The Commissioner of Integration Demands a “Sense of Proportion” About the Jihad in Germany

After a series of mass raids against Salafist terror networks in Germany, the Commissioner of Integration — a “German” woman named Aydan Özoğuz — complained that the police had overreacted, and were persecuting the mujahideen.

Nash Montana has translated a video featuring Rainer Wendt, the police union leader, who has been featured here a number of times in the past, most notably after last winter’s groping jihad in Cologne. The translator includes this explanatory note:

After the raid against the Salafist network “The True Religion”, the Commissioner of Integration Aydan Özoğuz (SPD, Social Democrats) demanded a greater “sense of proportion” concerning to the persecution of Islamists. Outrage ensued. Rainer Wendt, the chairman of the German Police Union, spoke in plain terms: “She just babbles stupid stuff.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

An article from Tagesspiegel provides additional background:

Why Islamist agitators will be forbidden

In 50 pages the Federal ministry of the interior justifies a ban on the Salafist network “The True Religion”. The Islamists helped by the recruiting of jihadists.

The man is known as one of the most dangerous Islamists in Germany. Back in 2012 Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, a native of Pakistan, blatantly called for jihad in the Syrian war. During a Salafist meeting in Dortmund the hate preacher proclaimed: “All our brothers and sisters in Syria are warriors of God. And those who donate here, they equip these warriors.” Such propaganda has been driven at high speed by Abou-Nagie and his association “The True Religion” (DWR) since its establishment in 2005. One of the vehicles was the campaign established in 2011, “READ!” (LIES!), in which activists would hand out free copies of the Koran translated into German. With ghoulish results.

At least 140 Salafists have been animated by Abou-Nagie and his association to travel to Syria and Iraq in order to fight for the terror militia Islamic State and other jihadist organizations. Some of them died, some are missing. That’s what it says in the prohibition act that Thomas de Maizière, the federal minister of the interior, announced on Tuesday. The blow struck, in the words of one high-ranking security expert, “the proverbial spider in the net of the German Salafist scene.”

The 50-page prohibition act is tough stuff. It’s crawling with fanatical, misanthropic quotes from speeches and YouTube videos by Abou-Nagie and his comrades-in-arms. “May Allah destroy all the Zionist media and the people who are behind them and who steer everything in the wrong direction,” he says in one movie from September 2015. Four months prior to that, in a video Abou-Nagie described homosexual marriage as a “disgrace for the entirety of Christendom and a disgrace for Europe”. Another preacher of the association declaimed at a public event in March of 2015: “Allah destroys the unjust! Allah destroys America! Allah destroys the Jews! Allah destroys Israel!”

Seed of Hate

The seed of hate didn’t just sprout in the jihad in Syria and Iraq; no, it sprouted in Germany as well. In the ordinance the attack on a Sikh temple in Essen is mentioned. Young Salafists deposited explosives in front of the temple. One Sikh preacher was heavily injured while two further victims were injured lightly. The suspects are Salafists aged 16 to 20.

“All four suspects could clearly be tied to the LIES! campaign”, it says. In one photo that is shown in the decree, one of the suspects is posing next to Abou-Nagie in March of 2015 next to a LIES! table in the Ruhr area.

The hate that is fueled via the LIES! campaign has also been directed against the Tagesspiegel and the Frankfurter Rundschau. In 2012, after the paper reported about the distribution of copies of the Koran, a threatening video appeared on the internet in which journalists were named by their real names and were disparaged as “apes and pigs”.

It’s unclear who the financiers are

According to findings of the security administration, there were — part-time — other well known preachers from the Salafist scene that belonged to the network. Among others, one name that’s mentioned is Sven Lau. The man from Mönchengladbach has been accused of supporting an IS-sympathetic terror organization, and was in court for it last September. Until his arrest in December of 2015, Lau repeatedly appeared as a preacher at events of “The True Religion”. And on its YouTube channel (DWR) there are to be found numerous videos with Lau preaching. Also, leading members of the organizations “Millatu Ibrahim” and “DawaFFM”, prohibited since 2012, were involved in LIES! campaigns for “The True Religion”. Also mentioned is the ex-rapper from Berlin named Denis Cuspert, who even today agitates for the Islamic State.

According to the decree, eight persons are seen as the leading forces of the DWR. On top of a “minimum of 100 locals who are responsible”. The network comprises 60 local LIES! initiatives with about 500 personnel. The campaign spread internationally. Mentioned are Great Britain, France, Italy and other European countries as well as Brazil. It’s unclear who finances the DWR and the campaigns. Any hints and evidence that rich privateers from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are donating money are at this point not legally provable.


0:00   After the grand raid against the Salafist network “The True Religion”,
0:03   the migration commissioner Özoğuz demands a better sense of proportion
0:06   concerning the persecution of Islamists.
0:09   Her statement created outrage in the police union.
0:12   The police just yesterday raided 200 apartments, prayer rooms and offices.
0:15   Afterwards the SPD woman criticized, saying that one should avoid giving the impression
0:18   that the police invade mosques arbitrarily.
0:21   CDU Chief Secretary Tauber countered that the full force of the law
0:24   is required against Islamists, and not a “sense of proportion”,
0:27   and the CSU party spoke of misinterpreted tolerance.
0:32   Let’s see what Herr Wendt thinks about all of this,
0:35   the chairman of the German police union. Wonderful that you found time for us!
0:38   How do Frau Özoğuz’ words hit home with you?
0:41   The most important thing is how they hit home with the police force in Germany,
0:44   who have for months observed the Salafist scene, and prepared this raid together
0:47   with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution,
0:50   and this is of course totally a kick in the teeth when now — of all people —
0:53   a minister of state stabs colleagues in the back like that.
0:56   It is irresponsible and we now hope that the chancellor
0:59   will finally put her foot down.
1:02   These are two completely opposing signals
1:05   out of the exact same federal government.
1:08   And as de Maizière said, rightfully so, we have to work diligently
1:11   and be able to pass litigation-proof prohibitions and collect evidence,
1:14   but Özoğuz says exactly the opposite and sends out a signal
1:17   that the police are acting arbitrarily, and that is extremely irresponsible.
1:20   What do you think is behind her statement?
1:23   Yeah, well, one can only guess, apart from that she’s really naïve,
1:26   which she just recently also proved when she offered her opinion
1:29   on child marriage. She just babbles out really stupid stuff,
1:32   and it is high time for the chancellor to finally put the brakes on her.
1:36   One question that many people were asking yesterday was
1:39   why were there no arrests made,
1:42   when I know there are people at work radicalizing young people.
1:45   What sort of evidence is needed to put these people out of circulation?
1:48   This evidence is what’s being collected and it’s what the raids were for,
1:51   to illuminate the darkness, look behind the scene,
1:54   to figure out possible connections and accomplices.
1:57   that’s why this was right and necessary, and the prohibition
2:00   was mostly necessary. De Maizière has shown a clear edge in this case,
2:03   together with his colleagues in the interior ministry,
2:06   as well as with Herr Jäger from the SPD, who has rightly
2:09   acted in unison with de Maizière in North Rhine-Westphalia.
2:12   How difficult do you find it to overcome the obstacles to such a prohibition?
2:15   We see again and again in other court cases that the federal supreme court
2:18   values the freedom of religion over many other freedoms, and therefore
2:21   we have to prepare diligently, and we have to start
2:24   with the expectation that this organization and its supporters will go to court,
2:28   and we also have to start with the expectation that — and this is why
2:31   we have to remain alert — they will establish surrogate organizations,
2:34   and we’re not talking about a bowling club,
2:37   but the kind that will continue their activities,
2:40   and that’s why we have to remain vigilant,
2:43   and therefore everything has to be avoided
2:46   that restricts or limits police security.
2:49   To be clear: the handing out of the Koran in pedestrian zones
2:52   is in itself not punishable.
2:55   That is not punishable, it is also not forbidden,
2:58   but that was also not the goal of all of this.
3:01   This is about inspiring young and aimless people to wage jihad,
3:04   inspiring them with radical Islamism in order to mobilize them
3:07   for possible attacks here in Germany,
3:10   or to get them to go fight for the Islamic State.
3:13   that’s the main reason for the prohibition,
3:16   and I agree with it 100%.

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  1. Obviously the Integration Commissioner is a catastrophic failure, but we cannot blame her for the refusal of Muslims to integrate. They don’t wish to. They wish to rule over you all!
    She’s a big joke.

    • She`s just a Trojan horse, and always was one.
      And there are others like her all over the political landscape in the West.

      Outward they look fully integrated and secular.
      But they all have almost an inborn hate and disrespect for the countries, the peoples and the culture that have adopted them.
      Propagating Islam and Muslim dominance… err, multiculturalism at any occasion.

  2. Bag her in a niquab and send her off to purdah; she wants islamists running free, then give her a taste of what it is like to live under the thumb of islamists.

    I would posit that one solution to deal with those who agitate for sharia is to hold them accountable to their own barbaric codes, and apply the muhammed-inspired punishments for any infractions. How quickly they would run from sharia when they start losing appendages for thievery, and being stoned to death for adultery, etc.

  3. The giving out of free Korans is neither innocent nor harmless.
    It constitutes an “invitation to Islam”.
    If the recipient declines the invitation, that is, by not converting to Islam, then the muslim is entitled under Sharia to attack and kill that person, take his property, and enslave his wife and children.
    This is what happened to the Yazidis.

  4. It should be mentioned, that Aydan Özoğuz (Commissioner of Integration in Germany, Socialist Party – of course ) is the sister of Yavuz Özoğuz.
    A turkish born propagandist for the Iranian Regime and well known proponent of fundamentalism.
    His website is called “Muslim Markt”.

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