Merkel’s Message of Horror

The following essay by Nicolaus Fest was published earlier today at Politically Incorrect. It has been kindly translated by K. from Germany, who includes these notes:

There is one little weakness in this article that critics might latch onto, which is where the author lumps together Muslims, Buddhists and Voodoo cultists. It looks like a slip to the extreme right, but knowing Mr. Fest’s writings, he is well aware of the qualitative differences. It is a pointer at mere quantity in regards to inevitable alienation in a hypothetical situation of inundation with any foreign culture, not just Islam. Slightly clumsy, I believe: he didn’t mean to defame Buddhists. Other than that, he is right on describing the utter nihilism of this leadership and its consequences.

The translated essay:

Merkel’s Message of Horror

by Nicolaus Fest

“Where Europe — as […] for the protection of our external borders or regarding migration — is challenged as a whole, it must also find the answer as a whole — no matter how laborious and tough it is.” These were Angela Merkel’s words in her New Year’s address. Yet in actual reality it was the chancellor herself who prevented a response from Europe ‘as a whole’ to the migration crisis, who flouted every one of the other countries’ concerns like a real autocrat, who wanted to protect the external borders as little as the internal ones, and who did not engage in painstaking and tough negotiations about compromises, but tried to blackmail resistant countries with threatened cutbacks in EU monies.

Yet this is not the only shift of perception in the chancellor’s New Year speech. That Merkel sees Germany on top of digitalization, or against all market reality still praises alternative energies as the technology of the future, shows clearly how little the chancellor’s office is a home for reality. One look at the stock charts in wind and solar power would suffice to identify the total failure of these hopes. Not just by chance, the chancellor then mentions the only branch which in this country still shows unbowed growth: health care. Is this supposed to be a sign of hope?

But hope and Merkel hardly go together, anyway, and after this speech even less so. Because the chancellor is obviously not willing to touch on the core question for this country: Who are we, what constitutes this country? All new parties in Europe are based on this question, and also Donald Trump’s election campaign was centered on mostly one thing: About identity, about delineation of the alien, about that which means America beyond the economy, Coca Cola or Google, what keeps it together at the core. It is about positional determination and how to proceed from there. But about all this, Merkel hasn’t a thought to offer.

Or at least nothing which might yield any findings. Indeed she appeals to “cohesion, openness, our democracy” — but to which end or purpose, she remains silent. But what does ‘cohesion’ mean, if not even the chancellor has an idea what you should stick together for? Perhaps for Christianity, enlightenment, humanism, the European culture? Merkel mentions none of these, because every clear commitment immediately would entail the converse argument: For Christianity means against Islam, for enlightenment means against Quran schools and DITIB, for humanism means against the contempt for women, homosexuals and heretics; and for European culture means opposition against all, even peaceful, immigration. Because ‘Multikulti’ and the blending with Muslim or other influences means the end of European culture. Should the Europeans as carriers of a culture disappear, when more and more people see their foundation in the Quran rather than the Bible and Greek philosophy, then Europe as an idea and cultural unit also disappears. And with it all traditions, ideals, and forms it recognized itself in: Bach, Mozart, or Chopin mean as little to Muslims, Buddhists or Voodoo adherents as do Giotto, Vermeer or van Gogh, as Shakespeare, Petrarch or Goethe. Because these Olympians, too, are not theirs.

Yet not a word from Merkel about all this. For her, only ‘openness’ and ‘our democracy’ count. But openness also for full body veiling, Jew-hatred, and child marriages? Or for the price of one’s own pauperization? And what does ‘our democracy’ mean, when this democracy can’t even guarantee internal security, assassins easily elude observation and draw welfare checks under seven identities? Is this the democracy we want? And can a form of state and its representatives be trusted, whose failure is so obvious?

No response here, either. And this should terrify everybody. After Brexit and Trump, after the New Year’s night 2015/16 in Cologne, after the countless rapes and murders, after the isolation in Europe with regard to foreign policy, but most of all after the terror attack in Berlin, the 2017 New Year’s address was by far the most important speech in Merkel’s chancellorship. With it, she would have had to provide reasons for her renewed candidature, give confidence to the country; it was her chance for a new beginning. But instead of taking this chance, Merkel only offered a few words of regret and justification, otherwise: Nothing. No positional determination, no clear announcement, no destination. Merkel does not know what Germany means, what keeps it together, or ‘our democracy’. She does not know which direction the country should take, how it should design its future. And she knows nothing of Europe. To her its culture, despite all Bayreuth visits, is only entertainment, not substance. And just like there, the Tree of Life is but fire wood to her.

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  1. No one could get it so wrong and still be a decent, rational compassionate (?) leader; ergo, there is definitely something rotten in the state of Merkel. While no one likes to lose face, admit they are grievously wrong, a reasonably functioning human being would by now realize a terrible mistake had been made, and act accordingly.
    Yet Merkel offers no such acknowledgement, and a sullen populace grows ever more restive…

    I wonder, could my prediction of years ago come true after all? That the Germans would be the first in Europe to rebel and throw out the trash?

  2. If Merkel is elected again, one important part of Europe is kaput. And then, piece by piece the rest.

  3. Just a thought

    UN – New World Order – OIC

    “Delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco on April 25, 1945, for what was officially known as the Conference on International Organization.” (CIO…)
    United Nations

    – Has the UN been hijacked by the islamic OIC to be merged into a New World Order, aka the caliphate?

    – Btw, how did the islamic states come up with the acronym, OIC? Anyway, with the Cairo Declaration (1990) – based on sharia – they mentally hijacked the Universal Human Rights already. So, that each time somebody islamic, or islamic friendly, speaks about “Human Rights” based on sharia, most Westerners will nod in total agreement, thinking about the Universal Human Rights – NOT based on sharia.

    The Savior, and his “Legacy”

    “The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Common Market, as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed

    “What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. , and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”Send us such a man

    Was it part of the plan that the same We, as above – “We will receive him” – award him the Nobel Peace Prize?

    When you’re running for POTUS, why would you spend time campaigning – and wowing the crowds – in Berlin, and in Europe, in the first place?

    The Savior(…) did talk about the New World Order in a one-man TV-show(…), in the US, just before the first election. What New World Order? Did he ever explain that? Was he having in mind that he was going to be the leader of that NWO? And, now? Is he still thinking so, or did the Deplorables ruin it all for him?

    And the $-oro-$ in all this..?


      “The whole tone of the piece is clearly fraught with concern that the populist movement sweeping the west poses a direct threat to the plutocratic new world order that Soros has spent his entire life helping to build.”

  4. If the Germans choose to follow Merkel into cultural suicide, we must remember it’s been done before. Remember the Nazi’s? I do, even though they were kind of before my time, as in I was a toddler then.

    But WWII was the resounding event of my life. Merkel is either brain-damaged or a traitor to her own people. Maybe both? Let’s take a vote, shall we?

    What I don’t understand is this: nobody is standing up to her. She stands there with her hands folded and babbles. And babbles. On and on. The Germans have always been odd, I think. They tend to be obedient until they change their minds. But in the past, they have also tended to be smart so this really is a puzzle to me.

    • The ‘narrative’ concerning National Socialism and its hold over the German people is that such a public movement was in response to the Allies turning the tables on Germany during the Armistice (remember that Germany was not defeated militarily) and the subsequent reparations demanded from Germany that led to the Weimar republic and almost a political Armageddon in Germany.

      But one needs to remember also, that during the years immediately after the end of the Great War that the revolution that saw the Romanov’s toppled in Russia was also getting started in Germany.

      What gave rise to National Socialism was in effect a reaction against creeping Communism that is a production of the Globalists agenda. If Germany had fallen into Communism at that time then so would all of Europe have done, eventually.

      Hitler’s National Socialism in that light may be seen as a move against that Globalist plan.

      One must also look into why it was that when America entered the Second World War it was Hitler who was the priority to defeat, even though it was the Japanese Empire that had struck at Pearl Harbor bringing America into the war.

      Stalin’s Russia at that time was treated by most Western countries as a pariah.

      So, one must then ask themselves why Germany was targeted and the Russians given aid and war materiel, when according to Hitler, Germany did not wish to wage a war against America or the British Empire for that matter.

      And now we have a Germany that is seemingly on the path to cultural genocide at the hands of Frau Merkel whose upbringing was in East Germany while being fed on Communist thinking, and this agenda now in progess based on the supposition that most of the German population have been indoctrinated into accepting such an outcome.

      I would suggest to anyone who remembers what Russia was under the Soviet yoke to recognize what Russia has become today – a country that has been able to cast aside Communism to re-embrace Christianity and to accept the free enterprise system of capitalism as the only means to provide individual prosperity and freedom and to compare what Germany is now going through as Russia once did.

      If Russia can do it, then so can Germany.

      • >> when America entered the Second World War it was Hitler who was the priority to defeat, even though it was the Japanese Empire that had struck at Pearl Harbor bringing America into the war.

        While not germane to this discussion, one also has to take note that the military technology available at the time was more suited to the European Theatre of War. The sheer scale of the Pacific presented technical obstacles that still had to be overcome.

        Back to the point above: So the choice after WW1 was between International Socialism and National Socialism? It seems that socialism had triumphed . . . no matter what. One would hope that we have more choices today, but I fear, with what has transpired in educational institutions lately, that we’re likely to end up with another version of socialism. I’m going to place my bet on Islamic Socialism.

        • You would be correct in your summation of where we are being herded to, but on the way to our final destination there have been many obstacles placed on the road to our destruction that have helped to delay, but not to deter the ultimate goal.

          I believe Hitler was one such obstacle which caused the Globalists to re-think their strategy while still raking in the money from obstinate Germany via the Banks in Switzerland.

          Putin was the next obstacle and is proving to be the most effective bulwark against such an outcome as we have touched on here.

          In regard to your reference to the Pearl Harbor attack, I simply used that act of aggression and subsequent American policy to highlight the thinking in FDR’s camp at the time, which was infiltrated with Communist sympathizers, and was the complete opposite to what the majority of Americans thought of Communism. As to the technology available at the time with which to attack Japan one must remember the Doolittle raid on Tokyo only some weeks after Pearl Harbor to realize that where there is a will there is a way, and technology to enact that will soon follows.

          • Sorry to disagree, Nemesis, but the Doolittle raid ( a couple of survivors of which, I had the honour to meet at an airshow some years back) was an extraordinary effort, mainly valuable for the effect on morale (Japanese and American).

            Distances in the Pacific theatre were vast, if you’ll excuse my stating the obvious; this is why the Marines endured years of bloody conflict until they secured bases in the Marianas for the B-29s to reach Japan (they’d been operating from China, but with major logistical problems).

            The B-17s and -24s of the Eighth and Fifteenth Air Forces, operating from the UK, then North Africa and Italy, had rather shorter distances to cover.

          • Mark, this is in response to both your comments.

            You miss my point. Yes, the Doolittle raid was an extraordinary event that assisted in raising the American public’s sentiments, but it was done with a will for it to be done while the technology to carry it out had to play catch up for it to be done.

            Those B29s you mention, the Superfortress, were on the drawing board in mid 1935. it was their engines which had a tendency to catch fire that kept them from service, but, it was the production of the Liberator and Flying Fortress that took precedence for the European Theatre and over the B29 development, that kept them out of the air until 1943. Imagine how much they could have changed the war’s outcome if they had been strategically flying in early 1942

            Hitler did declare war on America soon after Pearl Harbor, but Hitler did not wish to fight America or the British Empire for that matter. That is a recorded fact.

            General Macarthur was the poor man in the pacific when it came to being given war materiel with which to prosecute the Pacific war while the vast bulk of American production went to Britain and the Soviet Union.

            If Macarthur had bypassed all those Islands the Japanese took to occupying, I believe the Pacific war would have ended sooner and with far less casualties than what history shows, but that is just my opinion.

            Yes, Churchill did lean heavily on Roosevelt but then so did Stalin, but by the middle of 1943 the German threat to Europe and the Soviets had decreased to the point that the Germans were trying to consolidate their positions not increase them, yet the Allies continued to pour massive amounts of armaments and soldiers into Europe while Macarthur had to venture to Washington to beg for more.

            I think what you should be asking yourself is why ‘ol Adolph was perceived as such a threat, and to whom (and you have commented previously on the allied ferocity of the bombing campaign against Germany) while ‘ol Tojo was being held at arms length to be dealt with at a later time with the Atom bomb.

            A British politician once quipped, that nothing in politics happens by chance, and isn’t war just an extension of politics albeit in a more brutal fashion?

      • Germany declared war on the US first, but this would have suited Roosevelt’s (not altogether ignoble) plans.

        Churchill leant heavily on Roosevelt to prioritise the defeat of the Axis powers in Europe (“Germany first”); in return Britain and the Commonwealth were preparing for the invasion of Japan when the atom bombs cut things short.

      • I know otherwise sensible people who are well informed about the Soviet Union but who, today, will tell you that the collapse of the SU was a deception operation and that communism is alive and well in the mind of Putin, the KGB thug. The FoxNews moron O’Reilly says he would interview Putin by asking him how exactly he would remove O’Reilly’s fingernails were he to be interrogated by Putin. IANMTU.

        I believe that communism is quite dead in Russia but that it lives on in the many, many people and organizations in the West who were recruited, suborned, and converted by the the Soviets in their heyday. Like flotsam and jetsam deposited at the high water mark, these subversives, traitors, and addle-brained true believers were stranded in the West to spread the disease still.

        Merkel’s appointment of the Stasi informer Kehane as the guardian of speech purity on the German web illustrates my idea. No decent person with a modicum of an appreciation for Western values would be the least interested in attacking counter-revolutionaries who criticize her policies and she would not touch a repulsive, morally-compromised woman such as Kehane with a 304.8 mm pole.

        That is evidence of an evil, illiberal purpose on the part of Merkel. Her characteristic vagueness is evidence of purposes that cannot be stated explicitly. Her instant, disdainful ridding herself of the small German flag handed to her on stage shows where her allegiance does NOT lie.

  5. I was unsure whether to post this under maria_dee’s comment or Nemesis’ reply to that so I chose to do neither! But this, hopefully beneficial, addition is in line with those two fine comments and of course Nicolaus Fest’s essay.

    One of my favorite You Tubers is Black Pigeon Speaks. I’m sure many others here like him as well. He came out with another one on January 1 (a day ago now) entitled, “Cologne One Year On: Germany Embraces Sharia.” The main subject of the tube is that apparently the German government has its bowels in an uproar about what to do with some Korans that have been translated into German – too “literally”. Please go listen to the tube – I don’t want to go off on a long tangent and lose focus.

    It’s how BP ends the tube that is relevant here. I can think of no better thing to do than to give you the transcript of the final 35 seconds or so. So, starting at the 6:05 mark of his tube –

    “It may now be time for other western countries to step back, watch in morbid curiosity and horror as Germany gleefully and continually inflicts ever more horror and dysfunction upon itself.

    6:19 – Germany is a cautionary tale of public masochistic altruism and a nation state that sees virtue signaling as more important than the safety of its citizens. And that is how nations die.

    6:30 – It’s also how extremist backlashes are created and when this happened in Germany in the past, the world trembled.”

    I wonder what Nicolaus Fest would think of this assessment?

    • The Germans liking themselves less is not going to convince me to like them more. Quite the contrary; my reaction is revulsion and a draining of what little empathy remains in my tired psyche.

      Self-flagellation does not impress me.

  6. UK Brexit will not happen. The population will sullenly just accept it, just like the Germans. Trump will have his hands tied and all will carry on as usual. Europe has had it! It will never recover. I escaped from my native country years ago to escape this fate under Islam and now I fear I am too old to move again. What stuns me is the total feckless response of the European populations as they are forced to convert under the sharia. It is not a nice system believe me. Bishop Guy my old friend predicted all this but was laughed at. He cannot be bothered any more. I think he is wrong to stop now but I understand why he did. He blames Marxism for the”Rot” as he calls it. He hates them believe me- Communists that is.

    • The exit part of Brexit looks to be happening with precisely zero sense of urgency. Like Obamacare’s repeal, it looks like the wise and temperate leaders in both cases are in hot pursuit of the Goldilocks solution, the time that’s juuuuusssst right to pull the trigger. One mustn’t rush these things.

      So I’d say you’re right. No Brexit anytime soon.

      However, the EU is not long for this planet. It will fold soon enough making exit implementation irrelevant.

  7. I don’t think Fest’s mention of Hindus or whatnot is a coincidence. I think he’s merely read Vox Day and found himself convinced by the unrelenting logic of the argument.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Hindus, they’re nice people. But they are not of us. Their country is India, not England, and certainly not Germany.

    Germans, English, and Hindus have the right to live amongst themselves as they choose, building their families, their clans, their nations and their states as they see fit. Insisting on interference from foreigners adds nothing. It merely takes away.

  8. I keep thinking of a video that I saw of Angela Merkel celebrating with fellow leaders of her party after she was elected for the first time. She was given a German flag to wave by one of her colleagues and she couldn’t get rid of it fast enough (“Take that filthy thing away”). Her present attitude is consistent with that interpretation.

  9. Was just in Germany for five days around Christmas.

    I was in a resort area, so there were few culture enrichers around.

    Everything was nice enough, but Germany feels like a country coasting on the reputation of the Wehrmacht from the period September 1, 1939 to February 2, 1943.

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