Machete Amok in Reutlingen

We never get a break from the jihad. It used to be that Vlad and I would have a breathing space three or four days, or even a week, between Islam-related crises. But not anymore.

Earlier today a young culture-enricher “ran amok” with a machete in the city center of Reutlingen, a town in Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. A woman was killed, and two other people were wounded.

From Politically Incorrect, translated by Nash Montana:

Reutlingen: Machete attack — one dead, two injured

BILD reported on a man, apparently armed with a machete, who walked through Reutlingen. According to a police report the man killed one woman and injured two more people. The man may have been immediately arrested after the attack. Merkelsummer 2016! We’re on it.

Update: 18:30 — According to police the man is a Syrian asylum seeker known to the police.

More photos and videos from the location of the attack:

[Two pictures, one shown here]

A guest of the chancellor is living out his culture:


This video and another one are in the works right now.

From, translated by Egri Nök:

The incident occurred in the inner city of Reutlingen, at the central bus station. Numerous passers-by were eyewitnesses to the deed.

“The perpetrator was completely out of his mind. He even chased a police car with his machete,” one witness told Bild newspaper. “A BMW driver then stepped on the gas and ran him over. After that he was lying on the ground, stretched out, and did not move anymore.”

The suspect is 21 years old. He has a police history of violent offenses and had been noted for previous deeds.

No nationality is mentioned in the news stories. But the official police outlet says:

“The suspect is a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Syria. He has a police record.”

The translator notes:

Bild is wrong when they say it was near a Turkish kebab shop. The restaurant is “Best Friends” and the little sign reads “Currywurst und Pommes”. That’s German working-class food.

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