An Armed Heist to Finance the Syrian Jihad

Two culture-enrichers in Bavaria robbed a businessman who also happened to be the employer of one of them, and the authorities suspect that the money was intended to be used to finance the jihad being waged by U.S.-backed moderate terrorists in Syria.

Many thanks to Silentium Voces for translating this article from Bayern Depesche:

Suspicion of financing terrorists: Syrian refugees hold up their own boss

Redwitz — A week ago in the town of Redwitz, Bavaria two masked Syrian asylum seekers committed an armed robbery. The 22- and 23-year-old men used pepper spray to attack and overwhelm the owner of a tiling company in his apartment on the company premises, They then tied him up and broke into his safe, stealing several thousand euros and jewelry.

The suspects were arrested by the police on Tuesday morning and are under investigation after an appropriate request from the prosecutor’s office in Coburg. The stolen goods and a mask found in their apartments in Lichtenfels and Redwitz and are offered as evidence.

A woman driving the car with one of the asylum-seekers in at the time of the arrest was also arrested. She probably drove him to the scene of the crime and is suspected of assisting in the robbery.

Investigations revealed that the 23-year-old Syrian is a tiler who works for the tiling company in question and had thus attacked, tied up and robbed his own employer. According to media reports, the 67-year-old company owner had taken on the refugee in the summer to help him to integrate into German society. The craftsman is quoted as saying: “He repeatedly came to my shop and begged for work. Again and again.”

The prosecutor’s office in Bamberg now seriously suspects that at least the older asylum seeker had raided the company in support of so-called rebels in the fight against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“There were indications that the 23-year-old accused, an employee of the tiling company, wanted to use his share of the loot for financing combat operations in Syria,” said Bamberger Upper State Prosecutor Christopher Rosenbusch. “That is why the Bamberg Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is responsible for the prosecution of acts against the state, has taken over the investigation because, in addition to the allegation of the felony robbery, the initial suspicion of terrorist financing is also evident.”

It is now being determined whether the money could possibly have been used to support the terrorist “Islamic State” (a.k.a. Daesh).

As the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior reported, the robbery in Redwitz is the first suspicious case of criminal money procurement by asylum seekers for the Syrian war.

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  2. You know it crossed my mind when I read about the Kim Kardashian jewellery robbery, that it was pulled off by muslims and intended to fund jihad attacks.

    No hard evidence of course but, terrorists routine fund attacks through robberies (even the IRA did that) and the door man who lead the robbers to her room was of course a muslim. Seemed like an inside job.

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