Angela Merkel: Is Dementia Setting In?

Has German Chancellor Angela Merkel drunk from the same cup of dysarthria as His Eminence Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, the Grand Mufti of Australia?

Has she maybe been infected with a variety of plasmodium that targets Broca’s Area in the brain? Or did she fall off her exercise machine, like Harry Reid? Or collapse after a faint, like Hillary Clinton?

Or is it perhaps bovine spongiform encephalopathy?

In any case, something seems to be amiss with the Bundeskanzlerin’s vocal utterances. According to Nash Montana, who translated these clips for subtitling, the German syntax in Frau Merkel’s latest statements has reached a new level of meandering meaninglessness. The English translation probably doesn’t do it justice, but readers who understand German can listen for themselves and form an opinion.

The topics discussed are not without interest. In the first video, Chancellor Merkel talks about the need to label products that contain pork, out of cultural sensitivity for some unnamed group. In the second clip she addresses (sort of) the possibility that terrorists may have snuck into Germany along with two million “refugees”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling these videos.

Angela Merkel on pork labeling:

Angela Merkel rambles on about terrorists among the “refugees”:

Transcript Video 1:

0:01   On the one hand, we can respect when someone has certain customs
0:05   or certain rules, and on the other hand this of course cannot lead
0:10   to a restriction for those who have other rules. That means that
0:14   one has to make sure that the variety of our offers, the way we are used to them,
0:18   is being preserved, but that for example a product is marked
0:21   when pork has been used in it.
0:25   But tolerance does apply to it in the sense that we do not
0:29   have to change our eating habits now, we ourselves know that
0:32   there are people who eat vegetarian, that there are people
0:36   who have this or that preference, and we have dealt with this in the past,
0:39   and that is what we should do now.

Transcript Video 2:

0:00   And we can think of things right away that weigh heavy on us.
0:05   The terrorism, in many countries, around us, around Europe,
0:10   but unfortunately as well in our own neighborhood,
0:13   in Belgium, in France,
0:16   and we feel suddenly that between us and Syria
0:20   there is a strong connection, because there are a host of terrorists
0:26   who grew up in Europe, in Germany as well,
0:30   and are then being trained in Syria. Then some come back again,
0:35   and partially even the refugee movement was used to, there…,
0:40   to smuggle in terrorists, and that is why the topic of security of the interior,
0:46   that Lorenz Caffier, who is the minister of the interior (of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
0:49   in the office right now before he became deputy prime minister (of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
0:53   has very essentially contributed to that the topic of interior security,
0:59   has had utmost importance in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
1:04   Now it just came to my mind that I forgot to greet another one,
1:07   Herr (…) that is, who isn’t just the state parliament candidate here,
1:12   but he does a lot for our economy which I will come back to later.
1:16   And so, the topic security of the interior, it motivates us all in the country,
1:20   especially in the question of exterior security, and that’s why we are
1:25   there as Germany, at many different locations, when it is about
1:29   reinstating peace, to fight Islamist terror in the form of the Islamic State,
1:34   and our women and men soldiers are doing very essential work.

25 thoughts on “Angela Merkel: Is Dementia Setting In?

  1. A CT scan or MRI is in order to see what the problem is with her head. Maybe her brain is deteriorating into nothing. She (and other EU leaders) are unable to think logically. The invaders are controlling the leaders apparently, making demands.

    • I am reminded of a subtle old joke: “Suffering headaches, Billy Idol had a brain scan yesterday. Doctors found nothing.”

      The same could apply to Frau Merkel.

  2. I hate to say it, but Angela Merkel has been insane for quite some time. It’s sad, but the sooner they remove her the better. Nobody (except a certain someone occupying our White House) would think of flooding their country with people from a country and culture that cannot be integrated into modern democratic cultures.

    People know this. It is well-documented. So why do they do this?

    Never mind. We all know the answer, at one level or another. It’s the crusades all over again, just in a different format from previously and there is no Polish president to ride to the rescue this time. And instead of the Gates of Vienna it is most of Europe and all of the western world, including America. God help us and I mean that in all sincerity. and hope.

    • Yes but that person in the White House is a Muslim so he is not insane, just doing what his CULT demands of him.

  3. The british pigeon just flew the EU coop and the ISIS vulture is coming

  4. It appears to me that she may be suffering from Tertiary Dhimmitude. I do not think recovery is possible.

  5. They said that Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer. I told them, “That’s impossible. That’s a conclusion based on facts not yet established.”

    In the case of Merkel, don’t ascribe to mental/medical causes that which can be explained by purposeful malevolence.

  6. After careful physical examination, observation of subject’s present signs and symptoms, and notation of subject’s mental history, I have reached a definitive diagnosis.

    The poor woman is suffering from a severe case of Intractable Idiopathic Infirmity in Intellect with Inclination toward Infantilism.

    I am sorry to say the prognosis is poor. The disease is progressive and fatal. There is nothing we can do, with current knowledge, to halt or reverse the course.

    As she is at risk of harming herself and others, I strongly recommend she be confined to an isolated location, preferably a single room with rubber-padded walls, to live out the rest of her few remaining days.

  7. Would this sane Berlin court dare make this decision against another religion?

    Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

    Judgement of the Berlin Administrative Court: No Access to Classified Information for Scientology Members
    12.07.16 | 17:16

    The court’s decision states that a member of the Scientology organisation can be denied access to trade secrets. Because of doubts regarding the organisation’s loyalty to the constitution, Scientology members have no claim to access classified information, the Berlin Administrative Court decided. On Tuesday the court announced that during so-called auditing, a questioning method used by Scientologist, a member might reveal secrets.

    Specifically this was about the case of a mechanic who is employed by a helicopter manufacturer. Amongst other things, the employer produces military helicopters and maintains machines of the Bundeswehr [German military]. A security check is a prerequisite for the job, carried out by the
    Federal Ministry of Economics [Bundeswirtschaftsministerium] upon application by employers. In the case of this man the ministry decided that security concerns and doubts about his trustworthiness exist because of his Scientology membership. In addition it was doubtful that he advocated the free and democratic Basic Order [freiheitlich-demokratische Grundordnung]. Above all there was a danger that he would reveal secrets during the ‘auditing’ employed by Scientology.

    Plaintiff: Scientology-Membership is a Private Matter
    The mechanic argued that he had never done anything wrong as a mere member of the organisation. He viewed Scientology as a religion and thus as his private matter. If in doubt he would put aside the concerns of the organisation in favour of professional interests.
    However the Berlin Administrative Court [Berliner Verwaltungsgericht] endorsed the ministry’s decision. The ministry’s doubts regarding the trustworthiness of the plaintiff could not be legally challenged, as the ministry has a wide range of discretion in the matter. The judgement found that a large number of pertinent sources demonstrate that Scientology follows anti-constitutional goals. It stated that no decision was required on whether the organisation is a religion, as the ministry’s notification was no violation of the fundamental right to religious freedom.
    An appeal against the judgement may be made at the Higher Administrative Court [Oberverwaltungsgericht] Berlin-Brandenburg.

  8. Not dementia, there are just other, just as valid ways of seeing the world :). Psychologist Nicolai Sennels on the topic here: “Muslims instinctively see our lack of reaction as fear, its an invitation to attack”

    • Sennels is one of the best, if not the best, psychologist who understands family systems and how they apply to the larger culture. Denmark is quite fortunate to have him.

      IIRC, he also writes for New English Review, since that is where I first ran into him.

      Sennels has sacrificed a well-paid sinecure working in the field of family systems in Denmark. His non p.c. approach, his clarity and honesty, cost him professionally and financially.

      I had read him before, but this NER essay was the first in-depth exposure of his work for Americans.

      It’s too bad his book-length work hasn’t been translated into English. He writes in a passable Danglish, but it wouldn’t be suitable for a whole book…

      …otoh, anyone retired from this field, (1) whose grasp of both languages and (2) of the tenets of family systems (there are several psychological theories or schools of thought to be found under the aegis of “systems”), (3) who likes to edit, would be benefiting a larger audience if they undertook such a task.

      It is sobering to begin to understand the utter ‘otherness’ of Muslim families and, in turn, how unreachable are their children.

  9. From the translation it appears that Chancellor Merkel displays the symptoms of some form of dementia. Unfortunately those who govern the elective dictatorships of most of the European and North American countries share her kind of madness to some degree or other.

    But what could be a possible cause of such a uniform and broad based level of lunacy? Could devotees of leftist political cultism, politicos and journalists, really be driven to such levels of insanity under the influence of their belief system?

    It is almost as if this planet’s movers and shakers of historical forces in most of the elective dictatorships are under the mind control of some impish but malevolent group of space aliens. Yes, this is just a speculative fantasy, merely a science fictional update of the ancient ‘possessed by unclean spirits’ superstition, but I remain completely at a loss to find any kind of plausible explanation, and have been so for a long time.

  10. Whatever you want to call it she’s away with the fairies ,non compos mentis and indeed in great need of in-patient care in a psychiatric hospital

  11. Maybe Alexander von Bellen might be able to have a chat with her. It helps sometimes to find certain empathic others!

  12. Dymphna, I just finished reading the essay noted in your remarks. I found it very interesting, since I, like many others, thought that Muslims just have a different religion but otherwise are not that different. I now know better and I thank you for providing the link.

  13. The hollow sopoforic style resembles the intellect of the speaker but has the purpose of hiding facts within the statement such as at 00:39:

    “… an partially even the refugee movement was used … (by the terrorists)”

    Vlad Tepes does not point the importance of this statement, which contradicts numerous statements of Merkel and the Bundesregierung, who stubbornly declared that no terrorist would enter Europe this way and villainised everybody stating the obvious.

    At 00:39 Merkel admits that she invited terrorist to enter Europe without any control.
    In her speech she however pretends that this was caused by force of nature and not by force of Merkel, which should give reason to resign immediately.

    Skills learned from Agitation & Propapaganda (Agitprop)-lessons , complete lack of responsibility and unscrupulous opportunism are the secret of Merkels success.

    However, this mixture requires a suitable substrate, namely a nation, who follows any such leader and will never grow up.

    Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur!

  14. I hope and pray all the misrule does not produce a European Lives Matter response with a wave of political assassinations followed by whatever. To some it must seem more and more the easier softer way. Imagine what the Muslims and their communidt tools will bring forth. If……….

  15. The chancellor should undergo mental status testing followed by a MRI and PET scan. She could be in the early stages of frontotemporal dementia, a devastating brain disorder that is much more common than previously thought, and tends to strike people in their 40s to 60s.

    The Alzheimer Association was almost too successful because most people think dementia means memory loss in the old, not inexplicable, uncharacteristic, impulsive behavior in the prime of life.

    Her ill-conceived decision to throw open the borders without first receiving the German citizens’ consent nor the countries’ permission through which a million unwelcome guests plowed, should have been the first clue that something very serious may be going on, especially since she had declared only a few years before that multiculturalism had utterly failed.

    If her speech is different now then the disease could be spreading into the left frontal/temporal lobe, the language center.

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