Videos From Reutlingen

Below are three videos about today’s culture-enriching machete attack in Reutlingen. The first two are subtitled in English. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

First, from Politically Incorrect, a brief eyewitness video apparently taken during the attack:

“Frau Künast” is a reference to Renate Künast, the Green Party politician who expressed her disappointment that the police killed the axe attacker in Würzburg, instead of using non-lethal force.

The second video is a news report from German TV:

And here’s some footage of the aftermath from RT (no subtitles):

Transcript video 1:

0:01   Mom, oh my God, oh my God!
0:04   You can’t get out in the city, you’re exiting in the city!
0:07   Oh my God, you can’t get out in the city,
0:10   because there’s a psycho walking around with a knife.
0:14   Mom, you can’t get out in the city.
0:17   Picture of cop boot on the Syrian: “Frau Künast, like this?”

Transcript video 2:

0:00   At a snack bar in Reutlingen a man with a machete was thrashing around.
0:04   According to the police he killed one woman and injured two more people.
0:09   In the meantime the man may have been arrested; more details are not known at this time.
0:16   And now via telephone from Reutlingen, our reporter Walter Zahn,
0:19   Herr Zahn what exactly happened there, what can you tell us about what happened?
0:24   As to what exactly happened, we by now know that the 21-year-old is an asylum seeker,
0:31   that he comes from Syria,
0:34   that he apparently got into an argument with one woman,
0:37   in that restaurant, and that’s how it came to this bloody attack.
0:42   Now that sounds like a personal motive.
0:45   How were attacker and victim acquainted with each other?
0:49   That is at the moment not known, I have no knowledge about it.
0:55   It’s said that one woman has been killed but there are also injured persons;
1:00   the police speak of two injured persons, can you confirm that?
1:04   Or are there gonna be more maybe?
1:07   One other woman and a man were severely injured,
1:11   but more is not known at this time.
1:15   Do we know if the two injured people were known to the attacker,
1:20   or were they so-called accidental victims?
1:23   That as well is not known.
1:26   Thank you very much for this initial information.