Culture-Enrichers Break Violinist’s Finger — For Asking Them Not to Smoke

Early yesterday morning in Vienna a group of “youths” took exception to a symphony violinist’s request that they not smoke in the subway. One of them responded by kicking him in the hand, breaking one of his fingers. It will be several weeks before he learns whether he will ever be able to play his instrument again.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Österreich Online:

Because of smoking ban

Vienna: Symphony musician beaten in subway
January 22, 2017

A symphony musician (48) must now tremble for his future as a professional musician.

On the way home after a tour, Michael Buchmann (strings) was in Vienna on Sunday night: “In the afternoon we played in Dortmund. We were brought to the concert hall. It was already midnight and I wanted to take the subway home.”

The symphony musician stood on the platform of the U4 station Karlsplatz in the direction of Hütteldorf when he smelled the typical cigarette smoke. “I saw three teenagers and pointed out that smoking in the subway area is not allowed.” Because the youths — probably Arabs or Afghans —claimed not to understand him, Buchmann repeated his request in English. Then the opponent who was smoking spat in his face.

At least four weeks of sick leave

Angry, the musician confronted the spitter, who then launched a karate kick against his hand. “At first I did not feel that something had happened. Several witnesses intervened; we rode together on the subway for two stations until the three got off at Pilgramgasse.” Only then did he notice that his left ring finger “stood out at an odd angle”. His son (a friend of La Hong) and the fashion designer took him to the ER. There they diagnosed a complex torsion fracture; the finger was realigned and will be in a cast for at least four weeks.

It is not yet possible to assess whether any consequential damage remains. On Sunday, the symphonist pressed charges against the smoker for serious bodily harm. After that the police are expected to take over the case.

50 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Break Violinist’s Finger — For Asking Them Not to Smoke

  1. I have a hunch the “tolerant left” won’t stay tolerant for long, as those enrichments are bound to multiply.

    • No, the “tolerant left” will double down on their attacks against anyone who dares to point out the obvious; that repulsive tribal people who practice a repulsive tribal religion have no place in a civilized society.

      Almost every one of them would prefer to be raped or beaten by a culture enricher rather than admit the folly of their worldview.

      • Hundreds of thousands of Nazis who escaped Germany and its satellites immediately after WW2 and fled to all points of the compass and going on to seed the areas they settled in with their National Socialism would attest to your assessment of the ‘tolerant left’.

        They never sleep, they never give up and they are never wrong.

    • You underestimate the tolerance of the tolerant left. It is built on a foundation of denial and ignorance that reached the core of the planet.

    • Nothing is going to happen. The Austrians will continue to work to feed their pets and reassure themselves that they are not Nazis. The only way anything is likely to happen if the welfare state collapses and the pets don’t get their Jihad allowances. By then it will be too late.

      • In Austria the “Imightbecalledanazi-Mania” is not so common as in Germany.
        The average Austrian by now just dont cares if a left nutcake calls him Nazi or racist.

        But people fe. can lose their job or have to fear damaging their small business for a critical and careless posting on facebook.
        Governments and some so activists know that, thats why they call for more surveillance and more restrictive laws.

  2. If you’re gonna tell a pack of [epithets] to stop smoking, you better be prepared to throw down. They are obviously not civilized. Wake up.

    • I agree a you cant be “nice” to uncivilized animals! If you going to stand up you’d better be ready get down!

  3. 48 yo man who couldn’t anticipate that the situation would get physical. Shamefully asleep.

    • More like deluded into believing the media and government. He expected civilized behavior and to be culturally enriched by his interaction. I doubt anyone will learn anything from this. Just more of the same…

    • In fairness, I doubt the outcome would have been much different had the confronter been an Austrian policeman.

      Eloi just don’t realize that Morlocks eat Eloi until it is too late.

    • Yes, you’ve got it, so many Europeans are still snoring loudly.
      It just seems to take some people forever to wake up.
      “Shamefully asleep” guileless twits–and we have them here in North America too.

    • Tancred, why do you think that “he couldn’t anticipate that the situation would get physical”? Looks like a big guy, and didn’t even know he’d been hurt until a couple of stops later. Face looks fine; either he DID anticipate violence and figured correctly that his honor was worth the risk or he was too rightly angry to enter into these calculations, which is to his credit. Confronted three guys on his own. Impressive. Seems like a good role-model for German men; nothing “shameful” about him at all.

      • You can confront 3 guys because you are brave or naive.

        People of this fragment of society just dont expect getting a violent response for something like this.
        Its simply not part of their socialization.
        He would have even asked 20 guys to put out their cigarettes.
        Expecting nothing more then a shy “Sorry” from them. 😉

        • Two other aspects.
          1. He was attacked in the sub – why did he not call the police?
          2. Why is the (B-list, and asian) friend of his son accompaning him and even is on the picture?

          Possible answer to both: Because he wants to give the impression not to be xenophic or a racist.
          And that is what not his wrongdoing getting into a fight with “poor” migrants.

        • Yeah… The Refugees…Are clearly not assimilated..Nor are some others coming into lands with LAWS they don’t and I might add ahere to. Ignorance does not equal bliss for sure! Too bad that had happened..
          The non native speaking saw the non-native to his dislike or not his kind.
          Sad. Humans

    • The musicians I know are generally very left wing and aren’t waking up to the fact that islam is most definitely not left wing or liberal.

      • Check out the band Sabbaton on Youtube. There’s a song there called “The Winged Hussars” or something like that, very relevant to this site (maybe I heard about it here, actually.) Moreover, I’ve read that Iggy Pop and Michel Houllebecq dig each other’s stuff.

  4. According to the Sharia, this would require a quick retaliatory kick in the nads to the offender in order to avoid tribal warfare. I suggest cap toe motorcycle boots as the weapon of choice.. Allahu Nakbah!

    • If one finds themselves having no choice but to fight, then always disable the most aggressive or if they all appear equally aggressive, the biggest one first.

  5. I’m afraid they will not integrate we have Muslims here in uk for 50 years and many,esp women do not speak English.If you read the Koran you will see that the sole belief. Is world domination through Jihad.,they live largely in Ghettos by choice.

    • Sylvia, integration worked well for Australia, Canada and the United States prior to multiculturalism becoming enforced, so long as those imported held similar beliefs within their culture. Rid ourselves of the United Nations (one of the globalist headquarters) declare multiculturalism a failure and regain our culture as being fundamental to our very existence then many of those we believe will not fit in will then feel compelled to.

      Now, I’m not saying that will work for all within Islam or for other non-Western cultures, but it will work for those who long to be out of whatever culture it is that they feel trapped in.

      • Very well stated Nemesis. Your view occupies a moral high ground long occupied by those with a live and let live attitude. it is also view something the Left has never demonstrated — and I never like to say never about anything.

  6. Euros have a lot to learn about dealing with hostile, low-impulse control minorities. No one raised in any big American city would ever consider complaining about minor misbehavior of our minority “youths” on the subway.

    After watching the Euro’s sort of look down on us as prejudiced, racist and so on there is a bit of schadenfreude in reading this story.

    And in fact, it has much larger consequences. Why doesn’t America have great trains like Europe. Well, in large part taxpayers don’t want to dump money into large expensive infrastructure that will be taken over by dindus and other violent minority groups and become unsafe or unusable for average white citizens. Or, as it is sometimes succinctly put “why we can’t have nice things”.

    Because it only takes a small percent, not even a big one to change all these things and go from a high-trust European Society to a low trust multi-cultural one.

    A lot of Europeans are going to have to learn to think like Detroiters.

    • Since when we Euros look down upon you lowly Ameros? Or are you also buying into the divide BS?

      • Jackson is spot on. When Trevor Noah took a cheap shot at Norbert Hofer, the Hofer supporters in the comment sections shot back with: “Americans are racist, slavery, you killed the Indians, … “. Many of them even believe the lies about Trump.

        Forgive them for they know not what they do. The average nationalist here is less informed about US race relations than even the most naive Bernie supporting progressive or c[on]servative. (Dems ruined Detroit). Most Europeans totally believe what they see in Hollywood movies, US TV shows. The european news media just parrot the NYT and CNN.

        • I don’t know yet how to defend the whites that conquer Indians and then ruled Americans. That’s the blow the leftists and many atheists play to mock whites. I am myself neither Americans nor Europeans, but I think the whites are entitled to. The whites need to theorize the justification. Just like Germans post WW2 are often bullied as Nazi, Americans are often bullied as Indian destroyer. Build some theological and/or philosophical defense.

          • Ask those who say such things why those who live today should be held accountable for what they believe occurred a hundred or more years ago.

            And if that doesn’t work:

            Then ask them if they think it is fair that those who live today and complain for what allegedly occurred over a hundred years ago should receive any kind of recognition when they themselves are not subject to that supposedly endured by their ancestors.

  7. You know, about 3 years ago, when watching the New Year’s Concert in Vienna, Austria, I started saying: “is this our last Radetzky?” as in: “are the barbarians going to delete us before the next year? Us and our culture? With this Vienna tradition and thousands of others wonderful things that western culture created and introduced the rest of the world to?”

  8. Muslims aren’t into smoking bans. They smoke openly in their shops and culinary establishment despite the legal restrictions that were passed in recent years.

    Restricting smoking is a huge cause among Austrian progressives. And it is yet another opportunity for them to bash our country and its inhabitants as retrograde rubes because we are lagging behind other countries in this regard. (FPÖ is libertarian on this issue.)
    They also believe that, to the extent Muslim immigration causes some problems at all, it can be all solved through education, awareness and public service announcements. Don’t judge Muslims. They just don’t know any better.

    I don’t know about his political beliefs, but Michael Buchmann certainly fits the profile of a progressive who stepped outside his bubble and encountered reality. Any Viennese who possesses a smidgen of street smarts would have known that this intervention could get violent real quick. We should actually be thankful that Buchmann accidentally exposed the unwritten rule that Muslims have smoking privilege to those who are not aware of it.

    The attackers will get a slap on the wrist in court. I guess that will be Buchmann’s next surprise.

    • You know, in Turkmenistan it is forbidden to smoke even in the street and, at least, in Ashgabat, this ban is strictly observed – because it is strictly enforced.

      We should never forget that Muslim culture is based on the idea of submission and not on that of love and compassion. A Muslim society – even in a secular Muslim State like Turkmenistan – is strictly hierarchical. And the hierarchy is based not only on the customary respect for your elders and betters, but also on force. Any public transgression of the existing rules is ruthlessly punished, and not just by the police, but by society itself. Theirs is a collectivist world where any open deviation from accepted standards is severely discouraged.

      Modern Western societies, on the contrary, are extremely individualistic, where most people are mortally afraid of giving offence to anyone weird or ‘rebellious’ (as long as he is not considered racist, xenophobe, homophobe, mysoginist, bigot or something of the sort). Muslims are one of the categories to be treated with extreme respect.

      When young Muslims discover that they feel no gratitude we would expect for such consideration. After the strictly regulated life in their own society, they, as it were, get high on their newly-found freedom. On the other hand, they take Westerners’ respect for a sign of weakness. And, finally, they despise Westerners for being kafirs and regard them as subhuman.

      No wonder they behave so violently.

      All this is made worse by the modern Western tendency of exaggerated compassion towards criminals and other anti-social people. It is fashionable to consider them victims of circumstances, to sympathise with them, to avoid strict punishment. That makes even native European hooligans much more impudent. As for Muslim ones, they simply get crazy.

      So the problem is not just about Muslims, it is also about the West, which, abandoning its Christian morality, is being destroyed by its spineless secular humanism and excessive individualism. It has become too weak to deal with something as muscular as Islam.

      • As someone living in Indonesia (most Moslem populated country) and tasting the Suharto regime, I say you’re spot on. Westerners should read your writing and act upon it.

      • Anton, what you comment on has much merit to it. What you don’t comment on is – the deliberate feminizing and promotion of those things that when promoted undermine all cultures – and that is the demotion of all things Patriarchal that throughout history, especially as that recorded in the Bible, is the stability of all cultures.

        And, it is the Bible that gives us the concept of individualism and our inalienable rights as individuals. And it is the individual denial of the Bible that takes it away.

  9. Islamic Expulsion is our only solution. The sooner this is understood and accepted, the sooner we throw them out.

    Watch what happens when Canada realizes that vetting, cavalier or stringent, avails nothing because Islam arrives with the worm already in the fruit.

  10. Buchmann’s smoking intervention may end up costing him his career in music as broken fingers or hands can sometimes never regain full function. I recall reading a news story a few years ago of an orchestra percussionist who while seated on an aircraft had a bag from an overhead locker fall on his hand, breaking a bone or two. He never played for the orchestra again. He did sue the airline though. Perhaps if Buchmann suffers a similar fate he could sue the Vienna subway company.

  11. This Austrian is obviously not a man of the world. If he was, he would know that smoking is one of the few vices permitted to the male youth of Muslim countries. Confronting them and asking them to stop was a big mistake…

  12. The situation is about respecting the state of Austria, the comments here laughing at the musician and anonymously commenting from Indonesia, are horrific to be read. I feel very sorry for that musician. I have been to Vienna only once for short. Austria really deserves to be respected!

    As about the US.. – USA has no history and not much culture. Their schools are poor in quality. They have immense numbers of people who just do drugs not schools or something useful, even private schools give little or nothing. US is based on inclusion – what Europe invents, writes, idealises, create – is what they want to appropriate and and believe it all theirs. Americans are very arrogant towards Europe, also privately. Most of the civilization of the world comes from Europe and Russia, we thank god for that. All the literature, art, culture, music, history, the terrible wars we have gone through as Europeans. And suddenly all this disguise from the third world wanting to spit in your face while you are just simply on your way home, not smoking yourself because it is not allowed to smoke in that public place. Being beaten up by someone who is there living on your tax money, laughing at you. Not only your fingers are broken, but your heart too. Austrian country is of Austrian people and the newcomers (all! Third world and second world, anyone), have to adhere to local rules, habits and most of all – to the local honesty and code of respect. Europe is all about respect! As for the WWII – white people killed white people, and millions (more than 40 millions) of us died. All this hate for white people is a horrific form of racism (I am white and I am not racist, and I have never met someone racist before in Europe). Being born blond or white, it is not a crime guilt. People are white or black, or Asiatic, or even Peruvians, because people fall in love all the time, and this is gods will. That’s why we are of so many colors. I would like to remind here, a small 5 year old boy in Sweden was beaten up by North African immigrants simply because he had blue eyes, last year! Not to talk about the rapes and murders. We, Europeans are safe for each other and for our guests! And we expect that from others too! You respect the state, once here! No smoking in areas where it is not allowed.

    And if you look at the geographic map – Africa is 3 times bigger than Europe in terms of territory. How comes immigrants do not feel like going to other African – rich in minerals and food – countries instead to seek for a “better life”? A man who leaves his country behind, his mother and sisters, what man is that? They should build their societies, why should someone else do it for them like ever? Why does this anonymous man not take care of his country and build it? Only young men fleeding to Europe!

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