Asylum Seekers in Harmanli: Attempted Rape and Home Invasion

We’ve reported three times previously (see report #1 report #2, report #3) on the center for asylum seekers in Harmanli, a small town in Bulgaria. Relations between the locals and the “refugees” have been uneasy at best. Below is the latest installment in the saga of Harmanli and the culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to Tanya T. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


01:36   There was such a case recently… —Yes, there was…
01:40   A person from Harmanli.
01:43   It’s true some say she was a prostitute, but…
01:47   20-30 men attacked her nearby, close to the bridge,
01:51   started dragging her, and what saved her was that people from the neighborhood saw her,
01:58   and saved her before the police came. —At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, is that right?
02:03   Another case from yesterday: An Afghan (newcomer — used ironically, also means space alien)
02:08   enters a private home.
02:12   The inhabitants of the home , the man and the woman go into panic mode;
02:16   they just can’t grasp what’s going on.
02:19   The guy takes off his clothes most calmly, takes the man’s clothes from a hanger and puts them on
02:24   puts on his shoes, and there’s an apple nearby; he takes the apple and …
02:28   He felt at home. Yes, in other words, he felt at home.
02:32   Ok, thank you very much for this. We continue onwards.

4 thoughts on “Asylum Seekers in Harmanli: Attempted Rape and Home Invasion

  1. ” and there’s an apple nearby; he takes the apple and …”

    Was it a fruit or a phone?

      • Many home invasions soon in occupied Muslim countries in the EU. Invaders will force out owners while several families move in. Law will allow it and “infidels” will be sleeping under bushes and bridges because they didn’t stand up and act before it became too late to stop the invasion.

  2. This is a really, really good argument for the second amendment. In most US states, the intruder would likely be shot.

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