Not a Homeland for Nafrional Socialists

The following essay was written by a Bavarian nationalist — I can’t think of a more appropriate term to describe his cultural and political point of view — named Don Alphonso. The writer discusses recent complaints by leftists against the Cologne police over the strict law enforcement techniques used on New Year’s Eve.

JLH, who translated the essay, includes this prefatory note:

This piece comes from the same Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that once published an anti-PEGIDA editorial, making fun of Dresden as the hick city that gave the movement a home. This writer casually and consistently uses the term “Nafris” which promises to become the “acceptable N-word” for Arab Muslim interlopers. He also emphasizes his regional and dialect background as a reminder that he is one of the “natives” who are being pushed around.

The translated article from the FAZ:

Not a Homeland for Nafrional Socialists

by Don Alphonso
January4, 2017

The door that affords admission to good people and bad people alike is a poor door
— African proverb

You know, it’s not easy for a historian to deal with Germany as a nation. The borders of the country in which we live are about 25 years old. The Germany of 1871, on the other hand, lies today in Poland, France and Russia; and no doubt the Italians who are running the restaurant on the Wendelstein[1] are not really so much Italian as German. They are from South Tyrol, where it is easy to meet someone who had Italian in school, but understands even less than I do — and I am really bad at it.

This is because cultural areas are a different thing than nations. Nations are defined by borders and laws. Cultural areas are historically more stable. Changing cultural regions rather than borders can get ugly. Genocide and cleansing are the means used more often than the vote, as could be seen in the dissolution of Yugoslavia. So, for a historian and a lover of mankind, working with cultural areas is more enjoyable than studying nations.

One such region is the Alps. Even with all the intra-alpine diversity and stubborn independence, there is a certain inner likeness. In the past year, I had to decline a schnapps from Slovenia to Graubünden [Switzerland], from Gmund [Bavaria] to Riva [Italy], in churches and inns, on lakes and in [mountain] passes.

There is a very banal but appropriate saying in Bavaria, Hockts eich hera, samma mehra. Have a seat, then there will be more of us. There is a great openness implicit in this phrasing, but also an enormous obligation to fit in with a collective. In practice, this will not please every modern person, but table groups, travel groups, mountain climbing teams and cycling clubs are formed, because it’s easier to do things together in the mountains, so long as nobody gets out of line. For that, there is the saying hock di hi und sei stad, [take your place here and hold steady] which can be taken as encouragement to put an effort into assimilation. Mountains were and are, as ever. a force for obligation, which compresses people — I laugh about it now and then, when literally everyone I meet in the gathering dusk wants to get me into a safe and secure shelter. But that’s how it is in this cultural area. Or, as it is also known — home.

Combining overly different cultures in one nation requires an instinct and understanding for the concerns of others, if it is not to end in a failed state that will unravel along the borders of the cultural areas. There was a relatively harmless instance of that last year with the EU and Brexit. To put it another way, nations are more acceptable if they respect the characteristics of the homeland and do not attempt to delegitimize those sensitivities. For instance, if I wanted to decree that every racer in Berlin gets a big BMW and free gas, and to finance this the force feeding of the entire population should come from the cheapest factory farms, using genetically modified animals, the Green citizenry would be horrified, even though this may actually be close to present reality. People in this land of commuters with freak weather would be just as horrified at ideas like €5 per liter of gas, slowing down, and tax-supported Veggie Days. And those parties, as well, who would like an Early-Volker-Beckicization[2] in the schools, should not roll their eyes if the songs of my homeland await them with a late-blooming, but sexualized conception of the role of women. That’s how we roll.

Our tradition of climbing into a sweetheart’s window notwithstanding, most of us understood instinctively that New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 in Cologne was in no way a form of immigration or refuge-seeking, but was a hostile invasion. It was — you guessed it, feminists like Margarete Stokowski, who just today in Spiegel is criticizing the police — who have attempted to brandish the Oktoberfest Lie[3] as a counter. There was a movement to re-define the invasive, criminal acts as the result of a masculine patriarchal problem. The initiative was called “Without Exception,” was blared abroad by the media, supported by Heiko Maas and Manuela Schwesig[4] and endorsed by feminist anti-Semites and friends of Islamic Hamas. Everything was OK; no one was too mean or low when it came to pointing out the obvious. In Cologne, civil order broke down, the law of violence prevailed and criminal invaders from abroad had control of the belongings and bodies of German citizens. Subsequently the state was shockingly incapable of finding these criminals, trying and deporting them. No politician assumed responsibility and resigned. That was all.

Security is very important in my cultural area. Precisely because it was not God-given in the mountains, people have been happy to become accustomed to this luxury, and definitely want to keep it. Security is to great extent the normal for us, so Cologne was a real shock. That was no temporary constriction of security — it was a thorough failure. I know of no one among us who finds this tolerable or comprehensible. It may happen that a terrorist evades surveillance. It is difficult to prevent a gang of seven from setting a homeless person on fire and smirking at the camera. But great mobs of dangerous elements coming together are manageable. The police have water cannons, truncheons, live ammunition, guns, tear gas and regulations on how to use them — from harmless to emphatic to state-sanctioned force.

That worked in Cologne this time, from the point of view of my culture. And, to be sure, without the water cannon driving right into the crowd, or certain other things which are hinted at when criminal Nafri gangs get the worst of it in Italy. It is undisputed that there are many basic principals that must be weighed against one another — no different with Nafris than with freedom of expression. If I were to write about what rights we would care to guarantee risk groups in Cologne, I wouldn’t need a lot of space. I could leave it at “as little as possible.” The actual result — a mild confrontation with a few instances of “move along and don’t come back” — accords with present ideas of de-escalation. It is true that the constitution forbids discrimination by the state, but it has also never allowed for hundreds of menacing individuals to wander unsupervised among peace-loving people. If there was damage to the constitution, then it happened a year ago on New Year’s Eve. Politicians and media who chose to retroactively whitewash the events of a year ago are now the first to criticize the police. At the time, Mrs. Stokowski wrote in Spiegel Online, “Good German men are always prepared to harass their own women.”

In my cultural group, there is strong doubt that leftist totalitarians, juridically challenged ideologues or anti-German racists such people ought to take over the guidance of justice in Cologne, since they are usually in opposition to the state and its boundaries, and now want the constitution to give preference to Nafris. Besides, the Greens, together with the other parties in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia), used this idea in instituting the Committee of Inquiry. So why should we not stay with it and expand the idea to include the socialist idolaters and helpers of the Nafris. What happened in Cologne — from the point of view of my cultural homeland — was something like a first, small step away from the feeling that we are living as aliens in our own land. Cologne 2015 was the beginning of a year of alienation. This time, at least, we saw that the worst can be prevented, even if the miscreants are still visibly among us. It was a turning point. And then politicians like Christopher Lauer of the SPD, Simone Peter of the Greens and others step up and try to start a debate about discrimination. From the point of view of my cultural group, the police did what was necessary to impose order. There is still a long way to go to establish security. At the very least, New Year’s Eve in Cologne worked out, thanks to a martial showing. And now the socialist Nafri apologists come along, talking about racism and trying to discredit the process. That is their constitutional right. But this kind of behavior not only insults the people who put themselves on the line. It also shows last year’s victims that there are those who are prepared to worry about the rights of the aggressive Nafris, while these same people tried for weeks and months to whitewash and misinterpret the crimes of a year ago. And it becomes apparent in my cultural group that the way back to security lies not only in opposition to the Nafris, but also to their friends.

Nafri supporters tend to call this opposition a shift to the right. But where I come from, this is not occasion for a debate on the rights of Nafris and the moral superiority of the Nafrional Socialists whose anti-German reflex reaction has been to shout “racism.” That’s not all. Then comes the debate about whether, in the context of laws pertaining to foreigners and of regional structures, complaining about welfare recipients and cost to the public is not restricting space for such people as much as possible, and tending toward the lower limits of the Geneva Refugee Accord — if one or another welfare recipient is insulted and forced to sue at the expense of the general public.

And then the debate about allowing the police the use of their deployments to their constitutional limit. And when the complaining continues, my cultural circle wonders whether it is worth continuing to live in a place whose politicians and media tolerate hindering the rule of law and opposing its citizens and their interests. Maybe it’s OK in Berlin to consume crystal meth, regard the organized drug mafia as partners, and leave the police out in the cold. But broad swathes of this land have other ideas, a different relationship to the executive, and are not prepared to surrender their homeland and their values to the law-of-the-jungle criminal element outgrowths of brazen, Islamic demands stemming from Turkey. That is the core of the conflict. They believe their idea of life is correct and are in no mood for debates about child marriage, sharia and hordes drunk on their constitutional rights. They just don’t want it.

It may be that some cultural areas will allow that to reach the point of bending the law, and others will fight it with all available means. If it is not even possible to achieve unity about the confrontation in Cologne, then it won’t happen. Then that is the dividing line between cultural areas. One cultural region will ruthlessly send the water cannons, the other will mothball them. The Nafris are neoliberal, and go where the police are not heroic when they uphold the law. That is not the Germany we used to know, but a dis-unified legal and cultural area with regional peculiarities and travelers’ advisories. If it were really about integration of immigrants, togetherness and agreement on the indispensable limits of our legal state, so that immigrants could behave according to the Geneva Convention and thus be happily accepted, then the advocates of immigration should be thankful for the police action on New Year’s Eve 2016. The result could perhaps have been merchandized among us as a kind of holding-together: Look, it’s getting better, we are doing something. And to the immigrants: Look, we are upholding the boundaries.

That could have led to healing. But that was not desired, and I doubt that Mrs. Peter or Mr. Lauer would be welcome guests in my cultural area. As last year is re-interpreted with all possible vigor, so the new victims shall become the perpetrators. My cultural group may not have great influence on the leading media, but it has brains, torches, muzzle-loaders, money — lots of it, and pitchforks. Some people get a good schnapps here, others get a really good chance to integrate by way of work, and others — how shall I say it — in Bavaria we say an Dreg im Schachterl. [come up empty] That would not be the desired outcome in a construct like the Federal Republic of Germany, but it amounts to a hard separation and difficult struggles to accomplish it.

Anyway, anyone who wants to do something for women, female immigrants and constitutional rights should become involved with the so-called prostitution protection law, its severe intrusions into personal freedom and the state’s surveillance powers. That is truly difficult, and it is about more than just police supervision, which can be evaded, unless you run straight into it.


1)   A 1,838-meter (6,030-foot) high mountain in the Bavarian Alps.
2)   The name of the 90/Green progressive politician used as a noun to imply hyper-progressive handling of the schools.
3)   The agenda-driven attempt to claim that sexual assault at the Oktoberfest is somehow similar in quality and incidence to NYE Cologne.
4)   Both SPD (socialists) — respectively, federal Minister for Justice and party chair.

9 thoughts on “Not a Homeland for Nafrional Socialists

  1. It is more than apparent that the only way to deal with the “NAFRIS” is the way the police dealt with them on New Year’s Eve. They, and the newcomers, need to know that the police mean business and to heck with being labelled racists. Instead of printing pamphlets in different languages with plentiful advice on how to claim benefits, they should be printing pamphlets on how the police will have absolutely ZERO tolerance of anti-social behaviour. The likes of Stokowski, Peters, et al., should be the ones who are targeted and pilloried for their views, not the upstanding citizens of Germany who just want a peaceful life. Finally, the worm is turning.

    • What makes you think they can read? Their own leaders from the ratholes they fled from use brutality to keep their populations in line. They should be taught in the language with which they are familiar, and they will remember the lessons better.

  2. I’m happy to hear that Germans are waking up to the “shortcomings” of Islamic immigration into their country, but they are only slowing down their destruction as long as they insist on letting them into their country. I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, but he has promised to close the Mexican border and to stop letting Muslims into this country. Those two actions will get my support for as long as he doesn’t wimp out just to get re-elected.

    • I agree with you there. If he doesn’t come through with a crackdown on illegal immigration… he is toast.
      I have told my family’s story several times over the years that illegal immigration into the US absolutely changed our dynamic in a number of ways.
      Just yesterday Kirstin Powers was advocating on Fox news for unfettered illegal immigration of “children” into our country. Google Brentwood NY and find out how this has worked out for them…
      BTW, Brentwood is just 25 miles from my home and even the Hispanics have had enough of this lunacy.
      This is real and this is now. Why our politicians refuse to see this can only be placed at the foot of increased votes. Why republicans continue to support this, in a benign way, I can only assume that they are cowards.
      They are not looking to forward American citizen’s rights, that is for sure. We should all just suck it up and pay the education/healthcare/infrastructure costs for those we never invited here in the first place.

      • For an understanding of what has occurred to politicians everywhere please read the article ‘The Soft Coup Collapses’ in the News Feed below this article.

        Much of what you will read there will give you more of an insight into how things now work in politics.

    • I don’t think Germany is “waking up” at all. They are burdened by their history and the great irony is that in assuaging their guilt they are creating, for the third time in a century, another crisis for Europe.

  3. Theres no place for these invaders in our countrues FULL STOP!

    Theres no plAces FOR them to live, no jobs, no women, no future!
    These desert retards simply SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED HERE!


    We must round them all up, every single damn one of these slimy cockroaches,
    And fill the trains, boats, army trucks, and deport whole lot of them right now!

    Whike were doing this, we must start hunting down msm journalists who been covering up all this, lieing to us, complicit in this attempted genocide of us all.
    And of course, we must arrest and incarcerate the evil phony politicos, cameron, blaur, straw, brown, merkel, and her cronys in the reichstag.
    Rutte in hollAnd, and f. Holland in france, i want see these butchers in chains, and orange jumpsuits.

    This is what must happen if we are to save our countries, cultures, women, and our way of life.
    Dont be afraid, just now start speaking out in public, and find the enemy amongst you.


  4. Zhukov, Who do you think? Barry Soetero Obama, that is who. He doesn’t give a [hoot] about our country and he is happy to import millioins of muslims in, who will not fit in, will not be happy, will not find jobs, so more [emphatic intensifier] welfare I suppose. and we the taxpayers are paying for all of this nonsense. It is time to bring it to a stop. Deport muslims, Mexicans and anyone else who can’t get a job. One of my friends is a Mexican, but she studied, took the test , became a citizen and is a credit to our community. she works. What we have to get rid of is the lazy who just want to sit on welfare and do nothing. I try not to be prejudiced against muslims, but their religion really turne me off.

    There is something seriously wrong with Germany and I think it is called Angela Merkel. The woman is insane if she thinks she can bring in millions of muslims, the rape rate soars and all she does is “wash” her hands and say “we can do this.” Well she can say that since she is well-protected by body guards 24/7 so no skin off her nose when young or old women get raped by sex-starved dirty muslims. And of coulrse they , the Germans are not armed. I’d like to see them try it in the USA where every other house has guns.

    Zhukov, I agree with you 100%. Oh, who allowed this? The amazingly stupid multi-culti “leaders” of the world. Time for a revo;lution. I have never seen such stupidity in my 60+ years of life.

    Thin Lizzy, do you think they are burdened by their war past, their treatment of the Jews, and such? Do you really think they feel any guilt over that? I doubt it, I suspect they say oh, it was our parents and grandparents, we are very nice, look how welcoming we are. Yeah and a quarter will get you a front seat at the next horrendous event that takes place in Germany. I feel it coming but have nothing to back that up. But Germans don’t change, just as nobody really changes.

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