Railway Jihad in Bavaria

A culture-enriching “youth” launched an attack this evening on a train in Bavaria. The high-spirited 17-year-old Afghan injured several people with a knife and an axe before being shot dead by police.

During his rampage, the attacker made what is now understood to be a cry for help from the mentally ill: “Allahu akhbar!” The youth is presumed to be a suddenly radicalized lone wolf who was marginalized by German society and had a history of mental health issues.

And yes, I made everything in that last sentence up. But just watch for it in the news later tonight or tomorrow; it’ll be there.

Here’s the breaking news story from Deutsche Welle:

Several Injured in Attack on Train Near Würzburg, Southern Germany

Multiple injuries have been reported on a train near Würzburg after a man went on a stabbing rampage. According to Bavaria’s Interior Ministry, the suspect has been shot dead by police.

A police operation is underway in the German town of Heidingsfeld, part of the southern city of Würzburg, after a man launched an attack on a passenger train at around 9.15pm local time (1915 UTC) on Monday.

According to Bavaria’s Interior Ministry, a 17-year-old Afghan shouted “Allahu Akbar” before launching the attack using a knife and axe. The suspect was shot dead by police as he attempted to flee the scene.

Three people were seriously injured and a fourth suffered light injuries. Another 14 people were reportedly held up in the train.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann said the possibility of life-threatening injuries couldn’t be ruled out.

The train route between Ochsenfurt and Würzburg has been closed.

10 thoughts on “Railway Jihad in Bavaria

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  2. Dhimmis pay for refugees’ railway tickets, dhimmis get slaughtered from time to time. Otherwise, they would soon forget they are dhimmis. Things are simple under Islam.

  3. Isn’t “Allahu akhbar!” Arabic for “Hands up: don’t shoot!”?

    • No, it means: “I’m a good moderate muslim. What I’m going to do has nothing to do with Islam. I’m just a bit upset because there was no pudding for lunch today in asylum center.”

      • Believed to have arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied minor ( probably had a beard though) from Afghanistan, reported there has been found in his accommodation a hand made ISIS flag too.

        To all the bleeding heart liberals in Germany and the rest of Europe stop importing this vicious ideology into your countries. Supposedly fleeing violence this savage has immediately sought it out, he is not deranged, mentally disturbed, or having “issues” he despised you!

        No doubt he arrived in Germany with an arrogant sense of self entitlement and far from showing any gratitude has literally stabbed you in the back at the first opportunity.

        Most sensible comment I have seen to date post Nice was from a French commentator ” not all Muslims are terrorists BUT all terrorists are Muslim!”

        To all the SJW’s still waving their rainbow flags, singing
        “Give peace a chance” and proudly displaying your moronic “I love refugees” placards you are as equally complicit as your treacherous governments in the misery being inflicted on your fellow citizens due to unfettered third world immigration! Hopefully one day,
        In the not to distant future you will all be held to account accordingly.

        Anyone bleating about immigration should have to be
        directly responsible for them, financially and for any of their actions, not the hard pressed tax payers who DO NOT WANT third world immigrants, with nothing to offer, bleeding their countries psychologically, fiscally,
        Constitutionally and morally dry.

        • To all the bleeding heart liberals in Germany and the rest of Europe stop importing this vicious ideology into your countries.

          As if people had any choice in the matter. Yes, some of the deluded (those whose lives are not directly affected) may offer their moral support, but no one had any actual input or influence on Merkel’s decision to let in the hordes of third worlders.

          We have the same problem here. The Dept and Homeland Security (Office of Refugee Resettlement), along with the State Department and Obama w/ his poison pen are the three responsible parties to this ruination of our culture. There are isolated “sanctuary cities” who are in on the deal, too, but just look at what happens when a city rebels (they are called “pockets of resistance” by bureaucracy and have gladly grabbed the name that the pro-migration side used). When Manchester NH mayor found out he had no power to stop the Feds from repeatedly dumping on his town, he decided to run for governor of his state. New Hampshire’s motto, “Live Free Or Die” is getting a lot of use up there.

  4. Report coming in that a family of four (mother and three young daughters)
    Savagely attacked at a camping site in France by a Moroccan man because they were “scantily” clad! Serious injuries inflicted on the victims some of whom needed to be air lifted to hospital.
    Did it not occur to this savage Neanderthal that it is far more objectionable to attack and stab innocent little girls (presumably wearing swimming costumes) than any perceived moral objection to their attire on his part.

    These so called ISIS “soldiers” or self appointed guardians of Islamic law are stuck in the 7th century intellectually and morally speaking and will NEVER adapt to 21st century Europe.

    How much more sacrifice is demanded from European peoples before their useless politicians react in a meaningful manner.

    Finally is it just my imagination or has the pontiff of the Vatican caliphate kept remarkably quite during the last few days of carnage in France and Germany or has yet to receive his script from his NWO mastered?

    • In the said incident authorities claimed that there is no link whatsoever between the attacker — a family man enjoying his vacation with his wife and children — and islamist terrorist organizations but instead it was a mere quarrel between neighbors. Better to cover up (following t German model) than being booed by the citizens unhappy to live with terrorism.
      Even for such statements those responsible for having brought the devil on our shores and still supporting it (pushing further their genocidal agenda) should face court martial. Even in this respect, our enemies are stronger (see Erdogan’s own jihad).

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