13 thoughts on “Friends of Hillary #1

  1. She did go to Yale, so it does qualify as a Bones[wo]man. With the U.S. military-industrial complex at her command, she is sure to add to her collection . . . on a global scale. She may very well be that last POTUS.

  2. A little gallows humor, y’all?

    Whoever gets in may well be the last POTUS, at least as we’ve come to understand it that office. Things cannot hold: the debt is too high, the country too polarized, the political culture in D.C. too corrupt for real Americans to bother with anymore.

    Whatever happens, Donald Trump has managed to do some significant damage to the GOP(e). The Dems may think they’ll get off unscathed but they won’t.

    One thing is sure: if Hillary wins, her corruption increases…and we will become increasingly soviet. Europe can welcome us to the fold as she finishes the damage to the Constitution that our transformative president began in earnest during his reign.

    Expect a crackdown and a flurry of executive orders. It won’t be pretty.

    • No, no…these are not bon bons. They are bons mots…to be relished over several days before another appears. By the way, these are calorie-dense and will cause you to gain weight…just a warning.

      • Great, first time here. Thanks for setting me straight. I was under the impression comments were welcome. Excusez moi!

        Winter is coming, I will relish each and every calorie-dense morsel I can get my hands on.

        • Oh dear. I’m sorry. My word play was meant as a joke. I didn’t intend to offend.

          This image is connected to a comment on another thread from earlier today (if it’s still today – the clock may have turned me back into a witch again). In that comment I had discussed with another commenter how The B uses Visual Basic instead of Photoshop or Paint and why he likes it better now that he’s taken it over and made it his own instrument. Or toy. Or WMD.
          And yes, on calorie-dense morsels. Once a year I fix osso bucco. It is far too expensive to do it more often, but what a wonderful dish…to be served after the first frost if I can find the bones in town.

          For my response to you, I wish I’d thought to use an emoticon. Maybe the one with the wink works? 😉

          Mea culpa, Carrie Waite.

          • Just looked up “osso bucco”. If I save up my pennies, may I come to Virginia next time you make it? I’ll try to get some decent red wine through US Customs…

    • Hey, every vote counts. You just have to go get their names off of their tombstones to add some” legitimacy”.

  3. Dear Dymphna,

    Carrie will surely not take anything personally. She sounds intelligent as of course, do you. When I first arrived here (years ago while you two were taking a walk), I found it fascinating but I was inhibited from posting anything at all. and now I do post and take a chance on having it deleted if I get carried away. Odd, that.

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