Marine Le Pen: Time to Change These Outdated Governments and Their Weak and Dishonest Presidents

The video below shows some excerpts from a recent appearance by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, at a campaign rally.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Marine, Marine, Marine
00:08   Marine President
00:12   Look at the British, they had the courage.
00:16   Despite all the prophets of doom, they have chosen their
00:20   destiny. They have decided once again to become their own masters
00:24   and to leave the EU.
00:28   They made the choice of independence.
00:36   If you object to the clothing provocations of an extremist minority
00:41   you are an “Islamophobe”. If you remind people that secularism requires
00:45   religions to be discreet and restrained in the public sphere,
00:49   you are an “Islamophobe”. I repeat forcefully:
00:53   It is the mission of politicians not to bend,
00:57   but to calmly analyse these concerted strategies aimed at making us feel guilty,
01:01   to denounce their mechanisms and
01:05   to disarm them.
01:09   For each citizen,
01:14   the best weapon against terrorism
01:18   is the ballot paper.
01:22   It is the ballot paper that will allow
01:26   us to change these outdated governments and
01:30   their indecisive, weak and dishonest presidents.
01:34   The battle
01:38   we will lead is the most beautiful, and the greatest
01:42   of battles, it is the battle for France. Long live the
01:47   the Republic, long live France!
01:51   Marine President
01:55   Marine President

4 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: Time to Change These Outdated Governments and Their Weak and Dishonest Presidents

  1. I’ll believe England leaving the EU when I see it.

    As far as I can tell, they’re dawdling and shuffling when it comes time to make any real decisions. All the Muslims and third-worlders came in when Britain was thoroughly in control of its own borders. I’ll make a prediction the demon negotiators of British Prime Minister May will make treaties with the EU binding Britain effectively to most of the EU regulations.

  2. It’s as though these governments are inviting, stoking a violent, native rebellion. Every day I read the news, and it gets progressively worse, more outrageous than the previous days report. I hope there will be some dramatic changes soon.

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