The Disturbing Reality of Morocco

The following video from German TV attempts to examine the ugly underside of Moroccan culture without deviating from the politically correct narrative. The Europeanized Moroccans interviewed for this clip make sure they give the German media people exactly what they want — i.e., that religion has nothing to do with the nasty things that Moroccan men do to women.

However, if you pay close attention to the words of some of the people interviewed, you can hear the Islamo-cultural truth that lies just below the PC veneer.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Somewhere in Rabat on a roof terrace,
0:04   the rapper ‘Blackwing’ (?) sings about the narrow-minded
0:07   repression of Morocco.
0:16   A rap about the attitude towards life of young people.
0:20   How does one talk to them about topics
0:23   such as sex, hitting on women, violence, Cologne’s Silvester night?
0:27   It only works with middlemen.
0:30   For instance this rapper, and the youth group “Amikal”
0:33   with whom we walk through a slum area.
0:36   The activist Mehti al-Taibi (?) asks us about Cologne,
0:39   and if the incidents there were typical.
0:47   Our life here is completely regulated,
0:50   through our culture, and our religion.
0:53   I can imagine that the youths in Cologne felt like they were free,
0:56   but then they somehow lost control,
0:59   and so they stepped over boundaries.
1:05   In order to change our mentality a lot of time is needed.
1:08   This is a downright cultural struggle.
1:11   A struggle like this takes generations.
1:15   A few streets over, Mehti takes us to a youth club,
1:18   where things are openly liberal.
1:24   Kickboxing, men and women are training together;
1:27   in this club this is a normal and natural situation.
1:34   Morocco is both, it’s modern and it’s medieval.
1:39   This is especially shown later during the discussion,
1:43   which Mehti organized in an adjoining club room.
1:47   That sexual harassment is part of their daily life
1:50   is confirmed to us by these young people,
1:53   while they emphasize that Islam forbids exactly that.
1:56   But why does it still happen? we ask.
2:00   Sometimes it’s the woman’s fault,
2:03   when she provokes with the way she’s dressed, her body.
2:06   If women want to have freedom, they have to pay a price for it.
2:15   The things that happened in Cologne happen in a similar manner here,
2:19   but it doesn’t get so hysterically blown up by the media.
2:24   A documentary movie shows a deeper insight
2:28   into an archaic society.
2:31   The documentary is called “Break the Silence”.
2:36   Without judgment, the movie shows
2:39   the typical attitudes openly and bluntly.
2:44   I am sorry, but when a woman follows a man home alone,
2:47   what was she expecting?
2:52   Our society is without mercy.
2:55   When people see a girl and a boy together on the street
2:58   they will say ‘what a disgrace’, they will scold you
3:01   and accuse you of things that you never did.
3:08   When a girl gets raped,
3:11   then she can either become a prostitute,
3:14   or she marries the man,
3:17   and then she can satisfy all of his needs.
3:22   The film asks, why are we so cruel?
3:28   The filmmaker Hint Benzari (?) fearlessly asked for opinions,
3:32   and has determined that a lot of her opinions weren’t correct;
3:37   for instance that the bearded men were
3:41   the most conservative of them all.
3:44   The movie asks one central question: why does Morocco’s society
3:47   present itself as so cruel when it’s about relationships
3:50   between men and women, innocence and honor.
3:56   I believe that poverty is to blame, economic pressure.
4:00   People lose their empathy, and that’s what the film captures,
4:04   that the daily struggle for survival destroys our bonds.
4:08   We have no pity and people are left on the streets.
4:21   In Morocco there is no love. Maybe in words,
4:24   but not real love. We don’t know what that is.
4:30   The equality of women and men was established
4:33   in Morocco’s Constitution,
4:37   but nevertheless there are rapes, polygamy,
4:40   marriages to children and minors.
4:43   Nobody said to me in interviews
4:46   that we are acting this way because of our religion,
4:49   or because that’s what it says in the Koran. Nobody.
4:52   I believe that it is the fear of social stigma,
4:55   the desire to look good, to be in good standing,
4:58   especially in front of the neighbors.
5:03   Activists such as Mehti al-Taibi fight against
5:06   this stigmatization, against the social control.
5:09   Even so, in Morocco’s city districts, people are bigoted.
5:12   Everybody watches everyone.
5:16   It is this density and narrow-mindedness which pushes
5:19   many youths away into foreign countries,
5:22   in the search for work and freedom.
5:25   Most of the people Mehti talks to have already tried
5:28   at least once to get to Europe,
5:32   by way of Spain, and by the latest, the Balkan route.
5:38   Generally in Europe, they respect you as a human being.
5:42   This kind of humaneness does not exist here,
5:45   and that’s why I want to move away from here.
5:50   Europe stands for more possibilities
5:53   in terms of work, in terms of money,
5:56   but especially and most of all,
5:59   what concerns your rights as a human being.
6:03   Whoever wants to speak his opinion freely
6:06   receives teargas, the rapper sings at the end.
6:14   Morocco: it is a country with an oriental backdrop,
6:18   but with a disturbing reality.

18 thoughts on “The Disturbing Reality of Morocco

  1. “I believe that poverty is to blame, economic pressure.”

    Then we should see the exact same attitudes in the favelas of Brazil, or the slums of India? Except that, for some strange reason, we don’t…

    “In order to change our mentality a lot of time is needed. This is a downright cultural struggle. A struggle like this takes generations.”

    What we are seeing is Moroccans admitting unacceptable attitudes towards women, which are ingrained in their culture. If they’re “struggling” to change that, then fair enough… but why should Europe suffer because Morocco has such a mentality?

    The main responsibility of Europe’s politicians is to protect its citizens, and ensure their security… this is the main task of ANY government. What we see here are Moroccans admitting some deepy unacceptable behaviour, that stems from their culture. So, with all certainty, we can determine a mathematical relationship – more Moroccans in Europe = more rape, Taharrush and harassment of women. Disproportionately so… and the same goes for any country with a similar culture to Morocco.

    So surely European governments, in order to ensure the safety of their citizens, should restrict entry of citizens of such countries into their own nations – rather like a bouncer at a club can turn away people, if he thinks they look like trouble?

    Why then does Geert Wilders get put in front of a court, for suggesting merely that a government takes such measures, and does its job properly to protect its citizens?

    • you obviously haven’t lived in brazil… rape is epidemic, there are 250 murders on occasion of robbery every day here that is more than war torn syria or iraq but on the other side of the pond people have bought the narrative that brazil is tropical paradise… latin america is the most violent zone in the world , officially there is no war here but we put up daily with the same outcome,all the nasty things europeans are discovering in recent times with the muslim invasion is what have been going on here for decades, the romantization of the third world by tender skinned europeans has demented their judgement but now they are having the problem at home, they are not seeing it from afar, and they don’t like it, when I lived in Germany in the 70s germans asked me why I was living in cold boring germany instead of living in tropical hot funny brazil, I answered that I liked safe, orderly, civilized germany more than crime infested, poor, dangerous brazil and they were indignant by my answer because it contradicted the narrative that south america is a tropical paradise with people always living a eternal party … now the germans have the third world at home ,,, let them enjoy it

      • I’ve been twice to Brazil, including once with a friend who took me to stay with her family in a semi-favela in the North-East (Maranhao). I never once felt threatened, although heard of violence from others.

        What I meant though was – although favelas undoubtedly can be violent, do their inhabitants engage in anything like “Taharrush”? On Copacabana or Ipanema beach in Rio, women sunbathe in “dental floss” bikinis, sometimes with poor kids running around begging, or trying to sell stuff for money – but seemingly not getting harassed. Sure, rape can happen anywhere. But I never once saw, or heard about, Arab-style mass rapes or sexual harassment in Brazil… are you saying that this does in fact happen?

        Btw, Brazil is by far my favourite country – and if not for the fact I need to be close to my elderly grandparents in Eastern Europe, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

  2. … and this is probably the best (mostly, sort-of) Arab country, except for the heavily Christian-influenced Lebanon.

    Just think about that.

    • Quite so, with a very pro-Western king who pointedly married one Berber woman, a lady who wears her hair down. If Morocco can’t function, no Islamic society can.

    • Actually Tunesia is acounted for being the most open and modern arab-muslim country. But not even there its true for the hole society, only for a small fraction of people who live in the main cities.
      And of course North Africans are not seen as true Arabs by the ones on the Arabian Peninsula (and certainly not by the so called Asil Arabs, no not the horses!), which is even true, they are mainly arabized Berbers who even fought against the spread of Islam in the beginning (other then the Egyptians fe.). But very fast as Muslims gladly took part in Muslim Imperialism by attacking Spain and waging war against Christians as Pirates (Barbary states).
      Lebanon on the other hand was once predominatly Christian, before a mass of Muslims came into the country mostly as “refugees”. And as things are with Muslims – a so called civil war broke out.

  3. Here in the good ‘ol U, S, of A the “Right” has its [derogatory term for faux conservatives] to screw things up as much as they can.
    Our EUropean counterparts on the “Left” deserve a similar term for those who assist their invaders who both HATE the systems they leave, whilst frantically converting their societies to mirrors of those same places.
    That’s not a good one, but some term or other is definitely needed.

  4. “Whoever wants to speak his opinion freely receives teargas, the rapper sings at the end.” Well, if that’s true, there isn’t that much difference then between an EU country like The Netherlands and Morocco. Draw a picture of the alleged prophet and the police may very well show up at your doorstep. Disagree with the state’s immigration policies on muslim “refugees” on social media, don’t be surprised to expect a visit from the Dutch police informing you that you could be charged with the crime of insurrection.

  5. Migrant apologists offer the simplistic materialist argument to explain and excuse the invasion of Europe that these immigrants are only seeking to improve their lot. It’s always what we have to do for them; how we, for some reason, owe them a better life. Far too little of the broad public discourse deals with the root cause of why these people are so willing to abandon their native lands. Morocco, in this instance, isn’t a war zone.

    Why are they willing to endure the travails of migrating hundreds of miles, if not thousands, and forsake their homelands? Could it be that the societies they are fleeing from are inherently dysfunctional? That their countries are cesspits of corruption and barbarism? And that the culture from which them come, that created these unbearable places, are less than adequate in creating humane and prosperous societies? And considering all that, shouldn’t true integration be required lest they bring that very same dysfunctional culture to their new homes?

    Instead the apologists will suspend critical thinking and ignore logic, exploit the goodwill of people with emotional appeals and attack the host society as heartless and racist. This is all base manipulation employed by a spectrum of people who, at one extreme, are shallow and really believe their BS; and, at the other extreme, are cynical operatives who know full well what they’re doing, who consciously take advantage of their naïve fellow travelers, and who do so for the sake of their ideology and/or self-aggrandizement. This latter group is larger, more sophisticated and more lavishly funded than most suspect.

    • Craig-

      The apologists, leftists, and NWO crowd fervently believe that we owe these people a living.

      Those same folks are also the ones excited about what I call, “Planet Morocco,” a global society where everyone has the same complexion, same intelligence level, and same fervent belief in the Religion of Peace!

      • Indeed, the Kalergi plan on a worldwide scale.

        The great swath of trendy idealists undoubtedly believe in this, though the power brokers atop this conspiratorial pyramid don’t care one hoot about immigrants and only see them (and the trendies) as useful pawns in advancing their globalist agenda. Ordo ab chao.

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