12 thoughts on “Pat Condell: You’ll Thank Us One Day

  1. Pat and others will now need to watch like hawks that the slippery politicians don’t try to delay and back pedal on Brexit.

  2. Pat, thanks for your many great insights and God bless your many talents (hehehe).

    Seriously, you hit this one right through the net and out the back. Inspirational.

  3. One of the best things about Brexit has been seeing the sheer discomfort of those Delingpole calls the Wankerati.

  4. I disagree with Pat Condell on one thing. He says the leftist crybabies marching in the streets will thank the current generation one day for maintaining their freedoms.

    I disagree. Leftists as a whole are impervious to not only logic and facts, but to consequences. That is, regardless of how oppressive, fascist, and impoverished the EU becomes, it will not affect the ideologues in the least. These people have as their strongest goal not their tangible self-interest, but the maintenance of the purity of their ideal world. It’s a level of degeneracy that is hardly imaginable: the forsaking of the self for the maintenance of an abstract ideal. In truth, there is no evidence which could, in these people’s minds, falsify or invalidate their globalist concept.

    It’s like the Peter Ustinov scene in Spartacus 1960, where he inveighs against the puritanical general Crassus: “Give me some old-fashioned Roman corruption”. At least the people acting out of raw self-interest can be bought or bullied. It’s the one saving grace of Hillary Clinton: no one really takes her dedication to any principles seriously, and in any conflict of principles with money, the money will always win, hands down.

    • While I agree with you that while leftists are impervious to reality and live in their own world, they sometimes wake up. Take the case of Thomas Sowell. He says that he was a Marxist from the age of 19 to that of 29. Today he is anything but.

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