“A Disaster Averted”

A lot of people are crying in their beer over the results of the American election. Our friend, Srdja Trifkovic, wrote on November 9th in Chronicles that it was “a disaster averted”. I couldn’t agree more. And those three words sum up why so many “Shy Trump Voters” turned out to upset the Clinton applecart.

Here’s part of his essay, with the important points bulleted for emphasis:

Last night’s divine surprise is important more for the many bad things that will not happen than for the good ones that may happen. That Donald Trump won in spite of his many blunders, and in spite of the mainstream media machine acting as an integral part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, indicates the magnitude of the elite-class debacle. Many disasters will be averted now.

  • The appointment of one, two, or even three Ruth Bader Sotomayor clones will not happen.
  • There will be no mass amnesty for the illegals.
  • The Clinton crime syndicate will no longer be able to operate with impunity, and its principals may face justice. […]
  • There will be no second-generation Clinton dynasts.
  • There will be no more mass pardons of hardened criminals.
  • There will be no more bowing before Saudi royal kleptocrats, and
  • no White House Iftar dinners with halal menus.
  • There will be no mass influx of Syrian “refugees.”
  • There will be no more “progressive projects” to erode the remnants of the Republic.
  • There will be no more trashing of white working Americans.
  • There will be no Humas in the Oval Office, no Nulands in the Cabinet and no Foundation donors in the anteroom.
  • Most importantly, there will be no meaningless wars in pursuit of hegemony for its own sake.

[What point do you consider most important in that list? I’m finding it difficult to pick a favorite, though the Supreme Court sends shivers through my very soul. America would have died. – D]

Srdja continues:

If Trump does remain staunch in his stated intent to reject the services of neocon “experts,” who are certain to start sending him their blood-soaked resumes, America will have a chance to become great again at home by acting as a satiated power abroad—like Rome under the Five Good Emperors, 19th century Britain, or the German Kaiserreich under Bismarck. That would mean that the United States would finally cease to be the major cause of instability and tension in today’s world, as it has been for the past quarter-century.

There will be no games of chicken with Russia, no U.S.-declared and enforced “no-fly zone” in Syria—to which Hillary was fully committed, in spite of the obvious risk of causing a nuclear war—and no covert help for any jihadists (aka “moderate rebels”) anywhere.

There will be no escalation with Beijing over some shoals in the South China Sea, no reckless attempts to make frozen post-Soviet conflicts hot again, and no interventions to force Bosnia’s unification and thus complete “the unfinished business in the Balkans” (Hillary Clinton at her Senate confirmation hearing, February 2009).

Trump may then proceed to dismantle the American “deep state,” and especially the shadow government’s key components in the national security behemoth and the military-industrial complex. That would be the prerequisite of his successful assault on open immigration, “free trade” and global hegemony. It could put his life in danger, but it is worth a try.

There is more at the original, here.

A hat tip is due to Doug Ross, aka Director Blue, for his news aggregator site, “Real-time Uncensored News”, since that’s where I found this essay. I don’t know if that’s a permanent link to his page or if it changes as the news is updated. But I do keep it open all day long because the variety of stories keeps changing. I like “Bad Blue” because it’s all news: no sports, no “entertainment”, no weird stuff; I can get those on Drudge. Here’s a list of the moment. It may be gone when you get there (I can no longer find The Chronicles essay I excerpted:

Top headline: Christmas is Removed from Sweden, Bit by Bit

Then, reading across the page:

Click to notify Congress, Pass HR 3892 #MuslimBrotherhood terror bill Banned elsewhere, we must do the same (Counterjihad)
“When Everybody’s Hitler, Nobody’s Hitler” (Mark Steyn)
“State Dept. Has up to 31,000 Pages of New Clinton Records from the FBI’s Investigation; Wants Five Years to Process Them” (Judicial Watch)

That’s a great page for American news, though as you can see from the Swedish disappearance of Christmas, we get other info, too. I think Doug Ross has established a good page here, mostly derived from his Twitter Feed. I hope people get in the habit of leaving the page open. It does appear to refresh, but I do that when I’ve been away from it for a couple of hours.

49 thoughts on ““A Disaster Averted”

  1. Trump executed a brilliant strategy.

    He encouraged and emboldened whites, attacked the standing of Mestizos,Muslims, smoked out the Neo-Cons, and then made nice with the blacks (or ignored them).

    Conventional wisdom after Ferguson was that the GOP was going to flood the nation with Hispandering and candidates like Rubio.

    Trump blew that up. He’s laid low the blacks, browns and dual citizens.

    Hail Victory!

    • I’ve heard speculation today that John Bolton — about as neocon as you can get — may be in the running for Secretary of State. If Trump ends up letting down his base, it will be due to infiltration by the same types that ruined the Bush I and II presidencies.

      • Bigby, I don’t know much about Bolton’s specifics but I do know he’s blunt and to-the-point. I remember when he was at the UN in a dark time – an interim appointment that lasted until the Senate could get someone else. Bush appointed him. I liked what he said while there. He was outspoken and tough without being a loudmouth. My favorite line: The UN has 38 floors; you could remove the top ten and no one would notice. Or words to that effect. I’m predisposed to like anyone who sees the UN as a danger to us.

        I also know of his character as seen through Clarence Thomas’ eyes. When Thomas was being crucified by the left during his nomination to the Supreme Court, Thomas described with great feeling the moral support he got from Bolton through that whole nightmare. Previously, Bolton and Thomas had gone through Yale Law School together (around the same time as Hillary and Bill did). Bolton helped Thomas maneuver through Washington’s swamp.

        I also like his deep distrust of Iran and his experience with their long-standing drive to get nuclear weapons and use them to destabilize the ME, with an eye to being the strong horse…From that vantage point, his appointment would send a clear signal to Iran that the new players weren’t going to be playing the same Obama game with them.

      • I like what I’ve heard from Bolton, which has always been the opposite to the clueless policies of madam Clinton, which in turn means (to me at least) that Bolton must be in sync with Trump, and therefore one of the good guys.

      • I don’t have as much problem w/Bolton as I do the transition team of failed Gov Christie bringing in the failed Bush’s and failed Romney’s into the administration.

        • Debby–

          Christie is no longer heading the transition team. It’s been taken over by Pence, now that he doesn’t have to campaign anymore. I always got the feeling, just looking at Christie’s facial expression, that he knows he’s living on borrowed time.

          But he may pop up somewhere else. He’s good at reining in disorder, so maybe…but if Trump knows about his support for NJ Muslim judges, maybe not.

      • At the very least, John Bolton deserves interim reassignment as United States Ambassador to the United Nations—if only as a dash of stingingly cold water in the face of all those farcical Islamic “human rights” council appointees.

        That said, his scant military service (in the Maryland Army National Guard) makes me less than enthusiastic to back any designation as Secretary of State. Could America (or Trump) do a lot worse? There can be no doubt. Which is why I would not protest for a millisecond his actual appointment to the post of Sec State.

        However, in light of the near-constant threat America is enduring from its multitude of Islamic enemies, both Sec State and Sec Def would best benefit from individuals who had seen prior military service (if not in-theater action).

        Speaking plainly, at this point, on-the-job diplomatic experience comes in a distant second for either office. Right now, whatever need there may be for diplomacy (twixt allies or foes matters not), such delicacies take a rumble seat with respect to individuals who have adequate comprehension of the consequences that currently derive from America’s existing—or potential—military engagements.

        For those who may be confused, one of Ronald Reagan’s truly (if only) endearing traits was his plainspoken language; as in labeling Communist Russia, “the Evil Empire”. All those years spent cranking out American Military Propaganda Films seem to have paid off.

        Charming or (more frequently) not—especially to America’s enemies—Bolton’s ability to deliver the unvarnished truth in doses that, all-too-often, far exceed most diplomats’ prescribed RDA (of) Facts makes him a clear front-runner for whatever-the-he|| role this nation’s President-elect decides upon.

      • If you liked Hillary, you’ll love Bolton:

        Deconfliction is how friendly forces keep out of each other’s way. In the first Persian Gulf War, Israel requested deconfliction, but President Bush 41 refused, aiming to prevent Israeli planes from undertaking operations against Iraq. We should remember that lesson. We do not want Russian planes in Syria’s skies, and we should not do anything to facilitate them. Instead, we should make it clear to Moscow that we will fly over Syria and Iraq, and they are welcome to leave. Any incidents in the air will be deemed Russia’s fault and treated accordingly. That’s how great powers act. Not that we should expect it from Mr. Obama.

  2. frankly, that guy seems like Putin’s project.

    remind, – the world order is based on the American power, in military terms (US Navy protecting maritime trade routes).
    not less upon attractiveness of America’s moral, scientific and cultural achievements.

    from “meaningless wars” and “hegemony” accusations, there is one step from accusing America for 9/11.

    under Bismarck, Germany started war with France, to solidify its proto-fascist supremacist rennaissance.

    it is all too familiar pattern – mixing truth with lies, drawing inconsistent examples, preparing ground for confusion.

    beware this Trifkovic guy.

    • I know Srdja Trifkovic personally. I had the privilege of doing the final copy-edit on one of his books. It was a well-written, well-documented history of the Ustasha in Croatia during WW2.

      I have no reason to “beware” of him. None whatsoever.

      • “I have no reason to ‘beware’ of him. None whatsoever.”

        Having read and repeatedly quoted many of Trifkovic’s works, he (for whatever it’s worth) has my own unqualified imprimatur.

        Trifkovic is one of the most eloquent and incisive voices being raised against both Islamic jihad and its multitude of Western enablers.

        Please consider examining:

        Can the West Be Saved?

        After reading this piece, if you remain unpersuaded, I can only hope that we might agree to disagree (if not permanently part ways).

        A quote:

        “The elite class, rootless, arrogant, cynically manipulative, has every intention of continuing to “fight” the war on terrorism without naming the enemy, without revealing his beliefs, without unmasking his intentions, without offending his accomplices, without expelling his fifth columnists, and without ever daring to win …

        This crime can and must be stopped. The founders of the United States overthrew the colonial government for offenses far lighter than those of which the traitor class is guilty.”

    • [To me] your disrespect for the elementary conventions of even informal written English signals [a] disrespect for your audience.

      […] Polish up your writing, respecting your readers, and then maybe I’ll give your comments some attention.

      Otherwise. No.

      • is my English so bad that it is obscuring the message?
        don’t think so.

        anyway, no more trifkovich for me.
        thanks, but it tastes awful.

    • Srdja Trifkovic: “That would mean that the United States would finally cease to be the major cause of instability and tension in today’s world, as it has been for the past quarter-century.”

      A quarter century: let’s say since 1990. Iraq invaded Kuwait in an attempt to control much of the oil supply of the West. Saddam Hussein goes on to commit mass-murder against his own crtizens, attempting genocide against Iraqi Kurds and Shia. US and Britain impose the no-fly zone to stop the slaughter.

      Gulf War is launched after 10 years of Saddam Hussein consistently cheating UN weapons inspectors. Iraq goes on to prove itself incapable of democracy.

      1991-1996 Russia is involved in a series of wars in South Ossetia, Prigorodny, Georgia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Chechnia.

      1991-2000 also see massacres and wars throughout sub-Saharan Africa, in the Sudan, and in Ethiopia.

      In 1998-99, Serbia launches the war in Kosovo; the first war on the European continent since WWII.

      During this time and later, the several bloody skirmishes between India and Pakistan and Pakistani terrorist attacks inside India each almost lead to war.

      Meanwhile, there have been more than 29,000 Islamic terrorist attacks world-wide just since 11 September 2001: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=2001

      Here’s a list of Islamist attacks worldwide between 1968 and 11/11/2001: http://www.inquiryintoislam.com/2015/02/chronological-list-of-islamic-terrorist.html

      And Mr. Trifkovic says that the US “is the major cause of instability and tension in today’s world.”

      What a crock. Mr. Trifkovic’s inversion of fact indicates willful blindness or intentional partisanship.

      • Srdja Trifkovic: “That would mean that the United States would finally cease to be the major cause of instability and tension in today’s world, as it has been for the past quarter-century.”

        Trifkofic is right: Iraq: USA ambassador to Baghdad April Glaspie gave Saddam Hussein the green light to attack Kuwait. Then USA said the son of a bitch why don’t you respect the sovereignty of other countries?
        By instability Trifkofic means what USA and and Britain are doing and have done in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Now Syria and Egypt. They try to bring Muslim Brotherhood to power for what reason? No one can understand. Interfering and then Bombing these countries caused instability in their countries, mayhem, suffering, corpses. And created refugees actually economic migrants who are pouring into infidel countries, who are causing and will cause instability in these half-brained western countries.

        Instability because Russia is defending Assad of Syria: If USA and Britain want allies luike Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, yes Iran, . . . etc. Why is the same thing haram / disallowed for Russia. If it is legitimate for Muslims to cut off some part of Cyprus’s and Sebia’s heart by the help of western countries, why is the same thing haram for Russia in Ukraine and also very haram for Israel, to restore its 3 0000 year lands.

        Why is everything for muslims halal but haram for non mushies.

        The Highway Pirate said: allah made me victorious by terror. The whole Earth for me is halal. Their women and properties.

        We should not repeat the deceptive western media’s concept of truth. All are designed to weaken the native people and empower mushies and no one knows why.

        Even Saddam Had WMD was proved to be false. But we have to dig deeper.


        And take the truth from the horse’s mouth.

        Do you remember the nurse Naira who had witnessed how the Iraqi soldiers ripped off newborn babies from their incubators?

        She was not a nurse neither had she been to Kuwait at all. She was born in the USA to the Kuwait ambassador. That BIG LIE worked very well.

        Western countries are doing things against their own interests but they benefit mushies

        Trump is doing his best for the interests of the west and USA.
        What is puzzling why is it so hard for 70% of the people to understand?

        • I think the question revolves around the possibility of Bolton for Secretary of State. Bolton supported the Iraq invasion, supports shooting down Russian planes in Syria. I haven’t researched the rest of his positions, but probably just as bad.

          Hmmm. Did a quick google, and Bolton supported keeping Mubarak in power. So, he has some pluses as well. Seems he also backed Morsi. So, Bolton is a mixed bag. Perhaps suitable if Trump kept a tight lid on him.

      • Thank you, Murad. It seems Pedric has swallowed every piece neocon-warmonger disinformation thrown at a gullible Western public . . . a public that is now waking up to the decades of sleazy manipulation by the evil trolls of the Western military-industrial complex. I used to believe that [bovine landmines] until I was thrown into the deep end of their lies – in the “service” – and then saw first-hand how I was been lied to.

        I think Putin is a [person of indeterminate paternal parentage], but compared to the ones who currently hold sway over me, he is a hero. I hope he and President Trump get along very well.

        . . . and that NATO is dismantled. It does not serve the common people; it endangers them every moment of every day.

      • Mr. Trifkovic wrote that, United States [is] the major cause of instability and tension in today’s world.”

        I’ve read carefully through Murad’s reply. He addressed none of the points in my comment. Mr. Trifkovic referenced the world, The world far exceeds the middle east, to which Murad restricted his reply.

        As to specifics, Afghanistan housed and supported bin Laden, and its government (mullah Omar) certainly colluded in the 9/11 attack; an act of war requiring an armed response.

        Since their ejection, we’ve tried to help Afghanistan put together a state against the continued support by Pakistan of the Taliban. Probably our mistake, but one due to an excess of altruism, not evil.

        Iraq under Saddam Hussein was guilty of genocide. This alone among his multiple other grotesque offenses, required external interference under the UN Convention. See http://www.un.org/en/preventgenocide/adviser/responsibility.shtml

        Iran, I agree, has been totally mishandled. They are under a vile government intent on nuclear weapons and the use of terror, and the Obama administration has done nothing to stop them.

        And I agree their behavior in Libya has been horrendous.

        Nevertheless, the facts of wars and strife show that the US is very far from being “the major cause of instability and tension in the world.”

        DeriKuk’s reply was an irrelevant ad hominem dismissal; unworthy of a response.

    • I know Trifkovic through his books, articles and panels. His ideas were/ are so logical and reasonable, like those of Wilders, Trump, Orban, Paul Weston, Farage, Marine Le Pen, Hirsi Ali, Spencer, Geller, . . . that he is disinvited nowadays from enlightening the New Dark Age crybabies. Did Prophet Daniel say something about “the knowledge will increase bu they can’t see or hear.” Let alone remember things over the last 50 years and make logical connects of events to each other and people so that we can understand the present events and people who produced them by their erroneous decisions that were taken over the last 5 decades.

      Did we forget who gave Usama Bin Laden money, and deadly weapons? Did we forget who said, addressing the Talibans, on the mountainside in Afghanistan,” allah is on your side.”

      These important bulleted points must have been in every balanced mind even before being written here with wonderful clarity. That’s why when we read them we felt satisfied because they speak our mind but in clearly defined shape suitable for President Trump to write them down as his logical future agenda. God protect his. This is the first time I see some logic in so-called democratic elections.

      Do you remember what horrible things and empty accusation did Paul Ryan say about Trump. Compare that to what he said 2 days ago after Mr. Trump’s logical victory.

      Paul Ryan House speaker said: “more needs to be done to restore faith in institutions for Americans who feel alienated by the government.”

      Who could be those who have lost faith in the institutions? And why did they lose faith? Were they being treated scornfully” Who are they? Can we mention them? Certainly they are not mus[lim]s or […]

      “Donald Trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. He connected in ways with people no one else did. He turned politics on its head and now Donald Trump will lead a unified Republican government and we will work hand in hand on a positive agenda to tackle this country’s big challenges,” Ryan said.

      Who made voices and Trump heard? Did Trump hear them because he has a sense of justice. Or because he is honest? He sees things and feels them and does not cherry pick. He is honest to hear any voice and does not deliberately shut down some because it is the trend, or fashion or afraid. Telling the truth today amounts to a revolution.

      Everyone listens with both ears to mus[lim]s and blacks. Attentively. Day and night. It is time to listen to those shy, timid, unheard souls who I can not bring myself to mention. Those oppressed and suppressed. Those who cannot complain about their pains and aches. If they do they are bigots and racists. As if they can’t be in pain, oppressed or wronged. Just the same attitude against Israel.

      Heaven know President Trump wants to serve America sincerely and honest and everyone. But not in a childish way. He thinks like a mature person outside the box. Long term safety for all.

      • oh dear.

        parts of Georgia and Moldova occupied,
        Litvinenko, murdered in London,
        Nemtzov, Magnitsky, Politkovskaya, Yushenkov – in Russia
        ten thousands killed in Ukraine,
        Crimea occupied,
        MH17 down, 300 Westerners murdered,

        but no empirical evidence that it was all deeds of Putin and his gang.
        it all happened naturally, by itself, because of historical necessity.

        • Go hand out some cookies on the Maidan, and shout “F*** the EU!” and overthrow an elected government – however corrupt it may have been.

          There is plenty of evidence as to WHO was messing around in Russia’s back yard with the intent of destabilizing the area. The Russian intervention in Georgia was a pre-emptive strike against the neocon-CIA cabal in that area. Imagine if a foreign power were doing the same in the Caribbean or Central America; do you really think that Uncle Sam will allow it?

          MH17 (like KAL007) . . . do not fly airliners through war zones. It’s not wise. Sad, yes; but not advised. Malaysia Airlines is the responsible party. Go whine at them.

          A few other individuals have also met sticky ends when they became “inconvenient” for Western intelligence agencies. Avoid that line of work.

          “We came; we saw; he died . . . giggle, cackle, giggle”. And then we sent his accumulated arsenals to Nigeria, Sudan and Syria – via Turkey, and financed by the Saudis and the Gulf States . . . and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS have died, and millions maimed and/or displaced as a result. Of course, we also had to get rid of an inconvenient ambassador and his unfortunate security detail in the process. After that, we could get down to the task of running for POTUS.

          Please, AY, stop insulting us with your thin, warmed-over propaganda gruel. We’ve had enough of it through the MSM and their neocon controllers . . .so much that it has taught us to immediately question it to the point of disbelief.

          It has led me view Putin as the possible saviour of Western civilization. Now pull your head out of your Cold War. It ended over a quarter of a century ago . . . thank God!

          • my mother language is Russian.
            I closely follow events there.

            your [opinion which I do not respect] doesn’t mean much to me, but other people can think you have a point.

            Putin is “saviour of Western civilization” – only in a sense osama bin laden or hitler could be.

            his goal is militarized neo-feudal society inside and hegemony over Europe, – desirably by violent means, as this would be a promotion for his newly raised fascist warrior caste.

            this idiot really thinks he owes West “victory puck” for Sebastopol.

            sharing your views is not only wrong by itself, it also means betraying real dissidents in Russia.

        • AY,

          Your assertions don’t follow your evidence. They aren’t disproved by your evidence, but they aren’t proved either.

          For instance, this is what Trifkovic wrote about Russia, and only this:

          There will be no games of chicken with Russia, no U.S.-declared and enforced “no-fly zone” in Syria—to which Hillary was fully committed, in spite of the obvious risk of causing a nuclear war—and no covert help for any jihadists (aka “moderate rebels”) anywhere.

          Now, there are dissidents in Russia, possibly admirable ones, but the US is not under obligation to risk nuclear war to support them other than verbally.

          Putin may be evil, calculating, and aggressive, but it still risks nuclear war to shoot down a Russian plane in Syria. Or, do you dispute that?

          Your list of Putin horrors may be perfectly correct, but given the very limited amount that Trifkovic said about Putin, your list does not support your statement: “frankly, that guy seems like Putin’s project.”

    • The only string that needs to be pulled is a nice heavyweight one around his neck. Heavy enough to support the weight of a pig…

      • He is a wanted man in Russia I believe.

        Israel secret service agents managed to capture Eichmann post WW11 and smuggle him out of South America and try him for war crimes. Could they not be enlisted again to deliver this odious toad of a man to Putin ( nicely gift wrapped of course)

        • Maybe a bounty on his head could be crowd-sourced; with payment upon delivery to the Russians. Make it so he becomes a lottery ticket for any dedicated group of bounty hunters, and he will have to fear his own bodyguards turning against him.

        • All this speculation of illegal, violent, probably extremely counter-productive violence against Soros is going to cook your own goose by setting the precedent that a government has the right to take illegal steps against its own citizens that it find inconvenience.

          It would be rather easy to take care of Soros through legal means, and probably would set an excellent precedent.

          Eliminate dual citizenship altogether. I can’t think of a more harmful arrangement to US interests.

          Set chains of responsibility where donors who influence the groups they finance share the responsibility for their actions.

          Eliminate government funding for anything but government. Part of Soros’ power is his financing of groups that then lobby for government funds, and then use government money to lobby for work, like immigrant importation groups.

          If you give the government the power to assassinate citizens, sooner or later, probably sooner, the government will begin assassinating people you agree with.

    • If Soros is put in prison for 50 years people can never understand why. He has pulled many a wrongful strings that were against USA and Europe and helped the soldiers of allah.

      • I don’t understand why France hasn’t asked for his extradition. He was tried there and found guilty of some kind of serious, harmful financial malfeasance.

        If you go to the website “Discover the Networks” and find his page [search terms I used were that title and his name- came right up] you can read the really pathological things he says. He sees himself as God, though he’s an atheist and is well aware he’s mortal. Bizarre person.

  3. George Soros is evil personified. I know all about him but that’s because I have read Hungarian history and current news as well.

    George needs to die, as he will since he is very old and very evil. I still remember the picture of him shooting people in Hungary — yes, it is out there somewhere and I did see it, swear to God. It was a long time ago, so it’s been buried I suppose.

    • He will die as will we all, no one gets out alive. For Soros the hope is that it happens before he does any more damage.

    • jlh-


      I am praying that Soros does not already have, and is unable to latch any significant hooks into the Trump administration for the next four years.

      Unfortunately, I believe Soros is going to redouble his efforts because his time on this mortal coil is swiftly running out. I pray Trump spares no expense for his own, heavily-vetted, private security detail. I also hope the new President-elect has invested in a new wardrobe of bulletproof suits.

      I do not believe his son will be nearly as effective because he was raised in a sheltered, safe environment. That rarely breeds a tough individual who can function at the highest levels.

    • I rather think more like a hideous slug of a man, reminds me of that Jaba creature in Star Wars.

        • “I like to think of him as Dr. Evil. But who is his Mini-Me?”

          Kim Jong Un? Obama? Abbas? al-Zawahiri?

          Enquiring minds want to know?!?

  4. While I do, of course, hope President-elect Trump does not waver from a certain line, I doubt very much that he will based upon those he named in a row at his acceptance speech. For example, Chris Christie; Even worse, is that Mr. Trump seems to be beholden to the RNC chairman, Rinse P.

    • I don’t think Trump is beholden to Reince Priebus but he certainly is aware he needs people with deep experience of Washington’s labyrinths, at least for a while. His early staff picks are for survival’s sake; they probably will not be long-term .

      I don’t care for Priebus either. I think he lost the Romney campaign by refusing to allow the Tea Party orgs to campaign for him. So people stayed home. However, he is an insider, and smart. So he will be useful, especially as, say, Chief of Staff. That’s not being “beholden”, it’s using RP’s experience to advantage.

      Notice that Trump is following Lincoln’s lead in keeping his enemies close. A smart move. You don’t have to worry about your friends, but your foes must be disarmed.

      Trump is a complete newcomer and he’s people smart. His body language in D.C. yesterday was not the body language of the campaign. He was treading carefully and respectfully and he let the leaders be in charge. A good move.

      I don’t like Christie either. He’s too beholden to the Muslims in his state. That “bridgegate” deal is a set-up, though. He was careless re his staff and he’s paid dearly for it…I doubt you’ll see the same set to his jib when he’s serving the president…which he would only do if he’s not planning to run for governor again…

      Edit: I looked for the Lincoln quote and it is misattributed. Here is what I found:

      *Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.*
      Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather Part II (1974). This has been variously attributed to Sun Tzu, Niccolò Machiavelli, or Petrarch, but no published sources predating the film have yet been found.

      I know there was a book about Lincoln which portrayed him as doing this when he came into office. I’ll find it.

  5. Appointment of supreme court judges is the most important key for a secure future. They serve for an average of 28 years and so Mr. Trump will replace perhaps three within his tenure as president. This preserves the Republic for the near term and saves our children and grandchildren from a great deal of grief. Mr. Trump’s choices for the court will preserve the rule of law which Obama and his minions have trashed for eight long years.

  6. >> • There will be no mass influx of Syrian “refugees.” <<

    Edit: Make that "Syrian" refugees and other ILLEGAL economic migrants.

    When did "illegal" disappear from MSM editporting?

    • Good question. A recent article about the college student fired from his college paper had a description of the AP style guide that put an end to using the word ‘illegal’ to describe illegals.

      If you are really interested in the answer to your question, as opposed to rhetoric, look up the AP style guide.

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