Restoring a Catholic France

The French are an emphatically secular people, politically speaking. Laïcité, roughly translated as “secularism”, is a fervently-held (dare I say sacred?) principle in France. Religion must be kept out of politics and governance.

The encroachment of Islam in French political life has changed all that. As a reaction to the Islamization of the Fifth Republic, a Catholic organization called Civitas has made the transition to a political party.

The following report from TV Libertés discusses the emergence of Civitas on the French political scene. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


6:38   Civitas launches into electoral politics!
6:43   The Catholic movement that came to prominence during the demonstrations against gay marriage
6:47   has chosen to invest in the elections to influence the debate, and, why not, to have representation.
6:52   The announcement of the movement’s change into a political party acted like a bombshell on the Left.
6:56   The radical left wing deputy Olivier Florin
6:59   even went so far as to compare the Catholic movement
7:02   to the Islamist terrorist ISIS and the terrorist responsible for the killings in Orlando.
7:05   For the Catholic movement, this appearance in the electoral landscape is not made in order to
7:09   participate in the presidential election, but specifically to present legislative candidates
7:13   and to support personalities close to its opinions.
THE CARTOON: The Catholics enter politics. France of King Clovis, of Jeanne d’Arc and of St-Louis… It looks much better than France of terror, of Middle East and of Flanby [caramel custard, also nickname for François Hollande]
7:16   The president of Civitas, Alain Escada, explains the reason
7:20   for this transformation into a political party. — Civitas is becoming a political party
7:23   in order to share with the public
7:29   our idea of a French state
7:35   and how we can restore France,
7:39   France that is Catholic, a real country…
7:42   We think that right now, all of us who are defending a Catholic France,
7:50   a real country, a rural France with her climates, vineyards, food and traditions.
7:53   We are, in one way or another, still political orphans,
7:56   because, if we want it or not, right now
8:00   our national opposition is being influenced
8:06   by a lobby that takes it away from its roots.
8:10   We are there to defend a civilization,
8:13   we are there to defend family life
8:18   and the identity of the French civilization.
8:22   Even if the arrival of Civitas as a party is not a political earthquake, it could still have
8:26   consequences on the Right. First of all because the party could support Jean-Frédéric Poisson,
8:30   the candidate for the Republican primary, and thus enable him to achieve an interesting result,
8:34   if Alain Escada’s troops mobilize.
8:37   The National Front could also benefit from it: by having a party to its right.
8:41   Marine Le Pen could go further in the process of de-demonization of her image,
8:45   especially thanks to the Civitas militants not exactly being shy and quiet.
8:49   Invited to a radio debate with the MP Florin,
8:52   Alain Escada openly denounced the influence of Freemasonry in French politics.
8:57   If the party were to grow, one thing is sure: the public debate
9:01   might be animated and probably a little more free…

18 thoughts on “Restoring a Catholic France

  1. To compare a Catholic party in France to ISIS is a sign of either madness or blatant contempt of the truth.

    I am not a Catholic myself and not a great fan of the current Pope either, but it has to be admitted that Catholicism is the basis of the French civilisation, while Islamic fundamentalism is the basis of some very different civilisations – Saudi Arabia for example.

    If you see no difference between France (and not only modern France, but that of ancien régime too) and Saudi Arabia you are either blind or mad or a shameless liar.

    • There is nothing wrong with a secular state as long as it is enforced strictly and without exception.

      Whilst the Islamic faith is placated at every turn, the magic phrase “Islamaphobia” is permitted to turn the media and politicians into drooling apologists nothing will change.

      If you are required to pray 5 times a day good luck to you but do it on your own time and in private!

      Just because of some mediaeval belief that your meat has to be barbarically slaughtered do not expect the vast majority of others to accept this horrible practice either. If pork, ham or alcohol offend you do not work in shops, supermarkets or restaurants.

      It’s quite simple really, the silent majority need to stand up and SHOUT about their rights for a change and complain about “Francophobia” instead.

      • The French can hardly find meat that is not ritually slaughtered in accordance with sharia.

      • A secular State more in (post-)Christian countries tends to develop into an anti-Christian State.

        It interferes with Christians’ beliefs and their private lives, prevents them from bringing up their children according to their faith, promotes a viciously aggressive anti-Christian culture, while, at the same time, it – in the name of ‘multicuturalism’ and ‘non-discrimination’ – it protects Muslims and encourages them to avoid integration into European societies and convert the natives.

        Europe is built on a Christian foundation. Remove the foundation and it will fall. The fall has begun. If Europe does not return to authentic Chrisitan faith, the chances are that in a few decades it
        will simply cease to exist and its land will be divided by Arabs, Africans or anyone who would care to take it.

        The remaining native Europeans will be pathetic, idiotic savages despised by their new masters.

  2. The French Revolution and the deliberate dechristianization of France is when the West lost its soul. And with it, they lost the spiritual antibodies necessary to resist the virus of Islam. It takes a religion to defeat a religion.

    Reasonable secular materialism is no match for Islam. If a human’s life has no more meaning than the pain/pleasure response of its lifespan, has no supernatural dimension, and Islam presents the unavoidable choice of submission or death, the faithless materialist will submit almost every time, it’s the only reasonable thing to do.

      • Let’s keep in mind, that Christianity also has strong elements in common with traditional philosopy from the East. Buddha, for one. Confucious, another.

  3. Praise God! Imagine if Civitas succeeds, the French armed forces could once again be on the march in the defense of Christ! This is something to pray for!

  4. They should really stop celebrating Bastille Day and weep because now every sector of France is quickly becoming a Vendée.

  5. France is the country in Europe which has cohered the longest and which still largely coheres. Elsewhere you find regionalisms which can be more easily exploited by the the New Class which aims to balkanise in order to centralise. No matter how clapped out and fragmented things get, most French feel French and want to be French. Yet they have strong regional attachments!

    France is, as before, the pivot. If globalism can be stopped there, its tide will be turned. We are all Vendeens now, even Aussie rednecks like me.

    Dieu le Roi!

  6. Freemasonry?

    Oh well, so long as they don’t go back to the “Jewish-Freemason Plot”…

    There is no lost love between me and Ultra-Catholics, but I wish them luck. Hopefully the moderate elements in Civitas can push for a United Front with Le Pen… that would be, in my opinion, the best chance to keep the situation in France… shall we say… survivable?

    then again, I’m no expert in French Politics

    • Freemasonry, indeed!

      The Freemasons were responsible for the French Revolution and this is obviously understood in France as evidenced by this video’s transcript, at least by the Catholics and for good reason. Moreover, two French politicians openly discussed this very thing on July 1, 1904 in the Chamber of Deputies of the French Parliament.

      Marquis de Rosanbo stated: “Freemasonry has worked in a hidden but constant manner to prepare the revolution. We are then in complete agreement on the point that Freemasonry was the only author of the revolution, and the applause which I receive from the Left, and to which I am little accustomed, proves, gentlemen, that you acknowledge with me that it was Masonry which made the French Revolution.”

      To which Mr. Jumel, Rosanbo’s opposite, replied, “We do more than acknowledge it, we proclaim it.”

      The Masons also had a hand in The Cristero War in the late 1920s in Mexico. President Plutarco Calles, an atheist and 33rd degree Mason held the Church be the “cause of all Mexico’s misfortunes” and, of the 4,500 priests in the country before the war, only 334 remained in 1934. Calles received a medal of merit in 1926 from the head of Mexico’s Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for his efforts against the Church. Again, a deliberate and brutal attack on the Catholic Church and Christianity by Freemasonry, not with rhetoric, but with murder.

      And I won’t even get into the Bolsheviks, Lord Alfred Milner and the radical, genocidal atheism of the Communists (a word of French derivation, by the way).

      Twelve Popes of the Roman Church have issued 23 papal condemnations of Freemasonry, with Clement XII issuing the first in 1738 forbidding membership in The Craft, just 21 years after the first Grand Lodge was formed in London. The Roman Church long ago saw the danger that Freemasonry posed to Christianity and history has shown that to be warranted.

      Oh, as an aside, Shriners swear an oath to Allah on the Koran. Have you ever wondered about those red fezzes? Also, not all Masons are Shriners, but all Shriners are Masons.

  7. How French-language writers from islamic countries who are critical of islam get treated by other intellectuals: about Kamel Daoud:

    ” In the New York Times he wrote: “One of the great miseries plaguing much of the so-called Arab world, and the Muslim world more generally, is its sick relationship with women.” More: “The pathological relationship that some Arab countries have with women is bursting onto the scene in Europe.””

    “A group of 19 professors in France drew up a statement accusing Daoud of a series of ideological crimes, consisting of “orientialist cliches,” “essentialism,” “psychologization,” “colonialist paternalism,” an “anti-humanist” viewpoint, and other such errors, amounting to racism and Islamophobia. Le Monde published their accusations. “

  8. The French region Britanny, on the North-West coast, is quite an independent region, which has a newspaper, Breitz Atao, Journal
    of the National State of Britanny.

    It would hardly be any surprise if Britanny one day would cut loose from France.

    • Little and Great Britain

      The people of Britanny do feel closer to UK when it comes to culture, as well as being closer geographically. Their traditional judicial systems are different from the Latin law of Paris.

      France, as such, is in general, hostile to the UK, points out the above article in the Breton paper, Breiz Atao.

  9. Catholic – Judeo Christian – names
    at the French top administration

    Random example from Bataclan case


    “Hearing in camera, of Mr. Michel Cadot, prefect of police in Paris, Christian Sainte, director of the judicial police in Paris, Jacques Méric, director of security near the Paris area, and General Philippe Boutinaud, commander of the fire brigade of Paris (BSPP)”
    From Torture and Mutilation of the Victims in the Bataclan GOV

    Not knowing about any connection to Freemasonry of the above persons, in particular, there often are connections to persons in higher positions within the administration, however.

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