Free State of Bavaria, announced Seehofer. “Trump has been elected president of the US in a democratic, free election. This should be respected. I find a lacking in that regard these days.”

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  1. I am going to make a prediction that there is a seething mass of people who suppress their true feelings about the direction our culture is going in just waiting for the time when they can emerge with all the energy and force their fury can deliver them.

    Brexit and Trump were very prominent symptoms.

    The enemy is now at it’s MOST dangerous, they know their machinations are in great danger.

    Mr Trump, please stand firm. The “world” IS NOT united in condemnation against you. The BBC and CNN (etc) are.

    • Right you are. The cornered, wounded animal is the most dangerous. The Globalists soon has nothing to lose… We have to be on our guard!

    • Beware! As Bill Whittle pointed out in a recent video – posted on this blog this weekend: The enemy has a plan. We don’t. Most of us are too busy celebrating a temporary victory; one which bought a little time … a breather.

      • I believe at the end we will have a civil war… It might be the shortest one, but still. Seems like there is no compromise between the two sides, the left, mistaken the self discipline of the right for weakness, when they go to their Soros’ paid destructive rampage, burn and break anything in their path. It will be an ugly awakening. But things can’t go like this for the next 4-8 or more years! A country cannot function like this!

  2. “Whoever believes we can pick a quarrel simultaneously with the USA, with Russia and with Great Britain, is making a great mistake.”.

    Errr…….. They’ve believed it before…


    • Hitler had no intention of taking on the United States, nor did he wish to fight then Great Britain and the British Empire. Communism was the real threat to Europe and the West at that time, and Hitler’s aim was Germany’s greater control of Europe under National Socialism, not Communism. According to some Russian sources, and my own investigations, it became obvious to the Germans that by early 1941, Stalin was amassing his army ready to invade Germany and greater Europe, hence Hitler’s blitzkreig Operation Barbarossa that literally overran the Soviet threat and nearly succeeded in overwhelming Soviet Russia, and would have, if not for the entry into the war of the United States and its Lend-Lease program. And while that was going on, the Soviet Dictator all of a sudden became everyone’s friendly Uncle Joe and Hitler was portrayed as the villain. (and IMHO, they were both tyrants and the willing puppets of the Globalists who both were quite capable of killing their own) but as to who was the worst? Well, I guess if one takes to counting the numbers deliberately murdered, it would be Stalin.

      It was the United States that declared war on Japan soon after Pearl Harbor to which Hitler and Mussolini as part of the Axis, then declared war on the United States.

      One can see the mark of the Globalists in all this if one looks close enough and does not take to discounting any evidence as revealed out of hand simply because ‘history’ does not show it.

      Seehofer is a realist but not a patriot, and I would think he has larger ambitions to remain on board that gravy train.

      • “Seehofer is a realist but not a patriot,”

        Indeed! Here


        Seehofer is cited:

        We have a strong interest in a strong “Kanzlerin [feminine form of chancellor]. Angela Merkel not only represents Germany first rate, but is also leading at an international level.

        BTW: Thank you for your remarks on history. You also might be interested in

        Hitler — Mannerheim conversation

        This was a “stealth”-recording by some finish reporter and stopped abruptly when an SS-guard noticed a cable … Mannerheim had been officer in the Tsar’s army where he became commander of the Guards Cavalry Brigade; i.e. fluent in Russian. Hitler came to Finland in a surprise-visit at Mannerheim’s 75th birthday.

        You certainly know about the “Suvorov-stuff” where it is claimed that the red army had started to mass in the west, which could be read form memories. I can’t read Russian but when the DDR was selled-out in the nineties, I had the opportunity to buy a “random package” of translated books published by the “Militärverlag der DDR”. Found these Suvorov
        claims supported.

        • Fascinating stuff, Nemesis and ludwig. Mannerheim was 75 in 1942, just to date the recording of Hitler.

          This contradicts the story told by a British historian on tv some years back. He said the Soviets asked a captured German general (I think von Runstedt) which had been the decisive battle of the European war, probably expecting the reply “Stalingrad”. The general said it was the Battle of Britain, for two reasons: the failure to neutralise Britain left these islands as a base for the RAF and USAAF bombers and the invasion of Europe, but also prompted Hitler to attack Russia two years earlier than he’d planned.

          • Mark, as the saying goes, those who control history also control the future. That saying is very apt whenever one gets to do some digging back into time to reassess what has been recorded as fact.

            You should do some research into what Churchill had to fight against in his government and the British establishment who were leaning heavily into fascism.

            The Daily Mail had an article on that some years back which was my lead into a shadowy world that rarely, and when one understands the implications of, gets mentioned.

            You will tend to look at history with more open eyes if you do.

        • Thanks for that link – I did not know of its existence and stuff like that only goes to reinforce my own investigations into what the history books have denied us knowing.

          I have thought about why the Russians did not just walk in and take control of Finland – it wasn’t as if Stalin did not have the means to do so, the Russians could have completely overwhelmed such a tiny nation – and that decision by Stalin to allow Finland to give Russian troops a bloody nose was a feint and a strategic ruse in deluding Hitler into believing that the Soviet Union was very weak militarily when Hitler knew otherwise and as real history proves.

      • I think Hitler had intention on taking the US. Germany sank some US vessels and infiltrated US soil. Hitler did not declare war on US. He didn’t have to, but he had intention and even acted on it.

        • Bret, it is out there in plain language for anyone who wishes to read, Hitler and Mussolini both declared war on the United States immediately after the United States declared war on Japan.

          Japan/Germany/Italy were part of the Axis.

          German submarines (U Boats) acting as wolf packs took to decimating convoys carrying Lend Lease war material from the United States and Canada to Britain from the end of 1939 through to 1943 until long range aircraft could be employed to shadow the convoys and destroy the U Boats.

          There were German spies in North America at the time as there were in every other allied country as well as German/Italian POW camps.

          Hitler may have had the intention of subjugating the United States but there was absolutely nothing logistically that Germany could do physically to enact that intention because by 1943 Germany was fighting war on many fronts and for its own survival.

          And if you are referring to the Amerika Bomber, well that is still largely conjecture and I have seen no evidence that would support such an undertaking.

          • The Germans didn’t have the resources to build and deploy the Amerika Bomber, though one prototype Messerschmitt Me 264 was completed in 1942. The US did, though the B-36 was delayed till, I think, 1947.

            I knew about the fascist sympathisers in the British government, notably Lord Halifax, but not the other info you mention above.

          • Hitler intended to conquer the world. Like the moslems today he didn’t care which lie you believed that he told. His plans included capturing America, in due time. He knew how to bide his time more or less until he got mired in Russia. The moslems have the same plan, but far more patience than Hitler had and way more expendable bodies currently reproducing like rabbits with no expectations whatsoever from life but to die for allah. Unlike the Germans of the 40’s. Get ready people.

        • He sank vessels carrying supplies to the nations attacking him. We do the same. That doesn’t mean he wanted war with us.

      • Actually Hitler was the only major leader not under the influence of the globalists. That is why everyone else ganged up against him, in spite of there being no practical reasons for their countries to do so.

        • I suggest re-reading the many histories of World War II. Hitler was a tyrant in Germany; it wasn’t only the Jews -it was also part of his policy to rid his Reich of gypsies, gays, the feeble-minded and the physcially disabled.

          I suggest a closer reading of Hitler’s actual policies. For example, how did Poland “gang up” on Germany?

          It’s debatable whether or not he was a “globalist” but he was certainly aiming for total Nazi control of any country he invaded. He ‘disappeared’ those who publicly disagreed with him in any sovereignty he controlled, including Vichy France.

        • You could start here:

          A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II


          That’s the second edition of a book many people have praised. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find listings for many pages of books about the subject.

          I’m surprised that anyone this far removed from the events could say with a straight face that Hitler was “ganged up against”…unless you meant it as a wry joke. Or unless you have some secret axe to grind. If it’s the latter, grind elsewhere. Being friends of Israel (see our sidebar), I can assure you this isn’t the place to pull out that old canard.

  3. “He is implementing his electoral promises with consistency and speed, item by item. In Germany, we would convene a Study Group, then an Audit Group, and then an Implementation Group.”

    I wonder if that is a bit of unintentional humor.

  4. People are getting it wrong all over the place, especially on social media. I saw a post that had Dr Merkel putting President Trump straight on the ‘Geneva Convention’ with regard to refugees and the obligation to take them when they are fleeing war. The UN document on refugees specifically state that it’s to do with persecution–not flood, famine, war or other disaster. But now it’s been turned into the ‘Geneva Convention’ (there have been several UN documents agreed in Geneva) and read into it clauses it doesn’t have.

    • The UN has always been a flawed concept – western countries with Christian values have always been in a minority amongst
      more backward, envious, so called developing nations.

      They despise our success and will eventually reduce us to their third world status given the opportunity.

      Unfortunately they are being abley assisted in this task by the
      Deluded, left wing, feminazis, SJW, snow flake western womens movements, who despite all logic and common sense, insist on welcoming the third world invasion.

      I hope Trump sticks to his guns and starts to jail these ridiculous pink P***y hatted haradins forthwith, starting
      With Madonna (who is now beyond parady ), Lady GA GA
      And all the Hollywood cretins who believe acting makes them
      Some form of alternative government.

      Enforce the Law – do not let the lefties off the hook, facilate the Russians access to Soros who is subject to an arrest warrant by them. Cut-off the vast amounts of monies funding this anarchy and restore the USA to some sort of order again.

      • As far as I know, the story of the Russian arrest warrant for Soros is a hoax. I recommend seeing if you can find a reliable source for it, because I can’t. It’s just one of those “fake news” rumors spread via the Intertubes.

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