20 thoughts on ““Your Disgusting Misogynistic Culture is an Insult to Civilized People and a Stain on Humanity”

  1. This is one the best rants, I ever heard in my life! Well done! Is he available for Prime Minister?

    • Good rant. Too bad the EU males won’t organize to take back their countries. Cowards and docile sissies no doubt. Apathy and stupidity rules. Sorry EU low life males refuse to protect their wives, sisters and daughters.

      • Laura Ann —

        This is the last insulting comment about “EU males” that I will approve. I am sick of your dumping on European men.

        It’s like mentioning something you don’t like that was done by a Jew, or a black, or a New Yorker, and then ranting about “Jews”, “blacks”, or “New Yorkers”. It’s unjust, and it’s offensive.

        Considering the hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of men in the EU who are trying to throw off the PC/MC yoke and take back their countries, your rants about “European men” are insulting.

        And they’re especially insulting to the male Europeans I work with every day.

        Enough is enough. This one is the last of its kind. There will be no more.

        • Baron: I just assumed you condoned it, since I have done it awhile. Other similar sites allow it like P. Geller, Jihad watch and others I comment on. Every blog has their own rules. Was so frustrated in trying to motivate the men reading this site, to take action at this critical time.

          • I put up with these comments until now because they do not violate the “letter of the law” — that is, you’ve been insulting “European men”, rather than a specific fellow commenter.

            However, since many of your fellow commenters here are European men who do NOT deserve the designations you provide, it is an implied insult of all of them. I’m certain that many of them are as sick of reading such insults as I am.

            That last one was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I probably should have spoken up a lot sooner.

          • What action do you propose to those who will be prosecuted, fined, jailed, and lose the ability to support their families for making the mildest of complaints about what is being done to their communities?

            Most Europeans live in despotic “democracies” where speaking out can have long-lasting dire consequences.

            Look at what has happened to Fjordman, for just one instance. He had to flee Norway.
            Or Tommy Robinson, whose familly is frequently at risk and who has spent time in jail, lost his business, car, home, etc., for speaking out and refusing to apologize.
            Or Geert Wilders, who is persecuted relentlessly for his refusal to knuckle under.
            Or Gregorius Nekshott, the cartoonist who was shut down and endlessly harrassed by the Dutch authorities.

            Unless you yourself have spent time in jail, or paid the sacrifice of your career, or watched your family harassed and persecuted for your act of speaking out, a demand that others do so seems, at best, deeply unjust.

        • Such remarks may be insulting, but they are truthful. Europeans have been subdued like the mouse hypnotized by the cobra who is about to strike it. The very same Europeans that castigate Israel and Jews at every turn and opportunity, but who will keep quiet at any mention of islam or muslims. The same Europeans that passively accept any attack on Israel and that proactively seek its destruction by supporting BDS, by supporting labeling of Judea products, by applauding muslims at every venue and every international forum such as Unesco, the UN, the ICJ. So you shouldn’t be so upset at those critizicing European white males. They have accepted tacitly Europe’s conquest of islam without any opposition. If they were just as vocal against islam as they have been against Israel, maybe islam’s conquest wouldn’t have advanced so much.

          • As a generalization, your remarks may be fairly accurate. But they are not true of ALL Europeans, and millions of Europeans do not fit your description at all.

            If you were a Johnny-one-note the way Laura Ann was a Jenny-one-note about “European men”, I would delete your comments too after the first 20 or 30. I get tired of that stuff.

    • Pat is a star. He analyses the problems really well and confronts them with ridicule that even Paul can’t quite match. That isn’t to say that Paul isn’t a champion. But Pat has been doing it for longer, and Paul’s expertise is in video ridicule. He is top of the charts at that.

  2. I’m afraid Pat is overly optimistic by assuming there is a limit to the depravity on the parts of the invaders that would drive the passive European masses to action.

    Since the invaders are there legally, or as legally as you can be when the government literally ignores the law to bring them there, they will be able to vote. And, many of the African cultures are in fact, very political and vote vigorously.

    As with Trump, either the native population will join ranks, or they will replace themselves. Funny enough, Trump did not significantly expand on the percentage of white votes from Romney, but increased his percentage of minority votes. So, if the Europeans are going to act, they’d better do it sooner rather than later.

    • “Funny enough, Trump did not significantly expand on the percentage of white votes from Romney, but increased his percentage of minority votes. ”

      Actually rather than funny, it should be viewed as hopeful for the human condition. Many of those minorities who switched understand that their hope is in themselves in a land much freer from the one they came from — similar to the experience of most ancestors of the non-voting and brainwashed history-forgotten whites. It is quite possible that they understand that the largess stolen via taxes from the producing sector must run out eventually. They understand Natural Law better than the native population because they’ve been its victims too in addition to being the victims of the type of monsters that the West has allowed to rise to power.

      The point is this: don’t see this development of minority voters moving over more to our side as funny, but see it as an opportunity to increase our message to that community. It just might be working and they and we together might save ourselves from those who look like us but are not like us any longer.

      • I think the expression “funny enough” isn’t meant to refer to humor. It means, in this context, “unusual” or “against what we might have presumed before this”…

        …”funny, that”…doesn’t signify humor. It’s meant to convey an element of pleased surprise.

        • I’m glad that you made that distinction Dymphna. It’s even more to my point. The tyrant provides us through the news it presents that we should suspect all minorities are not with us when in fact a growing majority are. This echo’s Tocqueville’s “the despot cares not that you love him provided that you do not love each other.”

          As shown by the vote, there are a growing number that are indeed with us. It behooves us to protect those outliers and the best way to do that is to increase their numbers with information such as you provide here.

  3. Let’s hope that Hillary’s defeat, where we dodged not a bullet, but a ballistic missile, has given Europeans the courage to vote the same.

    People are talking about The End of the Left. Would that were true, but they won’t go without a very nasty fight – in which they will join forces with the violent Muslim idiots they’ve invited in.

    Perpetual War is the belief of both Islam and Marx until their cherished Muslims and Oppressed triumph by destroying Western bourgeois democracy and establishing a Dictatorship of Horror over our slaughtered bodies and institutions.

    They’ve done it before and they will do it again unless we are prepared to fight with more than votes, which they (despising democracy) dismiss as unimportant. We are heading for all out war – fighting the Left, deporting the invaders – that won’t stop them from returning unless all the West becomes an armed camp.

    The root of the problem is the corrupt Middle Eastern and Third World governments, ripping their people off by doing deals with the World Bank, IMF, oil-hungry nations, and the likes of Soros, while at the same time, having an explosion in youth population whom their primitive nations fail to educate, (except in recitation of the Koran, or other primitive mythologies)

    This is an epic battle which will take decades at the least.

  4. Wow! I’ve heard some good ones from Mr. Condell before but that has to be the best ever.
    Over here in America young men are expelled from college after allegations of rape (why aren’t they arrested then and charged by the police?) while in Europe it sounds like you can get away with rape as long as you are an enricher and claim ignorance!

  5. if the muslims are bad what are the leftist politicians that bring them to your country? keep electing people to office that want to see you conquered.

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