German Parents Fined €300 for Refusing to Permit Their Son to Visit Mosque

Parents in the German town of Rendsburg were assessed a €300 fine for refusing permission for their 13-year-old son to participate in a school field trip to a mosque.

Apparently the “permission” that parents were asked to give was pro forma. It was not really optional. The visit was mandatory. The parents were fined. The boy will go to the mosque. Ve haf vays of making you visit the mosque…

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Student refuses mosque visit: €300 penalty

Parents are lodging an appeal. But still a €300 penalty is looming, and a forced visit to a mosque

According to the syllabus topic “The Orient — power factor, water and crude oil”, a school class in the German town of Rendsburg was scheduled to visit a mosque. But one 13-year-old student did not want to make the visit, as the online portal reports. The parents sought a dialogue with the school after the announcement of the field trip destination. Since they aren’t members of any denomination or faith community, they were of the opinion that no one can be forced to step inside a religious facility. “Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers?” the parents asked the school.

€300 penalty and forced visit

German Constitutional law would agree, but the responsible parties at the school see it different. The school’s headmistress filed a complaint with the police and the county school inspector issued a penalty charge notice against the mother as well as the father of the student. Reason: The child did not attend the “information event” at the mosque.

Now the parents look like “dangerous felons”, they say. There was a hearing. The penalty charge notice never considered any exculpatory circumstances. Therefore the parents “didn’t in a satisfying manner see to their child’s school attendance”. Now a €300 penalty charge looms, and a forced visit to the mosque. The parents have filed an appeal. Therefore this case will be heard in district court soon.

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  1. Germans can’t do anything half hearted. When they needed to be Nazis, they were full blown Nazis. When they were Communists, they were the most merciless ones. Now they want to be the best Muslim converts ever. I hope they will be best crusaders when the time comes, I hope… otherwise they will take the prize from the Dodo birds as they die out. Well that’s another being best at something.

    • that is one of the most [deprecated] comments I’ve seen today. What percentage of germans was nazi ? do you even know ? you are [2 insulting attributes], a dangerous combination

  2. I wonder how Muslim parents would react to compulsory visits to churches, or synagogues where available? And whether the school would fine them following a refusal?

    • Don’t bother asking such questions.

      The real question is why are the mosques are still standing

    • Mark H-

      In the situation you describe I think that the parents would burn down the school and dispose of the teachers for even suggesting the next generation of jihadis go anywhere near a church!

    • They are not compulsory visits to mosques. they are school outings. If the parents would not want their kids to go to a zoo, the fine would be the same. And yes, they would be fined. The parents in this case were making a political point and knew the outcome. They say they were afraid of violence in the mosque (a patently idiotic excuse”. But then we find out they were from an extreme right-wing organisation…

      So… propaganda debunked. But please, don’t worry about me, no love lost for religions, but even less love lost for [fake news] and propaganda from the crypto-nazis running around these days.

  3. Stupid German government. Why don’t the people rise up? Why don’t they at least vote Merkel OUT????

    The Germans don’t even have children at replacement rate, if I remember correctly and meanwhile the muslims breed like insects. Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult insects.

    I can’t tell you how much time I have spent thinking about all of this entire muslim invasion and wondering why Europe is so supine in the face of it. It totally befuddles me, although our government here (USA) seems to think muslims are an enrichment (might be due to who is in Our White House at the moment).

    Yes, tell that to the muslim girl who was beheaded in Minnesota 20+ years ago for going on a date — her Dad did the beheading. . . that was my first lesson about muslims as I drove my 50-mile morning commute. Oy vey. (No, I’m not Jewish but I love that phrase). I have since learned a lot more and I think, if I were Queen of the World, I would keep them confined to their desert hell-holes — forever.

    • The elite wants to replace the population to lower IQ, self policing fully doctrinated masses. Good Muslims are spending their free times murdering each other if it looks any of them out of line. Perfect for the NWO overlords.

  4. There’s also a $3000 fine being prepared for the boy because he refused to practice reciting the shahada or whatever while at the mosque – he refuses enlightenment.

    • I do declare, Jewel, you are full of surprises, girl! The first part seems to be Luther, but the last is awfully Nietzschean, innit? While I can machine translate the words, the meaning won’t compute…

      doesn’t sound like you, either. Are you suffering from presidential campaign-itis? Not even the dead get to escape this one…

      • Gustav Mahler, a Jewish convert to Catholicism, quotes Nietszche in his Third Symphony; at the end of the Second (which includes an imitation of a shofar*), after a Christian resurrection hymn, he adds his own text, beginning (“O glaube, mein herz…”) (Oh believe, my heart…”)

        As his friend, the conductor Bruno Walter said, Mahler spent his life looking for God, which may be why I like him. But oh, what a crazy, mixed up kid! (as neither Walter nor Bernstein said, at least not in those words).

        * Traditional Jewish brass instrument

  5. Coral,
    So does that mean that in Germany people do not have religious freedom, as we do in USA? I don’t have to go to church unless I want to, and I can pick my church. Anyone I want, including the church of “what’s happening now” — hehe.

    Why is this kid (and parents) being persecuted because they choose to not participate in “cultural enrichment” as they say?

    Well, as a some-what practicing Catholic, you wouldn’t catch me reciting anything to do with muslim beliefs.

    Guess I answer my own question: Germany doesn’t have religious freedom. Merkel better watch out, Germany already has a rather horrific history in the 20th century and I’m very familiar with it. On the other hand I have long thought Merkel is kind of stupid anyway, and she started out as a communist in East Germany didn’t she? So she probably still thinks that way. “We can do this” translates into “We will do this because I say so.”

  6. I visited Germany about 10 years ago, spent 4 months there. Friends I stayed with were desparately trying to talk me into immigrating to Germany, and for a short while I admit I was tempted, but thank God I listened to the small inner voice telling me it would be a bad idea. Boy did choose wisely lol…

    Now I won’t go near the place, not even to visit. The days of going to Europe for a holiday are over for me amd my family. I even find myself avoiding EU products where I have a choice. I can’t get past the fact that most welfare-bases EU countries are now basically state sponsors of terrorism…

    • My friends in Slovakia tell me most of Eastern Europe is still relatively safe, I have been there at least 10 times since 2001. I spend most of my time there in the Czech Republik,Slovak Republik,Poland and Hungary and have never had a problem driving, touring or just dealing with the local folks.

    • I used to dream of living in Germany… and was close to moving there. Thank heavens I didn’t!

      I also used to think it was a kind of patriotism to buy European cars, not Far Eastern… but in view of the current situation, I’m considering in future buying a Nissan, Toyota or Hyundai. Anything that does not result in my money contributing to the insanity currently on display in the Western half of mainland Europe…

  7. We are all responsible. The last big one cost at least 50 million dead. We can easily see what is happening is sick and mired in lies. Maybe it will have to be something like the Hungarian uprising against the Soviets back in the day. Something has to give. Muslims and migrants cannot be allowed to disgust and demoralize us on any level. ISIS is on the way and we are not ready. In wartime enemy aliens are shipped out and not shipped in.

    • First we need to deal with the treacherous elite. As long as the police shows up after someone tweet something or a facebook post, armed resistance is not possible.

      • Well, it’s possible, but only if those people who plan to resist don’t use social media to communicate. Even better, don’t use email, skype, cell phones, or other electronic media. Read WRSA for tips on the best archaic forms of communication.

  8. Girls attending the “information tour” will have to wear black garbage bags and be subjected to a virginity check by a male Iman. Anything less would be an insult to Islam.

    • Virginity check? I would imagine finding such a unicorn in modern multi-culti Germany would be even more miraculous than finding an honest politician! Not that the situation is any better for American youth…

  9. The Germans will do nothing to stop this, think Hitler or Kaiser Wilhelm. Thank goodness they no longer have a military.

    • To all whom think this kind of nonsense would not be possible in their countries.
      Do you have political correctness?
      Do you think men are evil and women are oppressed?
      Do you dare speak your mind in public?
      Germany is like any other western country, apart from being taught to self-hate all German and being brainwashed in feeling guilty for something they were no part of.

      Most Germans see what is coming, hate it and fear the solution.
      But Germans like all people do have to make a living and the successful want to stay successful. Money rules the world. Hence, everyone whom has personally something to lose will rather go with the flow that risk social death. Yes social death. Because anyone who does not go with the flow will be considered an enemy and lose his career, job, bank account etc. If one has kids it is even harder.

      Please bear this in mind when being judgemental about an entire nation.

      • Here is an example of how oppression and suppression in Germany works. Its in German.

        Basically this Secretary lost her job for taking part on a Pegida Demonstration. While standing on a street holding up a Stopp Merkel Poster she was attacked by a foreigner. While defending herself she dropped the poster and the foreigner screamed hell and had her charged with violent battery. Even so the charge was subsequently dropped she still had to pay a fine.

        She was helped with the fine by the AfD a fiercely hated party by the establishment . She wanted to donate the money to a Tafel (a place where people with little money can supplement their food) They refused it with much publicity.

        Now how many of you would be so brave?

      • “Hence, everyone whom has personally something to lose will rather go with the flow that risk social death. Yes social death. Because anyone who does not go with the flow will be considered an enemy and lose his career, job, bank account etc. If one has kids it is even harder.”

        Marco have you forgotten the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig in 1989?
        These demonstrations ultimatly led to the downfall of not only the DDR but also of the USSR. These demonstrators were ordinary German people. They had jobs and housing to lose. Some of them even lost their children.
        But they showed up anyway every Monday evening because they believed in standing up for what’s right.

        Study this episode in German history and you’ll see the world has every right to be judgemental about the current German cowardice.

        • Yes, but it took them 40 Years and total misery and decay to get to that point. At the moment most Germans still enjoy a good life and hope things pass or someone else will do something about it. Paired with a sense of helplessness. Halve the population does not even bother to vote because they think what ever they vote nothing will change.

          And what do you mean with German cowardice?
          There are plenty of countries on this planet were people tolerate a lot before they explode. Like I said people will fight when the time is right and a tipping point reached before that most people go with the flow that is everywhere so. Having said this things are boiling in Germany and resistance is increasing but at a heavy price for all that dare.
          The Monday demonstration are back as well for over two years now named Pegida and others like this

  10. Ms. Merkel has brought the remnants of the Stasi State with her and inserted it into her regime.

  11. You mean only ONE family objected and refused to submit their son to this enforced indoctrination? Why aren’t there hundreds – no, tens of thousands – of families refusing to bend to this form of cultural and psychological abuse – not only in Germany, but throughout the West?

    The weakness of most of the West is blood in the water to the Islamofascists.

  12. “Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers?”

    Why indeed? I’m still waiting for the answer.

  13. Oh, who was it in English history who said something like “can no one rid me of this — something or someone, my memory breaks down at this point. But somebody said it.

    As for Germany, that’s what happens when you bring in a communist to be your “leader” in today’s world. Putin is the only communist I have a minimal respect for, since he seems intent on defending (and controlling) his country.

    For Hungary, Big Frank, you will have a great time! Hungarians are great and friendly people and the food is really good there. I would love to go again, just feel too old now to travel overseas. . . and my husband had a stroke so I can’t leave anyway.

    I do hope you will report back after your visit to Hungary. I, for one, would love to hear about it.

    • King Henry 2nd of England is said to have had an outburst something along the lines of “who will rid me of this meddlesome priest “.Some versions have it as troublesome priest ,others as turbulent priest.

      King Henry was referring to his erstwhile friend Thomas A Becket (the archbishop of Canterbury )who had excommunicated two bishops who were the king’s supporters.

      Four knights on hearing this rode off to Canterbury .
      They killed Thomas a Becket inside Canterbury cathedral.
      When they rode back to proudly report their deed they expected to be hailed as heroes.
      Henry however believed in public relations and plausible deniability and said they had misinterpreted him .He claimed he hadn’t wanted Beckett killed at all.

      This incident in history was dramatized in “Murder in the Cathedral”by T.S Eliot.

      Thomas a Becket was declared a martyr and a saint by the church.
      This was drew pilgrims to Canterbury (hence Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”). And the pilgrims were anxious to buy relics (generally vials of liquid) which were purported to be vials of Beckett’s spilt blood and were held to have miraculous healing properties.

  14. Compulsory visits go against democratic values in a country and according to German civil law, article 20, paragraph 4GG and this sort of civil disobedience is neither a civil or criminal offense, and the fine that the school is trying to impose should be ignored as illegitimate. If the parents have the time and money they should file a lawsuit against the Landesschulrat and school officials responsible, for possibly promoting a false “information event” and trying to extort 300 Euros. How will the idiots who run the school explain the educational benefits, unless it’s proven the Imam is an expert in the fields of water and petroleum, which was the alleged lehrplan of the trip to begin with.

    • The fine was not imposed by the school. The school reported it to the authorities disguised as kid not attending school -which is not a trivial thing in Germany.
      Had the parents just left the kid at home with a doctors sick note all would have been fine. But the parents wanted to make a point, because after returning back to school the kid would have been made to visit the mosque another time. The ideology driven teachers would have made sure of it.

      What pisses people off most here in Germany is the double standard treatment. If Muslim parents refuse kids to go visit a church or simply to swim with the class and keep the kids home, nothing would have happened. But Germans refusing to submit to this nonsense are being dealt with swiftly and harshly, especially parents. Hence the extension of school time in Germany. Until recently school finished at around 1 pm now around 5pm to give the state more time to indoctrinate kids. Kids voicing opinions against mainstream are credited to “bad” parenting.
      On top of that, why would one need to visit a mosque in the class for geography?

  15. I suspect that the fine in Saudi Arabia for refusing to go to mosque is lower than this.

    Enough said.

  16. Today many educated Muslims want to leave Islam but are afraid that they will be killed by their fellow religionists. Hence the Muslims must be first shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion among their fellow Muslims. See

  17. Here is proof that it is doctrine and not choice? Even if German parents were to send kids to school on the day of a mosque visit to avoid being fined for not allowing their kids to visit a mosque they would risk a fine.
    It is in German but with Google translate you get the meaning of it. Below the link is a part of the text translated with Google translate
    In the case of the Rendsburger pupil, whose parents were thrown to a fine of 300 euros (PI reported), because they rejected a visit of their son in a mosque during a school event for ideological reasons, there is now a convulsive statement by the Kiel Ministry of Education. According to these statements, it is compulsory for every student to take part in a visit to the mosque in the context of the subject of geography, and that substitute teaching in a parallel class in order to meet compulsory schooling is therefore not to be approved. The visit of a mosque would correspond to “the basic pedagogical goal according to § 4 para. 6 sentence 1 SchulG (school law) Schleswig-Holstein (One of the 16 German States):” The school is to promote the openness of young people FOR cultural and religious diversity, the desire for international understanding and peace

    Now how sick is that…………

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