The Word “Integration” is Very Unpopular With Young Muslims in Berlin

The following brief clip is from an event that is not identified, but based on the backdrop, it’s a joint event of the “Union” parties in the German parliament: the Christian Democratic Union (Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands, CDU), and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern, CSU).

In it you’ll see a young Muslim woman explain that the term “integration” is unnerving to her and many young Muslims because they do not have to integrate themselves in Germany, and that therefore they should not constantly be bothered with demands for integration.

The Muslima is not identified, but she is obviously a member of the Muslim youth organization JUMA (jung, muslimisch, aktiv, a project for young Muslims in Berlin sponsored by the Berlin Senate and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth).

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:03   Do you think that the way integration is talked about
0:06   in politics and in general,
0:09   that this discourse agrees with the reality
0:12   of these young people,
0:15   or is there a … is there a discrepancy?
0:20   Um, yes, the discussion about integration, generally,
0:25   integration is a very unpopular word with JUMA,
0:29   because of course, for us,
0:32   we don’t have to integrate ourselves anywhere,
0:35   but yet we get constantly… quasi-confronted… with it,
0:39   with this term, and also with demands
0:42   to integrate ourselves, and that is just
0:45   very exhausting for the young muslims
0:48   that are active with JUMA, myself included.
0:51   As I already said, as a member I stated that before,
0:54   and thus it really is the case
0:57   that this discussion about integration,
1:00   and especially the integration of muslims
1:03   where once again we have that monolithic bloc,
1:06   is exhausting for us and…

29 thoughts on “The Word “Integration” is Very Unpopular With Young Muslims in Berlin

  1. 1) If they don’t like it why don’t they get the Hell out?
    2) How does having a Muzzie population benefit a Western country? Importing Muslims is like deciding you don’t have enough destructive invasive species so bring some in.
    3) What value do we receive as a society by importing a tsunami of diseased illiterate savages who hate us and want to kill or enslave us? Add to this the fact that 92% of Muslims in America are receiving public assistance, so we are not only supporting a hostile tribe of malicious, demanding, angry malcontents but we’re supposed to live our lives walking on eggshells to avoid offending them.
    4) Why should we care if something they see offends them? See #1.

      • Reminds me of the Morning glory that invaded my Raspberries, Devils Weed. I had to Nuke the whole patch to get ride of it.

    • Revjen45,

      Point 1: Just because they don’t like to integrate doesn’t mean they have to get out. One has nothing to do with the other for them. They’re not in Germany to become German, they’re in Germany to make it part of the Umma. The “lady” is basically very honest.

      Point 2: They are not populating Germany “for the benefit” of Germany. This is about a population exchange. Basically the Euro Masters are in the midst of changing out the indigenous population with a more “controllable” (so they think), population that is homogenous (so they think), and less connected emotionally and physically to the OLD Europe, therefore more controllable (so they think). Little do they know that islam has its own agenda.

      Point 3: See above.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure that Europe’s arrogant rulers are ignorant of Islam’s agenda. Their irrational hostility to critics like Geert Wilders makes much more sense if we suppose that the Euro Masters know only too well what Islam wants. Thus do they react feverishly when that agenda is pointed out. Petty criminals and habitual liars react in very much the same way, and I think we are all familiar with the origins of the figure of speech that “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

        Now, as you implied, the Masters believe that they can control the Muslims. To understand their delusion we need only to remind ourselves of their unchecked arrogance.

        • The Geert Wilders case after he made ‘Fitna’ is instructive, as is Swedish immigration policy, of not only the arrogance of the liberal elite but the suicidal naivety of their ignorance;

          “the late, great Dutch scholar of Islam, Hans Jansen — revealed that a judge in the case had tried in private to influence him to change his testimony.”

          Jansen believes that he was asked to testify because the court “could not imagine that the things Geert Wilders claimed were in the Koran were actually in the Koran.”

          Ingrid Carlqvist,
          “In the hopes of getting at least some honest answers, we presented ourselves as ordinary, concerned Swedes. Countless people hung up the phone, and in general, many answers pointed to an abysmal ignorance about what Islam is, what consequences the Islamization of a country might have, or how much trouble Sweden really is in. The country appears totally unprepared for what lies ahead.”

        • Allan-

          You may be correct.

          It would not surprise me if the European leaders who defend the invaders most vehemently have already secretly converted to the religion of peace.

  2. They would really have a cow if anyone brought up assimilation. Integration is very minimalist; how to ride the subway, make change, not rape kuffars at random, etc. What she is getting at is the natural superiority, and inevitability of, Mohammedanism. It is for the Dhimmi to bend and conform, it’s laughable to think it should, or will be, the other way round. On display is the confidence of a team with a 4 touchdown lead going into the second half.

  3. revjen45, your question jabs at the heart and soul of what’s going on. Why are countries letting, en masse, impoverished, sometimes diseased migrants (diseases the West wiped out 100 years ago) into all the Western countries? The very same countries with catastrophic levels of debt, and native poverty as this economy withers? If the average well read American can think to ask this question, so can the powers that be.

    I believe there is an international push by powerful families corporations, and countries, to erase the middle class. If we’re all poor, wages will be low, we will get sick more frequently, and above all else, we will spend most of our time fighting off threats in our own neighborhood, so those same powers may do whatever they like.

    We must continue to elect outsider candidates everywhere, to slow down this train wreck, otherwise the world may be in for a depression worse than any we’ve known before.

    • You have described the daily reality of latin american and some asian countries, they seem to be the model of misery they want to force upon us

    • You are right Caro K.. Elites/corporations would prefer a world as a middle age feudal territory. That’s why they need to ruin middle class. Without their economical/political independence, they become serfs.

  4. Nurture snakes in one’s bosom…
    Interesting what people work for this “Juma”, that is paid for by the German nonmuslim taxpayer (

    Fe. Ali Ipek – Who works for DITIB, the German branch of the turkish state religious ministery (only islamic of course).
    Exactly the people who are in the media these days because of espionage for Turkey.

    Or the german convert Tanja El Ghadouini – She also worked für “Muslime helfen e.V.” (Charity NGO: Muslims Help).
    Whose Director (until 2011) was another convert Ahmad von Denffer, who translated the book “The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam and Islam” a fundamentalistic guideline from the international known radical Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
    These “Muslime helfen e.V.” (via Muslim Aid) also was accused of transferring donors money to the Hamas and other Terror groups.

  5. Muslim women are often depicted as victims of a brutal ideology but they when their men are away they act like vicious hyenas, they beat their children and even other people’s children! I’ve seen this in the school of my daughters, the “musmoms” beat teachers and children with impunity, these people are evil incarnate.

    • I agree that the victimology and victimography for muslimāt needs to be stopped. Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) is a prime suspect here.

    • Many traditional Muslimas are in a dilemma.
      Quiet likely married to a man they never loved or wanted their only value as a human being is to become a mother a give birth to plenty of male children.

      Their big time comes when these sons get married themselves.
      Sexually their men allready looked somewhere different, so they have peace in that.
      And now they are the absolute masters of their daughters in law.

    • Oh yes! Muslim women are as bad as men, they are consumate shoplifters, don’t hesitate to beat other women and as you said they mistreat children with sadistic pleasure. Here in France when the police raid a muslim den, the men send their women and children to beat, scratch, spit at policemen and poke them in the eyes. I don’t feel sorry for muslim women they carry that vileness in their blood, I know this might sound to extreme but I’ve seen too many things in my life and I can’t ignore them.

      • “they are consumate shoplifters” yes they are, sometimes I think the burka wasn’t invented to protect women’s modesty but to enhace shoplifting.

    • Their men are right to bag them and beat them, make them meek and subservient. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. These women reap what they sow.

  6. I have said this before, but why would any normal person want to “integrate” with Germans or Swedes? You don’t integrate with a society that is majority-stupid, weak and cowardly, which is dominated by pitifully ignorant women, and which fundamentally hates itself. You wait, quietly push and finally dispossess it.

    • Spot on. I’ve been saying for over 3 years that when you look at what western civilisation now has to offer, it’s no wonder that many Muslims prefer their own muscular culture and religion & young native Europeans convert to Islam. It’s amazing how many secular ‘conservatives’ don’t want to hear this message.

      • This is why it is so important for the counterjihad movement to find positive counterprogramming.

        We can’t just sit here and go on about how awful the RoP is without offering a legitimate counterprogram to fill the West’s communal and spiritual void. I wish I knew what that program was.

  7. If an application form for immigration was being designed, I would think one of the first questions to ask any potential immigrant would be whether they intend to integrate with the native culture. If the answer was “no”, that should be the end of it. Application declined. No country can afford to allow in people who are not prepared to integrate, but want to live separate lives within the country. Such people bring no benefit to the host nation.

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