The Perils of Demonstrating Against Hizb ut-Tahrir in Copenhagen

Tania Groth is the leader of the Danish anti-Islamization group For Frihet (For Freedom), which is also the Danish chapter of PEGIDA. As we reported last week, she recently received an implicit threat from Danish leftists, who spray-painted “We know where you live” on her front door.

Last Sunday the pro-Caliphate activists of Hizb ut-Tahrir held a demonstration in Copenhagen. When the volunteers of For Freedom gathered in the same part of town to stage a counter-demonstration, they were pelted with eggs, glass, and rocks, but the thugs who launched the missiles were “anti-fascists” rather than Muslims.

Fortunately, the police were on hand to prevent any serious damage to the For Frihet people. In the video below Tania Groth tells her story to Vlad Tepes in a skype interview:

Below are some photos of the day’s events. The first one shows a culture-enricher proudly displaying al-raya, the black flag of jihad:

Two more street scenes, with lots of police:

3 thoughts on “The Perils of Demonstrating Against Hizb ut-Tahrir in Copenhagen

  1. There is basically no difference between Fascism, Socialism and Islam, all those ideologies seek world dominance. However, within each group there are degrees of how bad they are! Nazism is Fascism on its extreme and so are Stalinism and Maoism in the Communist side of the equation. Islam is too hot topic, so I would refrain from setting the equivalent of the above.
    Had the Fascists not fallen to Hitler and despite all the bad rap that they get, they might have played a somewhat less than negative roll. They’d provided a focal point and counter balance to the Socialists and Communists throughout the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties.
    Learning from the past mistakes, such a counter balance and focal point is needed today, but a democratic one, without the negative parts of the past. Nationalism without racism and without the urge to gain world dominance. Nationalism that may have Europe (and even the UN) as a week true confederation without any strong center that could dictate, without rules that must be obeyed, etc.
    OTH, such nationalism would guard the character of the nation state and would not allow any massive migration and any imposition of the migrant’s’ laws and behavior on the nation state.
    The problem is that the West allowed the Arabs to gain extreme wealth via their oil. And with wealth comes influence. It is pretty clear why the Republican establishment went against trump, because he was against the Muslims and Arabs invasion. And the establishment is influenced.
    Well, how could we establish such new focal point that would counterbalance that money power?

  2. It seems the Danish “anti-fascists” are equally in favour of Hizb ut-Tharir like the German NPD (Nazi-Party).

    Who is in very friendly terms with these radical Muslims.

  3. “There is basically no difference between Fascism, Socialism and Islam”. What bollocks. Fascism is a political. Socialism is an economic. Islam is a religious. The important thing is whether a structure/system which claims to implement/represent a certain philosophy is democratic or not, encroaches/suppresses freedoms or not, is autocratic or not.

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