Vote Until Your Fingers Bleed

Don’t forget to vote early and vote often!

WARNING: If you touch the wrong box on the screen, you’ll get an electric shock. Just remember to vote for the candidates the TV told you to, and you’ll be fine.

From the Baron: We just came back from voting. The volunteers at the registration table (people we know) told us that turnout has been heavy.

But here’s the strange part: after we’d shown our ID, and got the little cards, and waited in line, they handed each of us a ballot paper, the (relatively) old-fashioned kind where you have to fill in the little ovals with a black pen. They kept the touch-screen machines in place so people could use the privacy barriers. But the screens were turned off, and we had to mark the ballot using the glass surface as our table.

After that we stood in another line for the ballot scanner, which sucked in our ballots and scanned them. The man monitoring the machine (also someone we know) told us that our votes had already been counted. He gave us our little “I VOTED” stickers, and we left.

Our district has a paper trail that can be recounted.


Those voting machines were a major, expensive upgrade, and we’ve only had them for a few years. We used them in the primary last spring. I asked one of the people why they changed over, and she said she didn’t know.

I wonder if there were enough Trump supporters on the Board of Supervisors to force the county to sideline the machines? I’ve read that some counties in Texas have done that, but I had no idea that the same thing was happening here in Virginia. It gives me hope for the Old Dominion.

Mind you, I imagine they’re still using the machines up there in Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and other fusty locales in the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy.

From Dymphna:

We Came, We Voted, and now…We Wait. (a paraphrase of Hillary’s brutal statement about Ghaddaffi, here):

When you add in Alaska and Hawaii, America covers seven time zones. Oh, and Arizona has its own time zone.

In other words, the counting will take a looong time.

However, given the relatively small number of electoral college votes spread between the two non-continental states, we’ll know the vote by midnight, Pacific Time. That’s 3:00 AM back here in the Eastern time zone. To complicate things further, there are several “swing states” whose outcomes often parallel the outcome of the whole megillah. One is Ohio, and another is Florida. In the Bush vs. Gore election, the Supreme Court had to decide who was the winner. They came out in favor of Bush, much to the disgust of the Democrats.

This is a pivotal election. No matter who wins, the Aftermath will be full of sound and fury, signifying our political and economic future for at least the next decade.

If Hillary takes it then we will be the New Europe, socialist and on a downward trajectory, but the consequences for our national debt will be staved off for a bit longer.

If Trump takes it, who knows? Our financial house is so jury-rigged that the Powers That Be, who have kept the whole thing afloat for Obama, may well decide to bring the whole edifice down around Trump.

May the better man win.

25 thoughts on “Vote Until Your Fingers Bleed

  1. Scantron-type ballots that are automatically counted, keeping the paper for a possible manual recount is also how provincial elections work in New Brunswick, Canada.

    It seems to me that it’s the best of both worlds: rapid and easy electronic results, with the possibility of a recount based on the original data. I see no reason why this, or variants thereof, shouldn’t be the norm.

    Similar ideas would include an electronic system that prints out a paper ballot with the choices made, but keeps an electronic count as well. The paper ballot would be the official one, in case there’s a dispute.

    The other concern with all of these things is keeping voting truly anonymous.

    • Is voting really anonymous? If you are a registered voter, your party affiliation is known to anyone who wants to know. When you present yourself to the poll worker, they see information about you, including your party affiliation, and ask you to verify all of it before voting. So the poll workers know which party you will most likely vote for. Anonymous voting is a myth.

      • This is an American feature.

        In Canadian federal elections, ballots have a “receipt” and poll worker signature to prevent ballot box stuffing, but this is detached before being put into the box.

        I suppose that one could painstakingly match the fine wood fibres in the paper between the “receipt” and the actual ballot in order to figure out how a particular person voted, but this would be *immensely* painful and impractical to do on a grand scale. Thus, for all practical purposes, this type of balloting is anonymous.

        Some places, AFAIK, the UK and Singapore, have serial numbers on ballots, supposedly to be used in case there are problems later. In that case, figuring out who voted how would be easy on a grand scale.

        Israeli elections have the crudest system: in my understanding, a paper card with the party that you’re voting for, to be inserted into an envelope and then the ballot box. There is a tray of all cards in the polling station. Short of taking fingerprints from the cards, that pretty much is as anonymous as it gets. I suppose that one could wear gloves to avoid even that.

  2. I remember in the good ol’ communism voting was mandatory. The police showed up at your place, if you didn’t at the voting booth. Of course then you got your voting paper and the X was already printed beside the correct candidate. Then you put your paper into the box and then you could go back whatever a heck you come from for the next four years. Nothing surprised a comrade citizen at that world. I was not surprised. The only thing I would have never expected is to see it in the Western world.

      • Yes but a little difference: they do not (I hope) preselect (pre-print) the candidate for you.

          • Not entirely Dymphna,

            the two main parties are almost carbon copies of one another. At the last election the main parties got the shock of their lives when the count came in and a huge vote for ultra conservatives was cast. Not that this will matter now but hopefully the movement will grow at the next election. When we vote our names are crossed off at the polling booth on the official electoral roll. The rolls are collected after the election and then put through scrutineering which then tallies the number of people who voted multiple times. These people then get an official letter from the Electoral Commission asking for an explanation. An unsatisfactory answer results in a fine and/or lengthy gaol term in one of Her Majesty’s establishments.

  3. First irregularity the subject of a lawsuit …. in Nevada …. and the fat lady hasn’t even sung yet!

  4. Similar technology up here in the Western Province of the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Happily. But instead of dots it’s little lines on a very high quality grade of paper. I put it in the reader and voila, I was the 108th person to vote at that station.

    • One of the great things about the USA is locally-organised national elections. This prevents cheating on a truly massive grand scale.

    • Correlate “108th person to vote” with “108th person to show ID” . . . and anonymity is shot to hades.

    • In the peoples republic of Minnesota, I filled out the dots and submitted my ballot, then asked the monitors if that was a paper shredder I was putting my ballot into.

  5. Baron and Dymphna, my experience was the same in another Central region of the Old Dominion. Brought a smile to my face as I thought, ‘Take that you Hildabeast, You Spawn of Satan, You creature of the most Vile loins….” Well, or something similar to that anyway. Remember, there is always Hope… just keep an eye out for the Left uppercut that usually follows…

  6. “Arizona has its own time zone.”
    The linked-to webpage does not say so, nor does , which says that Arizona does not follow Daylight Saving Time (although the Navajo Nation does).

    “the two non-continental states”
    Okay, I give up on your geography quiz. The state of Hawaii is non-continental, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are non-continental but not a state. All the other states are on a continent, the same North American continent that Guatemala is part of (see ). So what is the other non-continental U.S. state?

    • Although attached to the North American continent, Alaska is not considered part of CONUS (continental United States). Technically I suppose Alaska would be considered part of the continental US – but it isn’t. When trying to figure out postage and other matters it’s best to understand this.

  7. Actually, in the Bush vs. Gore election, the Supreme Court had to decide when Florida could finally stop looking for new votes for the democrat and stop recounting.

  8. I voted today and I am glad Arizona has voter ID laws. They closed a lot of polling places, so I had to vote at the town high school. Sadly I had to use the George Soros owned autovote, which I don’t trust. I guess there is no way to find out if your vote was changed or is there? I of course voted for Trump/Pence but I refused to vote for that RINO McCain. It took almost an hour to vote but I ran into a number of people I know, small town. Unlike when I voted for Bush I really did not believe that voting for Trump was the lesser of two evils. If she win I know it will be by fraud.

  9. When the shock for pressing the wrong key made me think of the election as a form of Milgram experiment.

  10. It is a well known fact that machine voting can be manipulated and any desired effect achieved while the paper ballot leaves trail that is lot more difficult to manipulate. I am from UK and so far we have always used paper ballot, hence they could not steal pro Brexit vote. However, if I heard it right, I believe that in USA you could demand paper ballot even where machines are used. Alas, it is probably too late by now as lot of your Trump votes have most likely already been nicked (half-inched, pinched – stolen).
    Hillary win = welcome to hell.

  11. We have a similar voting process here in upstate NY, paper which is fed into a reader…but there is no confirmation the reader interprets the paper as selected. I read a comment over at TheConservativeTreehouse which provided an image of a receipt they received after voting which confirmed their selections for tabulation. I wish our ballot reader also provided a receipt to ease my mind. Sigh

    As for the Supreme Court deciding the Bush/Gore election . . .here is a video (link is cued up for the quote) which mentions that event – in relation to the WikiLeaks ‘wet works’ email and suspicions about Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s demise:

    Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux @ 9:29

    “Someone, named Mr. Podesta was in emails to top democratic operatives.
    This was in, I don’t know, 2012?
    It said, “there’s going to be some ‘wet work’ done in the next few days” and like “oh my god, you made a decision?” and they said yes. “We’re going to launch ‘operation batton down the hatches’ and it’s going to get rough.”
    Those are terms they used. And then the Supreme Court Justice who, the last time, defeated them in 2000…when I say Bush is good, then you know what happened. Now it’s going to be a 4/4 split – they would have had Scalia to put Trump in – so Scalia sleeps with the fishes.
    Then the Washington Post, the same publication, less than a month later, oh’ . . . he was in a secret society when he died and there was a pillow on his face…bye bye. I mean they just throw it in our face.

  12. “Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!” One way or another, things are about to get very frosty. May St. Michael the Archangel guide us all. And by the way, where is Jan III Sobieski when we need him the most? Probably in the same place Holger Danske is sleeping, eh? In my spare bedroom! Yes, that was a bit cheeky but what the hell?

  13. I voted NOT FOR HILLARY. That is all I have to say in my deep blue state of NY. I don’t want my car keyed or my home vandalized…

  14. In my little village in Western Loudoun County Virginia, they have the same vote counting machines you have there, Baron. Unfortunately, my county (as well as the state) went for Clinton. However, I am glad there was a paper record of my ballot just in case Virginia was needed for Trump. I think our “esteemed” Governor did his best to secure the state for Hillary by granting voting rights to over 60 thousand convicted felons within months of the election. Without all the fraud and dirty tricks, Trump may have won Virginia.

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