Culture-Enricher Runs Amok Near Würzburg

As reported earlier this evening, an underage Afghan immigrant inexplicably ran amok on a train in Bavaria, attacking a number of fellow passengers with an axe and a knife. After the train stopped he ran away, and was eventually shot dead by police.

The following account aired on ARD, the German public broadcaster, while the news was still breaking. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a more detailed report on the incident from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, also translated by Egri Nök:

Near Würzburg

Police shoots perpetrator after attack on train

Near Würzburg, a man with an axe and a knife attacked several travellers in a train and wounded them critically. According to the Bavarian Interior Ministry, the attacker is a 17-year-old Afghan.

[Photo caption: Police forces at the commuter train in Würzburg. After the attack on passengers, the attacker was shot by police]

On a commuter train near Würzburg, a man attacked several commuters and wounded three of them critically. He subsequently was shot by police. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Bavarian Interior Ministry late Monday evening in Munich. Another person was lightly injured, a police spokesman said. A further fourteen affected people who had been in the train remained uninjured, according to his account.

A spokesman the Bavarian Interior Ministry said that the attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan citizen. In an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk [Bavarian Radio], Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann confirmed the information regarding the underage attacker. Relying on eyewitnesses, the police were starting from the premise of a lone perpetrator, said Herrmann. He had come to Germany without parents, had been living for a while in the parish of Würzburg, in an institution in Ochsenfurt. Most recently, he had been living with a foster family.

Answering the question whether there was the possibility of an Islamist background, Herrmann said there had allegedly been “a yell”.

“According to my information there is an account reporting a cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’”, the Interior Minister said in the Nachtmagazin [Night Magazine] of ARD [public TV]. This needed to be verified. “Apart from that, according to my information, the passengers on the train did not note any specific Islamist background or anything like that,” Herrmann said. The investigations into the milieu of the perpetrator should be decisive, in his view.

[Photo caption: Attack on the train: a man critically injured several people near Würzburg]

As the police reported Monday evening in Würzburg, the perpetrator attacked the commuters with an axe and a knife. The train was stopped between stations in Heidingsfeld, where the perpetrator fled from the train and shortly thereafter was shot by police. A special forces detachment had coincidentally been nearby and could immediately begin pursuing the fleeing perpetrator.

The train had been on its way from Treuchtlingen to Würzburg. Railway traffic between Würzburg and Ansbach is suspended, Deutsche Bahn report. According to “Main Post”, substitute busses have been running between Ochsenfurt and the main train station in Würzburg since 10:30 pm.

Video transcript:

00:00   Ladies and Gentlemen, we return to Franconia, where a bloody berserker attack occurred.
00:05   We reported earlier in this show. According to the police, a man attacked
00:09   several people on a commuter train with cutting and stabbing weapons.
00:12   The number of victims has been corrected: three are gravely injured,
00:18   one victim injured lightly. Fourteen people are in shock.
00:21   The train was on its way from Treuchtlingen to Würzburg, and
00:25   the Bavarian Minister of Interior, Joachim Herrmann, now joins me from Munich.
00:30   Good evening, Mr. Herrmann. — Good evening. — Mister Herrmann,
00:33   what do you know about the progression of events near Würzburg?
00:39   Shortly after 10pm I was briefed by the situation room of the Bavarian police.
00:43   In the meantime I have talked to the officers
00:47   who are conducting the operation in Ochsenfurt, in Heidingsfeld, and in Würzburg.
00:52   The state of investigation, as has been communicated to me right now,
00:57   is that the perpetrator is a 17-year-old Afghan,
01:02   who had been living for a short while in Ochsenfurt.
01:06   On this train,
01:11   in the leg between Ochsenfurt and Heidingsfeld, a suburb of Würzburg,
01:15   he suddenly attacked other passengers,
01:19   with an knife and with an axe, and, on the train,
01:23   and wounded several people gravely. We cannot rule out that
01:27   some of the gravely-wounded are in critical condition.
01:31   The train then was stopped in Heidingsfeld.
01:36   The perpetrator left the train there,
01:40   and moved through the town.
01:44   Rescue forces and police were alerted.
01:48   Coincidentally, for a different cause, special police forces
01:52   and a mobile force were present in Würzburg.
01:58   They were immediately sent there,
02:01   and then stopped the perpetrator in Heidingsfeld.
02:06   He then attacked the police officers
02:11   with the knife or the axe, and subsequently,
02:16   the officers opened fire, and shot the perpetrator.
02:21   That is the current state of investigation. — Mister Herrmann,
02:24   do we have any clue at this point regarding the motives
02:27   of this running amok?
02:31   No, at this point we don’t. The police are investigating the background.
02:35   How long the perpetrator has been a resident of Ochsenfurt,
02:40   What are the circumstances, what is known about this man.
02:45   Who was in his company recently?
02:50   All this is being investigated, and the police are working intensively.
02:56   Thank you for your information, and your time, Mister Herrmann.

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    • He was only trying to become a better Muslim and go to paradise to claim his reward of 72 virgins.

      I mean, who can blame him? He just wanted to be a better Muslim.

      • And the only thing stopping most Muslims from being better Muslims is the basic instinct for self preservation.

  1. Liveleak has a photo and the “17 year old child” has a full beard. Please expose the lies of the German government and media. It’s the same as Sweden and the UK.

    • A full beard… just like those SYRIANS in Canada who attend an elementary school with little potential sexual assault victims.

    • Bet he was one those 35 year old “unaccompanied children” with wrinkles and gray hair.

      But what really surprises me in this story is how his nationality and refugee background have slipped through censorship. Someone is not doing his job properly. One should expect more qualification from ex-Stasi staff.

      • This is Bavaria. They do things differently in Munich than they do in Berlin.

    • lots of 15 year old middle easterners and caucasians sport full male secondary chracteristics (beard, pubic hair etc) , along with fully developped sexual predatory behaviour. What they lack is primary manhood which is summed in English as Gentleman and in Yiddish as Mentch.

    • 17 year old Afghan child…with a full beard….(sigh) So are Bavarians as gullible as the Berliners?

      “Most recently, he had been living with a foster family….”

      What does this foster family offer in details about this murderous migrant?

      “The four injured victims were a family from Hong Kong. The semiautonomous Chinese city’s top official, Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying, issued a statement condemning the attack and said representatives from the Hong Kong office in Berlin were visiting the victims in hospital. The “South China Morning Post” newspaper reported that the family included a father, mother, daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend. Another family member, a son aged 17, was not hurt, the newspaper reported.”


    • MichaelHorowitz Twitter
      #Breaking al-Amaq (#ISIS media) just released a video of Muhammad Riyad responsible for the attack in #Germany

      Rita_Katz Twitter:
      #Wuerzburg axe attacker:”I’m a soldier of the Caliphate…#ISIS will attack you everywhere…in your villages, cities, & airports”

      Rita_Katz Twitter😐
      #ISIS #Wuerzburg axe attacker:”I’ll carry out a suicide op in #Germany…I’ll fight you so long as I’ve vein that beats & slaughter you”

  2. “Coincidentally, for a different cause, special police forces and a mobile force were present in Würzburg.”

    How convenient. That is like winning the lottery.

    But why the special police forces and a mobile force were present in Würzburg?

  3. 8:17
    And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them. And you threw not, [O Muhammad], when you threw, but it was Allah who threw that He might test the believers with a good test. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.

    Islam belongs to Germany.

  4. Motive?
    Allen West knows.
    The bearded “youth” was doing “exactly what this book says”.

  5. The BBC reporting mentioned some witnesses had said the attacker had cried “Allahu Akbar”, but authorities were still unclear on the motive. The BBC noted in an earlier attack by someone crying “Allahu Akbar” that attacker was found to be mentally ill. Why they mentioned that is puzzling, unless it was to sow the idea that violent Jihadists are not bad but mad.

  6. The people are in critically condition are a Family (4) from Hongkong. This will have and I hope so, serious problems for the German Government. Bavaria has a lot Tourist from Japan and China. Hope this people sue the German Government and Merkel. She should be sued for every rape, killing and Unrest she created in my Country.

  7. “According to my information there is an account reporting a cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’”, the Interior Minister said in the Nachtmagazin [Night Magazine] of ARD [public TV]. This needed to be verified. “Apart from that, according to my information, the passengers on the train did not note any specific Islamist background or anything like that,” Herrmann said. The investigations into the milieu of the perpetrator should be decisive, in his view.

    The fact the police found an IS flag in his quarters should be decisive enough.

  8. @ Dymphna
    I hope China act with a international law suit and Travel restrictions for Chinese in Germany. I can not say, a Lawyer in Germany has the courage to prepare a law suit for the victims (Germans and Tourists) . My country is getting destroyed , from the Musslime with a IQ of 40. End of Europe and the white race. Wie gesagt, Austausch der Rassen. Your enemy is your Government. I fear the next step, the Goverment press the Germans to take Muslims in when you have no used room in your private home, the space is running out for this millions Invaders or take your Property away. In a German Dictator ship like we have, is this a possibility.
    George Orwells book 1984 is now getting reality.

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