A Day in the Life of Modern Multicultural Germany

Nash Montana sends these headlines from today and yesterday at the German website “Politikstube”:

Rostock:   A pack of 15 migrants chase a 15-year-old German boy through the inner city, ending up in a mass brawl between Germans and migrants when a few other Germans and one Iranian came to help the 15-year-old
Siegen:   Turk follows woman early in the morning — tries to rape her at her student dorm
Hamburg:   20-year-old woman raped in a toilet at the 99-cent Bar in Hamburg, offender ‘southern-looking’
Düsseldorf:   Aggressive Congolese pushes and swear at passengers at the train station, starts beating the conductor
Cologne:   Iraqi denied entrance to a gay bar, he attacks the bouncer with a knife and severely injures him
Sigmaringen:   Aggressive and drunk Moroccans riot in asylum home, use bottles as weapons
Berlin Subway:   Another attack while on the escalator, two men attacked three men, kicked them down the stairs
Wiesbaden:   18-year-old German beaten, hospitalized, by Syrian in a knock-out-style attack

18 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Modern Multicultural Germany

  1. Thanks Nash, hard to keep up. I’m trying to get more of this info onto jihadwatch, because great though GoV is, probably jihadwatch gets more hits.

    We have to make English-speaking countries aware of what Germany is suffering now.

      • But it lacks the German- and Swedish-speaking translators getting the important information up there.

        How about each time one of these European stories is posted here (especially the ones not in English language MSM), one of us makes sure that we link it in from jihadwatch?

    • THANK YOU!! We are watching. I am making connections on Twitter and Facebook, as the news we see shows NOTHING and people are attacking our New President for trying to help protect the country. It is about Globalism and destroying our countries.
      If there is a way to privately exchange Twitter & Facebook names, or diret me to Youtube channels, I am sharing the HELL out of them to anyone that will listen.
      thank you again

  2. That is very big of you, Baron. Best to go with the flow and try to educate more people on what is going on, since the majority seem to be mired in stupidity/ignorance. Sorry if I sound judgmental but doggone it, people have GOT to get themselves educated.

    This is going to be a big battle I think. It actually reminds me of the original gates of Vienna. There are not many of us who have read the history and that is a problem. But I don’t know how to solve it — too many people seem to want to wrap themselves in PC and ignore the problem staring them in the face.

    Nevertheless, I like you guys best!! I no longer remember how I stumbled onto your website but I remember how much I liked it so much. And still do.

    • Yes, I think the most intelligent posts can be found here, on average. Partly because GoV has standards of politeness.

  3. This is incredibly sad and true, I’m German and I’m witnessing things I had never imagined to see in my country, these muslim people hate us and do everything to make this hatred clear: they accost women, children and elderly people in parks ,vandalize private and public property, poison or torture and mutilate people’s pets, they use the streets, trains and buses as public toilets, this is disgusting I am sick and tired of seeing men and even women defecating in public. I don’t care if someone calls me nazi the most feared word in Germany, I don’t want these people here, they don’t belong here, they hate us and nothing we can do except being their slaves will please them, I am not willing to be raped and killed to demonstrate that I am not nazi, if they want they can call me nazi but I don’t want them here.

    • They are testing your resolve. The more you appease them, the more contempt they have for you. Appeasement is interpreted as a sign of weakness.
      – Perhaps, you may know about Nicolai Sennels. Check out his work on the psychological mindset of these people: http://www.newenglishreview.org/Nicolai_Sennels/Muslims_and_Westerners%3A__The_Psychological_Differences/

      – More than the actions of the Muhammadans; it is the actions of our leaders and the Progressives that bother me. Why are we so willing to give up our freedoms to accommodate savages?

    • Thanks Claudia, we need your information. Btw ‘accost’ just means approach and talk to – did you mean ‘attack’?

    • Claudia-

      As an American of German descent my advice to you is to dust off the feldgrau, followed by the MG42s and Panzers.

    • You are no more a “nazi” than I (an Amrican) am a slaveholder. Past is past. Islam is an aggressive cancer that has tried to destroy the western world repeatedly over the last 1,500 years. It needs to [intemperate recommendations redacted].

  4. Good! Gates of Vienna should do a daily feature about–what we used to call–“The Police Blotter.”

    That is, migrant atttack taken from police reports that appear in daily news from all over the world–not just Europe.


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