Alleged Ethiopian Imam Makes Alleged Death Threats in a Winterthur Mosque

On Thursday we posted Nash Montana’s chronicle of the cultural enrichment of the city of Winterthur in Switzerland. The brief video below describes one of the byproducts of that enrichment: the arrest of a “radical” imam in Wintherthur whose sermons from the pulpit of his mosque called for the death of “moderate” Muslims.

[The thing that looks like a pulpit in a mosque is actually called a minbar. However, the latter word makes one think of the little cabinet in a motel room where you can get a teeny-weeny bottle of Jim Beam for $20 or so. To create an association with a haram substance such as ethanol is offensive to the world’s 17.9 quintillion Muslims. So I just use “pulpit” instead.]

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Breitbart article on the same topic:

Swiss Imam Arrested After Calling for Death of Moderate Muslims

The capital of Islamic radicalism in Switzerland has been struck a blow after authorities arrested a prominent imam for inciting violence toward moderate Muslims.

The Swiss city of Winterthur has become the capital of Islamic extremism in recent years largely due to the radical An’Nur mosque. This week a prominent imam was arrested on charges that he advocated for his followers to murder moderate Muslims, reports Swiss paper Blick.

According to police an imam of Ethiopian origin delivered a sermon on October 21st which called for his followers to denounce and murder Muslims who refuse to participate in common prayers. A further three other members of the mosque were also arrested by authorities and their homes searched.

Among those arrested was Atef Sahnoun, president of the club that facilitates the mosque. Witnesses claim that police arrived at Sahnoun’s house in the early hours of the morning to arrest him with at least four police vans.

Four more people detained were found to be illegal migrants from Algeria, Tunisia, and another unnamed country. The migrants had slept at the radical mosque and are said to be from 23 to 35 years old. Police did not comment on whether any of the men may have ties to Islamist groups or Islamic State.


The An’Nur Mosque has become the heart of Islamic radicalism in Switzerland with police uncovering a jihadi sleeper cell linked to the mosque late last year. Prominent Swiss journalist Kurt Pelda said: “We do not know exactly what he has done in Syria but there is every indication it has to do with ISIS… ISIS has a cell in Winterhur in the An’Nur mosque, let there be no doubt.”

As a result of the revelation, local authorities opened a de-radicalisation centre in the city. The continued presence of the mosque and the radical preachers who speak there may harm any attempts to keep young Muslims, who are becoming increasingly radicalised throughout Europe.

Video transcript:

As part of criminal proceedings, house searches took place on 2 November 2016 in the Winterthur An’Nur mosque and three people’s houses.

The cantonal police in Zurich together with the city police in Winterthur carried out house searches on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office in Winterthur / Unterland.

The three accused as well as the alleged Ethiopian imam found in the mosque have been sent to the prosecutor’s office for questioning.

The imprisoned Imam allegedly called in the mosque for the murder of those Muslims who refuse to participate in the common prayers in the mosque.

In addition, four people were found in the mosque who are suspected of breaking the law on foreigners. [I’m guessing they are illegals]

The prosecutor’s office for Winterthur / Unterland has opened criminal proceedings against four persons from the An’Nur Mosque area in Winterthur on the basis of concrete reports filed with the police on the grounds of making a public call for crimes or acts of violence. As part of his public sermon on 21 October 2016, an Ethiopian imam in the mosque allegedly called for the murder of those Muslims who refuse to participate in the common prayer in the mosque. In addition, he asked those present to denounce said Muslims. The role of the other accused in connection with the sermon is unclear, and the subject of an ongoing investigation.

As part of the criminal proceedings, the public prosecutor’s office, together with the cantonal police in Zurich and the city police in Winterthur, carried out searches in the An’Nur mosque and the houses of three persons from the area near the mosque on Wednesday morning, 2 November 2016.The three accused as well as the alleged Ethiopian imam in the mosque were sent to the prosecutor’s office for questioning. In addition, four people were found in the mosque who are suspected of breaking the Aliens Act.

Information for the media is given on the spot. No further information is provided for consideration of the investigations, which have just begun. The public prosecutor’s office provides information on its own initiative at the appropriate time.

Hat tip for the article: Reader from Chicago.

8 thoughts on “Alleged Ethiopian Imam Makes Alleged Death Threats in a Winterthur Mosque

  1. So why aren’t they deporting these people? Why are they even letting them in? It really makes NO SENSE at all. Europe is commiting mass suicide it seems. What else could it be?

    Do they (Europeans) not even KNOW their own history? It does shiver me timbers, but here. . . maybe not so much, unless you are unfortunate enough to live in Detroit and a few other cities that are similar. Upper Michigan is a hell-hole, too.

    I don’t expect to see many of them out here on the prairie. And besides, we have guns and they might possibly know that, even if they are illiterate.

    I think what I’d like to know is how did this entire travesty start? And why? I still do not understand what/how this mass migration/invasion started. Perhaps I am dumb or ignorant or both.

    Baron, how and why? Please elucidate. I would love to see an essay on how this all started because I think I missed the beginning of the story (if there was one).

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa – Upper Michigan is most certainly NOT a hell-hole.

      If we’re going to cast aspersions, let’s cast them in the right direction.

      Yes, places like Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw leave a lot to be desired. There are still good people in those areas. There are also a lot of terrific towns and cities outside those areas.

  2. Why oh why does Europe let these people in? It seems so stupid to me. They should be in their own land with their own people.

    This is a kind of slow-mo invasion of Europe, much like the one in 1683 but slower and far more deadly.

    Europe is committing suicide it seems, other than the Eastern Europeans. But Why? That to me is the question. Why are they doing this? Has anyone written on it?

  3. I’m sorry. Didn’t realize I had already commented on this. Please forgive me for repeating myself.

  4. The Saudis have a lot of luck deradicalizing their Jihadis. They graduate from the Ibn Tamayyah Academy of Tolerance and then go to fight in Yemen for AQAP. It’s like washing a dirty car in a car wash and then driving it through the mud flats.
    Islam is a mental disorder.

  5. Any way we can encourage these cretins to slaughter one another even more? At least that imam was encouraging muslims to kill other muslims! One should find out what he is smoking in his hookah and distribute it to the other imams across the planet. If they can kill each other faster than they breed, then the problem will soon take care of itself…

  6. Can there be any doubt, that when the last ISIS strongholds fall, many the rats will escape with beards shaven, along with civilians. And they will make their trek to Europe to seek revenge on the Crusader West for the destruction of their caliphate and the death of their caliph.

  7. Mr. Beat Kälin, who works for UBS, does his duty by showing this report but, as usual, I am almost certain nothing will happen to these people. No reflection on Mr. Kälinof course. It’s planned that way.

    Although Switzerland is not officially an EU member, it did sign treaties that require it to pay millions to keep the bosses in Brussels off our backs, as well as require the Swiss to allow the migrants and the obvious consequences that follow.

    The whole idea behind the current EU is to centralized control, which they’ve well accomplished, and which is why they keep allowing the migrant flows while protesting. Bringing in “asylum seekers”, and media publicly acknowledging that some are going to be dangerous, perpetuates the fear of the terrorist threat in Europe, which gives the State the excuse to increase its surveillance and control over the European population.

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