Criticizing Immigration is a Criminal Offense in Bavaria

Vierkirchen is a municipality in the district of Dachau, in Bavaria north of Munich. A Vierkirchen man and his were recently tried and convicted for creating an immigration-critical group on Facebook.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Der Münchner Merkur:

Married couple sentenced for anti-immigration Facebook group

Vierkirchen — A Vierkirchen couple was brought before the district court in Dachau, accused of sedition. The husband had created a group that was hostile towards refugees.

Due to the supposed anonymity of the Internet, the number of rightwing radical messages is increasing. But a married couple from Vierkirchen had to find out that there is no guaranteed anonymity. About a year ago, Peter M., 27, created a Facebook group called “Anti-Refugee Movement”. Since he and his wife, Melanie M., 26, are the administrators of the group, they had to stand trial in court on a charge of sedition.

M.’s description of the group was: “The war and economic refugees are swarming our country. They bring terror, fear, suffering. They rape our women and put our children in danger. It has to be stopped.” He added a picture of the German flag — and just like that, the creation of a radical rightwing group was finished, so says Judge Lukas Neubeck.

The group grew astoundingly fast: In only two months, it gained 900 members. One Facebook user, however, whose disposition was in direct opposition to that of M., stumbled over the group and reported it to the administration of the social network. They checked the group — and found it to be indiscriminate.

Therefore the Facebook user went to a police station in Lübeck. They discovered that the group was created on a PC from Vierkirchen. So they forwarded the case to the Kripo [Criminal Police] in Fürstenfeldbruck [adjacent district].

The couple came without their lawyer; she had — according to Judge Lukas Neubeck — waived her mandate just before the main trial. They brought their ten-month-old son, who sat on his mother’s lap during the trial.

“One can’t even say anything critical at all on the topic of refugees without immediately being branded a Nazi. I just wanted to create a forum for discussion where people could voice their opinions about the refugees. I never gave it much thought as to the exact phrasing; I didn’t mean it like that,” the accused tried to justify himself.

M. kept asserting that he checked out all members of the group and that he had repeatedly suggested in his posts that he didn’t want to read any radical right-wing utterances — but he couldn’t prove it; the group has been deleted in the meantime.

After repeated inquiry by Judge Neubeck, M. then said at some point that he doesn’t actually have anything to do with refugees, and that he distances himself. That the only thing that bothers him is “the actions of the chancellor”. M. used the male ‘Kanzler’, instead of female ‘Kanzlerin’ in front of the judge, at which point Neubeck indicated to him that Germany has a female chancellor and not a male chancellor. “Furthermore, you are not exactly distancing yourself from refugees with this group. The description of the group is a stringing-together of pure generalizations, with a very clear radical right-wing background.”

M. was sentenced to nine months prison, suspended, and his wife was sentenced to a monetary fine of 120 daily rates at €10. Judge Neubeck: “I hope that you understand the seriousness of the situation. If I find you here again at this bench, you will land in prison.”

23 thoughts on “Criticizing Immigration is a Criminal Offense in Bavaria

  1. A very unclear judgement. Specific phrases like “They rape our women” are over-generalised. I wonder how they would have fared if they had just mentioned Cologne New Year or ‘higher rape statistics’ (with evidence attached).

    In other words: is it forbidden to criticise immigration policy at all or to post unproven negative generalisations?

    It is understandable that Germany is s**t-scared of what they call Volksverhetzung – incitement of the masses. But then they should look at islamic antisemitism too.

  2. Because we all know that worrying about immigrant crime is tantamount to murdering millions of people, dragging the entire world into war. I guess to be a judge in Germany requires an IQ in the single digits.
    Curse the Nazis, them import tens of thousands of them intent on finishing the job. What morons.

    • Precisely.Wanna- be German judges all have to prove they have the I.Q of an eggplant ,to have a chance of being called to the bar .

      Anyone who shows a frightening and unnatural intellectual superiority to a vegetable is summarily disqualified for the position.

      • Greetings

        Please remember that Germany remains a country under occupation and that German law is not their own.

        Germans are unable to vote in referenda.


  3. The coming civil war that will cost millions of lives and change the western European landscape to a God forsaken place. Too bad.

    • Insensitive as it may sound, I rather hope that there is a civil war since then there would at least be the possibility of western culture and civilization, at least in pockets, surviving on that continent. But I rather think that the percentage of people who will surrender without a fight is too high, and that is what will happen: abject surrender. Germany will (in relative quiet) become an Islamic state, and that will be that.

  4. If those Germans don’t watch out, Vierkirchen might become Vierundvierzigmoscheen before they can say so much as a Hail Mary.

  5. Ah, and so it begins. Will they start building gulags now for anyone who criticises Government policy?

  6. Dictionary: sedition — incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.

    Evidently there is NO free speech in Germany, so it’s not much different than in Hitler’s time. Merkel is evil or deranged, IMO. and I would not step foot in Germany no matter how much I were paid to do so. What hope have the actual Germans, being overwhelmed by Rapists, Inc? And on top of it, their tax money goes to support the rapists. . . this is really sick.

  7. How many (Muslim) immigrants have/are coming to Germany this year? The media and government have been almost silent on the matter, which leads me to believe the numbers are substantial. Are these immigrants the family members of those who came last year, or is this a whole new batch of young males?

    • Just think, if the West hadn’t rejoiced at the fall of the Berlin Wall so readily, the childless, communist, delusional Merkel may have have been safely contained and EU nations may have been a little safer today.

  8. I hope that they all see their ‘Judicial’ enemy–which is the first one that must be defeated before their fight even begins.
    I hope all my Bavarian shooter/hunter friends cherish and maintain all those WW II artifacts that were still hidden back in the ’70s.
    They’re gonna need ’em, methinks.

  9. If the judge’s standard were universally applied then every book seller hawking copies of the Koran would be in prison and every mosque would be shuttered.

    Do they still show the Nazi show trials in documentaries etc, in Germany? When I was a child they were very common on TV in the U.S., but are rare now days. I think the answer is no; if they did too many people would realize that there is no judicial philosophical distance between Judge Neubeck and the People’s Court under Judge Freisler. The German hierarchy is rabid about Nazism not because of their moral enormities, but because of their opposition to international socialism. For individuals before the court this is a distinction without a difference. Statists must defend statism. Badthought must be silenced.

  10. Sickening how their own government is betraying the German people. They don’t have 1st Amendment protection like in America, but if some Leftist and Muslims had their way we would lose that protection.


    Internet Guards have been established in Germany. The one above allows questions. Would a German citizen ask what is being done about koran verses online that incite violence? For instance, Sura 4:34 incites domestic violence. Why is that not banned and people posting it prosecuted?

    Or do they consider religious hate speech and incitement to violence to be fine?

  12. I fear for the people of Germany , and for western civilization . The chic thing these days is to blame western civilization for all the worlds evils, when in fact, Europe came within a hair of being overthrown by the lslamic caliphate. In which case, America wouldn’t exist, due to Western European countries being taken over, and it’s people being killed off, or enslaved. Back to present day issues, it looks like there is a large scale agenda on the part of Merkel and her allies to transform Europe ,wiping out the beautiful societies and cultures that have made Western Europe what it is, or was. She seems unbothered by the fact that her own people will be the casualties of this absurd reformation . Calling Germans nazis is a great way to discourage free speech, or any negative comments about the refugees. The refugees openly call for the death of Jews, while yelling “Heil hitler “, which is also illegal in Germany. This goes unnoticed and uncensored . Now Merkel partners with FBs Zuckerburg to police German citizens who voice their fears or concerns . Scary times indeed. To think Left wing German citizens would actually report fellow citizens is even more absurd and scary. Reminds me of when “loyal” Germans were obliged to report anyone known to be aiding or hiding Jews. Germany is in trouble, while their citizens voices are silenced with threats of jail time, loss of livelihood , and being ostracized . All this should be incredibly alarming to the rest of the civilized world, yet, we are told of how wrong it is to generalize certain people, the contributions they’ve made to our own country, how it’s a beautiful religion of peace , how there’s nothing more beautiful than the call of the morning prayer at sunrise ….

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