What’s the Real Story Behind Anis Amri and the Berlin Truck Jihad?

For the past twenty-four hours, police in Germany and the rest of Europe have been searching for Anis Amri, a Tunisian national who is suspected of driving a truck through the Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz in Berlin on Monday, killing twelve people. The Pakistani originally arrested for the attack was said to be the “wrong man”, and was later released. A day or so after the attack, police discovered Mr. Amri’s ID under the seat of the truck and initiated a search for him as the primary suspect.

There’s something very smelly about the belated discovery of Anis Amri as the likely culprit. It turns out he has a significant criminal record and has been arrested on multiple occasions. His application for asylum was denied, and when he was picked up by the police back in July, he was placed in a prison cell to await deportation. However, he was released the following day for unknown reasons.

The very convenient belated discovery of his ID in the truck… A criminal record… On a watch list… Released from prison on the orders of the Ministry of the Interior…

Curiouser and curiouser.

Was he a government informant who later decided to mend his ways and wage jihad? Or does the state want to get rid of him for other reasons? An eventual shootout with the police may be the authorities’ preferred outcome in either case.

Or the whole bizarre situation could be exactly what it seems — an immigrant mujahid killed a truck driver, took his truck, and fought jihad in the way of Allah at a Berlin Christmas festival.

Below are excerpts concerning the strange case of Anis Amri from an article in today’s Die Welt. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

Known as a “risk” — and still not deported


In April of this year, [Anis Amri] claimed asylum in Germany. Already in early 2016 he had been investigated for drug offenses. During the summer he was noted [observed but not charged] for dangerous assault. Amri allegedly lingered on the periphery of the Salafist preacher Abu Walaa, who was arrested in the autumn.

He attracted the attention of the police, as he was allegedly recruiting fighters for the Islamic State – and looking for weapons. In so doing, he fell in with an police informant.

Amri temporarily lived with an alleged jihadi in Dortmund. His electronic communications were monitored, according to sources among the investigators.

In Berlin, finally, authorities classified Amri as a “risk” (Gefährder, literally “endangerer”) — a militant Islamist capable of acts of violence.

He was observed in Berlin from March until September.

The investigations concerned information indicating that the Tunisian planned a burglary to get money for the purchase of automatic weapons. “Possibly for later carrying out an attack with accomplices which he yet had to acquire,” the State Prosecutor stated. But the suspicion could not be corroborated.

The more details are known about his case and his stay in Germany, the more absurd it seems that a person with this history could even stay here for that long. Amri was held in a German deportation jail back in the summer 2016, when he was released after just one day, at the request of the Aliens Registration Authority in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Kleve.

As Matthias Grewe, chief clerk of the district court in Ravensburg, confirmed on Wednesday to the Schwäbische Zeitung, Amri was captured at an identity check in July this year in Friedrichshafen. Since a data check revealed that a deportation order had been recorded by the police, the officers arrested him.

As the arrest was on a Sunday, the on-call judge ordered the that Amri be placed in a deportation detention facility until the next working day. He subsequently entered the penal facility in Ravensburg on July 30.

Its director Thomas Mönig confirms that a person named Anis Amri was imprisoned in his jail on that day. But he stayed for only one day; he cannot provide any information about the later whereabouts of the prisoner, says Mönig. According to District Clerk Grewe, Amri left the Ravensburg prison as a free man. Following the instructions of the Ministry of Justice, he was freed at the request of the Aliens Registration Authority in Kleve.

The Interior Minister of North Rhine Westphalia, Ralf Jäger (SPD), reasoned at a hastily-convened press conference on Wednesday that the Aliens Registration Authority could not carry out the deportation, because Amri had no identification papers. His application for asylum was denied in July.

To be able to deport him, the Aliens Registration Authority applied for a substitute passport via the Tunisian embassy. The Tunisian side initially denied that Amri was their citizen, but then agreed on substitute papers. The bitter irony: the new Tunisian passport arrived precisely this Wednesday in North Rhine-Westphalia, the day when a Europe-wide manhunt was launched for Amri, two days after the bloodbath at the Breitscheidplatz.

51 thoughts on “What’s the Real Story Behind Anis Amri and the Berlin Truck Jihad?

  1. “Finding” his ID under the seat makes this story highly suspect. So I wonder what they are hoping to cover up?

    • You have a point there. You don’t move the truck from the crime scene before forensic technicians have gone over it with a fine toothed comb.
      And yet they did. Moved it to an undisclosed location and lo and behold they find some identity papers under the seat.
      Highly suspect indeed.

    • I think we may never know… imho this is likely related to an intelligence service operation.

    • jihadi martyrs going to their possible death have a full body shave , and always leave ID at the attack scene to be found as proof it was in the name of islam

      • Ed: How was we to know something like that? Fourteen hundred years is proving to be almost impossible to catch up on. So far we have only scratched the surface of this extremely complex and continually evolving relegation.

    • Interesting: Why the truck was not immediately searched http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/attentat-in-berlin-wieso-der-lkw-nicht-sofort-durchsucht-wurde-1.3306452

      “It would have made sense to promptly search the cabin, since after all islamist assassins have quite often left their papers behind at the crime scene. Instead the black truck was first towed away from the scene, into the hangar of the police.

      There, the police first sent dogs into the cabin, to take in the scent of the suspect. To not spoil this scent, the investigators had so far avoided thoroughly searching the cabin. Only later did they find a wallet, from which they then pulled the papers of Anis Amri very slowly and carefully. Only then it occurs to them that a completely different man than the one they have already arrested could be the main suspect.”

      “Es wäre naheliegend gewesen, die Kabine schleunigst zu durchsuchen, denn immerhin haben islamistische Attentäter ja schon öfter ihre Papiere am Tatort hinterlassen. Stattdessen wird der schwarze Lastwagen erst einmal abgeschleppt, weg vom Tatort, hinein in eine Halle der Polizei.
      Um diesen Geruch nicht zu verderben, haben die Ermittler bisher davon abgesehen, die Kabine gründlich zu durchsuchen. Erst später finden sie eine Geldbörse, aus der sie dann sehr langsam und vorsichtig die Papiere von Anis Amri ziehen. Da erst dämmert ihnen, dass ein ganz anderer Mann der Hauptverdächtige sein könnte als der, den sie bereits festgenommen haben.”

      • To be fair, one of the dogs may also have been used in sniffing out explosives . . . just in case the truck could have doubled as an Islamist “smart” bomb delivery system. These innocents and the politicians they vote for, have much to learn about warfare and tactics.

        An entirely different matter is the one of the multi-kulti make-up of contemporary German and other European police and armed “services”. There could be parties within these forces that are working at odds with one another . . . each with its own agendas and interests. The smart citizen of these failed states will have to figure out ways of avoiding trouble and finding security outside of the official [state-sanctioned] law-enforcement bodies and judiciary. When a state/society betrays the interests of [many of] its citizens, then co-operating with – or relying on – the state will no longer be a safe option.

  2. Short note on the notorious “suddenly found ID card” phenomenon:

    Whenever a suspect’s identity is discovered by “accidentially” left behind documents you can assume the actual hint came by way of either otherwise illegal technical surveillance measures or cooperation from a friendly foreign service illegally operating in the country. Admitting this fact would cause public upstir and/or jeopardize a following trial. I believe this is quite common practice, although the tinfoil hat may be too small in size for some.

    • Actually this sounds quite feasible. Here are the possibilities:

      1. Amri was the perp, left his ID and the police failed to find it for days. Because they chose not to be clued up about islamic terrorists. Not being clued up about islamic terrorists is exactly what Merkel’s government seems to desire from the police. The very fact that the market was not protected by bollards proves that the Berlin authorities were deliberately disregarding the risk, when ISIS had been making these threats and Nice had already been attacked.

      2. Amri was not the perp but is falsely being blamed by the police, surely only under instructions from above. Why on earth would the government, with such high stakes on it *not* being a ‘refugee’, want this to happen?

      Scenario 1 seems more likely to me.

      • Still too much tinfoil for me. Of course he was the perp and of course he did NOT leave his ID card on the scene. But police can’t come out and say “you know, we’re logging all ze iPhones in Berlin anyway, that’s how we got him”. So they just make up the story of left behind documents, as they often do. Because journos will always ask at the press conference how specific hints were obtained and it still would not matter if the suspect would later deny leaving his ID behind. This would not obstruct the trial or be of interest to anyone.

    • Hope it’s not too late to comment, but Sellars’ finest moment was probably in Kubrick’s “Dr Strangelove”, where he played three roles.

      The sets, including the famous “war room”, were designed by Sir Ken Adam, who died last March; he also created the sets for many of the “Bond” movies.

      Adam came from a German Jewish family who immigrated to the UK in the mid- ’30s, and studied architecture before joining the RAF (one of only three German citizens to do so). He flew Typhoon fighters, first escorting US heavy bombers, then destroying Geman tanks in Normandy. This is the kind of immigrant any free country should be proud to welcome.

    • This is the multiple parallel world of Schengen. Moving weapons and munitions around the EU suckers paradise is a breeze for even the dumbest Muslim. I hate to say it but I think if the really dumb Muslims must be saying to themselves, “These Kufar are not too bright.”

      • And will reason that Allah made them that way and if they cannot and do not care to protect themselves then it is Allah’s will.

  3. These murderous muslims seem to be very careless when it comes to their own documentation. Going back to the 9/11 atrocity they are so focused on their killing spree that they misplace passports etc. Is this a genetic failing, absent-mindedness and can we exploit it to help protect ourselves?

    In addition, if one wishes to be a mass murderer, the best place to hide is while under surveillance by the security services.

    • Remember the 9/11 were high hi-jackers. They were [getting hammered] maybe as late as the night before with infidels in the most popular bars and nigh spots. It seems to me that one should consider that any Muslim entering anywhere peacefully is only there for his last gloat. I move away. Muslims seem to have this incorrigible gloat on their visages. Maybe that is why so many try to cover themselves.

  4. Any reasonably balanced person would find this story highly suspect. I don’t know what the German state machine is trying to pull, but pull something they certainly are. Leaving his ID in the truck? Apart from anything else, they don’t like carrying ID!

  5. “The very convenient belated discovery of his ID in the truck”

    Don’t forget one of the “Charlie” jihadists also dropped his driver’s licence in one of the gettaway cars which lead to his early identification. It does happen.

    Many of these so called “self radicalized” jihadi are not the most proficient at trade craft. They make mistakes professionals wouldn’t make. So I don’t buy the conspiracy theory. What I do suspect is German Police are bordering on incompetent, due to political interference. Just look at the fiasco at New Year, where were the Police?

    As to this “Pakistani” suspect, he should have been detained under suspicion of involvement as a precaution while every link is probed. Remember early reports say witnesses followed this man leaving the truck after the attack. So now we are to believe the witnesses are mistaken? Seems the Police are making that judgement way too early in the investigation. Can they be sure the Pakistani has no connection to this Amri guy at this point? I would doubt that. Suppose they decide to talk to the Pakistani again, what’s the chance they can find him now?

  6. Perhaps it was the Pakistani after all! One can believe nothing the police say these days, neither in Europe nor here in Australia. The latest on the gas-bomb van attack on the Australian Christian Lobby Offices in Canberra see the police saying – after they are holding the man who did it – that the attack was not politically, religiously or otherwise motivated!!!!! How did they know this? Did they ask three direct questions of the perp.?
    The three monkeys disease (i.e. speak no truth, see no truth, hear no truth) has spread to our fair land here in the Antipodes. I, for one, think this is a crying shame!

  7. Muslim countries around the world are already extremely intolerant of any displays of Christianity, but could you imagine any of them letting it get to this point wherein many Christians who had ostensibly fled there for safety were causing mayhem amongst their citizens? You know for a fact that the powers that be in those Countries would literally round every Christian up and kick them out- pronto! and forever. It is beyond diabolical that we just have to put up with it and wait for the next inevitable attack on us. It really is nothing short of a systematic attack on Europe by Merkel and her ilk. Our compliance will literally be the death of freedom for future generations.

    • To me it looks like we are complying at such a rate now that death and loss of freedom is fast becoming the lot of this generation. Many of our liberal and left dings can’t – don’t – won’t see that – yet. Without strong ruthless leadership we are doomed to a very long drawn out war of attrition. That’s the one coming straight at us.

  8. The German Police are completely compromised. Merkel (is that even a German name?) has told them to target the right wing at the exclusion of all else. No wonder the real terrorists get away. Politically driven policing. Stasi, Nazi. Germans don’t know anything else.

    • I checked: Merkel (sometimes “Merckel”) is a common German name, probably derived from “Mark”, meaning border, which is somewhat ironic.

      • Angela Merkel is indeed “a quarter Polish”. Now we know: Not only was her grandfather of Polish origin, the chancellor almost was born Angela Kazmierczak. Her grandfather was a Ludwig Kazmierczak, born 1896 in Poznan – then part of the German Reich. The family was proud of its Polish roots. Obviously not grandpa Ludwig who emigrated to Berlin when Poznan became Polish again after the first world war. He married a Berlin woman, and they had a son – Horst Kazmierczak, Angela’s father. The family decided to cut their Polish roots in the early 30s. The Kazmierczaks followed a common fashion and Germanised their family name to Kasner. Father and son converted from Catholicism to the Protestant church – something Merkel didn’t know until recently. That was a puzzling discovery for a woman who grew up in a rectory and whose Protestantism is key to understanding her personality. When Merkel’s Polish past became public, a second cousin immediately invited her for dinner. Watch out, she might show up one day in the Alley of the Cosmonauts in Poznan – From The Guardian newspaper (UK)

  9. No doubt Amri the Anus is only one of thousands on so called ‘watch lists.’ It is now beyond the resources of any State to deal with the numbers of Muslim barbarians. We cannot be protected. Defense is impossible. The only option left is offense!

  10. He must have to beat away all those hot German babes with a stick… What young maiden could resist that wisp of scraggly beard and that brutish visage?

  11. “Leaving behind” his ID and papers just possibly might mean he’s bragging–in the form that the terrorist wants us all to know who he is.
    “Foolishly” “leaving” all that evidence behind is a GIANT “maybe’ in my book.

    Do I believe any of it? At ALL??…………………………………………naaah.

    • What makes it smelly is not solely the fact that he left his ID behind — that is at least plausible — but it took the German investigators an extra 24 hours to find it, and not until after they had towed the truck away.

      • Baron, exactly so and do we actually know that real people died and were injured or were they all just crisis actors, or whatever is the correct term?
        One explanation is that the paklander did carry out the atrocity but want supposed to be pursued by a bystander; maybe he was acting on instructions from the German secret forces and therefore has to be released. In doing so, they had to find a scapegoat, hence the Tunisian.

        We’ve been lied to do often about so many things over such a long time it’s difficult to discern the truth from the lies. Interestingly, this uncertainty tends to reinforce God’s 10 Commandments, particularly thou shalt not murder; we don’t start killing people until we know who they are and what they’ve done.

        • Hmm that seems very likely, however Germany’s patience for any Muslim immigrants have reached s state that they can’t Baer them anymore. However I still find fishy when said it was a Pakistani than said he Tunisan.

    • I don’t have much doubt that Amri is the perp and the keystone cops really did take that long to search the cabin. The reason stated by Sueddeutsche, as I translated above, was dogs being needed to get the perp’s scent.

      But incredible ignoring of the islamic terrorists’ tendency to brag by leaving papers behind. Surely if they had wanted to thoroughly search immediately they could have, using robotic arms/scent concealing full body suits etc? Who knows more about search dogs?

    • That may be it. In the Jihadi club leaving your “calling card” may be an act of bravado and infamy. They want to be remembered.

  12. I thought the ID thing was strange as well… surely any self-respecting Jihadi would carry a fake ID, or would not carry one at all?!

    And another thing – the truck was supposedly hijacked at 3:30pm, yet the attack happened around 7pm – by which time the Polish truck driver was still alive and fighting with the hijacker. (From my understanding).

    So, I’m wondering what happened between 4 and 7pm? Because 3 hours is surely an extremely long time to be fighting, or executing a terrorist attack?

    • Right now we seem to be unclear about the exact time of the poor Polish driver’s death–though it seems that beating, stabbing , and shooting were involved.
      Since he was not killed at the time of the hijack, I surmise that the plan, at least in part, was to leave a fresh NON-muslim corpse in the truck.
      This would confuse things mightily, as he was the truck’s driver of record and easily blamed for an “accident”.
      Well then–WHY leave the ID??
      Are we confused yet?
      Is THAT the whole idea?
      ……………………are any adults involved over there? Any AT ALL?

  13. Rainer Wendt, Federal Chairman of the German Police Union https://www.welt.de/politik/video160511580/Polizei-hielt-sich-an-Gesetze-und-die-sind-eben-so.html

    “The Police followed the laws and the laws simply are like that.”

    He is very angry, telling the public not to blame the police (I still think they were much too slow) but instead to blame the laws.

    His main points:

    1. The law forces police to let an immigrant criminal who is to be deported free after just four days of imprisonment.

    2. There is a lack of European coordination on criminals’ data (in this case fingerprints that should have been available from Italy). “He should really have been noticed when he entered Germany, if the Italian authorities had sensibly added into the details that are already available.”

    3. He was known as an ‘endangerer’, meaning that “he has contacts in the islamist scene, with over 100 of the top-endangerers that we have. There are more than 500 of these people who constantly communicate with the islamist scene, and who then also clearly speak about having the intention of committing an attack at some stage, without making specific, actionable preparations.”

    Though he was observed from May to September, no actionable offence was committed and the operation was called off. Wendt” “the police aren’t allowed [to continue observation], when the legislative body and judiciary say that it is a serious attack on somebody’s rights to observe them, and there must be certain conditions, failing that the observation must be stopped”. He considers this as “idiotic” as stopping video surveillance when it lowers the crime rate in a crime-infested locality.

    4. People who are endangerers and serious criminals and whose asylum-applications have been rejected “should remain in pre-deportation custody until we have the papers, and if it takes four years, then it takes four years”.

    His final shot: “The people are right when they say ‘all this cannot be true’ – I tell them, yes it is so, because the legislative body wants it that way!”

  14. There is no lack of European coordination on criminals’ data, just local incompetence. Germany knew everything about him, but it didn’t control its borders. France did the same. In fact, after leaving those countries the terrorist has been shot dead in Italy.

  15. ID card under the seat?!! Really?? This reminds me of the passport found in the world trade centre rubble in the 911 incident, the id card in the pentagon indent and, not to forget, the ID card in the hired car in the Paris attacks!!!
    Do people really believe this? Are they taking us for idiots?!!

  16. Good website this..
    Since the story so far was very unlikely to the big crowds…they keep making news stories about it.
    Now the ‘suspect’ seems to have travelled through the Netherlands, took a Flixbus from Amsterdam to Lyon…. and has got a free sim-card which were spreaded as a marketing action in Nijmegen. Of course he happened to be there. That is why they found that number. And of course they didn’t check his ID in the bus from Amsterdam Slotervaart. And of course no one regocnized him. So this whole story is made up to make it sound more plausible what has happened in Berlin with the truck story. Since that truck didn’t even drive over the market…
    Now probably in the Netherlands the authorities will also use this ‘fact’ of the sim-card as a good reason to make it obliged to put a prepaid phone number only on your name. To control the mass even more…
    In the meanwhile I believe Mr Urban is enjoying his first cockails somewhere at a tropical island. (The thefth story is too unbelievable, show me a video where he is hin coffin, then I will believe it)

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