Among These Dark Satanic Mosques

One of our British readers sent this meme pic, which is based on a photo of a mosque in the Yorkshire city of Bradford. He says:

Quite aside from the view on the horizon (a different kind of ‘dark Satanic mill’*, perhaps?), it strikes me additionally now that Muslims may decry walls around countries they wish to invade but they see the value in high walls topped with razor wire in the places that have already succumbed. After all, how is one to keep one’s co-religionists at bay?

* A reference to “Jerusalem” by William Blake:

And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

23 thoughts on “Among These Dark Satanic Mosques

  1. Yeah, Bradford is a hellhole. I was told there ysed to be parks with classical naked statues in the city, but they’ve gone by the incoming Pakistanis. Stories are that English/Indian gangs fight the Pakistani/Afghan gangs…

    Anyhow, Bradford is the first place in the world where I have seen gorcery shops with all windows covered by thick wood and narrow “double door” decompression chambers at the entry to the shop.

    At that time I thought Yorkshire is just a crazy lot in Britain, I couldn’t understand them crazy Yorkshires neither, because apparently they don’t speak English over there.

    • I think my English husband used to stay temporarily in Bradford.
      Perhaps, that was one of the reasons he may not be going back to England.

      I have never been to Bradford though I have been to other English towns, such as Wigan and Billinge, which is much nicer and mostly English people there with the exception of a few foreign take-aways.

      I hope to go back there, someday, that is, if it is possible.

  2. When their mosques and their Islamic community can’t even provide their own community a better life, why are they building more mosques and spreading their horrible Islamic culture to Western countries. It seems like in their hate for every infidels, they have gone to extreme to make life extremely uncomfortable for us infidels who have to cope with their Asian harsh, inconvenient imposition and often ugly environment out of no choice.
    They have gone to the extreme with their disregard of the filth in their Islamic rule, their excessive obsession with their mosques, sharia and their obsession to dominate with their inferiority.
    All they are interested is dominating, exploiting and profiting from us infidels with their inferior Oriental Islamic culture.
    I am interested to see how this is all going to end in my lifetime.

  3. The LGBT on the left has one of those government issue walking canes for disability bilking. One gets at times a feeling of, “do not come too close to me any Muslim or liberal lefty. I don’t want whatever you’ve got.” The stiff upper lip I fear has gotten England well and truly stuffed. All that education and cultural stuff has turned out to be masturbation and degeneration a la Islam.

  4. Unless a more precise location can be provided, I will suspect that the pic is photo-shopped, which is unfortunate, because the issue presented is in no way overstated.

      • Well, I guess Google must have photoshopped it, too, eh?

        What other possible explanation could there be?

        • It is very likely real, as I could show you a similar shot from a similar northern English city. But the wall is very unlikely to be part of the mosque precincts. Mosques often get built on cheap brownfield sites (attractive to Muslim communities wishing to take over a few battered old streets). They are crisscrossed by such old barriers. The big mosques are usually smart and new. The small ones are often crude conversions of old pubs, shops, etc.

          • The wall is obviously an old Yorkshire stone wall, as I said to another commenter. Perhaps a hundred years ago it enclosed the grounds of an old estate or something like that.

            When I lived in Harrogate back in the sixties, our modern block of flats was surrounded by such a wall along the road. Not as black, mind you, because the town was a spa, not a factory town. The high-rise (one of only 2 or 3 in the town) I lived in was built where an old estate used to be. When I first moved in the stables were still extant in the grounds behind the building. Later they were knocked down and a street of houses was put in. Nothing remained of the estate after that but the wall.

          • I did a Google fly-over. The wall is the one around the Bradford Cricket grounds … a stadium, for a sport at which the inhabitants of former British colonial populations excel.

        • Though image does not appear to be photoshopped there is no indication (from on-line photos and type of brickwork) that the wall has anything to do with the mosque.

          As we are not allowed guns for home defence in the UK barbed wire or broken glass on top of walls is not uncommon. We had barbed wire on top of our garden wall as a deterrent to burglars until we replaced it with a more aesthetic botanical substitute.

          • Look at the Google street view image. You see the wall, and the mosque beyond it.

            The wall is a traditional Yorkshire stone wall, darkened by many decades of coal soot. It obviously long predates the mosque. The wire on top has been added recently, too.

  5. Yes. It is all happening so fast. Years ago I used to remark cynically, “Man are we ripe for conquest or what?”, at what is now truly a Muslim ideology of occupation driven by, “Death to the infidel!” There are so many Christian and Jew hating sharia compliant aliens in the U.K. that there will eventually be only one way out of what has become. The biggest jehadi truck imaginable is coming straight at us. I imagine I will still be around to see all the outcomes past due for this insanity.

  6. FYI, the ‘mills’ of Blake’s poems were actually the official churches, in most experts opinion.

  7. Bradford is now a verminous, Pakistani, Third world hell-hole! Here is the fate of the West if we don’t fight these scum right now.

  8. What […]the hell was Blake smoking when he wrote that drivel?
    “Allegorical”…. oh, yes, now I see.

    Just one of many, many examples from my christian upbringing that made me an atheist at age 10.

  9. One suggestion if I may. Infidel means unbeliever, so I would call ourselves believers or civilized world, depending on one’s belief and since the moslems are invading our lands I would refer to them as moslem pagans or such, if for nothing else just to p[erturb] the progressives. If we do not push back there will be enough time to downgrade ourselves to infidel status, which only occurs if the moslems become the majority.

    • “Infidel” Adherent of a religion opposed to Christianity, esp. muslim”
      __Concise Oxford Dictionary.

      So moslems are the infidels, not Christians, Jews, etc.,

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