Václav Klaus: “This is a Revolutionary Turning Point”

During a visit to Austria, former Czech President Václav Klaus was interviewed for the regional weekly Wochenblick about the current “refugee” crisis and the political machinations surrounding it.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   What does former Czech President Vaclav Klaus say about today’s political situation?
00:05   In Europe today we have 23 million
00:10   unemployed, it’s almost 10% of all
00:15   labor. So this is enough. We don’t need
00:20   more labor. So we don’t need those migrants
00:25   as labor. We have to work ourselves. This is absolutely
00:30   important. And I also don’t accept the argument that we’re too old, that we have no children.
00:40   I can’t accept it. It’s certainly clear
00:45   that we all know those demographic developments.
00:50   Nevertheless, there were NEVER as many people in Europe
00:54   as there are today. And a hundred years ago
01:00   there were 100 million fewer inhabitants in Europe, and still Europe
01:05   was alive and it was living well. So this is also no motivation.
01:10   The motivation is a false ideology, that is, the
01:15   ideology of multiculturalism. It’s the ideology
01:20   that the more diversity, variety
01:25   we have in a human community, the better.
01:30   We should never ever accept that.
01:35   We the Czechs, you Austrians. Expect no
01:40   direct changes. This is totally false: people ask
01:45   me very often what will Trump do tomorrow,
01:50   even with the Czech Republic? I say: absolutely nothing.
01:55   People shouldn’t expect such
01:58   direct and short-term results.
02:05   Trump reacted, and his victory demonstrated
02:10   a change in America. This is totally important. People in America
02:15   said: Stop, enough of that
02:20   political establishment! We want
02:26   to do it differently. And this is a revolutionary turning point,
02:31   but such a revolutionary turn can bring only
02:36   long-term, or hopefully mid-term
02:41   changes.

7 thoughts on “Václav Klaus: “This is a Revolutionary Turning Point”

  1. The idea that ” diversity is commendable ” is the False Flag being waved by a collection of Elite Multigenerational psychopathic families in order for them to destroy the … Nations….Languages…and Cultures which foster human happiness. These evil people know that a vital and prosperous family.. clan…and nation will resist their genicidal { eugenic } activities . Forcing a primitive fourteen hundred year scourge of humanity into western european nations will atomize the very essence of these civilizations. The stooges such as Hollande and { ugh } Merkel go along with these activities because of their lack of soul and humanity. Pray for the good health of Le Pen…Orban…Trump as well as Putin and other members of the Visigrad four . In due time the European nations will return to their essential { for survival } Judaeo Christian roots.

    • Hear the tainted Peter Sutherland of UN let the cat out of the bag:

      “We … ourselves [the British], who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others … . And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

      Hold it right there, Mr S., WE do, indeed, have a sense of our difference from others and we are proud of it. We do not “nurse” it: we announce it and we are ready to defend it. Thanks a lot, Mr Paid Migration-Promoter, WE do not want this sense to be undermined at your behest and in compliance with your one-world-order-lucrative-for-the-elites agenda.


    • I hope you are right. Even as an atheist, I accept that many of our society’s values came from “Judaeo Christian roots” but also Greek and Roman civilizations.
      Our real problem has been the wilful refusal of our leaders and liberal multi-culti idealists to see and acknowledge the enemy, even as that enemy declares itself one! I speak of ISLAM which rather is Mohammedanism, in truth- not religion but death cult.

  2. Actually, to be more accurate, not directly from “Judaeo Christian roots” but from the Protestant Reformation. Before this, Christianity/Catholicism committed many of the evils done by Islam today. There is no need to list these, is there?

  3. We in the West accept that all people share a common humanity and have individual rights before the law. But what is a common humanity? It is a shared EMOTIONAL nature. We all laugh and cry and have biological urges. But, due to our different histories, we do not THINK the same way. Due to our different abilities we do not ACHIEVE in the same way.

    Therefore, the goal of equality can only refer to equality before the law, not an imposed equality which must bring everyone down to the same level, thus destroying the organic community.

    It is true that communities are well served by fresh blood and new ideas – but not via an avalanche which threatens their very existence. Those coming in must by small in number and adapt and accept the basic values of the community, or they will be grenades, blowing the community to smithereens.

  4. I hope that Klaus is wrong about direct and short-term results because the axis of evil is not slowing down, quite the opposite, they are ramping up to present us with a fait accompli before we get organised, or even elected.

  5. Ever notice that Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Japan, Zimbabwe, Congo and India (and 100 more) are not exactly on the Multi-Culti bandwagon of importing 3rd world idiots into THEIR countries.

    Wonder why?

    Please enlighten me.

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