No Girls Allowed!

The following report from French television examines the neighborhoods and businesses in France where women are simply not permitted. Needless to say, in any area where the exclusion of females is practiced, cultural enrichment predominates.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   In France, our investigation of a delicate subject
00:04   often proceeded in silence. It was put under bright light not long ago by the secretary
00:08   of state charged with women’s rights Pascale Boistard.
00:12   There are in our territory zones where women aren’t accepted,
00:16   she declared to our collaborator Marianne. What is it all about?
00:20   About a discrete revolution: walking alone in a skirt,
00:24   take a coffee outside a coffee shop; today associations
00:28   take matters in their own hands and are alerting about the neighborhoods where women become
00:32   unwelcome in public spaces. Watch the investigation of Caroline Sintz and
00:36   Brisse Boby. Look at those pictures:
00:40   coffee shops outside
00:44   on streets. They have a something in common:
00:48   women seem to be erased. In some popular neighborhoods
00:52   men occupy the area and women endure.
00:56   In this Paris quarter
01:00   we are following two militants from Mothers Brigade
01:04   Nadia and Aziza are fighting for the freedom of women
01:08   in those neighborhoods. In order to show us male reactions they
01:12   are recording in a bar with a hidden camera. From the instant they enter
01:17   they are questioned why they are coming in.
01:21   Who are you looking for, Madame? —We are looking for someone. —A gentleman?
01:25   In this bar, only men. Not very welcoming.
01:29   It’s best to wait outside. —Why? —Here there only men
01:33   Oh, it’s no problem, we live in a world where there are men and women. Do you mind?
01:37   It’s because of you. No, I don’t mind. The bar owner doesn’t want to
01:41   have a discussion. Other men are shocked to see those women.
01:45   I don’t give a s**t! We are going to be discreet, tucked in a corner.
01:49   There are only guys in the coffee shop. And do you think it’s normal that there are only guys?
01:53   Imagine that you want to have coffee with a female cousin, a female friend, your wife.
01:57   No? My cousin, she stays at home. Your cousin stays at home, oh really?
02:01   She can do what she wants, but not with me. Exactly: see, in this café there is no mixing of sexes.
02:05   But is it normal? Huh?
02:09   We are in Sevran, not Paris. Even Sevran, it’s France.
02:13   You are in 93 [district] here, not in Paris! So what, it’s the 93?
02:17   There are different mentalities here, it’s very rural.
02:21   Go to a bar here, it’s breaking a taboo for a woman.
02:25   You would see that in Saudi Arabia, you would say yes, but here it’s France!
02:29   We are in France. And they are telling you: do you realize
02:33   there are women here who dared to go to a coffee shop!?
02:37   Why do men reject women? A problem of tradition, of culture,
02:41   but also of religion, in the opinion of those militants.
02:45   In 2005 when there were
02:50   riots in the muslim neighborhoods, big brothers were called to calm down the
02:54   young ones [muslims]. Voilà, and when you say big brother, it means
02:58   wives, mothers were excluded, the parents weren’t called, which would have
03:02   been more legitimate. So those men were given this space, this authority,
03:06   who today, perhaps don’t dominate, but who took over the neighborhoods.
03:10   Who took over this place. Islam as they mixed it
03:14   for me Islam is like Penal Code now, voilà.
03:18   Don’t do this, this is forbidden, that is forbidden, voilà. There are…
03:22   Everything is forbidden. All while we are in France. And today I think… During the interview
03:26   a car stops.
03:30   Who was that? Men I know.
03:34   A way of intimidating those women, who are threatened regularly.
03:38   They prefer to stop the interview. In this quarter
03:42   of Lyon women seem to accept,
03:46   like this assistant midwife who does everything she can to pass unnoticed.
03:50   My clothes are dark, and pants,
03:54   no skirts, no make up. [unintelligible] no lipstick. Impossible.
03:58   We erase ourselves, we’re trying to be invisible.
04:02   We’re trying to be as discreet as possible. Why? Because we are scared.
04:06   It’s as simple as that. In Rilleux-la-Pape there’s 20% unemployment.
04:10   Many businesses are closed.
04:14   Young men rule over the area. Few women. And our camera isn’t welcome.
04:22   Let’s go girls, we’re going shopping.
04:26   Women have, however, decided to fight back. They regularly organize marches.
04:30   [They are female] local inhabitants with every possible political opinion; they want to take
04:34   their neighborhoods back and assert themselves. Like in this café,
04:38   where men are the only customers. We have this notion of living together, yes, voilà.
04:43   Of a community, because it’s mixing.
04:47   That there are no places where we have just to pass by.
04:51   Everyone should be comfortable and also they, you, bring your wives!
04:55   For goodness’ sake! Embarrassed, the owner defends himself:
04:59   I accept all clients. I have no problem
05:03   with women, men, nobody. But here,
05:07   no women. The priority for the women who organize the marches
05:11   is to convince muslim women to participate.
05:15   Our goal is to … To mix them! Right! That’s what we would like.
05:19   But there are religious convictions that cause a woman,
05:23   that forbid a woman to mix, she cannot do that at all, in fact.
05:27   Watched by the local men, it is difficult to talk freely.
05:31   You can see they aren’t happy, because they are watching us angrily.
05:35   Could you imagine your daughter having a coffee here? Some women don’t get it.
05:39   I don’t have the need to,
05:43   like you said, Madame, you talked about a bistro, that we have to go to a bistro…
05:47   I don’t have a need to go to a bistro.
05:51   And when they decide to sit down outside another coffee shop,
05:55   men prefer to leave. Are we making you leave?
05:59   Once again the march attracted only one group of women.
06:03   There are not many muslim women. They like the idea,
06:07   but they don’t follow us. Why? That, I don’t know, I don’t know.
06:11   Perhaps… I don’t know. Like in Rilleux-la-Pape, women organize themselves
06:16   more or less everywhere in France, and they march
06:20   in the Reconquista of the public space. A battle that has just begun.

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  1. The reality is that a significant portion of Europe is already Islamostan and will never be European again without a huge bloodletting

  2. How can you have this kind of toxic relationship between men and women and have a high fertility rate? This means essentially that all their women are raped. Just think of all the wildly creative courtship behavior that is missing: No Taj Mahal; no more A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns. A bleak joyless culture.

    • The Taj Mahal is a tomb upon which, in obedience to Mohammed, the is not one depiction of the human form.
      By Mohammed an strictures a woman who denies herself to her husband is in the wrong, not the husband or master that takes what is his right by possession.

      • Nevertheless, Shah Jahan* must have loved his wife to build such a monument. Good things happen even in bad cultures.

        *His grandfather, and some of his successors, were more tolerant than previous Muslim rulers of the Subcontinent.

        • He was so tolerant and loving that he had the architect executed after completion so that he, the architect, would never design another building like the Taj Mahal.

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