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  1. It’s against the Law in the Constitution, but how about a question on the “buy gun” form that automatically disqualifies you from buying one.
    Have you ever bowed on your knees to that false god allah, or sworn allegiance to the false prophet mohammed?
    That would keep some firearms out of the hands of the jihadiis for a bit anyway.

    • Except for the ones like this latest killer who was a govt subcontractor and licensed to carry a weapon. i look forward to hearing what Trump has to say tomorrow. He gave a perfectly legitimate sympathy brief note/speech which the Washington Post is now saying was cold…or some such nonsense.

      • Here in the UK columnist Owen Jones walked out of a live programme on Sky TV in a hissy fit regarding the dreadful Orlando attack pointing the following bullet points.

        The male newscaster could not understand how dreadful the attack was because he was not gay.

        It was the worst homophobic attack since the holocaust

        There were not enough LGBT voices to be heard in the media

        Anything to seemingly elevate the tragedy of LGBT deaths above those of say the victims in PARIS and divert attention from the Islamic connection ( the attacker’s father just happens to be a Taliban supporter of his ” warrior brothers “)

        When the female guest pointed out that you did not have to be gay, or Jewish, or black or whatever you could still be utterly appalled by such a dreadful attack and empathise with the families and friends of the victims. Not good enough for Owen though, his left wing agenda just HAD to be heard above all other opinions and he was genuinely perplexed, almost hysterical, that for once the other journalists insisted on studying the events from every perspective and not just from his narrow point of view. Hopefully this is the start of an ongoing trend as I am thoroughly sick and tired of being hectored and lectured by left wing idiots still wet behind their ears and barely out of their nappies. I respect all people, all genders, all faiths and all (responsible) political points of view but want that respect to be reciprocated and hear everybodies point of view. I do not believe that makes me right wing, racist, misogynistic orhomophobic either. I am just weary of the total monopolisation of the media by minority interests who are allowed to shout the loudest
        And get away with it, perhaps the silent majority should become a little more vocal too!

  2. The American Mainstream Media makes me violently ill! Trump tweeted – words to the effect – Thanks to people for the congratulations (on being right about the fact of Islamic terrorism in the US) – but what is needed is not congratulations for being right but firm action (all this is a paraphrase)! Well, you would have thought he had endorsed the shooting by the hysterical and dishonest reaction from the media! Of course the Commander in Chief gave his usual stereo-typed speech, which he must pull out from the file marked “Speech to use in cases of Jihadist Massacres”! The father of the shooter, himself – apparently a rabid Islamist, was reported as saying – this has nothing to do with religion, DESPITE the fact that the shooter called the cops 30 minutes into the rampage telling them it had everything to do with Islam and ISIS itself has claimed responsibility! Small wonder that Trump will plough ahead from strength to strength, unless he is taken out first. His is the only voice that says guns don’t shoot by themselves and that we need to control and examine the mind of the finger that pulls the trigger!

  3. Hi american,
    It is right time to all of us to […] all Muslims in USA, to expel and confine them within middle east. I beg all of west and European not to allow this mob inside your country otherwise no one including your Jesus could not stop them from killing.

  4. Zyclon B in sealed cans is as safe as can be, its original use was for killing rats in places like bakeries, spread it on the floor at the end of the workig day, and in the morning, all gone and lots of dead rats. Zyklon B had a reliable half life of about and hour, and it was this predictability that made it so useful. If you kept to the rules then there were no accidents.

    Of course when cans were opened and dropped into rooms full of people the results were absolutely predictable too, down to a few seconds. Everything could be scheduled down to the last gold tooth.

    Islam does not yet work with that kind of precision, and they have a much larger task on their hands than National Socialism had. But, of course Islam has everybody from the White House downwards rooting for them and making it easy. Bataclan too was a gun free zone, in a supposedly gun free country, just how did they get those assault rifles in there? As a security guard himself, the Orlando gunman probably knew just how to do it.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  5. If there would not be any gun at all in the state of Florida this jihadist still could have walked around armed to the teeth thanks to his security company position and government license. All gun control argument in this case is false. (Not that other cases would be any better). It us very clear the government wants to ban guns for precisely the reason why the second amendment was created. By the way I am a conservative lesbian. I am already knee deep in fight on Facebook with some of my leftist “friends” which I am sure ends up being unfriended by them. Some people just can’t switch gears.

    • Agreed. He not only had permission to arm himself but approval for so doing.

      I am sorry for your flaming experience on Face Ache. I gave it up years ago as the only safe topics are dog/cat videos and pictures of family get-togethers. For that, they’re handy, but not much else. Oh, wait: recipes, too.

      Gays and lesbians will be at greater risk if they continue to publicly out themselves as we continue to haul in 3rd world primitives who believe their culture is superior to ours and that death is the only permitted solution for their hatred of gays. Jim Hoft, owner of the Gateway Pundit website, publicly outed himself at Breitbart. I can understand the felt need to do so in the face of Pulse. But in the long run – at least until we clean up our murderously dangerous immigration laws – it creates the need for another level of security. Funny thing is, I’d already figured it out re Jim…and I still can’t spot *how* I knew…I’m a big fan of Gateway.

  6. Homosexuality is normal in the context of recreational sex (as opposed to reproductive sex), the bible only forbids homosexuality within the context of the community of believers in Yah, along with adultery and fornication, what unbelievers chose to do, of their own free will is their choice and they will have to face the consequences, if any, physical or spiritual.

    It is those who wish to impose their beliefs on others who seem to despise certain behaviours. Now I don’t like the idea of my grandchildren having to share intimate facilities with pedophiles, it is not that I am worried about their nudity as such (but they might be), but one should be able to undress in safe space without an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. Like ‘gun-free’ zones attract shooters, so the places where children are getting changed attract pedos, it is just a fact of life. As a physical boy in a male changing room I am anonymous, as a physical female in a male changing room I am going to be a, maybe unwanted, centre of attention. Is this what it is really all about?

    Political LBGT and political Islam are natural enemies, each vying with the other to dominate the ‘victim’ sphere. In the Middle East, this issue has been at the ‘shooting war’ stage for many years, this week that same war came to the USA.

    This week Jews, next week gays, the week after ‘uncovered meat’; the common factor here is the active intolerance of Islam which encourages its adherents to play god and to punish the transgressor in the here and now without any due legal process.

    Each muslim male is potentially judge, jury and executioner, and is encouraged to be so from the pulpit. It is for this reason Islam must be purged from our midst, there is no significant moderation in Islamic politics where thanatoid militancy hides behind a bland smile and a lying tongue. There is only one Islam!

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