Geert Wilders: “I Had to Give up my Freedom to do This, and I Will Continue”

Below is Geert Wilders’ final statement in court today, subtitled in English. The full English transcript is available here.

News about Mr. Wilders’ words will be suppressed in the Netherlands. It will most likely be reported minimally, if at all. Most Dutch people will not hear the full speech or read the entire text unless they follow the alternative media.

For that reason, I recommend that everyone propagate this English-language version. Mirror the video; post the text on blogs and forums. This will ricochet back into the Netherlands eventually — almost all the Dutch understand English — and help awaken Mr. Wilders’ countrymen to what is being done to him, and to them.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “I Had to Give up my Freedom to do This, and I Will Continue”

  1. When or if we lose our freedom of speech, we will truly be done as a country. That applies to the Netherlands (sp) as well. We are entitled to say what we think, at least here in America, although I’ve been noticing some PC crap lately. Unpopular speech is still free speech as we all should know. Or don’t they teach the consitituion in school anymore?

    Geert Wilders should not have to live under 24-hour protection just to stay alive, simply because he doesn’t like the idea of his country being over-run by muslims, who are well-known for their lack of free speech. Sheese. God bless and keep this man. Alive. I have other thoughts but will hold my breath for now.

  2. Yes, he is one in a million! May he live. . . that is my biggest worry about him. True patriots are often turned into martyrs and I hope that doesn’t happen to Geert Wilders. The dutch must be incredibly stupid not to recognise this. But as we all know, stupid is rather wide-spread these days.

  3. The man knows and believes what he is talking about. I remember in the 1970’s people saying that some day the Netherlands would regret all of this immigration.

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