Bulgaria: Migrants at the Harmanli Camp “Advancing to Kill”

We’ve reported several times on the migrant shelter in the Bulgarian town of Harmanli. See the list at the bottom of this post for previous news reports on Harmanli, where local residents are quite upset about all the cultural enrichment that has been foisted upon them against their will.

This latest video shows the extent to which the rioting and unrest have been ramped up. It’s fortunate that no one has been killed yet, despite the best efforts of the “refugees”.

Many thanks to Tanya T for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Nikolay Vasilkovski is in front of the police station,
00:03   where some of the detained migrants have been brought.
00:06   What can you tell us, Niki?
00:12   Let’s first say that the policemen here, who were at the refugee center, went through
00:16   quite tough hours during the last day and night.
00:21   They did what was expected of them — they didn’t let a large group of aggressive men to go
00:26   out of the camp and put in danger the people living nearby.
00:32   As was previously reported, 24 policemen were injured. Let us hear their stories:
00:45   At the most tense moment, Ivaylo and his colleagues were at the front line against the migrants.
00:50   They saw the anger in their eyes as no one else has, and withstood the blows of the stones.
00:55   We have been security guards at soccer matches, but something like this
00:59   has never happened to us in our twelve years of experience.
01:02   These people, in my opinion, were ready… were advancing to kill.
01:05   When you face the uncontrollable mob, fear almost disappears.
01:10   What remains is the instinct of self-preservation and the assigned mission.
01:13   Our only tactics, as far as we could be said to have had any, was to hold them back and to survive.
01:19   I was protecting my head with the shield, and at the next moment, the other stone hit my leg.
01:24   According to Ivaylo the refugees weren’t acting spontaneously but in an organized manner.
01:28   They had tactics, they had preparation.
01:31   If they had left the camp, perhaps… it would have been scary.
01:34   Dr Vesselin Yotov: In view of the attack that they were subjected to, they got off lightly.
01:40   The policemen denied the accusation that they had beaten people in the camp indiscriminately.
01:44   No one was beaten in the quarters. They were fighting against each other.
01:47   The doctors say that the migrants have light injuries.

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9 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Migrants at the Harmanli Camp “Advancing to Kill”

  1. Once Turkey opens the floodgates then the number of migrants (I mean muslim soldiers) increases 50-100 times. Then there is only 2 choices: let them come and capitulate or live ammo and weapons tight order.

    • What does Turkey have to do with anything really? The land border with Europe could be blocked. Coastal patrol craft could pick up people in boats and take them back to the Turkish coast having first seized the boats.
      That is how simple it is. Blaming Turkey for not stopping these invaders is like blaming your neighbours for your house being robbed because you didn’t lock the door.

      • I am not blaming Turkey, just pointing to the reality. EU decided not to defend Europe, rather they paid billions of euro to Turkey to hold back migrants. As they not fulfilled Turkey blackmail toward visa free entry and EU membership, Turkey threatening to open the floodgates for month now. This is reality and the facts in a short story…

  2. Short solution to the Bulgarian problem, and, knowing Bulgaria, it could well happen.
    Firstly close the camp, force march the occupants to the Turkish border and help them across with fixed bayonets.

  3. This EUropean stupidity is simply overwhelming.
    ……AND after all their suffering in the last century, as well as those before……….

    The mind just boggles at it all.
    At least mine does.

  4. “They had tactics, they had preparation”

    No surprise. Many of them have combat experience and they have a 1400 yr old warlord manual to guide them. Within the camps there is a military hierarchy understood by them and unsuspected by us. They use our own technology to organise command & control.

  5. I have a solution to unwanted migrants.

    Build two large, spartan camps. Send men and teenage boys to one camp. Send women and young children to another. Basic food and water, somewhat better in quality than centuries of European prisoners subsisted on, would be provided gratis. Clothing too- I favor pin striped suits (maybe Germany still has a supply?). Medical care? Roughly in line with what was available to the “average person” in the USA 75 years ago. Money could be earned making clothes at piecemeal rates with compensation comparable to what’s available in Bangladesh today.

    Don’t like it? You are free to leave (assuming no criminal charges pending) for any destination that will accept you. Sorry, but it just didn’t work out allowing people of your background to stay.

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