Arlington Refugee Resettlement: No Questions Answered, No Reporting Allowed

Note: This post was a “sticky” feature originally published on October 18, and was on top for a couple of days. Scroll down for more recent items, including last night’s news feed.

As we reported last week, a presentation on refugees was scheduled last night at the St. Ann Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia. The event took place as planned. It was entitled “Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: A National and Local Humanitarian Response”, and was jointly presented by officials of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and Catholic Charities.

Last night’s event was more important than it might seem at first glance. After all, it was just a little PowerPoint slide show given to a few dozen people by a government official about the wonderful cultural enrichment that will be brought to America by “Syrian” “refugees”, and about how essential it is for Americans to help these poor suffering people. What’s so important about that?

I’ll explain.

The presentation was led by Anastasia Brown, the Director of the Division of Refugee Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Ms. Brown is also the former Director of Refugee Programs for Migration and Refugee Services of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Anastasia Brown at a conference in 2015

She was assisted by Patricia S. Maloof, the Program Director of Migration and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington.

Patricia Maloof at a conference at Virginia International University, ‘Dissecting a Complex Conflict: ISIS, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and the Humanitarian Response’, October 2015

The event was sponsored by Marie Powell, the former superintendent of schools in the Arlington, Virginia Diocese of the Catholic Church and the retired executive director of the Secretariat of Catholic Education for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

So what we saw at St. Ann Church last night was, in effect, a joint venture by the United States Government and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Catholic charitable organizations rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year for their assistance in the Refugee Resettlement program, so the Church and the Diocese of Arlington are hardly disinterested parties.

Ms. Brown told the audience that she was not there in her official capacity as an employee of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). However, as you’ll see in the more detailed report below, her slide show was watermarked not with her own name, but with the official logo of a federal agency. So Anastasia Brown seems to be Schrödinger’s bureaucrat — both official and unofficial at the same time.

The fact that she was ostensibly speaking ex officio provided the justification for her refusal to answer questions on the record. In addition, the organizers were at pains to emphasize their request that there should be no record of the event at all. Sources who were present say there was an implied attempt to intimidate attendees into keeping the presentation off the record. Marie Powell told the audience that they were “not allowed to write or blog about the event.” The leaders explicitly said “no press coverage” several times. They forbade any taping of the event.

Well, it got taped, anyway. A 90-minute audiotape recorded via a handheld microphone is below.

Why should such events go unrecorded and unreported?

Why the secrecy? What happened to the most transparent administration in history?

And, if they want to keep it a secret, why are they talking about it at a parish church in Arlington? Are they perhaps recruiting well-meaning but unpaid volunteer drones to help them with the resettlement process?

This is important, because these refugees — most of them unvetted Muslims — are, in effect, being parachuted into communities in the dead of night. Localities are not being consulted. Local residents are largely unaware of what is happening. And religious “charities” working in close cooperation with the federal government (thank you, George W. Bush, for those “faith-based initiatives”) receive lucrative contracts for managing the logistics and doing the initial placement of the migrants.

This audio is raw, and has not yet been transcribed. I’m calling on the distributed intelligence of the Internet for help with a transcript. In particular, readers who were actually present at last night’s event should be able to tell us which parts to focus on. Only some of the tape is interesting and worth transcribing, so listen to it and see what sort of nuggets you can find amidst all the dross. Unfortunately, the quality of the audio leaves something to be desired.

And email me first (gatesofvienna [at] chromatism [dot] net), before you get started on any transcribing. Let me know the start time and finish time of the section you intend to transcribe, and I’ll tell you if anyone else has already started work on it. We want to avoid duplication of effort, if possible. Then, when you send in the completed transcript, include the start and finish times, so Vlad will know where to cut when we produce shorter excerpts based on the tape.

Here’s the raw audio that we want to crowdsource. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

A Gates of Vienna reader named Belinda attended the event at St. Ann Church, and kindly sent us this description of what happened:

The audience was told by Marie Powell, who sponsored/led the event, that they were “not allowed to write or blog about the event”. She didn’t say that the speakers were merely speaking off the record but that “no press coverage” was allowed. They also forbade any taping of the event.

The federal employee presenting, Anastasia Brown, read off a PowerPoint presentation labeled “Office of Refugee Resettlement”. Every slide had “Administration for Children and Families” at the bottom. You can see the logo in her PowerPoint here, in the bottom right of the page right above “Department of Health and Human Services”. Her name did not appear to be in the presentation at all — just her office.

Ms. Brown claimed that she was not speaking on behalf of the federal government, and that therefore she could not be quoted, as she had not received permission to speak to the public. However, when questioned, she repeatedly declined to comment, implying that in fact she was speaking on behalf of ORR, and ORR did not want to comment.

She refused to answer how much the program would cost. She refused to answer what percentage of screened refugees were rejected. When members of the audience asked questions the presenters didn’t like, they shut down the Q&A and told attendees the event had concluded.

Belinda also included these observations:

There was a public hearing given by a federal official, and the public was instructed that they’re not permitted to write about it or record it. This is why people don’t trust the federal government.

They refused to answer any pertinent questions.

  • They refused to talk about the cost of refugee resettlement.
  • They refused to talk about the disparity between Muslim refugees and those who are Christians.
  • They refused to say what percentage of those who had been screened were rejected.

This was presented as though they were consulting the public, but in actuality they were telling the public how it was going to happen, and the public just had to accept it. They were not interested in the public’s input, or what the public thinks.

It was tantamount to attempted intimidation when they implied that there would be consequences if people wrote about it — they explicitly said “no press coverage” several times before the event. They could have simply said, “This is Chatham House rules, and therefore not attributable to any speaker.” But they didn’t say that.

The person who said, “You’re not allowed to write or blog” about the event was the representative of the sponsor, Marie Powell. Ms. Powell also introduced everyone, including the federal official who was speaking to the public.

Additional Information

Anastasia Brown is listed here at ORR as Director, Division of Refugee Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Services. Before joining the administration, she was with Refugee Council USA (RCUSA). From 1999 to July 2015, she was Director of Resettlement Services for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In case you missed it earlier, this was the announcement in the St. Ann Church parish bulletin [pdf]:

Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. — With Anastasia Brown and Patricia Maloof

Do you have questions about the need and process for resettling refugees in the United States? St. Ann Adult Religious Enrichment Committee is hosting a presentation by two experts in the field. On Monday, October 17, 2016, a program focusing on Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: A National and Local Humanitarian Response will be held in the St. Ann Parish Hall from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. We are very fortunate that such knowledgeable persons have accepted our invitation to speak at St. Ann. Anastasia Brown currently serves as Director of the Division of Refugee Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Prior to this position, she served for many years as the Director of Refugee Resettlement for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Patricia S. Maloof is the current Program Director of Migration and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington and has previous experience at the national level with resettling refugees and other legal immigrants. We hope many of you will come and participate in this very timely program.

To keep up-to-date on refugee resettlement news, read Refugee Resettlement Watch.

73 thoughts on “Arlington Refugee Resettlement: No Questions Answered, No Reporting Allowed

      • This is beyond my pay grade and understanding but I remember years ago an unfriendly site who used to ‘watch’ GoV. One of the admin was nonplussed at the idea of a conservative daring to use the nic Baron Bodissey.

        Another was bemused by the fact that he used VB to do his photo-shop stuff. When I asked the B about it, he explained he couldn’t afford them store-boughten programs, but he sure could use VB for what he needed…kinda reminded me of his painting days when he put together his own canvasses and sized them with rabbit glue…

        …Plus ça change &etc.

        • I am surprised that any “refugees” are to be injected into Arlington and so inevitably into the Arlington National Cemetery. Will this become the first “Jungle” in the USA? Is this be the straw that mobilizes serving and ex military men and women?
          These presenters and their paymaster may pretend that they do the work of a humanitarian god but they know they do the work of the Devil, not the God of our fathers.
          They are sleep walking into Hell.

        • May I share a few tricks I use to save money?

          Often, you can find a comparable program at a lower price. For example, PaintShop Pro is generally cheaper than PhotoShop and does many of the same things.

          A real money-saver is to go on Amazon and buy older versions of a program. Often, the older versions do everything you need. I have older versions of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. They do everything I want, and more. I can end up paying $50 or so for programs whose current versions sell for $250 on up.

          Of course, I downloaded Open Office, which is free and has all the functionality that I need of Microsoft Office. I use Open Office just for spite, even though I own a perfectly useful, older version of Office. Now, Microsoft wants you to pay a yearly fee to use Office. They’re always wanting me to upgrade to the payer version. They can toot a horn.

          You can often search the internet for free substitutes. I have a recording program, Audacity,which allows me to make flac recordings from my vinyl collection, and have all the special effects I want, including filtering any hiss or cracks.

          As with anything free, it’s always “buyer beware”. Many programs touted as free are simply trial subscriptions. You have to be alert to bundlers, who bundle crapware, or worse, with the programs. It pays to be very, very alert during the installation of any program.

          • Thank you, RonaldB. I asked the B to read your comment. Turned out he already had…he then proceeded to tell me that what he had first devised from necessity turned out to be better than anything he can buy. Thinking about it, I relaized that his image-making is aligned with his painting style, which drew on (so to speak) the work of Pissaro and to some extent, van Gogh, though the latter was more a spiritual influence, me thinks.

            With his paintings, one could stand a few feet away and “get the picture” – i.e., what he wanted you to see, say, in his shadows or in the reflections of water. There was no black or white on his palette (or even in his box of tubes); yet you could see snow or the dark of night on a canvas and swear he’d used those two…Thus, if you moved from viewing at the mid-distance and got *real* close to the canvas, you’d see hundreds (?thousands?) of little squiggles in a section of deep shadow and not a one of them was actually black. And none of them “matched” – that is, there wouldn’t be two of the same color next to one another.

            Think of it as the difference between what you “see” in a drop of pond water at a macro, every-day reality and what you get when you put that drop under great magnification.

            So it started out as necessity but soon moved beyond that to something better than money could buy, but not really saleable to other VB users, either.

            I’m glad to have your comment. It has led me to consider how his “art” work managed to continue. The Karma Dude has got a funny bone…

            As for Microsoft…ugh. I switched over to Chrome. The Baron still needs Microsoft products for his work, but since my computer work takes place at a much lower level, Chrome has been quite useful – e.g., I love the way updates happen. Chrome’s version of Word (Google Docs) is more useful to me than having to keep re-learning whatever new Word product the whim of Gates and Co. produces. A friend assured me that I’d “get used to it” – i.e., the changes – but I never did. The ‘freeware’ Word that comes with a Microsoft package now becomes ever less useful. Bill Gates has a lot to answer for, but then so do all those tech bigwigs. Thus,as much as I like Amazon I am well aware (or somewhat aware) of the evil plans Bezos has for the rest of us.

            Viewing the last 200-300 years, it seems that With each massive revolution in the way the world operates (think railroads, for instance) we have another version of Robber Barons ready to take us for a wonderful ride. That they are also taking us to the cleaners seems not to matter except in retrospect.

            When the B published his next VB image, I’ll give you a shout-out to remind you of this exchange…

      • Ah, good old VB. I once wrote some code that controlled some collimators by sending out control signals through a computer parallel port. What I forgot about was that when you turn on a fluorescent light, you get lots of RF interference, so anytime someone walked in the room and turned on the lights, the collimators would move. Needed a little reprograming to fix this.

        • Dymphna, your comments on the Baron’s artistic style remind me of the selfish people who stand too close to Impressionist paintings in art galleries; not only spoiling it for others, but completely missing the point.

  1. So, some elderly matrone forbid the audience that a coverage of this event is not allowed?

    And what is the “punishment” if someone dares to writes a blog about it or put videos on the internet? Right. There is absolutely no punishment because they cannot control this.

    • I am puzzled about why they want to keep the meeting secret. It was a public meeting, no? What are they worried about?

  2. The barbarians are no longer outside the gate, the US Government has willingly opened the gates allowing them in to roam free and take what they will. The Republic has been betrayed.

  3. It’s up to every patriot to keep track of their local sellout Quisling traitors.
    These paid traitors are just as evil as if they were sneaking baskets of cobras into kindergartens.
    They should not be forgotten when the rape gangs, beheadings, “honor killings,” and mall jihad rampages begin.

    • I agree Matt, and have been saying so for years.
      We both want to see accountability, but it seems to have disappeared in today’s corrupt and ‘upside down’ world, as Melanie Phillips observed.

    • Matt-

      Dealing with all the fifth columnists in the West is going to be one of the most difficult parts of the recovery process.

      • The one big positive I see from this election is that no one takes the main stream media (or the political elites) seriously anymore. Lots of skeptics have been created.

    • Lists are good. Photographs, addresses, accomplices, family members, license plates/make/models as well as the time the data is current, all make lists more useful

  4. Most of these poor creatures are already very close to pay day. It is the degeneracy in the great left behind who will feel the pain of forced emersion.

  5. Well, as we learned on GoV last week, these people are accomplices in a form of cultural genocide by dilution and replacement. Write their names down somewhere and the Muslim world can celebrate their legacy in a hundred years.

    • The Muslim destroys and remembers nothing. Either they or we have a future. We are self mutilating for now.

  6. I almost fell out of my chair laughing after I read “Well, it got taped, anyway.” Thanks for that. It should be good for another belly laugh while listening to the recording.

    Alas, you have lost contact with American political reality. It has been more than 200 years since the USA was a federation of republics. Under the Constitution, the USA is a provincial empire with republican appearances. Of course this is by original design, as evident from centralizing features like the militia clauses of Articles I and II, and direct populist election of reps and senators.

    Since the governments of the “States” are now financially dependent upon the central government, and since their supposed autonomy is ever more restricted by fiat from the central government, it’s clear that the “States” are being reduced to mere administrative districts. Only the appearances of autonomy and federation are being preserved. In fact, most of the USA’s provinces have never been independent, not even when they were called territories. So while it’s popular to repeat the phrases, “federal government”, Federal Reserve System, Federal Bureau of Investigation, etc., “federal government” is just an outlandish lie told by knaves for the manipulation of dupes and the millions of indifferent passengers aboard this organized crime empire.

    So please refer to the criminals’ central government in another way, e.g. imperial government. Anyone who squeaks in protest may be referred first to Hamilton’s words to “the People of the [Empire] State” in the very first paragraph of an imperialist manifesto called Federalist No. 1.

    • Actually, I don’t see any imperialism in the first paragraph, or in the entire article, which is a fount of lucidity, wisdom, and tolerance.

      Hamilton makes the point that you find both sincerity and self-interest on both sides of an argument, and for that reason, you should address the argument rather than malign the man.

      He makes the reasonable point that the confederation was not working, resulting in the need for a federation. He asks that the question be decided on its merits, through rational arguments.

      I always find it a pleasure to be directed to read the Federalist papers again, for any excuse.

      Going to my memory, the reasons for creating the Constitution was that the Confederation was beginning to unravel. The separate states were getting into disputes with themselves, and there was a danger one or more would bring in foreign assistance, which would be a sure harbinger of death for their independence. The Federalist Papers go into great detail on the demise of confederations which had no mandatory mechanisms for settling disputes.

      It’s true that the US federal government has progressively pulled power towards itself, at the expense of the state sovereignty. In defense of “rights”, the federal government has become the most intrusive influence imaginable.

      Perhaps there is an ideal size for a confederation, or ideal composition of racial and ethnic mixtures. Certainly, before the Civil War, the cultures of the North and South were diverging; I believe it was this, rather than the question of slavery itself, which was responsible for the withdrawal of the southern states from the union. After all, the laws of the United States were firmly supportive of the maintenance, although not the expansion, of slavery.

      Interestingly, some abolitionists actually favored the creation of the Confederacy, on the grounds that fugitive slaves from the Confederacy could not be returned under the Fugitive Slave Act, since the south was a separate country. I find much of merit in this argument.

      I think there’s little question that the US is far too massive and centralized at this point in time. It has become easy for Muslim (and possibly other) infiltrators to come in at the top, and use their authority to bludgeon the rest of the country into diversity and suppression of individual rights. In fact, given the gridlock in Congress, the real governing authority might very well be the 9 judges of the Supreme Court.

  7. Note: The PPT mentioned in the article and the link to it takes you to an ORR general site. I can’t find the PPT. Help!

      • Belinda says she was just referring to the logo. No copies of powerpoint were distributed.

        In other words, you can find the same logo at the indicated government website.

  8. Catholics, still the useful idiots who served Hitler, now serving evil globalists. Will they ever learn?

    • Notice the preponderance of females among the troublemakers involved in that caper in Virginia. Also, if they are much like the “Catholic” females whom I have encountered during more than 4 decades of contact with such people, then they have only a superficial understanding of the popes’ faith and morals. And, like my own Mariolatrous mother, they are pridefully hostile to letting theirselves be corrected by any male who know better.

    • Probably not. I wrote to one recently (who for some reason thinks I’m Catholic) and advised them that HRC is pro-abortion, and that the RCC opposes it. In return I got a response that “I do not wish to discuss religion or politics.” DUH. Probably because this person couldn’t. Typical lefty though, everytime you try to talk to them, the stick there fingers in their ears and start singing, “la, la,la, la.”

      • Robert Spencer, anti-Jihadist and Islamic authority extraordinaire, is a devoted Catholic, although not at all a fan of Pope Francis.

        The Roman Catholic Church is not alone by any means, in participating in the destruction of our people and culture. The United Methodist Church, Lutherans, Baptists, and Reform Jewish come to mind off the top of my head, with no research whatsoever.

        I don’t know why so many of our institutions are making their best efforts to destroy our country. I wish I did. Although, as I like to point out, their actions are quite predictable by now, although their inner reasoning is still murky. So, as with quantum mechanics, we can make great progress simply with observations from the outside.

        It’s time to engage in some subversion of our own.

        • I believe Mr Spencer, whose ancestors fled Turkey c1920, comes from the Eastern Catholic tradition; not sure whether they acknowledge the useful idiot in the Vatican, but I’m awfully tired of his constant theme, “England is finished”.

    • According to my findings, “Hitler’s Pope,” hid Jews from the Nazis during World War II. Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel, praised Pius XII, said, “the Holy See is lending its powerful help wherever it can, to mitigate the fate of my persecuted co-religionists.” Israeli diplomat Pinchas Lapide estimated that Pius XII was instrumental in saving “at least 700,000, but probably as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands.” Leftists pushed the myth that Pope Pius XII actually served the Führer. The current Pope is one of the worst ever.

      • It’s been too many years since I read the documentation for the claim “Hitler’s Pope,” but as I recall there was some basis.

        Meanwhile, it bears mentioning that the current Pope probably does not have an American (or any kind of English) outlook on life. It might be worthwhile to disregard him as a possible leader of defense against the establishment of Islam in “Christian” countries.

        • There was no ‘basis’………just allegations and events interpreted through a hostile lens

      • Thank you for the reminder.

        I don’t remember where Hitler asked the Pope’s permission to co-opt power in Germany, to begin World War II, or to exterminate the Jews.

        The Catholic Church, like any institution, will act to preserve its own institutional existence. You’ll always find instances where the Church acted out pf expediency, rather than raw courage. But, I think the image of Pope Pius XII as uncaring about Jewish extermination has been debunked.

        By the way, most German Jews could have been saved simply by accepting them on American, British, or British-controlled soil. I’m not saying a country should allow itself to be inundated, but finger-pointing at someone else is often a display of virtue-signalling rather than anything useful.

        • Indeed, and those (sadly few) who were taken in by we Brits have made a considerable contribution- as usual. The British obstruction of those wishing to go to (present day) Israel, as mandated by the League of Nations, is an equally shameful episode in our history.

  9. I am glad people stood up to these traitors and recorded the meeting. I need to be aware of any such meetings in my area. Our Mayor opposes the Muslim refugees and said the vast majority are going to Tuscon an hour away. If these treasonous groups try to bring a flood of these refugees here I am not sure what we can do to stop it. Even if they brought in a thousand to our town of under 6,000 it would impact the culture here and not for the good either.

  10. This seems to be a new version of the resettlement process, a bit more clandestine than how they did Rutland, VT.

  11. Great article – but I would like to know what one does to defeat them. AND to educate the otherwise brain dead among them.

    Having read this article I remembered that I recently saw a sign welcoming “refugees.” So I called the public library and if anyone in Austin wants to do something the church the sign is at is St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church at the intersection of Wells Branch and Wells Port on the east side of I-35. There website is

    Recently they had a speaker on helping the people of Gaza and they have a link to an article about this which also links to the Huffington Post. The church seems to be very big on “social justice.” Surprise, surprise.

    • You can encourage people to support charities that do not deal with refugees. If enough people stop giving money to these groups calling themselves churches then it will be that much more difficult for the powers that be to salt the earth with these so called refugees.
      What Christian would tithe a church that then gives the money to promote islam anyway because there is a vast gulf between charity and cutting your own throat.

        • You need to study up on the FedRes, IRS and how money is made, has nothing to do with taxpayers. It has to do with computers and moving numbers.
          That money didn’t exist 30 seconds ago, and did not come out of your pocket. What you pay in taxes gets skimmed off the top by the FedRes to pay themselves with.

    • How to defeat them?

      Vote for Trump and hope he follows up on his promises.

      If Hillary is elected? We all our defeated.

      • “If Hillary is elected? We all our defeated.” (Presumably: We are all defeated.)

        Not necessarily. And, preaching such merely adds to the possibility. Let’s not do that.

        • How about “when Hillary steals the election”? Nothing one can say about that embodiment of greed & ambition can be considered “adding to the possibility”…We’ve been watching the Dems steal what are laughingly called “elections” for a long long time. See Kennedy and Nixon…President John the Unready had a daddy who could and did steal elections. Chicago is a boughten hellhole. A perfect example of what happens when corruption keeps winning.

          How many Illinois politicians are in jail, have been in jail, or are fighting off going there? Crimicrats.

          • “How many Illinois politicians are in jail, have been in jail, or are fighting off going there?”

            Several, but maybe Illinois is just better at catching them. 🙂

          • “President John the Unready had a daddy who could and did steal elections.”

            Yes, but Joseph Kennedy apparently made promises to organized crime figures, such as Sam Giancana, to obtain their help in stealing the elections. Afterwards, President Kennedy apparently felt keeping promises to organized crime figures was optional, rather than mandatory.

            I think it was that calculation that resulted in the early Presidency of Lyndon Johnson.

  12. Great work. Thanks for telling the truth!
    My head is spinning…I am a Catholic who opposes this nonsense and tyranny.

    • Why is it that it always seems to be hatchet faced women of a certain age that inflict such damage on their own societies?

      Perhaps they should be forced to lead by example and house one of the degenerates, at their own cost, for life, Instead of inflicting him on others!

      • “..hatchet faced women of a certain age that inflict such damage on their own societies…” It does seem that way. Maybe, it is partly due to the fact that women have eschewed their inborn, God-given role as mothers. Instead they want to be actors (not saying actresses LOL) in a ‘man’s world’ and they just don’t know how to ape the male personna. It ain’t in the DNA

  13. Simple minded Catholic churchgoers with no historical knowledge about the 1,400 year scourge of humanity called Islam are one factor. Opportunistic money grubbers who purport to help the poor ” military age male ” refugees to suck hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and expenses from the unwitting taxpayers is another factor. A media { print and electronic }working as slavish servants helping with this agend is another factor. All of this is being controlled by some Multi Generational psychopaths who think they are living gods; and who want to destroy All Nation States by mongrelizing the populations with the Islamic ” Demographic Time Bomb ” which will enable them to create order out of the crisis they created. The plan is to cull humanity to a maneagable five hundred million souls. As far fetced as this sounds…I believe it is true. Our Hope ?? Believe it or not….The Christian East ; headed by Vladimir Putin. Get yourselves informed…there is still hope.

    • If indeed there is such a sinister power behind all this, they aren’t too much smarter than the rest. They left an important factor out of their calculations: Islam. Islam comes with its own order, and given half a chance, will install it by force. Hoping to be able to use it just as a wrecking ball to create enough chaos for their purposes is beyond naive.

      • I imagine quite a bit of planning and preparation went into the Saudi execution of 9/11. Much easier today. Where are all those patriots I have been hearing about all my life? By now I would have thought the government would be shaking in its boots. Massed rallies rejecting sharia and such? Just axing.

        • I just finished a novel about the three-letter agencies who work on “keeping us safe”. A peripheral part of the story dealt with the fact that far more planes crashing into things had been planned but things went off so well that those further down the line faded back into the woodwork.

          Another contention in the book was that all those willing Saudi mujahideen were the result of decades of rich American pedophiles being given access in Saudi Arabia to little boys. The families of the latter were “rewarded” with medical care for kids and eventual college educations for these victims. Thus, all the “martyrs” who wanted to destroy America had long before that been destroyed by American perverts who could afford Saudi prices for prime young veal…

          It certainly made for an interesting plot twist. So did the part where the Seal team didn’t drop OBL’s body into the ocean but rather saved him for “enhanced interrogation” at an out of the way place in the Pacific.

    • Actually I’d say it was Viktor Orban, the PM of Hungary. But I agree with the rest of what you have written.

      • Orban? Actually some of his countrymen have reviled him as corrupt, even traitorous–right here on GoV; but I agree with your comment, he’s a courageous leader in a time of crisis.

        But Orban has no power; Putin does, though…

        Btw, why does everyone seem to forget the Chinese?

  14. In a sane world (as if!), Anastasia Brown, Patricia Maloof—and all of their ilk—would find themselves brought before a military tribunal (as in: no constitutional jurisprudence need apply in cases of abject treason).

    Calling them “whores” would be too easily interpreted as [gasp!] dreadfully gender-specific labels for their particular brand of utter (non-gender-specific) prostitution.

    • They are indeed, and there can be no excuse for that. Betrayal by traitors is happening everywhere in the entire western world, with impunity, it would seem.
      Back when I was a kid we had this word ‘accountability’ which seems to have disappeared…

  15. There’s a good article at the Gatestone Institute site today about Germans leaving Germany because of the irresponsible immigration policies there. A lot of them move to Hungary. Where can we go? It reminds me of the joke Reagan told about the Cuban who had lost everything to the Castro dictatorship and came to the United States. Someone told him how terrible it was for him and replied it wasn’t as bad for him as it would have been for the American. The Cuban had America to come to. There’s no place the American can flee to.

  16. My mother would always finish family prayer time with a humble request for the “conversion of the Mohammedans.” Today that would be reported to the Multicgestapo as child abuse or worse.

  17. Why don’t you hold a debate or town hall meeting on your grievances? I listened to the recording and cursing out the speakers will not get you answers…Some people had legitimate concerns, like – “Why aren’t we bringing in more Christian refugees?” aka Chaldeans and other Syrian Christians. We actually have a Chaldean Congresswoman who pays particular attention to this issue — Rep. Ashoo.

    Or, perhaps another question could be “How can we ensure provisions for Christians in the Middle East that are facing current genocide?”
    I would like to hear real discourse on this. What ever happened to the days where we had open debates and honest discussion?

  18. My standard question in all these cases of placing muslim immigrants is, “How many of the immigrants being forced upon us are going to be settled in the neighborhoods where the beauracrats reside?” If they want them living next door to themselves, I would consider having them live next to me!

    • Don’t forget the New World Order people might very well be idealists who would have no objection to destroying their own environment. Some might change their minds once the refugees live on their own estates, but then again, some might not.

      The discussion reminds me of the British South African woman I met. She hated the Dutch-descended Afrikaners, but yet, she herself had been raped by the blacks whose cause she she supported.

  19. The Roman Catholic church is the center of the New World Order. That’s why they support Muslim satanists.

    [Comrade Pope Francis] LOVES Muslims terrorists.

  20. Muslins are gonna git ya, we are all gonna start wershippin Sharia, whoever she is. I found one under my bed and he turned me into a Muslin!! Idiots

  21. These people and the USCCB are NOT the Catholic Church, but the Anti-Christ! Unless and until the pope disbands the USCCB, and all of its nefarious activity, keeping only its Pro-Life office, I know they are all the Church FAKE, the modernist/satanic takeover of the REAL Church than mostly ended in the Spirit of Vatican II!

    I say MOSTLY because Christ promised. The REAL Church endures among the truly Faithful, comprising no more than TEN Percent of the stated membership, who actually accept ALL required Church beliefs, and most of those attend the Traditional Mass suppressed by the followers of the Freemason cardinal Bugninni who forced a mostly Protestant mass on us.

    More than any other factor this New Mass led out of the Church and destroyed tens of millions of souls, all but now destroying the formerly Christian and Constitutional culture of these United States of America.

    These demonic promoters of massive invasion by Muslim enemies are about the last straw!

    Demand the bishops publicly repent and go in sack cloth, taking their lackies with them. They themselves are stooges for the demonic world government trying to swallow us all!

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