Culturally Enriched Murder in Freiburg Solved

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As reported here last month, the politically restrictions placed on the use of DNA evidence by the German police has impeded any number of criminal investigations, especially where migrants are involved. The report specifically mentioned the rape and murder of a young woman in the city of Freiburg back in October.

Maria L., murder victim in Freiburg, October 2016

Well, now that murder has been solved, and nobody is surprised that the alleged murderer is an Afghan culture-enricher. The case was solved by the discovery of a single dyed hair near the scene of the crime — which can only fuel further debate about DNA evidence.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Murdered student in Freiburg: dyed hair led to a hot scent

After the murders in Freiburg, police arrested a 17-year-old Afghan refugee. His hairstyle revealed him. This case will be a topic of debate.

Dec 3, 2016
by Rüdiger Soldt

Photo caption: A large crowd at the press conference where police announced the arrest on Saturday. It will now provide material for debate.

It was only Friday morning in Freiburg when Martin Jäger (Christian Democrats), Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg, announced that 25 additional police officers were being sent to the city, which has been shaken by two sex killings.

At 12.30 pm on the same day, the police were able to arrest the alleged murderer of the 19-year-old medical student Maria L. in the Freiburg district of Littenweiler: a 17-year-old Afghan refugee living with a family; he had come to the student town in southern Baden illegally as a so-called “unaccompanied minor refugee” (UMA) in 2015.

On the night of October 15-16, the medical student Maria L., the daughter of a high EU official, was raped near the Black Forest Stadium, and was found drowned shortly thereafter in the River Dreisam. It remains to be clarified by further investigation whether she was unconscious and thrown into the Dreisam after the rape, or if the murderer drowned her violently.

Unclear whether victim and perpetrator knew each other

The young woman was on her bicycle on her way back from the “Big Medi Night”, a party for medical students, and was assaulted on the illuminated bicycle lane around 3am.

Police searched the crime scene thoroughly and had the branches of a blackberry bush on the banks of the River Dreisam cut and analysed. In the hedge, the investigators found a hair approximately 18.5 centimeter (7.3 inches) long. “It was this optically striking hair in the thorn bush that caught our attention,” says Müller.

The dyed hair was the basis of further research. Over several days, criminal investigators analysed the video recordings from the street tram line 1, which leads to the vicinity of the crime scene. Video recordings with a volume of 13 terabytes had to be sifted. The officers noted a young man with an “undercut hairstyle”, who had dyed one braid. “After the technical review of the video recordings, the man could then be screened and checked on December 2,” said Müller.

It is still unclear whether the refugee met his later victim accidentally at the River Dreisam, or whether he already knew the medical student. It still needs to be ascertained whether there is a connection to the murder of the jogger Carolin G., who was raped and murdered in broad daylight on a path in the vineyards at the beginning of November in the town of Endingen, Kaiserstuhl. Until now, the investigators cannot see any connection, the course of events are said to have been very different, and there is currently no utilisable DNA material. In the region — and especially in the social networks — rumors are circulating that it could be a serial killer. There is no proof of this.

Politicians have been demanding more police in Freiburg for years

The murders in Freiburg have also led to a political discussion about the understaffing of the police and impediments placed on investigation in the analysis of DNA traces. Police have been demanding a better staffing of the police in Freiburg for almost ten years. The situation in the Dreiländereck has the city suffering from a high degree of criminality, although no serious crimes.

Justice Minister Guido Wolf (Christian Democrats) is campaigning to have the criminal code changed, so that the color of the eyes, skin or hair, can be determined based on DNA samples. Because of the narrow restrictions in paragraph 81g of the Criminal Procedure Code, the use of DNA traces by the police is limited; it is not allowed to draw conclusions about the ethnicity of perpetrators, which would constitute a serious interference with fundamental rights.

There have been problems with young refugees for some time now

The 2004 Criminal Procedure Code states: “In the investigation, it is not allowed to draw any findings other than those required to identify the DNA identification pattern as well as the sex.” Justice Minister Wolf advocates utilizing “all constitutional approaches” in the future. The German Confederation of Criminal Investigators (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter) also considers the existing regulation to be no longer up-to-date.

For quite some time there have been problems in Freiburg with unaccompanied minor foreigners, who are cared for by the youth services of charitable institutions. There has been occasional sexual harassment. This group of refugees has been repeatedly conspicuous with battery and drug dealing at the Stühlinger Kirchplatz near the train station. Also in this respect, the case will provide material for debate.

22 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Murder in Freiburg Solved

  1. One wonders if her “high EU official” parent still thinks Muslim migration is good for the EU.

      • I think this is evidence of the deterioration of the European genetic stock and the separation of different types of intelligence. Intelligence has previously been viewed as a unity, with verbal, math, and productive skills pretty much intertwined.

        But, for speculative reasons I won’t go into, there seems to be a separation of these skills. A high EU official would obviously be highly intelligent in verbal and communication skills. However, this class of people are deficient in scientific or logical skills. So, they are unable to draw the obvious conclusion: there is a genetic difference between races. The refugees from violent, primitive, repressive countries, cultures and tribes are not going to be remade into good German citizens by simply having more social services at their disposal.

        So, genetics is destiny. And, as I speculate, it is not only the genetics of the refugees, but the changing genetics of the political leaders, and the populations, that makes a critical difference.

        There is the parallel problem of governments and countries becoming so huge that there is absolutely no responsiveness to the real needs of the people. It occurs to me as I write this that one motivation of such leaders might be to dilute the cultural (and racial) identity of the people in their district so there will be no coherent accountability for the actions of their leaders.

        Back to the tragedy of the murder, my speculations are to account for the almost unbelievable fact of the parents of the murdered girl continuing to support immigration. Perhaps their obtuseness is not in spite of the high position of her father, but perfectly consistent with it.

          • I just watched the beginning of the video.

            With all due respect, as corrosive as philosophies are, we absolutely have to look at the genetic drift of populations. You can’t say that it is the corrosive effects of Pan-Africanism that accounts for the poor IQ, skill-set, and productive skills of black Africans. It is a genetic factor, due to different environments contributing to the racial development.

            And, what makes you think the European gene pool is going to remain stable, such that the genetically-determined skill set remains constant, and only the organizing philosophy is going to change? Is it not possible that population genetic changes has caused the European peoples to welcome invaders that they spent centuries fighting? It’s certainly tempting, given the extremely corrosive nature of Cultural Marxism, to attribute the changes to the pervasiveness of CM. But, turn it around: is it not possible that genetic drift away from masculinity, competence, and the instinct for self-preservation, has facilitate the spread of CM?

            I’m not making an airtight case here; just suggesting. I can make a more detailed case, which will not be proof or even evidence, as I have no scientific data, which is the ultimate determiner of truth.

    • The elite who opened up the borders and decided that the West would be a “no-mans-land” are now paying for their crimes, in a small part at least.

    • I have heard, but never gave much credence to, the “turn the other cheek” tenet but this is just ridiculous.

      Can the parents of the beautiful young woman, taken from them in such a brutal and savage way, with all the mental suffering and emotional devastation wrought upon them, not see the folly of their actions.

      The Bible also cites “an eye for an eye” and I would suspect that the father and not the mother is behind the charitable donations to migrant charities!

      God Bless the poor young woman may she rest in peace.

  2. If she was an ordinary girl the case would probably not have been solved.Government doesn’t really want to now the “inconvenient” truth.

    • nothing in the news on radio or tv.Had the victim been from culturally enriching background, the chancellor would be on site and the news feed would be 24/7.
      No doubt the killer just had his first teeth, or did he choose his hairstyle to hide receding front hair and graying braids,normal at age 17 in Afghanistan.
      Were the foster parents questionned about the identity of the bike found on site and why their child was out in the middle of the night?

  3. It’s the girl’s fault. She should had been wearing a black garbage bag outfit instead of showing her stuff in public. Plus females shouldn’t be allowed to go outside unless accompanied by a male relative. When will Europeans learn that they must convert to Islam and model their society on 13th century Afghanistan? That will solve the refugee crisis, since Europe will become a hellhole just like the rest of the Islamic countries and thus nobody will want to emigrate there. Problem solved!

    • and this is “enrichment” of western culture. Who elects politicians with this attitude ? Both electorate and the candidate need to undergo a test for sanity.

  4. The only thing I am ‘glad’ about is that it was the daughter of an EU official! Maybe now he (I assume it is the father) will wake up to himself and understand the ATROCITY he has unleashed on his country, of which his own flesh and blood is a victim.

    The Muslim punk-barbarian is still breathing and will probably get a mild sentence as he couldn’t ‘know’ that rape is unacceptable in the West, but his daughter is gone forever, after suffering pain, torture and humiliation.

    What a legacy he has given her! I only hope that the future victims are likewise so well-connected! But perhaps for him, the sacrifice was worth it as, bowing to Merkel’s insanity was the only way he could retain a grip on his office. Well, good luck with future happiness! It’s gone.

    With any luck, the men imprisoned with the rapist scum will deal with him as he should be dealt with. ie, deprived of life!

    • I think you should consider the possibility that the tragedy will not change the base opinions of the father. It is a mistake to think the leaders of destruction are acting out of any rational self-interest. I think the better place to look is works on “The True Believer”, who immerses himself and his identity (and progeny in this case) to the “movement”.

      Also, what we consider as justice is becoming less important. The Muslim rapist will be in a prison where the majority of inmates are violent, foreign Muslims. He’ll fit right in. In their culture, sex with women is a duty and their real excitement comes from fanaticism and male-to-male sex. So, imprisonment for the Muslim, sort-of-young migrants is not the horror it would be for you.

  5. Imagine what the reaction from the culture enrichers would have been had a dyed-hair native German punk accosted several hijab-ed or niqab-ed muslim girls and then raped and murdered them. It would be all out war.

  6. exchange of population( Bevölkerungsaustausch) 1:0! Mission accomplished: Afghan killer replaced student of medicine, redundant expandable individual( cost > 3000€ p.m) vs.future doctor and tax payer.

  7. All of this is really the fault of “leaders” so to speak. What do they care, with their full-time security and safety, about the ordinary people? It’s a pity that Europe has been disarmed. “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” with his gun poised is what I mean — if the Europeans were armed, there would be far less of this. Just saying.

  8. By riding her bicycle at 3am it’s obvious she was the daughter of an EU elite. Her father likely indoctrinated her into cozying up to the poor refugees who were only searching for companionship.

    A sensible parent would’ve forbade such dangerous activity and this spared her this brutal ending.

  9. Women want to please the immigrant men. They like them and know they are liked in return. They think they can flirt or casually chat and be alone with them, like they can with Western men. But it’s not the same. It can’t be the same. The immigrants can’t even fake our social and cultural norms because it’s so far from their experience. It’s a toxic mix.

  10. Read all of your posts…and they alarm me. All seem very passive…..lulled to sleep by I am not sure what ……. Why would a people allow foreign nationals to not only invade their land but rape and murder their young women. A society that can no longer see the invading army is doomed. I am not sure if Europe has forbade one from truly speaking out or if your passive voices are just indifference. Your cultures are beautiful that span centuries. Where is your outrage…where are you Europe…where in the Hell are you. I for one will never return to the fairy tale that was once Europe……we watch as you allow your guests to waltz in and rob you of everything you have built up. Wake Up Europe!

  11. In the Wikipedia one can read:

    “The victim was a 19-year-old female student of medicine, who was initially named as Maria L. by the police according to German privacy law. She was the daughter of a high EU official,[2] Clemens Ladenburger, a member of the Legal Service of the European Commission.[3] She was born on 6 December 1996 and buried in Brussels on 27 October 2016. Ten days after her death, the family published her name in an obituary in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 26 October 2016,[4] in which it pled for donations amongst others for refugees”

    On 26 October, the parents didn’t know yet who the murderer is. I hope they have changed point of view. Pity for the girl.

  12. Trogen horse is this Merkelisation of Europe. The destruction of western culture is as sure as the destruction of Palmyra. Such tradgic results with the death of this beautiful young student was by a policy of a world without boarders and a 80 year old fear of any type of nationalism.

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