Halal in the Family

This is France, for crying out loud! Why don’t they just issue these loony culture-enrichers with guillotines when they enter the country?

Or was this guy born in France?

Notice that the reporter is at pains to note that the young decapitator invoked “God” (presumably Dieu) rather than “Allah” when he carried out his grisly deed. And, yes, it’s possible that he may be a Christian rather than a Muslim. But according to my database, Senegal is about 95% Muslim, roughly the same as Qatar and Jordan.

We’re told that the unfortunate young man is insane. He may also have been bullied in school. But no matter what, this incident had nothing to do with Islam.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the French weekly news magazine Le Point:

Woman beheaded in Courbevoie

A young man of 25, known to police and described as insane, killed his mother on Monday night with a knife in the Hauts-de-Seine.

by Aziz Zemouri

The Nanterre prosecutor confirmed the information on Tuesday morning to Point.fr. An individual beheaded his mother Monday night in Courbevoie around 10 pm.

It was the neighbors from the building in the town center of Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), here the mother of the alleged assassin resided who alerted the police between 9:30 and 10pm. Upon the arrival of the staff of the DSPAP (the Directorate of Public Security of the Paris region) police in the Paris region, a 25-year-old individual of Senegalese origin was holding the head of his mother, 54, in his hands. According to the first elements of the investigation, he decapitated and eviscerated her with a ceramic knife. Police overpowered the perpetrator after four shots with a taser. He couldn’t be interviewed by investigators because of his state of “proven dementia.” “His words were incoherent even if he invoked God — but not Allah — at one point. It is a sad news item,” reports a source close to the investigation.

The SDPJ in charge of the investigation

The individual is now in the hospital. He was known for acts of violence committed in 2011. “The police had never had to intervene in this building before. There is no trace of the family [in that context] in the records at the police station,” said a police officer. The SDPJ 92 — the departmental service of judicial police of Hauts-de-Seine — is in charge of the investigation.

2 thoughts on “Halal in the Family

  1. I’ll venture a guess. In Senegal, this guy would have been recognized early as a pain, so his family would have quietly offed him, and spared themselves and the local government the time and expense of putting him through judicial proceedings. Or, the police would have done it for them.

    If a Western NGO had gotten wind of the practice, they would use it to bring human-rights violation charges against the government. Quite possibly, a Secretary of State like Hillary Clinton used to be would use it as a pretext to initiate covert operations against the government, so they can engage their fantasies of democratic nation-building.

    The big problem comes from trying to judge different peoples by Western standards. In the West, it’s appropriate to put European descendants through rigorous procedural safeguards. It’s expensive, but maintaining the rights of individuals is a beneficial trade-off. How many European descendants have you heard of beheading relatives? There is a tradition of beheading criminals and political opponents after some type of criminal proceeding, but not much of the do-it-yourself variety.

    The logical consequence is, we get those problems by importing the people inclined to cause them, especially outside the system of social and tribal constraints adapted to handle them. It’s perfectly natural to get sharia zones adapted to dealing with low-IQ, impulsive, violent men and sheep-like, submissive, interchangeable women. The real decision point to be made is to not import these people in the first place and just as important, leave them alone in their natural environment.

    • The current situation is what we have purchased with 60 years of well-meaning but misguided foreign aid. Every airlift to starving mismanaged third world countries of food stamped ‘a gift from the people of the USA’ or UK or wherever has been an invitation to ultimately cut out the middle man and move to where the free stuff comes from. Looking back now, hard hearted though it seems, the better thing to have done would have been, indeed, ‘leave them alone in their natural environment’. The process of these peoples taking up the invitation has only been further spurred on by our destablising military interventions amid fantasies of democratic rule in countries that actually prefer being under the heel of the ‘strongman’ like Assad or Hussein (Saddam, not Barack).

      As an aside, I would not underestimate the influence of western internet pornography as a further attractant for the ‘low IQ, impulsive, violent men’ of Islam. The porn industry’s predictable immediate embrace of the internet – it has been the ultimate ‘early adopter’ throughout history – has been broadcasting content showing ‘submissive, interchangeable (western) women (sex slaves)’ for the last 20 years. It’s foolish to imagine Muslim men from Somalia to Saudi Arabia don’t view western porn videos showing willing women with multiple men and fancy a piece of that action for themselves.

      Free stuff AND sex slaves just a short rubber boat ride away. All aboard.

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