Culture-Enriching Rapist Freed on Appeal, Sues the Swedish State

The following report from yesterday’s Fria Tider contains explicit descriptions of sexual violence that may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

Many thanks to Tania G. for having the fortitude to translate this nasty piece of business:

Asylum seeker participated in gang rape — and is awarded 140,000 (Swedish crowns) in damages

One of the African asylum seekers from Eritrea who was present when a woman in Ludvika was brutally gang-raped has now been granted 140,000 Swedish kronor in damages from the Swedish taxpayers. This despite the fact that he had participated in the rape and even kissed the woman, reports the Dala-Democrat.

The gang rape took place in central Ludvika at 12:30am the night of Saturday, 17th of October last year.

The woman was on her way home when she stopped at the ATM machine at Fredsgatan. At the ATM several African men stopped her and asked her for cigarettes. Upon leaving, one of the Africans followed her to an alley by the restaurant Trädgården where he asked her to give him a kiss.

“No, I have a boyfriend,” the woman explained to no avail, as the African then shoved his tongue into her mouth.

Two other Africans suddenly appeared and the woman thought they would come to her rescue. Instead, the Africans formed a circle around the woman, pulled down her pantyhose and panties and subjected her to both anal and vaginal rape while the others helped hold her.

The woman was shocked, and screamed for help during the gang rape, which lasted fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally a Swedish man arrived at the scene and asked the Eritreans what they were doing, which led to the Africans scattering in different directions.

When she was found she lay completely battered on the ground without both panty-hose and panties.

“I was in a panic and completely destroyed,” the woman told the hearing.

The district court sentenced each of the three Eritreans to four years in prison, the penalty for aggravated rape. But the Court of Appeal chose to free the Africans because the victim described “one of the men as more passive during the rape,” reports the Dala-Democrat, and the court decided therefore that all three men would be acquitted.

“The Court of Appeal claims that there was no evidence that he had been involved. Nor it is considered proven who did what, even if the Court of Appeal also speculates about it. The conclusion is that no one can be charged,” writes the local newspaper.

And now one of the Africans has been awarded damages by the Attorney General, JK. He will receive 140,000 Swedish crowns for the time he was detained, according to the government decision, the Dala-Democrat reports. According to the local newspaper, given this decision the other convicted African rapists can also sue for damages at the Swedish taxpayers’ expense.

47 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Rapist Freed on Appeal, Sues the Swedish State

    • You are spot on with your comment.

      When oh when will the citizens of Sweden get off their knees and just oust these odious officials from office.

      Not to mention IMMEDIATELY deporting the third world dross who have destroyed this poor woman’s life.

      In other reports laws have now been passed to ensure that
      Migrants are granted housing before the indigenous population.

      Congratulations Sweden, your women priests, bishops, rabid feminists have now officially relegated your own people to
      Official second class citizenship.

      I just hope that they rise up, as one, at this latest humiliation
      Being healed upon them.

      My heart goes out to this poor woman, her friends and family,
      So abjectly abandoned by her own country.

      Shame on all you, duplicitous, craven, degenerate politico’s involved in this ludicrous judgement, karma will “reward”
      You all accordingly if there is any justice left in the world.

      • Deportation is far too kind for the individuals involved in this incident.

        You will need to exercise your imagination, since my description of a just punishment would simply be redacted.

    • Only cowardly men in Sweden, apparently rape (only for invaders) is legal and open season 42/7. Swedes are real losers. Women alone don’t need to be on the streets at night anywhere now days. If working nights, ask for male escort to the car or bus.

    • My contempt for sweden grows every day. I would like to take their court of appeals bureaucrats their prime minister, attorney general and drop them into a urinal. After a month or two, I would televise a national execution.
      And every immigrant especially from africa and the middle east would be put on a small boat and shoved out to sea.

  1. Murad, your comment (which I deleted) was off topic and inappropriate for this post. Please keep comments on topic, or post them at the news feed.

    • Ok Thank you. I just wanted to draw people’s attention to the passionately perverted way of thinking of western politicians. All our problems in the west stem from that chain of strange way of thinking and attitudes.

  2. Do these judges have no fear of their constituents? Or are the Swedes so weak and afraid to fight back that such travesties can occur?

    The imported africans are cowards. They are only doing what they have always done and always will do. But the judges that enable the criminality are the true evil. Without their enabling, none of this would be able to occur.

    There is a whole host of remedies I would advocate, but they would just be redacted. Those with imaginations can fill in the blanks of what needs to happen.

    • Ah, yes. Discretion is indeed the better part of valor, good sir. You are enriching the intelligence of your reader by having him dredge up his own images and put them to use. Such mental effort is good for the synapses and the soul.

      • Well then, Dymphna, here is the dredged up image and I hope it will be put to use, somewhere.

        The victim of sexual assault must have the right of deciding the punishment. Perhaps letting the victim face the accused, under protection of course. Both the, victim and the accused undergo a truth test. When the victim succeeds the truth test AND the accused fails it, the victim pronounces the sentence.

        It could be perhaps involve something like letting the victim [explicit description redacted] by a tool of the victim’s choosing – hammer, stone, knife, blade, etc. The Law, if it wants to stay relevant, must only regulate that this punishment doesn’t exceed the duration of the rape. So in this case, if she was assaulted for 20 minutes, she has [redacted] at her mercy for 20 minutes.

        Of course, the victim can dredge up and put to use other means as well.

        Posting it here rather than actually doing something about it, I am aware of the fact that I am merely fuming in impotent rage.

  3. This is completely beyond lunacy.
    Doubtless, the ‘enrichers’ are telling all their countrymen back in Africa That this is too good to be true–they are actually well paid to rape Swedish women!
    Svarte Fanden!

  4. So rape is not rape in Sweden if it happens to be a gang-rape carried out by Africans ,Muslims or basically any non-white, non-Christian, non-secular savage .

    But Assange being white and non-Muslim must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Even though the allow the women concerned agreed to have intercourse with him and even cooked him dinner and held parties for him .

    According to the rap sheet the women complained( because they claim )having obtained their permission to have sex, coitus completed they fell asleep with him in the bed.

    They claim Assange then assumed that the permission to have ooofty magoofty,was blanket permission which extended the entire night. They claim that Assange forgot to ask for permission after the first insertion for a subsequent insertion sometime after the first insertion but during the post coital interval as they were snuggling together (the women apparently dozing or sleeping )and enjoying the afterglow in each case .

    This wasn’t group sex you understand .He serviced the ladies separately on different occasions.

    And they had no complaints ,all was sweetness and light ,until they found out that he was diddling all three of them.

    Which was when they came up with the rape by ambush charges.

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    Please post off-topic comments at the news feed. Nothing is off-topic on the news feed.

  6. Wonderful. We should assume the uncertainty leading to acquittal either a) entrenches a previous precedence, or b) sets a new precedent. Good luck successfully prosecuting any of these savages going forward.

  7. This is beyond ‘cultural sensitivity” any person with half a brain can see what a travesty of justice this is!..It almost makes you believe that there IS a conspiracy to rid the world of European/caucasian people. Politicians and the judicial system in Sweden have sold out their people – the indigenous population that is – When the revolution comes – as it seems inevitable that it will, the judges.lawyers and politicians will be the first to taste the wrath of former vikings.

    • There is indeed a conspiracy to do away with the pure ethnic europeans . On both sides of my family I can trace my Norman ancestors back 1000 years, as such I and my family will never submit! We are the decedents of the original Crusaders, I constantly remind every cultural enricher I meet of that fact.

  8. How many of the invaders are already in place – as judges, attorneys and other powerful positions?

    Have no illusions.

    • True, many are already in place. But when the time comes they will be easy to identify. They will be the ones living in the nicest neighborhoods, free of africans and other detritus from the third world; they will be wearing the nicest suits and occupying positions of authority, driving the most expensive cars… It will not matter if such people were directly involved in facilitating the invasion of third world trash or merely looked the other way because opposing such policies might have affected their comfortable positions. The results are the same. And those who finally stand up and fight back will probably not care too much about such distinctions. Ultimately, whatever transpires will probably be class-based. The upper class and the elites will be implicated by either encouraging or failing to stop the invasion. Such is the burden of wealth and privilege…

      The africans and muslims will also be easy to identify. No disguising ethnicity and race, and the fact they tend to congregate in slums will only help when the time comes to rid the continent of them.

  9. I guess we’ll all see our own prejudices in this incident.

    I think the Swedish have been so isolated that their ability for adaptation has become very low. They are comfortable in dealing with genetic Swedes, like Assange, and are free to pull every legal trick against a non-conformist Swede.

    But, an African presents a different dilemma. This is dealing with someone from an unfamiliar culture, who might not even speak the language, and who simply doesn’t recognize the laws they operate under nominally. So, any anxiety-causing discrepancy, like testimony that one rapist may have been less violent than the other rapists, causes them to wash their hands of the whole mess. Otherwise, they may have to actually engage the uncomfortable issues.

    I can’t speak for Swedish law, but in the US, any participant in a felony is responsible for the worst act committed by any of the criminals. The driver of a getaway car who didn’t even carry a gun, is responsible for a murder if one of the actual robbers kills someone. I presume even 8 years of Obama’s Justice Department hasn’t been able to change that one.

    The question in my mind is whether Sweden has enough self-survival genes left them to survive as a people. I think any actual masculine Swede would not have trouble attracting Swedish females, but would they be able to survive the Swedish establishment, so much more comfortable making war against native Swedes than unfamiliar Africans?

    I actually think ridding themselves of the invaders would be solvable if they actually stopped fighting each other. But, of course, that is, and always has been, the big advantage of Muslim invaders through history.

  10. No comment.
    Does it even make sense to post it?
    Probably what dear Moon said. Let everyone fill in the blanks.

  11. I cannot fathom how anyone, let alone a judge, could ever free any man who acted in this way. I can only conclude, the judge to have been advised by the government, that such judgements be made. He/she probably still wants to work, therefor acquiesces. It would seem that there is no justice left in Sweden providing the alleged perpetrator is a non-Swede. It will of course, continue in this vein, and so I say goodbye to a once proud culture. It would be easy to blame the Swedes, but the insidiousness of Correctthink in pervasive. It is all around us here in the UK. In advertising, the media, the workplace, our cities and towns and above all in the law should you object. You don’t even have to commit a deed to fall foul of it, just object vocally. The Stasi & KGB would be so envious.

  12. To me, it is beyond belief (and has been for years) that Sweden can be so “nice” to the muslims and so indifferent to their own Swedish women/girls being raped and mutilated by these uncivilized creatures. I can’t even bring myself to call them humans, since they are so inherently inhumane.

    Why do they (Swedes and other Nordic countries) even let them into their countries in the first place? Oh well, never mind. Why is our government also letting them in by the thousands? Give me a Mexican any day but never a muslim. Mexicans tend to be Christian/Catholic so there is at least some semblance of confraternity there. We have NOTHING in common with the muslim world, nothing at all.

    Witness the Crusades. They happened for a very good reason.

    • Ah, Mariadee, but that was back–waaaaay back when people knew right from wrong!
      Many don’t appear to any more. Wrong has become the new right, and vice-versa, as you are well aware.

      One would think that by now Swedish women would know never to walk alone; they probably think “it’s my country, if I want to walk alone, I will”. But it isn’t, and they can’t. Surely they have noticed the ‘enrichers’ are never alone. Times have changed, and for all practical purposes, the ‘enrichers’ are already in control. (of the streets, anyway)

  13. How long will the Swedes or for that matter the west in general hope be able to keep this bizarre act together? At some point this perversion will bring down bloody mayhem on these migrant creatures and their enabling perverts. I imagine.

  14. Oh and then there is Merkel — with her hands placed finger to finger and her little smile as she destroys Germany day by day. Germans should not have elected a Communist to be their leader. . . just my opinion of course. Maybe they see something in her that I can’t see. But is Germany better off today with the huge muslim population, the skyrocketing rape rate, the high costs of housing the muslims who don’t (mostly) think work is worthwhile since they have manly equipment and therefore no reason to work? Excuse me while I go barf.

  15. On one level this bizarre judgement is a an incentive to black gang rape. Not only do the boyz get their fun, they are also handsomely rewarded for it.

    On another level it demonstrates that such criminals must be held collectively responsible. Applying Western notions of individual culpability and giving them the benefit of the doubt only encourages them. They see that we are weak, they see that they can get away with rape & murder, so they do it.

  16. Gotta say, 1. That’s what the Swedes deserve for voting for this crap repeatedly. 2. The longer and more egregiously this goes on, the more extensive and comprehensive the final backlash will be…

  17. One remedy, for the women who walk around unprotected, would be to keep a dog, big enough like a trained German Shepard, to discourage any kind of assault with them at all times. And even if your dog bites a cultural enricher and consequences follow, most likely at least you can avoid getting raped.

  18. Finally a Swedish man arrived at the scene and asked the Eritreans what they were doing…

    If you have to ask, then, yeah, your civilization is doomed.

    • Bill, only if people were allowed to actually allowed to use those guns for self protection, and only one country in the world allows you to do so–USA.

      Even here in Canada if I use a handgun to protect myself–I’m in big trouble!

  19. So they just released rapists back to the streets… and to do more damage to country they even payed 15 676 USD to one of them. You know in some countries regular good people need to work for almost 3 years or even more to get such money… and they payed him so many money for basically raping Swedish girl? Sorry for my language…. but i really hate this world… its just insanity and arrogant planned destruction all over west. I really really want to know religion and race of that judges. I really want to.

  20. I ran into about 10 times to write a comment here. I always ended up screaming profanities. It is very unnerving to see our viking brothers and sisters giving up life so easily… For Thor’s sake do something!!!

  21. This is only the beginning. I just wander if the Bible is accurate in predicting. Until now, I think it is pretty accurate.
    East Europeans in the west start talking about this crazy ideological commitment of the politicians to erase old European civilization. In my circle of friends, many start looking around in order to identify possible ways to create weapons. Me too, actually. For us, barbarians of the east Europe, forbidding basic right of self defence is total madness.
    With god help and our effort, we might be able to save at least a little piece of Europe.

  22. Try as I might, I cannot for the life of me think like a leftist. An innocent woman is savagely attacked. There is no doubt. But this “judge” lets them go free? Does he assume any responsibility for their next victim(s)? How would you live with yourself? Even if you would not give them the same treatment they gave the woman, why would you not either lock them away or send them back where they came from. This is asking for anarchy. If I were to come across something like this and i caught one, would I get 140,000 crowns for making him room temperature? How does the system get this revolting and how do the people at large not reject it? I’d get a one way ticket to Mars but they’d want to load it up with culture enrichers and I’d be stuck with the same problem.

  23. My opinion on this topic has shifted slightly. I am now more opposed to American immigrants from Europe than I am from anywhere else.

  24. Anyone convicted of rape should undergo compulsory chemical castration. Those who can’t observe civilized norms cannot be allowed to rape again and again.

    • I don’t think chemical castration is enough. In William Faulkner’s novel Sanctuary, do you remember the way the character Popeye got his sexual jollies, and why?

      [Note to readers who do remember — don’t explain it here. Let people go to the library, or Google books, and read it for themselves.]

      • I’ve always thought adding a sterilizing agent to the water supply of no-go zones would be quite effective in rolling back many of Europe’s current issues.

  25. Disgusting. There’s a deeper problem, also, in Scandinavia as sentencing for rape is generally light compared to the U.S.

  26. The russian men protect their women from Muslim rapist
    The Swedish men hide
    The brave men of holland wea mini skirts to protest the rape of their women

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