Allah, Keep us From the Path Taken by Christians and Jews!


The man who recited Sura 1 was not Mohamed Magid, who spoke just before him. Many thanks to Andy Bostom for identifying the speaker:

Mr. Sajid Tarar of the Raza-e Mustafa Islamic Center in Pikesville, MD, recited the Fatiha including its 7th verse (Koran 1:7) at this “ecumenical” service.

During every Friday prayer service in every mosque, Sura 1 of the Koran is recited. The meaning of what is said — that Jews incurred the wrath of Allah, and that Christians went astray — is supported by all authoritative tafsirs on the Koran. And every Muslim who pays any attention to his religion understands what it means.

Last Saturday, at a National Prayer Service in Washington D.C. attended by President Donald Trump, an imam named Mohamed Magid recited Sura 1, calling on his god to show special disfavor to Jews and Christians. As it happens, Mr. Magid is a known Muslim Brotherhood operative.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For more on what’s actually included in Islamic prayers, see this article.


0:29   I seek refuge in allah from Satan.
0:37   Thanks be to allah the merciful one. Guide us on the right path
0:40   for those whom you blessed (muslims), not the path of the ones
0:43   you are angry at (Jews) and the ones who went astray (Christians).

20 thoughts on “Allah, Keep us From the Path Taken by Christians and Jews!

  1. And where do you think ISIS get’s their marching order from? The same book that our invited guest is spouting off from. To single out Christians and Jews for invective is Hate Speech. Trump talked tough during he campaign, but now he is even indecisive about following up on his promise to move the American Embassy. Are the Muslims in DC holding a gun to his head?

    • He just got into office, can you give him a chance? He is far better than Hillary and the RINOS and globalists he defeated in the primaries.

      • The scaffold and hemp rope lobby want them hanged immediately.

        The travel industry lobby want them expelled and transported as far as can be devised.

        We have no industry lobby representing the culinary interests of the world’s cannibals, but I’d be disposed to entertaining bids on say, herds of a thousand at a time.

  2. Apparently their Allah/Satan is answering their prayers and has kept them in the darkness for 1400 years, constantly warring with one another and with others.

    Should they decided to take the path of the ones you are angry at and the ones who have not gone astray, peace could be theirs.

  3. I’m curious how this imam came to be chosen. Is it not likely that, supposing a muslim cleric is a requirement at all, an Ahmadi would have been a less offensive choice?

    • Ahmadis belive that the false prophet in the end of days (Dajjal, a sort of islamic Antichrist) is not a real person, but a symbol for the West or Europe ie. Christianity.

      They are radical and intolerant like all devoted muslims.
      Just like Sunnis and Shias hate ach other and nonmuslims alike.

    • Yes, I suppose I did naively think that their precarious position in the frame of islam would grant an allowance of peace and tolerance. Thanks for the info both.

  4. Just… I sure hope Trump is made aware of this and this Imam will be watched very closely.

    • “I sure hope Trump is made aware of this…” President Trump was there, and I would have hoped moslems were strictly excluded!

      Apparently not. I would also hope the cair crowd will be rounded up and ‘exported’.

  5. Trump will disappoint many of those who voted for him . . . and – fairly or not – he will carry the blame when the top-heavy economic Jenga tower meets its inevitable destiny with gravity. Some of his proposals and promises on trade and taxation could be the triggers for such a series of events.

  6. Excuse the naive question but… why was this camel with red bow tie there at all?? Who allowed him to “pray”??

  7. What’s the point of having some guy spouting away in a language few there could even understand? If they have to invite an Imam, make him speak English.

  8. Gee, Trump is already disappointing some of the commenters here. Did he say he was going to OBLITERATE ISIS? He’s going to obliterate ISIS, ye of little faith.

  9. I was disappointed that any imam was included in the National Prayer Service. Perhaps that will get fixed for Trump’s second term!

  10. Islam is not a religion, because it does not comport with natural law. According to Aquinas (ca. 1270), natural law boils down to: Good is to be done and promoted, and evil is to be avoided. According to Doolittle (2017) natural law can be distilled to a prohibition of imposing costs against others. Any belief system incompatible with natural law cannot be a valid religion.

    Islam is merely a predatory political ideology that masquerades (quite poorly) as a religion. It endorses being spread by violence. It advocates slavery and rape. If God exists, He certainly does not endorse Islam, and anyone claiming otherwise is evil and clearly out of touch with God.

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