Machete Rampage in Ukkel

A couple of weeks ago a mentally disturbed Filipina ran amok with a machete on a bus and in a shopping center in the Ukkel district of Brussels. She wounded three people before being shot and arrested by police. There is still no official word of any motive for the crime other than madness. However, it’s worth noting that the woman is clearly wearing what seems to be hijab in the video taken when she was shot.

Many thanks to Dr. Van Helsing for translating this Dutch TV report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   (Police) Attention! Attention!
00:04   Shoot. She stabbed someone. Shoot her.
00:12   (Commenter) The Ukkel police shoot a woman with one shot, in public.
00:15   She is hit in the arm and the stomach.
00:18   The Philippine woman, aged 52, had stabbed two fellow passengers in this bus.
00:21   After leaving the bus, she stabbed a third person.
00:25   This amateur footage shows her sitting on a terrace in a shopping centre.
00:28   Police show up quickly. but the woman doesn’t respond to their commands.
00:34   (Police) Take your hand out of your pocket.
00:40   (Spokesperson for prosecutor) Police tried to neutralize her by asking her to let go of her weapon.
00:44   Police tried pepper spray too, but that didn’t work, either.
00:48   This left police with no other choice than to shoot at the woman to neutralize her.
00:53   (Commenter) The police fired a warning shot first, but that didn’t help.
00:57   The woman started running through the shopping centre, chased by the police.
01:02   (Police) Attention. They are going to shoot. She has a knife. They are going to shoot.
01:08   (Commenter) While leaving the shopping centre, the woman
01:11   tries to stab a passerby, but the attempt fails, luckily.
01:14   Police see no other choice than to shoot her. The woman has not been interrogated yet,
01:18   nor has she been put under arrest.
01:23   (Spokesperson for prosecutor) The prosecutor required the assistance of the investigative judge
01:26   (a magistrate who does discovery in criminal cases) for manslaughter.
01:29   The investigative judge issued a statement this morning that the suspect
01:32   cannot be interrogated because of her condition.
01:38   (Commenter) A terrorist motive is ruled out by the authorities.
01:41   The suspect is a woman who suffers from mental issues.
01:44   The three victims have all been released from hospital.

9 thoughts on “Machete Rampage in Ukkel

  1. Interesting she was mentally disturbed. It’s another one! This morning on the radio I heard the not-so-dulcet tones of the Australian Prime Minister suggesting that ‘radicalisation’ often had to do with mental illness. It’s time the mentally ill rose up in protest.

  2. I’m so sick of the cover-ups by the authorities worldwide as they scream nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.It’s an insult to my intelligence that they believe I am capable of swallowing such blatantly obvious lies.

    • Sorry should read”nothing to do with Islamic terrorism”.Forgot those pesky quotation marks.

  3. Ah, that old “mental illness” dodge, not of the Muslims, but of the authorities! Works every time! Who’s mentally ill, these days? Our craven cowards, or the criminals bent on committing jihad?

    • We are not far off from the time when victims will be traduced as attention seekers wilfully hurling themselves on the blade of some innocent Muslim quietly going about their lawful business with a machete ( as you do)

  4. Two police officers were just attacked in Molenbeek with a knife. One was stabbed six times in the stomach, the other once.

    Luckily both were wearing bulletproof vests so they are not seriously injured:

    The incident has nothing to do with islam and that it happened in Molenbeek is merely a coincidence.

  5. Can the news get any worse? I have to fortify myself each day before reading.

    However, I do think people reach a limit and it’s approaching. I cannot imagine what life in Europe is these days (I can but I don’t enjoy it).

    I do wish people were more educated in history — this has happened before. The Gates of Vienna is well-named but I wonder how many realize what it means, in the historical sense.

    Baron and Dymphna, thank you for all you do. I don’t see any of this in the ‘main-stream” media.

    P.S. When I said I’d send you a little something to help, I didn’t expect to be pole-axed by a young grand-daughter (she got the money). But I haven’t forgotten and I will come through — soon!

  6. The woman was probably a card carrying member of Abu Sayyef, the Philippine Islamic terrorist group.

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