Carl Lang: “They Dominate Only Because We Submit”

Carl Lang is the president of the Parti de la France, which he formed in 2009 after leaving the Front National.
In the following speech given near the Eiffel Tower, Mr. Lang spoke out against Islamization and the destruction of the French national identity, and called for the formation of a civilian national guard of 100,000 armed men.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the timing, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I’ll be brief. I first want to give you a figure.
00:04   Between 1995 and 2015 there were
00:06   2,687,000 persons who acquired French nationality,
00:09   that is, 128,000 persons who acquired
00:16   French nationality per year for 21 years.
00:20   There were 2,687,000 persons who acquired French nationality, that is,
00:24   128,000 persons who acquired French nationality per year
00:28   If anyone asks you if they want to change
00:32   the population in order to change the voters, well there’s the proof.
00:36   It’s not just a question
00:40   of opening the Republic to diversity,
00:44   but of destroying national identity, and national memory;
00:48   it is about cutting the French people off from their history
00:52   and from their rights as a people, because we, the French people,
00:56   in this land of France, our home, we have rights:
01:00   the right to remain French, the right to defend our national identity,
01:04   the right to defend national sovereignty, and I might add
01:08   that it’s not only a right but a patriotic,
01:10   historic duty and a duty to survive.
01:16   In this combat, ladies and gentlemen, no one will silence us,
01:20   just as no one has ever silenced us. I’ve had the opportunity,
01:24   with Jean-Yves Le Gallou, for decades, to defend
01:28   French identity, to denounce the consequences
01:32   of immigration, to tell the French that immigration would lead to
01:36   Islamization, that Islamization would lead to sharia,
01:40   jihad and civil war, and to holy war.
01:44   We were insulted, called every name,
01:48   we were excluded. I happened to be
01:53   on a television program in 2012,
01:57   I answered a journalist’s question: “Monsieur Lang,
02:01   what do you hope for?” I answered: “I hope to return France to the French
02:05   and Europe to the Europeans.” Ladies and gentlemen, three key words:
02:09   awakening, the awakening of the French people,
02:13   some people are stuck in
02:17   in a sort of torpor
02:21   and don’t want to see reality, they hide from reality,
02:25   and become ostriches, hearing no evil,
02:29   seeing no evil, they must wake up
02:33   and face the challenges of the century ahead. Awakening,
02:37   then awareness. This was said earlier. It’s not just about
02:41   choosing some model of a society, it’s about
02:45   facing the challenge of a political and religious totalitarianism,
02:49   a totalitarian ideology that wants to install
02:53   a dictatorship of sharia and a dictatorship of the world caliphate.
02:57   That is what it’s about, and that is what
03:01   we have to commit ourselves to fight against.
03:05   Awareness, and to conclude, commitment. Let us not remain
03:09   passive, let us not accept our fate,
03:13   let us not be carried away by renunciation,
03:17   by the path of least resistance, by abandonment, the spirit of capitulation.
03:21   If we, the French people,
03:25   do not commit ourselves, no one will do it for us.
03:29   The young people who wage jihad
03:33   are proud to fight under the flag of Islam
03:38   and they advance only because we back off;
03:42   they dominate only because we submit.
03:46   It’s because we have nothing to oppose them with that those people progress
03:50   and impose themselves, and little by little create the condition of Islamization
03:54   of our society. And in a way, how can we
03:58   blame them? Since the so-called
04:02   French elite who are supposed to respect France, the French flag,
04:06   the fatherland, have these past decades practiced
04:10   the refusal of France, the refusal of patriotism, the denial of our identity,
04:14   of our history, of our memory. An anecdote:
04:18   when I was a young councillor in Haute Normandie we had the idea
04:22   to ask the regional council,
04:26   which owns the walls of the high schools,
04:30   to adorn the pediments of the schools with the French flag.
04:34   We asked for a vote so that the French flag —
04:38   you realize it was the French flag — be placed on the pediments of the high schools.
04:42   Well, of course, the regional assembly,
04:46   by an overwhelming majority, all political parties included,
04:50   voted against the French flag
04:54   being placed on the pediments of the high schools; this was in 1986.
04:58   You see that the work of the resistance did not start yesterday, but it must go on.
05:02   Finally, we have called for the creation
05:06   of a civilian national guard. Of course,
05:10   young people must be able to enlist in the army reserves,
05:14   the gendarmerie, and the national police if they choose. But to face the challenge
05:16   of terrorism, of blind terrorism
05:22   that can strike anywhere, where least expected,
05:26   the nation must be armed,
05:30   the French must be in a position to defend themselves,
05:35   there must be a disciplined civilian national guard, well-trained,
05:39   that can at any moment —
05:43   no matter what their job, artisan, businessman, teacher, in short —
05:47   be ready to respond to the challenge
05:51   of terrorist violence, the people who have come here to kill us,
05:55   destroy us.
05:59   How many Catholic priests have to be slaughtered
06:03   during Mass before the French people deign to rebel?
06:07   Have we become the vulgum pecus (ignorant masses), the servile sheep,
06:11   or do we still have the awareness of who we are
06:15   and do we still have the will to defend French France? Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Carl Lang: “They Dominate Only Because We Submit”

  1. Why did he leave the Front National? And if his party got any votes, would he at least work with the F.N.?

    • In lands that have first past the post voting systems, any split of the vote on a policy or set of policies is most harmful. If the voting system is proportional, your question becomes relevant–so let’s hope it is.

  2. Oh, THAT’s gonna get him in trouble. Hell, Brigitte Bardot has been in jail many times for this kind of “hate” speak.

  3. To answer his question at the end of his speech. Yes, you have become the vulgum pecus (ignorant masses), the servile sheep.
    It’s likely that your outrage at wanting the People of France to be more “French”, will get you some time in a French jail, if you continue to spew this hatred of islam.
    And your entire country, and in fact, all of Europe, will curse you for your hatred in supporting anything that is not islamic.

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