No Exemption From Mixed Swimming for Muslim Children in Switzerland

Swiss public schools require all children to take swimming lessons. Before they reach puberty, girls are required to swim in mixed-sex sessions with the boys.

A Muslim family in Switzerland refused to send their girls to co-ed lessons, and were fined for their refusal. They took their case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, and lost.

Many thanks to Nash Montana translating this Swiss TV report about the ECHR decision, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a BBC article on the same topic:

Swiss Muslim Girls Must Learn to Swim With Boys, Court Rules

Switzerland has won a case at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) obliging Muslim parents to send their children to mixed swimming lessons.

It said authorities were justified in giving precedence to enforcing “the full school curriculum” and the children’s “successful integration” into society.

The ECHR acknowledged that religious freedom was being interfered with.

But judges said it did not amount to a violation.

The case was brought by two Swiss nationals, of Turkish origin, who refused to send their teenage daughters to the compulsory mixed lessons in the city of Basel.

Education officials, however, said that exemptions were available only for girls who had reached the age of puberty — which the girls had not reached at the time.

Video transcript:

0:00   Muslim girls will also have to participate
0:03   in mixed swimming lessons with boys.
0:06   One Muslim couple’s lawsuit in Basel against mandatory participation
0:09   by their daughters was denied at the High Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg.
0:12   Therefore, for Swiss school administration,
0:15   compulsory school attendance
0:18   has precedence over parents’ religious requests for
0:21   exemption from lessons.
0:24   This means that we are on the right track
0:27   and that we will continue, and we are of course in constant
0:30   dialogue with religious communities. We are
0:33   open for suggestions, but state schools will remain
0:36   a bracket for our entire society, and we will adhere to that.
0:39   Originally a fine was imposed on the parents because they refused to have
0:42   their girls participate in mixed swimming lessons at their elementary school.
0:45   The court determined that physical education is important
0:48   for the development and the health of children, and that it is
0:51   especially important for all children to participate together in all school activities
0:54   regardless of the religious convictions of their parents.

Hat tip for the BBC article: Fjordman.

14 thoughts on “No Exemption From Mixed Swimming for Muslim Children in Switzerland

  1. They will fail. They try to challenge a 1400 year old religious dogma without examining the whole ideology, essentially just slapping the rabid dog in the face! It will make them angry, they will not solve any problem and Islam will continue to spread into the country. Bravo morons!

    • They won’t fail. It’s Switzerland. At the end of the day, public school, or as we call it the People’s School, is king, and the end all. And that’s that.

      They’ll fail in other areas. But not in that one.

      • What I meant to say, if they continue to increase of the muslim population then at the end they will ultimately become a muslim nation like many other countries before them. Virtue signalling is not only bad from SJW but from government as well. They might force today’s muslims to follow their regulations but let’s see what is happening when their population will become a significant portion of the society?

        A Muslim population below 2% is quiet and peaceful.
        Below 5% Muslims seek converts, targeting those they see as disaffected, such as criminals.
        Above 5% Muslims becoming more aggressive and push for low-scale Sharia law.
        At 10% Muslims become increasingly lawless and violent.
        At 20% there is murder, jihad militias, and destruction of non-Muslim places of worship.
        At 40% there are widespread massacres and constant terror attacks.
        Beyond 50% infidels and apostates are persecuted, genocide occurs and Sharia law is implemented. Once the nation becomes Islamic and kills or enslaves all the non-Muslims it ceases to be the Dar al-Harb (House of War) and becomes the Dar al-Islam (House of Submission). Many Western countries are accelerating at an exponential rate toward the Dar-Al Islam.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, these European leaders ought to stop trying to figure out clever ways to deal with muslims and just put them on some boats and dump them on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. I have never seen such convolution and convulsions for what is needed but I sure hope the citizenry elect some folks who stop this tomfoolery.

  3. It is NOT a 1400 year old religious dogma. It is a dogma of conquest disguised as a { pseudo religion } Any historian worth their salt will explain the origin and practices of Islam and the biography of the Psychopath who started it…as well as the weak minded fools who adhere to it. Pity the poor innocents born into cultures that embrace this devilish enterprise.

    • Of course I am pretty clear on what is islam. I just did not want to take away from the focus that EU politicians still believe they can tame this violent supremacist totalitarian political ideology!

  4. Now that it’s settled law, how determined are the Swiss people to defend it? For surely it’ll be challenged outside of law by the invaders. It’ll come down to a clash of will or maybe a clash of arms.


    Islam has nothing humane / compassionate to offer……….. they only rely on hatred on others/ infidel to feel proud and emancipated

    Anything which fuels hatred between muslims and non-muslims , muslims will love to heart it and relish it…………

    If nothing is available to hate and feel proud, they boast about their womens chastity, their society has no humuscxuals, which is preserved at the cost of honor killing some women who are non-chaste , killing humuscxuals ( pure savages )……….. and they mock at westerners that they are adulterers and humuscxuals………….. which makes them feel superior.

    One more factor is the quran forbids Muslim women marrying non-muslims ( quran 24:3 ), because the infidel is inferior……. koran extremely racist and violent………….ALLAH IS infinite times more violent / fascist/racist than HITLER

    Islam………..pure honor based supermascist Savages……..and infidel hate mongers…

    • My theory is that the ideology is attempting to channel reproductive and sexual energies toward the service of jihad against the kuffar.

  6. What can the state do in the face of a mass boycott. Especially a violent one so the girls are frightened away.

  7. It’s a modesty issue, I’m Christian and I would not want my daughter to swim in a pool fill with immature boys. That’s why we separate them in our Catholic schools. It’s a shame that we are eroding our morals, that’s how end up with all these “loose women” and fornicators. Back in my day, parents actually cared about their Christian faith; but gone are those days. Why can’t you people accept that fact that not everyone follows your moral compass.

    Patrick G.

    • If that is the case than why do they not gravitate towards the 57 Muslim Countries that will be more than happy to accommodate their every whim. Europe wants nothing to do with this barbaric, backward cult.

    • I would agree with you patrick. i think seperating mens and womens sports and where close physical contact could be had, should be eliminated. Not everything Mohammed and Islam stands for is wicked—just a lot of it. But if this is europes MO to try and get muslims to become good citizens, they are sadly mistake. this is only a bandaid and will probably inflame them towards violence.

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