CDU Member to Chancellor Merkel: “For the First Time in My Life, I Feel Real Fear”

A couple of days ago — before the news broke that a culture-enricher had been identified as the murderer of Maria L. in Freiburg — German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a video conference with the base of her political party, the Christian Democrats (CDU).

The following excerpt shows the questions directed at the chancellor by a professor who is (presumably) a member of the CDU, and Mrs. Merkel’s answers, such as they are.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   At a video conference with the Christian Democratic party base,
00:03   a critic of Merkel’s refugee politics speaks.
00:06   Because there is an audio problem, the host is reading out the question
00:09   put to the chancellor by the professor:
00:12   “Why do you not acknowledge that many Germans do not want your refugee policies explained;
00:19   but want a change in policies?”
00:22   So it’s not about explaining, but about changing policies, please.
00:27   Well it makes things difficult for me when I am not willing [sic!] to comment on it anymore.
00:32   I know that not everyone, um, supports these policies.
00:35   But I still want to say the following, um —
00:39   First, we have principles. Our constitution has article one: “Human dignity is inviolable”.
00:45   And last year when, through Turkey into Greece,
00:49   a lot of people moved onto European soil,
00:52   I believe, we had, um, a responsibility not to let these people down, but
00:56   to give them an, um, an opportunity to receive humanitarian aid.
01:04   While Merkel is answering, the professor appears on screen,
01:08   but the audio is still not working, so he is gesturing with his hands.
01:14   Merkel interprets this as a sign that he is not interested in her elaborations.
01:19   I think he does not want to listen. — He does, he does. Now we can see him after all.
01:23   Oh, right, we can see him, a little bit at least.
01:28   Mister Felden, did you hear us, and
01:31   has your question a) been accurately reproduced by me, and b) been answered to your satisfaction?
01:37   If you can talk to us, please go ahead.
01:40   I am the father of four children. And the only reason why I am sitting here —
01:45   I would rather sit in my armchair and enjoy the evening.
01:52   The only reason that I am here is that I — for the first time in my life, I feel real fear.
02:00   Fear for the future of my children. Fear for the stability of our society.
02:06   Fear for safety. Fear, if we can come to grips with what, um,
02:12   started in the autumn of 2015.
02:16   You know, I do acknowledge that. And
02:20   I nevertheless believe that for what, um, happened last year, I had good arguments.
02:27   That it was, in weighing a different action, was right.
02:32   And nevertheless I say — and we say, in our main motion for the party convention in Essen,
02:38   a year like last year must not happen again. And we have taken measures to ensure that.
02:43   And therefore I do not believe — I personally do not believe —
02:46   I am taking your fears seriously. Let there be no misunderstanding.
02:49   And I do acknowledge your criticism. But I believe that the consequences,
02:52   if we had acted differently,
02:55   would have been of the kind that might have given you reason to worry, too;
02:58   if the European Union with its free movement did not exist,
03:02   if we had not lived up to our principles, worldwide.
03:06   And about this — we will have to live with this dissent.
03:09   But it is a fact that we have taken measures to ensure that last year will not be repeated in this form.

22 thoughts on “CDU Member to Chancellor Merkel: “For the First Time in My Life, I Feel Real Fear”

  1. Thank you, Mr. Bodissey. The translations are so informative. I understand Chancellor Merkel’s speech hasn’t always been meandering and empty of content. Is she getting worse? For a citizen to confront her over fear of his children’s future when he said he would rather stay home and relax with his family is telling.

    Has anyone around her or the Parliament suggested yet that she see a neurologist? It is time.

  2. Truly political speak.
    …I mean, what does that even mean???
    What I hear is, “Yeah, so it goes. Next question please”.

  3. Nothing will change until Frau Merkel and her henchmen feel the same fear they have subjected their fellow Germans to. Alas, a culture enricher would have to be pretty desperate to drag her behind some bushes and culturally enrich her, yet fear may yet come of her own bodyguards or enraged countrymen who wish to avenge their own loved ones.

  4. “03:09 But it is a fact that we have taken measures to ensure that last year will not be repeated in this form.”

    Meaning; it will be repeated albeit in a different form.

    • ** 03:09 But it is a fact that we have taken measures to ensure that last year will not be repeated in this form. **

      Only 1,000,000 invaders will be encouraged to enter Germany next year, as oppose to 1,200,000. In this way is Angela Merkel responsive to the deepest fears of her subjects.

    • Don’t read the fine print or you will be left with anxiety for the next year or at least until it turns into justifiable fear. Take a pill maybe.

    • Oh no Gary she doesn’t have to explain anything to the family.
      The father of the murdered girl is a guy named dr. Clemens Ladenburger since 2008 Assistant Director of the General Legal Services of the European Commision. So you see the family is part of the German elite and I’m sure the family must be thrilled being given the opportunity to sacrifice their daughter on the altar of their precious EU. They don’t need an explanation.

      • The loss of that family simply cannot be more direct, personal, and meaningless but I have little faith that they will alter their positions on the E.U. and open borders one bit.

        It’s what I hope for — that treasonous politicians and bureaucrats suffer directly what they inflict on their less significant fellow citizens — yet, when I see this particular instance of that, I wonder if even this tragedy is enough to break the steel bands that bind their thinking.

        There was a white woman volunteer in Haiti who was raped by a local man a couple of years back but she refused to express any anger towards him. She did mental back flips to avoid that.

        • I believe the family is requesting, in lieu of flowers, donations for the poor migrants. They learned nothing.

          Another child offering to Molech.

  5. Merkel has principles ?? Get real….This blocky…plain..BARREN…non entity who was put into office by brain dead narcissist { who want free things from the govt.} has a soft voice which is disarming to people….just like the ” down home ” manner of the rapist pedofile Bill Clinto. Study history you fools. Even Joseph Stalin had an affable manner as he had his henchmen put bullets into the necks of his rivals. Fear for your children and get a Rottweiler or Doberman to walk with them to the store.

  6. It sounds to me like Merkel is trying to run out the clock: finish her desired term in office before any serious political change happens.

    There is always the possibility that the political leaders of the major countries have just been flat-out bribed by some Islamic power, probably Saudi Arabia. The payoff from Saudi Arabia to Hillary was more than obvious: and yet, 50% of the population and the major news networks, other than Fox, enthusiastically supported her. My thinking for Obama is he was more interested in power and influence, rather than money. His wife was interested in money. So, rather than shovel barrels of cash to him, like they did to the Clintons, the Saudis used their money to grease his path to power and to support his White House efforts.

    I emphasize that this is entirely speculation on my part. There is a difference between surmise and knowledge.

  7. Indeed there is, Ronald. However, you can follow the smell and come up with the same conclusion. God, I can hardly wait for Trump’s take-over. I hope things will change and we as a country stop [osculating] Muslim [posterior].

    It is truly disgusting. Rape capital of the world and He (Obama) keeps bringing them in. They have taken over a city in the west of Kansas (the state in which I live) and I hope nothing bad happens, although of course they will be reluctant to report it in the news. Politically Incorrect, dontcha know.

  8. Possible reasons for Western elite-Islamic affiliation:
    1. A critical theory plan to advance social Marxism.
    2. An unconscious effort to assuage guilt over WWII crimes and deaths, i.e. a sort of masochism and need for humiliation.
    3. Useful idiots actually… who believe Islamic propaganda about religion of peace, i.e., it is lack of history education.
    4. Too long a stretch of peace. People periodically have had–maybe need– wars for some deep mysterious death instinct of H. sapiens.
    5. It seems chic and thrilling to flit about evil bright lights of danger.
    6. Actual money bribery of our leaders from rich Arab states.
    7. Too much freedom for some minds– for a long time– causes yearning for dictatorial rules of life.
    8. Our leaders yearn for additional power that Islamic-affiliation might bring.
    I.e. it is power-seeking only with no deep plan.
    9. Our western culture has acquired some actual pre-clinical neurological disease state like a prion degenerative state.
    10. Other ideas? Sun spots, cosmic rays?

    • Whoops, forgot… it has got to be that we have added CO2 to our air such that three in ten thousand molecules of air are CO2 has gone to four in ten thousand molecules are CO2.

      • Only 2% of CO2 emissions are due to human activity, I read recently; the rest is mainly decaying plant matter.

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