When Asked About Mosques, Italians Say: Close Them ALL!

Italians are outspoken in comparison with Northern Europeans.

Forthright. Unabashed. Opinionated. And foul-mouthed.

They live under the same stringent “hate speech” laws as everyone else in the EU. Yet somehow that doesn’t keep them from speaking out in VERY politically incorrect terms — into the microphone and in front of a camera. Even here in the USA, opinions like some of the ones voiced in the following interviews would get the speaker hauled down to the station house to have a little chat with the boys in blue.

But Italians seem to be unconcerned about such trivialities.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   What do you think about the immigrants who… —It’s disgusting.
00:03   That’s all. I don’t want them. You can’t see anything.
00:06   Because they have put us Italians in a bad situation, God only knows.
00:10   All the stores are being taken over. Everything is being taken over. There is nothing for us.
00:19   Tor Pignattara on the southern periphery of Rome. Here is the land of immigrants, especially
00:24   Bangladeshis. There are three mosques. They are too small, and the Muslims pray on the street.
00:35   They sit on their a** to pray. What the hell are they? I can’t enter into the office.
00:40   There’s an office here at number 70, and they don’t let me enter.
00:43   Why do they pray on the street? First you wait until they pray.
00:47   Go into one of their countries with a cross, they’ll stick it up your a**.
00:51   That’s what I think of these pieces of s***.
00:54   We feel we are in their house because
00:58   [unintelligible] they are all working and we are [unintelligible]
01:02   you cannot pass on the sidewalk.
01:13   The Muslims would like a new mosque, but the neighborhood has reacted like this:
01:17   The opening of a new mosque… —No, we don’t want it.
01:22   They won’t be accepted.[unintelligible]
01:26   Are you in agreement with a new… —Not at all, all of them.
01:32   I think there are already many [mosques].
01:36   There are no more Italians. There’s nothing. I am afraid to go out.
01:41   …a bad people…
01:45   They have bad characteristics, understand?
01:48   What do you think about the opening of a new mosque?
01:51   Forget about it. —Why? —Forget about it.
01:55   Oh God. I don’t like these things — mosques
02:00   Why not? —Why not? Because they are disgusting.
02:05   Yes and then I don’t know what to say. —Why are they disgusting?
02:08   Because they are a vicious and dirty race. —Huh?
02:12   Because there are only foreigners here, no more Italians. Well, I don’t know
02:18   Why are they dirty? Because it’s true. They are a bad race,
02:22   according to my thinking. They are disgusting, therefore yes.
02:25   It’s all of them. They have all the work. It’s disgusting. Yes, [unintelligible]
02:37   We succeeded in talking to the imam of one of the three mosques.
02:41   The inhabitants of the zone don’t want the opening of a new mosque.
02:44   I will speak in Bengali and he will translate.
02:48   (Speaking in Bengali)
02:54   The imam says these are the rights,
02:58   to exercise their faith.
03:02   Therefore, it is obvious if there is no more space,
03:06   therefore, it is necessary to find space in order to do prayers.
03:10   No more room to pray, so that you need to… Not enough, here there are so many people,
03:15   and so little space for prayers.
03:18   What do you think about them finding a new mosque?
03:22   I would set fire to all of them.
03:25   Yes? Why? Look, I talk fascist. Better you don’t interview me
03:29   [unintelligible] For me, I would massacre all of them like dogs.
03:35   Outright? Yes, yes If we have to rebel, we have to…
03:40   We have to grab them by the b***s, excuse the expression,
03:45   commit a massacre because if there are more, they are destroying everything.
03:50   They are destroying our people.
03:53   How? — How? It’s already bad for us, only they are coming.
03:58   Anyway, they rob, they lie around.
04:02   For me, look… I would massacre them all.
04:07   Isn’t that separatist? —Yes, very.
04:11   —What do you think of the opening of a new mosque?
04:14   Close it. All [of them]. Close them all?
04:18   Outright? Why? Because it’s no good.
04:21   —Mosques? [unintelligible] … their own countries [unintelligible]
04:26   —I think there are too many by now — or not?
04:30   There are already so many here. —The opening of a new mosque? How do you see it?
04:36   Burn it. —Burn it?
04:39   Like they do. They don’t interest me. I am not for other religions.
04:43   They are not inclusive and neither am I.
04:47   It’s a thing. If they were more tolerant, I would be tolerant,
04:52   since we have become a country of [unintelligible], I don’t like this.
04:57   Why do you say a country of [unintelligible]? Because they all come here from [unintelligible]
05:03   I am completely against.
05:06   [unintelligible]
05:09   Why? —Because they have become too many. The religion is disgusting because
05:15   either you think like them or you are against them.
05:19   For that reason, I don’t support. there is no more [unintelligible] these people here.
05:23   Is it possible that nobody in the government or community takes care of this?
05:28   There are no more Italian businesses here.
05:31   They have them all.
05:34   If we fight back here [unintelligible] They have put us in a pile of s***,
05:40   and since they have put us [unintelligible]
05:45   [Unintelligible]
05:50   They stink. They stink [unintelligible]
05:55   Where they are, if you are near [unintelligible].

23 thoughts on “When Asked About Mosques, Italians Say: Close Them ALL!

  1. Who can blame the Italians? Their corner of the earth has been transformed into Little Bangladesh. Italians are now the outsiders. The politicians who have allowed this to happen ought to be run ought of office. Can you imagine if a bunch of Italians tried to build a church in Bangladesh?

    This will be repeated all over the West and the massacres will eventually take place – on both sides, unless the Muslims are deported.

  2. I like the way the imam showing good example for assimilation and learned so well to speak Italian… NOT!

  3. I would like to wish good luck to all Italian to successfully take down their traitor government in the upcoming referendum and take their country back!
    It’s high time to MAKE ITALY GREAT AGAIN! (MIGA!)

  4. Indeed, some of those statements could be considered a call to violence and are definitely not OK. Does somewhere know where this was filmed? The Italians seem to be particularly upset about businesses and jobs being owned by immigrants.

    Apart from that, there seems to be no helpful argument coming from any of these people. Nothing about the true concerns about islamic misogyny, homophobia, and calls to violence against infidels.

    Sorry, but if these Italians really want to counter islam they are going to have to do better than just issuing threats and claiming that muslims ‘stink’ or are ‘disgusting’. Videos like this don’t help our cause at all, nor does a racist stance help people who want to leave islam. Yes, some were calling muslims a ‘race’, which is the opposite of the view that islam is an ideology and therefore must not be protected by anti-racism laws.

    • I disagree. The time for reason and civility has long since passed, if it ever existed in the first place. Do you truly think that any of the elites from Soros on down truly care a whit about what the average person thinks, or how reasoned and persuasive an argument against importing the filth of the third world is?

      Since civility and reasoned discourse has no discernable effect upon those elites who have unilaterally decided to turn Italy (and Europe) into another third-world islamic cesspool, then the best course of action is to arouse the passions and anger of native Italians (and Europeans) until the elites fear for their safety and either take the gloves off, or discontinue the islamification of Italy.

      My personal opinion is that the elites will not willingly back down, and the issue will ultimately be decided by violence. Better that such violence comes while the invaders are greatly outnumbered and the elites are less well prepared for violent pushback to their policies; thus fewer deaths all around will be required before the invaders are compelled to return to the cesspools from whence they came, and the elites are hunted down and imprisoned or executed for their treason.

      • I agree! The time to act is now (or soon), as chances will be worse by every day, month or year past.

      • My thoughts exactly! (your last paragraph, and particularly the last sentence)

        But, and I know this isn’t politically correct, the west will get nowhere in their efforts to control ‘out of control’ moslems until they start to use firearms–and not with rubber bullets.

        The ‘refugees’ know very well by now that they can do what they like as long as the official response is only tear-gas, shouts and pleas. Live bullets would quickly change all that. Dialogue is not an option with semi-literate savages. It’s high time people decided to ignore world opinion, and save their countries instead.

    • Awe…You are no nice and fair. Just like those nice people in Paris and elsewhere who are slaughtered on regular basis. If any Muslim wants to live a peaceful life in any country outside what ever pile of vileness escaped from, let that Muslim stop issuing threats and claiming the civilized stink, are disgusting and are to be killed or converted. Videos help the civilised to see the lies and truth about Muslim scum and their intent. The Muslim inhumanity and lack of gratitude. The extreme Muslim racism towards all humanity – including Muslim hatred of Muslims. Muslims are not a race. Muslims are a mad dog ideology. Deadly like a horrible disease. When this war ends Muslims will not be anywhere. Easy to understand why Spain had to kick them out – completely. Surely you jest Guest. There is much unease and rumbling about the Muslim disease everywhere.

  5. With all due respect, Guest: I don’t think the Italians’ complaints need fit a perfect template by citing “homophobia, misogyny, and calls of violence toward infidels” in order for their representatives to pay heed.

    They are unhappy right now and they said so.

  6. A few years ago I worked on a project, involving many Italians. When there was a disagreement, in an instant all their arms were raised, and the volume reached fever pitch. Some of my best friends here in Britain are also Italians.

    In spite of British jokes about Italian battle tanks with reverse gears, and the stereotype of being “all mouth and no trousers”, I get the impression they’re some of the biggest extroverts anywhere to be seen, and also with a unique culture they wouldn’t want to see destroyed in an act of self-suicide, Germany-style… so it would stand to reason that they don’t hold back in their opinions, and make a stand against the PC/multiculturism/mass-immigration madness – something I predicted years ago…

    Nonetheless, many Italians also have an obsession with Socialism, Communism and anti-capitalism. In the eighties, I believe the Communist party got around 30% support in the country, while a few years ago the Polish film “Katyn” was withdrawn from many Italian cinemas, due to protests from far-leftists.

    If only the Italian people can see that the Socialist utopia is an unrealistic pipe-dream destined to fail (especially in an Islamified era, with cultural enrichers only concerned with getting rich quick and identifying with their tribe), and the distaster caused by using the Italian navy as a taxi service for large numbers of immigrants with no legal right to be in the EU, then it’s quite feasible to see Italy emerge as a centre of mass-resistance to Islamisation.

  7. Btw, looks like the people in the video have a unified viewpoint on all this… and the young fascist guy with the cap – a Lazio Ultra, by any chance? (some of the most violent football fans in Europe)

    But have the cameras gone onto the campus of the university in Rome? It might be worth to also gather the students’ opinions – since they are likely the future leaders of the country, and to represent the liberal, trendy and brainwashed end of the scale…

  8. The mosques should never be allowed to be built in Europe, the land of freedom and liberty.

    The mosques are an eyesore and irrelevant to Europe where our freedom and quality of life should be safeguarded.

    Europe should preserve real European culture and should stop importing all those inferior culture from Middle East and Asia.

  9. Considering the mental and physical torture rape and destruction bearing down on Western European societies, the nonchalance of everyone towards the murderous heartless merciless savage Muslim millions pouring into our midst is deeply troubling to say the least. Hitler was […] compared to the custom political insignia clad creatures scurrying around like bats now. Surely we can’t be so messed up? The UK sees the EU non future so clearly it wants out. Apparently blind, (as a bat), to the flip side Muslims Christian detesters within. Same for all Western European countries – no exceptions. Jesus weeps. Apparently He failed to get us off the consumer gig. I hope not.

  10. Thank you FouseSquawk and Vlad Tepes, for bringing this to us. It is one thing to read about all the horror occurring in all of Europe due to these backward people shoving themselves in and then trying to turn all of Europe into their backward countries, but to see how it affects in this example, the Italians in their day-to-day lives, is quite disturbing.

    European “leadership” has a lot to answer for and I believe the day will come when people are totally fed up. That’s when the real fireworks will begin. Frau Merkel ain’t seen nothing yet, I suspect.

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