A Statement From His Eminence the Grand Mufti of Australia

The Egyptian-born Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, is not well-known outside of Australia, although he did gain prominence briefly last fall for his public remarks after the jihad massacre in Paris. Reacting to the news from France, Dr. Mohamed said that the West needed to address “causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention.” The usual Islamic boilerplate, in other words.

A few days later The Daily Mail revealed that in a book written in 1993 (and translated into English by the notorious Keysar Trad), the mufti addressed Western women, describing them as “…exposed as a piece of sweet pastry, without covering, devoured by the eyes of men, dirtied with mud, and having flies roam around you.”

The following day there was a big kerfuffle over the cover of the (Australian) Daily Telegraph, which showed three photos of his eminence in classic “see no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil” poses. Various media outlets went into high dudgeon, claiming that Dr. Mohamed had been “portrayed as a monkey”. The composite photo was seen as racist, and so was its caption: “Sees no problem, Hears no concerns, Speaks no English.” The last part is a reference to the mufti’s penchant for holding press conferences in a language other than English — presumably his native Arabic.

Take a look at the photo — it’s not like the Telegraph put his face on fuzzy little monkey bodies. He’s shown in his usual suit and tie. The paper’s digital artist has just added pairs of hands in appropriate positions. In this case, “monkey” is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a stretch, even for the legacy media.

I collected all of the information above to introduce a recent statement released by the grand mufti. It was sent to us by Salome, a long-time reader and commenter in Australia. The text arrived as a PDF, so I don’t know its original provenance. The photo of his eminence that was included in the PDF must have been taken when he was far younger than he is today, so I’ve used one from a more recent media article.

Read Dr. Mohamed’s statement carefully, and see if you can discern any concrete information in it — any meaning whatsoever. As far as I can tell, it’s 338 words composed of vapor and phlogiston:


By his eminence Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Grand Mufti of Australia

It is essential at the outset to differentiate between an ideological notion and its followers, and indeed between ideological systems and those who belong to them. Fundamentally all the religions are free from any fanaticism that breeds radicalism. Radicalism is one of the diseases of fanaticism, and Islam specifically considers fanaticism against its very nature, against its methodology and teachings, and against its goals. Islam is a religion that at its very basis is a beacon of light from which all truth streams and as such is contrary to all that radicalism, fanaticism or extremism represents.

Radicalism is an old epidemic that renews its fall upon societies every now and then, causing confusion and fear amongst its citizen. It undermines the harmony of societies, serves to mar specific sections of a society and some of the society’s interests. It also distorts the facts of Religions when it falsely aligns itself to them. Radicalism is a disease without country, race, or religion; its direct cause is usually a lack of understanding of religious teachings, wrongly nourished through error of interpretation by individuals who lack the religious education and training.

It is therefore a disease that all religions dissociate themselves with [sic], however those most vulnerable to it are those individuals who have deficiency in knowledge and understanding resulting in a lack intellectual and cultural immunity. It must therefore be stopped and treated.

In treating this disease, security mobilisation alone is not sufficient to deal with it, since ideological positions cannot be changed by legislation alone. To prevent the evolution of radicalisation from its manifestation in the individual to that of a phenomenon and from the state phenomenon to an ideology, we must collectively pool are efforts and resources to build a more resilient community that is able to confront and treat this disease. Leadership in the pursuit of this goal is crucial and at the forefront of community leaders must be the esteemed, intellectual religious scholars of all faiths, and those enlightened literates [sic] and people of high opinion.

41 thoughts on “A Statement From His Eminence the Grand Mufti of Australia

  1. Incredible. He emanations are as dense as a brier patch. It needs only Br’er Rabbit to come along and heave the puir man back into the thicket.

    Gor blimey. At the very least.

    My dear Baron how do you manage to put these perposterousicities together – I should have thought to hear loud noises and clangs coming from your office as you hammered this one together. Either you are becoming inured to utterances like this or the close proximity to banal evil has left you numb.

    Poor Oz.

  2. Obviously he lies about Islam not having anything to do with radicalism and even more preposterously being a “beacon of light from which all truth streams”. And then the usual B.s. about all religions and ideologies having radicals, blah, blah, blah…
    Of course he says the West must be to blame. Islamic spokesman always say that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.
    The part at the end about all leaders must be esteemed is the usual demand by muslims that they MUST be respected, regardless of of how many murderous atrocities they commit.

    The whole article is the usual gobbledygook that passes for intellectualism these days.

    • I fear that the beacon of light from which all truth streams may be concealed by His Eminence’s trousers.

  3. How many more innocents were murdered by Muslim terrorists in the time it took to read this piece? Can’t we just [intemperate suggestion redacted]?

  4. Does this Grand Mufti know English, or are his errors studied for some purpose (e.g., obfuscation or the soporific induction of boredom)? A few examples…

    “It is essential at the outset to differentiate between an ideological notion and its followers, and indeed between ideological systems and those who belong to them.”
    — The first clause says the same as the last clause. Is this padding to achieve the desired word-count?

    “Radicalism is an old epidemic that renews its fall upon societies every now and then, causing confusion and fear amongst its citizen.”
    — What is the antecedent of the second pronoun “its”? What is fear amongst a single person? Shouldn’t “citizen” be “citizens” or “citizenry”?

    “those individuals who have deficiency in knowledge and understanding resulting in a lack intellectual and cultural immunity”
    — Is “lack” an adjective, meaning something like “lax” or “slack”?

    “we must collectively pool are efforts and resources”
    — Shouldn’t “are” be “our”? And doesn’t the concept of “pooling” imply the concept of “collectively”?

    “people of high opinion”
    — What does this even mean? Are these people the bestowers of high opinion, or the recipients?

  5. The worst thing is, you’re usually lost for a proper response that would expose the ridiculousness and untruth of such junk for everybody to see. Then they turn away full of smug and themselves. This is how they win, leave everybody in a mental vacuum filled with the belief that they, the Muslims, had just been misunderstood and wronged again. It doesn’t matter the argument is hollow, it is left standing and makes a lasting impression if nobody puts a needle into it right away.

  6. “We must collectively pool are [sic] efforts”.
    the kuffar must pay more.

  7. Jargonistic Nothings! What else could any rational being make of this pseudo-intellectual drivel.

  8. What I don’t understand is why there is even a grand mufti in Australia at all.

    • In Islam, a Grand Mufti and his coterie of scholars called an “Ulema” set up shop in each area or region that on their bucket list is to be conquered, eventually (through a combination of stealth & violence).

      How and why Islam developed historically into a diversity of a patchwork of sub-regimes, when its foundational and perpetual raison d’être is one of a single Umma organized as an earthly empire under a monolithic Caliphate expanding its supremacist Lebensraum in anticipation of the eschaton, I don’t know for sure; but I speculate it has something to do with the ongoing exigencies and limitations of the real world (i.e., normal people resisting Islam in one way or another + the inherent corruption & inefficiency of Islamic society due to its inherent depravity & psychosis) vis-à-vis the psychotic fanaticism of Mohammedanism.

  9. Do not try any of that illiterate rubbish in France right now. The latest security warning from that Islamised in the back stabbed country is that the French NATION is just one more incident away from a bloody civil war. These Muslim Arabs and their fellow African slave rapists and pillagers need to be shipped out en masse. Where to? Former Jewish and Christian lands like Turkey and Saudi Arabia or any desert plot void of human value. Ninth century Spain seems awfully progressive by today’s standards.

    • Breitbart reports the French government minister warning thus suggests the way to prevent civil war is to clamp down on ‘far right’ groups.

  10. Thank you, thank you . . . As an Ozman (is that what we’ll be called post-jihad?) who was raised in the very “multicultural & diverse” Sth. Auburn of the 50’s/60’s, I have so much that concerns me, seriously, regarding these issues, so for the moment thanks again for a good giggle just when needed!

    Word of the day: “phlogiston” – goes straight into my Curly’s Vocabulary tin. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk . . . It’s an appropriate description of so many of today’s PC utterances by the ignoscentii. I’m sure it will raise some eyebrows as I casually slip it into the conversation . . . phlogistic, phlogisticized, phlogistonically amazing! Endless fun.

    Still, such evil must never be ignored as it was in my Parent’s Europe of 1939. The time to feed the Appeasers to the Crocs first fast approaches . . .

    • (PS) By “multicultural & diverse” I meant an “International Melting Pot”, not an isolationist ghetto filled with hate, intolerance, sedition, and treason. To paraphrase a pervert: “Read the quran, stupid!”

  11. I’m not sure whether I regard myself more as pastry or uncovered meat. The problem is, every time we get a new Grand Mufti, we get a new story.

    • The problem with these idiots is their deep sexual repression. They deeply desire these women but are unable to act on it because of the diktats of their infantile religion. Desire turns to resentment and they lash out.

    • Can’t Australia dispose of this muffin, like it would any other “risk of infectious disease” shelf occupier?

  12. Two-sentence summary:

    “All religions, misunderstood, can bring about radicalisation, and it certainly has nothing to do with Islam, which is a #ReligionOfPeace. We must get together and find a way to stop radicalisation.”

    OK, what’s your suggestion, […]?

  13. When is someone going to ask the mufti and his ilk how is it that acting like mohammed is unislamic?

  14. His Dominance de Big Muffin. I imagine a Christian church or two will burn for this – in Egypt. He doesn’t quite have the numbers to do it on the sacrificial scale demanded by the moon god allah – yet. Give it time.

  15. Our problem here in Australia is that the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not bothered to educate himself about the true nature of Islam nor the consequences of increased Muslim immigration, given their philosophy of Hirja (their immigration doctrine which put simply is rather like the parasite ivy growing on a host tree. Suck the life out of it and leave it to eventually die!). Complicating this further is the Marxist inspired political correctness (the bane of civilisation) which closes people’s mouths through fear of being shamed and ostracised by society. Little do they know or realise that “society” in this instance are those who have the money and power to be the “masters” over the people, whom they despise almost as much as Marie Antoinette despised the great unwashed and starving peasantry in France. In a nutshell, no-one
    in the Australian political class knows what to “do” about the growing threat of
    Islamic manifestation. Either you appease them shamelessly, like Malcolm Turnbull or you decry them as far as you dare (or as far as your bank balance allows you for legal recrimination against your courage). Pretty much the same deal as in the rest of the world I would say. Unless this threat is contained, globally, it will engulf us all.
    And the Saudis will have won! Aaarrrggghhh!

    • The lack of desire to understand Islam is also in part driven by the disappearance of religion in the West. Because we no longer believe that one may be motivated to act solely by religious considerations, we ascribe the same belief to muslims. This is a mistake. The committed muslims have a long-term plan and that is the submission of the entire world to Allah.

  16. Obviously ghost written by an Social Justice PhD; in other words someone who has been persuaded to invest a huge amount of time and wealth striving to hide the fact that they are the least sharp pencil in the box, but expect to get tenure anyway because – Racism ( or ‘fill-in-the-blank’ anything but a coherent thought).

    Every English course first lesson, starting in middle school, should be a review of: http://www.george-orwell.org/Politics_and_the_English_Language/0.html.
    All written work in any subject should be graded accordingly. This would inoculate many against Newspeak and accelerate the demise of the NYT and its ilk.

  17. The few Australians I have met seemed a stout breed. I’m guessing there will be a turning point down under, also.

    • turning point……………whilst denied any firearms; and denied any freedom of speech or expression, you understand.
      (By their OWN PO-LICE, natch.)

      • Yes. I heard tool Matt Damon crowing to Australians about their draconian gun laws, recently. It’s interesting, when visiting gun web sights and the like, the comments from those in Australia and England bemoaning the fact that they can’t even carry a pocket-knife, and how lucky we are in the U.S. to have a selection of options available to us.

      • We are allowed to own firearms but they are highly regulated and all registered. ‘Conservative’ John Howard banned and confiscated semi-automatic rifles from all but professional shooters in the 1990s. Pump action shotguns are banned but not lever action shotguns (yet – they are currently under attack from the media) and not pump action rifles. Regulations vary state to state, some more draconian than others. It is very difficult to legally travel state to state in Australia with any form of legal firearm because of the licensing being handled at state level and not being uniform. Permits and licences are required to bring firearms into other states. Rifles can be used only at official ranges or on rural properties over 80 acres in size. There are strict regulations on transporting firearms. Storage at home is highly regulated and randomly inspected. Police may turn up on the doorstep at any time to inspect lockers and safes (they have done so to me). If the licensed owner is not home, the police will routinely ask a family member where the keys are ‘so we can just check the safe’. If the family member gets the keys or admits to knowing where they are, the police then confiscate the firearms immediately, charge the owner with allowing an unlicensed person access, and fine and disqualify them from future ownership. Handguns are even more regulated. It may take over a year to obtain a licence. They may be used only on official ranges and transported only from home to range and back. Police routinely tail persons leaving ranges to see if they deviate from their journey or break the law by, say, going to pay for petrol leaving an unlicensed person in the car (despite their handgun also having to be locked, unloaded, in a secure carry box).

        Oh, and if you keep a baton in the house for protection against home invaders, that’s an illegal weapon and you can have it and your guns confiscated because, essentially, self-defense is illegal.

  18. The Grand Pufti’s essay is not that complicated or abstruse, I’d say. He’s basically promoting two things, which together form the kernel of all Islamic taqiyya-dawa (the propaganda shaft behind the forward blade of the jihad-of-the-sword, from which the very same propaganda adroitly distances itself):

    1) a distinction between wonderful Islam and some pernicious truncation (here, “radicalism”) that has nothing to do with wonderful Islam;


    2) the great role which wonderful Islam can and should play in helping the world solve the problem of this “radicalism”.

    The Grand Pufti is hardly alone in promoting this meme; the entire mainstream West indulges variations on its theme — and one can all too often detect echoes of it even within the Counter-Jihad.

    The motivation for a Muslim to promote this meme is, of course, a cynical ploy to deceive and soften up the (currently) more powerful enemy. The motivation for the Westerner (whether of the mainstream or of the Counter-Jihad) is not cynical, but reflects a desperation and an anxiety to whittle down the horrifying dimensions of the problem of Islam to something more manageable and less… horrifying, regardless of whether that whittled-down solution is true or not. Paradoxically (but logically), this desperation and anxiety becomes stronger in the Counter-Jihad person; for they have opened up their mind to receiving more of the horrifying data about Islam and about Muslims (one detects this in Sam Harris and Frank Gaffney, for example — the former finding his desperation & anxiety assuaged by the clever “reformer” snake, Maajid Nawaz; the latter by the even oilier Zuhdi Jasser).

  19. As Hitchens once said ‘give this guy an enema and you could bury him in a match box’.

  20. Where does this islam get the privilege of being called “eminence”.
    He is an islam the only thing he needs to be called is pig crap.

  21. In the meantime, I would like to mention that Elie Wiesel has died at 87. One of the great men of the 20th century who wrote many books, but “Night” is one of the best. He survived the Holocaust. He made an enormous impact on me and I just wanted to mention how much I honor him.

    Thank you.

  22. He simply went to one of the internets bulls**t generators, typed in the word ‘Islam’, and that statement is what spewed out.

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