“Obama does a Merkel, only with Mexico”

Vlad Tepes sent me this video link. It’s worth sharing with our readers. Thank you, Vlad, for uploading this video:

I knew our illegal immigration “situation” was bad, but I didn’t know it was this bad. There must be thousands of people who have been injured, robbed, or otherwise traumatized (not to mention the many killings of innocent people) whose misery can be laid at the door of the current administration.

But watch to the very end, when the reporter mentions the lack of pushback by our Congress; they — both sides of the aisle — are every bit as responsible as Obama. Which is why we need not only a new Executive at the helm but a thorough cleaning out of our complacent, colluding Legislative branch.

Donald Trump’s trampling of political correctness as he campaigns for sovereignty at our southern border strikes a resonant chord with the many Americans who have been directly affected by these murderous intruders. I, for one, applaud his outspoken efforts on the behalf of those who have suffered because of the obscenely self-righteous treachery to be found at all levels of our federal government.

For an excellent analysis of Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president, and a further look at Hillary’s perfidy south of the border (it’s much worse than you’d think), see these two pieces at The New English Review.

The first, from September 3rd, is an analysis of the leftist Atlantic magazine’s opinion piece on Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president: “The Atlantic Spreads Unfounded Fears about Trump-Mexico Future Relations” is a good fisk by Dr. Walid Phares. He takes apart this alarmist-as-usual MSM jornolist interpretation of world events for which The Atlantic is justly infamous. Their views have become increasingly tedious and predictable.

The second essay, by Steve Hecht, is well worth your time.

“What Really Happened Between Mr. Trump and Mexico’s President” presents more evidence of Hillary Clinton’s unsavory character. Just when you think we’d already been told everything…

I hadn’t read Mr. Hecht before but I’ll be watching for him in the future.

By the way, in reading these two essays the other day, I had to check on the name of Mexico’s president. My ignorance, no doubt a reflection of many others, is indicative of the extent to which we have been told to focus our eyes elsewhere. Why does the MSM ignore Mexico so profoundly? Cui bono?

[You can bet that if Hillary wins the presidency, Enrique Peña Nieto will suffer for his invitation to Mr. Trump. Her fury will be that of Carabosse, the wicked fairy godmother who was not invited to Sleeping Beauty’s baptism.]

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  1. Is this the truth about the gun culture. We only shoot ourselves. Where is all that, “we got guns” gone? They pack ’em into neighbourhoods irregardless of what citizens and the various and sundry town hall and other meetings say. The most one sees is maybe a few sorry looking locals with placards. These “Specisl Reports” are old pc clap trap. Same now as in the Regan era. Except that now we have at least 20 million plus on our backs led by one of their own who only sees revenge.

  2. Oh, please. The word is regardless, not irregardless.

    I know, not much of a comment. The rest leaves me speechless, at least for now.

  3. Off topic. Please click to vote for the book to get published:http://www.annemariewaters.org/an-appeal-for-two-minutes-of-your-time/

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    You probably know that Anne Marie Waters – part of PEGIDA UK – runs the blog shown on this blog in the sidebar Sharia Watch UK.

    It’s interesting to read people’s experience: I read the founder of Danish People’s Party (Danish:Dansk Folkeparti), Pia Kjærsgaard’s memoir (Danish:erindringer) ‘Fordi jeg var nødt til det’ (English:Because I had to do it). Because I suffer from Asperger’s syndrome – a mild form of autism – myself, I could immediately see, that Pia’s brother had Asperger’s syndrome, and I told her so, via email. By the way, it is clear to me, that Madonna (the singer) also has Asperger’s syndrome.

    • I’ve wondered about this myself. I don’t like being around other people, especially when I’m trying to think about something. I’ve thrown away several mobile phones because they rang when I was thinking about a problem, and now don’t have one at all. When I get wound up by other people’s stupidity and incompetence, one of my methods of relaxing is to study Venn diagrams, categorical syllogisms etc. Logical patterns. I get frustrated when I see obvious logical or mathematical pattern and solutions and other people just say the stupidest things, and obviously don’t get it at all. Maybe I just ‘don’t suffer fools gladly’ but I have wondered about whether I would be on the autism scale. I did take one of those online quizzes, and I was.

      • My talent is language, definitely NOT math – or algebra. But one of Asperger’s syndrome’s (Hans Asperger, 1906-1980, Austrian cildren’s physician (pediatrician)) most important effects on me is that it makes me mentally tired quickly, as if “soft” drum sticks were drumming on the inside of my head all day. I think there is a problem with inbreeding on the islands of Denmark, or it is because my father’s father was a twin, and he passed the syndrome on to my father and so on. OK. Remember to click to cast your vote.

      • My regards, barfbag (great pseudonym!) and anon. I’ve a friend who’s somewhere on the spectrum, though we’ve never discussed it; from a “normal” point of view, he can be maddening, but I daresay it’s at least as frustrating for him, or you two, dealing with the rest of us!

  4. This is why I don’t consider Islam to be the real enemy. Of course, Islam is AN enemy, a deadly one – the second deadliest we have, in fact. But THE enemy is the civilizational gangrene of the West itself, which has spread far and deep beyond its point of origin in the Left.

    If every last muslim were to be shipped off to Pluto tomorrow and every trace of Islam erased from the records of humanity, the West would still be relentlessly killing itself with whatever means available. It would start doing it with Mexicans and Africans instead; and if it ever ran out of those, it would do it with rabid dogs, broken bottles, rusty needles, or weaponized teddy bears (wait, maybe that last one has already been tried a few times).

    These quasi-end-times aren’t homicide; they are suicide. It’s all self-inflicted, folks. No muslim or Mexican ever did more than ride a preexisting Western condition all the way to the apocalypse…

    We all yearn for a leader who would boldly name the enemy, but can we stomach that name? I wish it were Islam. I wish it had a Mohammed Coefficient. Certainly, our immediate goal is to drive that deranged pseudo-religion back to Hades at any cost. But let’s not forget who invited them and has a long, long list of potential replacements.

    • The left is King Louis XIV of France. Political Correctness is our unsigned treaty. Verily I say unto you, I don’t know who the King of Poland is in this allegory.

    • Exactly right. East Germany had minefields, wire, watchtowers, border guards, and dogs. The reaction was impressive when I threw a stone over the fence of my Berlin campground one night in 1962. They meant business, which we do not.

      The GDR was no economic powerhouse but they invested scarce resources to enforce the will of the elite. In contrast, we have vast resources – more than 3,500,000 active and reserve military in Europe alone – and no will. Enemies wearing sneakers and carrying diaper bags enter because they feel like it.

      Rod McKuen was famous for writing sappy poetry. The joke was that something especially stupid or sentimental would make even Rod McKuen throw up. That “something” now could fairly be said to be Western liberalism. The malevolence of the far left plays a part, of course, but the real rot is the mental flabbiness and giggly sentimentality of Westerners who swallow, without a burp, toadlike ideas like “propositional nation,” “nation of immigrants,” “multiculturalism,” “living Constitution,” “obligatory metissage,” “European values,” “globalism,” “safe spaces,” “racism,” “reparations,” “open borders,” and sexual confusion that would embarrass a baboon.

      As someone recently wrote, the solutions to our problems will be illiberal ones. Either we adopt such solutions or the tipping point on the slope down to oblivion will be reached in one generation, if not less.

  5. I would like to start or re-start a discussion. Why do these ‘leaders’ do that?
    There are some possible answers:
    1. Some truly believe in what they are doing. Let’s call them the useful idiots.
    2. Some are truly evil, or are power hungry.
    3. But I believe that most of them are bought (i.e. paid by the people in #2 and by the enemy itself). The means of payment are money, reelection or pure blackmail (once they are caught in the net.)
    If we could prove that somebody is paid, or better, that a group of them is paid, locate foreign (and most likely, unreported and thus illegal) accounts and so on, we may bring their downfall.

    • I think you are correct. The absolute uniformity of Western elite perfidy and goofiness is just out there for all to see. No leader in his right mind could sincerely believe that importing Muslims and Zulus adds anything to Western countries or won’t cause huge problems. Does the toad Hollande really believe the French must embrace Islam? No. A Soros messenger with €1M is a clue that convinced him. (Or a brand new Lambert’s.) “Oh, yes! Now it is clear to me.”

      One estimate I read was that the political elite of 20 European nations could be bought for 750 million dollars. Clearly a calculation performed on the back of an envelope but even if you double that figure it’s something that Soros alone could accomplish with ease. David Gelbaum alone paid the Sierra Club $100 million to shut up about open borders. So, really, $1.5B is chump change to the slimerati.

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