Italian Interior Ministry: You Must Take in Migrants — Or Else

The Italian interior ministry recently formulated a new directive concerning the housing of migrants, which was then leaked to the press. Under its provisions, the owner of a property that is standing empty or is under-utilized will be required to take in migrants in numbers assigned by the state. Anyone who objects will be speedily prosecuted and jailed. To make matters worse, property owners do not have the right to be reimbursed by the state, because the government has used up the funds allocated for the placement of migrants.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Migrants, Alfano’s Blackmail: Jail for those who resist requisitions

According to sources in the Interior Ministry, the Viminale Plan foresees enforcement agents and detention measures for those who resist requisition of their premises for migrants.

The Interior Ministry in the figure of Angelino Alfano is preparing to requisition the real estate of Italians to place migrants.

It will be done, explains Il Giornale, beginning only as of December 4 or after a consultation referendum, in order to avoid allowing protests by citizens to influence the outcome of the vote.

Because it is indeed the protests that worry Alfano. The barricades of Goro and Gorino against the requisition of a hotel in order to place fifteen refugees for days has occupied the front pages of newspapers and embarrassed the government. The secret services have already made a filing on the cities where it is possible for the citizens to organize in committees to resist the refugees.

The requisitions in fact, will go forward, and according to l’Opinione, which cites sources in the Interior Ministry, the executive would be ready to take drastic measures against those citizens who would resist the assignment of private real estate to the migrants.

Jail for those who oppose migrants

“The secret services”, writes the daily, seem to have already alerted the government about eventual violent protests on the part of Italians not disposed to having their property requisitioned. What does it mean? According to l’Opinione the plan, “given the exceptionality of the issue and the reluctance of the Italians to collaborate in the reception”, would be to send at least 2,000 policemen, carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and soldiers. Not just that: The Justice Ministry would be prepared to outright guarantee rapid trials and detention space for those who resist the Viminale Plan. In substance: jail for those who don’t agree.

It appears the requisitions would not be compensated. This is because the Interior Ministry doesn’t have the funds to pay the owners of the homes, given that the money is already committed for the reception of the migrants in the centers operated by Coop and Onlus. In addition, the owner would have to continue to pay IMU and Tasi. In theory they could resort to the courts to obtain compensation/damages, but in this case, the course of justice would be long, with an indeterminate outcome. Also according to the cited source from the Interior Ministry, Alfano’s measure would be “temporary”, but could lead to expropriation, if the property owner took measures that cause “damage to the State”. Indeed, whoever resists risks losing their house forever.

According to indiscretions on the part of Viminale employees, the requisition plan would begin at Pescara, a city that would be a sort of test case for the rest of Italy. The objective is to reduce the use of the COOP reception centers because they are more costly and less transparent in respect to the system than those of Sprar. To be affected, second homes would have to be vacant.

51 thoughts on “Italian Interior Ministry: You Must Take in Migrants — Or Else

  1. This is aimed right at the heart of the vanishing middle class.

    Notice that only secondary homes (or apartments?) in which Italians are not living full-time.

    *Goodbye, summer homes.
    *Hello strange 3rd world neighbors for the others, whose homes are near or next to these secondary homes which are sure to fill with droves of people whose living habits are somewhat more ‘rustic’.
    *The effect this will have on Italian real estate/private property is incalculable.
    *Watch the entire political class develop exemptions from this insanity. They will hang onto their summer homes and rental properties by any means necessary.
    * The level of corruption will rise geometrically.

    Strong property laws are fundamental to any functioning democracy. Italy’s move toward weakening those laws is also a move toward government-enforced lawlessness. Another nail in Europe’s coffin. Other EU members don’t have to worry…yet. It’s a very large coffin and will require many nails.

    • Come to think of it – does George Clooney live full time at his villa on Lake Como, or is it his “second” (or even tenth) home?

      This could still get very interesting – assuming that the law is applied fairly to everyone. (which of course it won’t be)

    • Exactly.

      I’m sure that the very rich & connected will have the exemption that their places are “occupied” by their household staff…

      This is completely insane. One will note that there are dictatorships where such things would be unthinkable.

      • EU a full fledged pro Islamic dictatorship, as EU citizens are now low- class “infidels” and have been for sometime. Italy is going down the path of Germany and Sweden. The Euro slackers have definitely been invaded and conquered. Soon to be forced to convert or be executed (incremental take down) upon orders of imam rulers. Land grabs no compensation under dictatorships. Are there no real men left over there? Euro women will marry Muslims eventually if not already.

    • I’d sooner burn down my house than allow that to happen, ideally with some of those animals inside.

    • Vote NOOOO to this referendo!!!

      Rise up, italians, are you going to let the italian government to do that ????

    • I wonder if all those fancy summer houses in Lake Como will be taken for rapefugees? George Clooney, Madonna, et al, you have house guests! Hey, Amal is a human rights lawyer, right? They should be first to welcome some big, burly African guys to stay!

    • I would rather burn down any property that I would be forced to give up to a bunch of [……] islamic migrants.

    • No wonder he’s bailing out. The Lake Como erea has turned into a large migrant camp ground.

      But… but…
      Isn’t this the same Clooney who once said he would leave the US if Trump was elected?
      O gosh, the poor sod. He now has no place to flee to and is forced to stay in that dispicable US.

      On the other hand we all know that Clooney and the rest of that Hollywood NYMBY trash are very good at paying lip service.

  2. It seems like Italy is little different than when it was under Mussolini, with the exception that under Mussolini, no Italians were forced to house violent aliens for free.

    I would see the end game as being the police and Italian army simply refuse to carry out the governments orders against Italian citizens. The Italians have to organize protests, but NOT start shooting at government officials or police. That would be counter-productive and quite helpful to the tyrants now in power.

    Of course, if the Italians are not willing to hold mass demonstrations, and if the majority of the population doesn’t stir itself enough to care, then little can be done but for the productive people to try to immigrate, and leave the country to the third-world masses. Most Italians probably don’t own a second home, so the decree falls mainly on the upper-middle class.

    • “Shooting the Gummint expropriators”………………………………..counter-productive??

      Let’s see, no compensation to the home owner (Gummint has blown all its own money, and has none for the homeowner) yet he still has to pay all the appropriate TAXES, power, maintenance, etc.

      Right. Shooting is waaay to good for them. Breaking on the wheel, then drawing & quartering (with wild horses as a nice touch). Anything with a nice Medieval Italian flavor would be fine.

      • A simple application of the Ceausescu Protocol would do nicely. So many petty tyrants, so little time…

        • I agree. We can, and often do criticize those Romanians, but they sure knew what to do with the Ceausescus, and it was done promptly, despite the fact the distaff Ceausescu was still in full ‘order giving mode!’
          Loved it!

      • I’m afraid you’re missing my point. If you start shooting at the army and the police, they will view you as an enemy. And they will be able to beat you. If you protest massively, they will likely not be willing to obey government orders to shoot you, and that will bring a real revolution.

        • What I’ve been saying for years; only with REAL crowds in the streets will anything be accomplished

          I don’t see any sign of that happening. Result? islamic Eurabia.

  3. Maybe the Italians need a third amendment. While it is rarely referred to today, it prohibits “quartering” of soldiers.

  4. They are exterminating us. It would be so simple to tow these barbarians back to the coast of Libya, 100% of them, to the last one. Once the incentive is gone, the arrivals reach 0. This is not the intention. The intention appears to be the extermination of evil White men. Merkel, Fillon, Alfano. They are saying whatever they have to say, and doing whatever they have to do to exterminate us. Fillon in France is so much in favor of Muslim occupation of France, now he poses to the right of Marine le Pen.

      • Federica Mogherini INSTRUCTED “Search and Rescue”, as also did the tainted Peter Sutherland (Paid Migration Promoter) of UN, and Ban Ki Moon.
        This is complicity with people-traffickers in the Assisted Invasion.

        Mogherini is EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

        Security Policy?

        This is yet another Alice-in-Wonderland product of the EU.

  5. Just before the big Referendum, and possibly Italy’s very own Brexit/Trump moment, on December 4… perfect timing!!

    Given that Italians are not known to be good little brainwashed sheep, but like to make a fuss, and have their arms up in the air given any excuse… is this Renzi’s little goodbye present to the Italian people? And could it also be part of his campaign for a top job at the EU?

  6. How ironic that the Itallian government, who could not pacify the Abyssinians a generation ago, will now force same africans upon their own citizens, and try to compel them to take in the invaders. One would hope they meet with the same resistance and come to the same end as befell Mussolini and his henchmen.

      • Bond is the epitome of the best parts of western culture and style. All the while battling communists, evil elite criminal networks, totalitarians, etc. The most current movie has him taking down a villain modeled after Soros, along with the surveillance state to boot…

        The screenwriters have somehow managed to slip anti-authoritarian and anti-elite messages pass the censors and into the newest batch of Bond films and passed it off as entertainment…

        I love it!

  7. Every citizen in Europe will eventually face this. It is happening in Sweden, Germany and UK. In Germany and Sweden they are dispossessing families from their own still occupied “First” homes. I predicted this years ago and was mocked. In UK they are dispossessing sitting life tenants from local authority housing and forcing them out. Old people are even being “encouraged” to give up their ancestral homes by Government seeking to make out they are selfish because they occupy many bedroomed houses- private homes. How do I know? My own father was “encouraged” after my mother’s death. The local authority would “Look after him”….

    This was my family home- I am also an only child. Yet the state sought to take it as an act of “kindness”. It happened to an elderly pal of mine who found his bank accounts taken over as a “vulnerable person”. When we finally retrieved it, half his savings had gone in “Admin fees”. Another friend not much older than I am, was also facing an attempt to declare him “vulnerable” and had his bank accounts frozen- to “protect” him. He is now penniless and homeless.

    This whole EU Project is a rerun of the Left’s revolution.

    I owned and Engineering company in Petrochemical industry for years. I faced continual harassment from “Unions” because I made a profit from such ownership. In the end they destroyed my business by “blacking” my firm. Until recently I also ran a “Living History” group away from the Church. That has now closed because it could not cope with Health and Safety regulations but also bureaucrats.

    This is the Left all over and we never seem to learn. Read this warning by the great writer Dennis Wheatley.
    The Letter To Posterity – Dennis Wheatley

  8. In the late 40’s Czechoslovaks expelled some 3 millon Germans out of the Czechoslovak borderlands, and the wealthy border towns and villages became populated by many – you could say “second worlders” running away from Soviet Russia + hundreds of thousands of oportunistic Czechoslovaks who saw it as an easy way to nice equipped farms and mills and smithshops and so on.

    The historic lesson is: The previously rich border region became very poor in a matter of few years. Many violent crimes happened. Many of the big old farms are still standing, for 70 years – occupied, but untouched for all these years. Many of the pre-war roofs are still up, but overall – the old buildings in the region were devastaded by time more than anything else. I think its because the ownership links have been torn, and the newcomers didn’t really feel obliged to take care of all the buildings.

    70 years on, things are getting better. Anyway – if you disposess owners and give their houses to the poor – you can expect very poor property maintenance for decades to come.

  9. Google ‘Luigi Fogli youtube’ to see the vid that went viral a couple of weeks ago. This eighty year old hotel proprietor was forced by police, under emotional protest, to accept two van loads of migrants into his hotel. The old man subsequently collapsed and had to go to hospital. This hotel hadn’t been barricaded. Snr Fogli had been offered money – a mere 7 euros per night its been reported, so he turned the offer down. He got his ‘guests’ anyway.

  10. “The Interior Ministry in the figure of Angelino Alfano is preparing to requisition the real estate of Italians to place migrants.”

    They are barking mad. That’s going to be real popular with Italians. Political suicide springs to mind.

    • Unfortunately the Interior Minister is an unelected official, so what he does has no consequences politically. He can still be appointed against the protestations of the masses.

  11. Is Europe entering the Confiscation Stage? Ultimately this is outright theft of personal property if the government has no money to compensate the owner – because if these migrants ever hand it back it won’t be worth anything. From what I’ve seen, they do have plenty to pay these third world economic opportunists their monthly stipend for food and fashion clothing. I have relatives in the Veneto who still believe none of this will happen, that Europe will never be a police state, that the migrant problems will simply melt away. Yet the tip-toe towards totalitarianism has been on a steady course for decades. If what Il Giornale says actually happens then the velvet glove concealing the iron hand beneath it is slipping.

  12. A government that does this deserves violent overthrow. And a people that passively allows its government to take over its homes and give them to foreigners deserves all it gets. I thought this would happen first in Sweden. I am amazed that it is the homeland of the mafia that is allowing itself to be humiliated, threatened and dispossessed by its own government.

    • People with have nothing left to lose will finally fight back. Do Italians have guns? I hope so because this is war.

      On a mundane level, what about all those timeshares that were so fashionable a few years ago or the holiday villas in Sardinia, home of Bunga Bunga? Will they be seized for migrants? And the owners forced to continue paying the mortgage and service charges? Is the plan to put Italians in prison and migrants into their homes? It is insanity.

  13. I kid you not, I would rather burn my place down that meekly hand it over to these freeloading dross.

  14. They are NOT ‘refugees’.
    They are NOT ‘migrants’.
    They are NOT ‘immigrants’.
    They are NOT ‘asylum seekers’.
    They are NOT ‘citizens’; nor will they ever be citizens of any country, except of the subhuman, murderous, political filth & ideological sewage called islam.
    And islam is NOT a ‘religion’. It is a total political-social system, intended and designed for the conquest, destruction and death of anything which opposes it.
    The enemy is the subhuman filth, called islam. It is incompatible with Western Civilization.
    They are carrying diseases we eradicated decades ago, and re-spreading them throughout the Western World’s Civilizations.
    The islamists will not assimilate, and are coming to take over your country, your way of life, and kill us all.
    The flood of islamic rapists, mutilators, molesters and murderers is just beginning.
    It will get many times worse this year, even after Merkel & [Obama] are gone from office, and are back in hell where they belong.
    The murderous islamic caliphate, and its subhuman, lowlife tribal moslem filth, are on the move, worldwide.
    The murderous filth of islam – moslems – are the real problem, not ‘gun control’ and ‘climate change’.
    Wake-up Europe and America!

  15. Wealthy Italians have been leaving for the US for some time. Here in my little SoCal town, a group opened a Gelato shop and then started an H1B visa train – last count there are 7 Italians scooping ice cream.

    • Are you kidding? This current pope is bending over for the muzzes.

      But yes! A new Crusade is necessary.

  16. I also would burn my house, declare bankruptcy, pay the mafia for protection, do anything because this goes against every cell in my body.

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