Ramadan in Düsseldorf: A Hot Time in the Asylum Home

Last Tuesday an asylum home in Düsseldorf burned to the ground. The fire was set after an argument about food and Ramadan. In particular, chocolate pudding seems to have been the main issue, and a culture-enriching resident named Fat Hamza is the mischievous fellow who orchestrated the arson.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Hamburger Morgenpost:

No Chocolate Pudding. So the fake Syrian burns the Asylum home down!

Düsseldorf — The fiery blaze in the refugee home was set because of the lack of chocolate pudding. The facts: Monday night police had to be called because a group of North Africans, led by Fat Hamza, who started a fight with security personnel because of food, and then announced the arson.

He is a noticeable person at the edge of the large blaze. With black muscle shirt and obviously overweight, Hamza (26) stands in the shadow of a tree. Around him a group of other North Africans. Conspicuous: With them are packed suitcases. As if they had known that the home was going to burn down.

And little later it becomes clear: Hamza did know. He bragged to MOPO reporters that he indeed started the fire. Soon thereafter he gets arrested by the police. Seven more members of the group as well.

“Two of them we arraigned before the magistrate,” the prosecutor, Ralf Herrenbrück, says. Besides the ringleader Hamza who hatched the plan, the actual arsonist, a 26-year-old Moroccan, also was arrested. At the behest of his boss, he spilled Schnapps on his mattress and then lit it on fire.

But why did the North Africans torch the hall? According to MOPO investigations, it profanely was about food. Monday night the group around the fat boss had rudely accosted security personnel at the home — since it is Ramadan, and Muslims are not allowed to eat during the day, and the buffet was empty after sundown. At 1:30 AM security alerted the police.

A little later there was something to eat, but Hamza was not content.

MOPO has information to the effect that the Moroccan then loudly protested, because there was no chocolate pudding!

“The group announced that they would set fire to the hall if nothing changed,” Christian Anfang, leader of the investigative team from the KRIPO, explained [KRIPO — Kriminal Polizei, Criminal Police]. And then Tuesday, another fight: This time the group wanted a buffet with more variety, despite Ramadan.

All persons involved are now being investigated for severe arson. Plus they are under investigation for false identities. When applying for asylum and in statements to the police, Hamza and his colleagues from Morocco and Algeria had claimed to be from Syria and Iraq.

There’s more (in German) at Express.de.

9 thoughts on “Ramadan in Düsseldorf: A Hot Time in the Asylum Home

  1. I am not shocked that a lack of chocolate pudding was the cause.

    For example, enter any superette or supermarche here in Algeria…it will be packed wall to wall with all manner of cereal, crackers, cookies, candies, ice cream, and chocolates…it is a wonder everyone is not a type II diabetic.

    I imagine things are much the same in Morocco.

  2. “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?” – The Wall, Pink Floyd.

  3. Sugar addicts with the IQ of rats. There won’t be any pudding in prison either.

  4. In a without islam, this would never have happened.
    This is the wake-up the Western world needs to have, and sadly, will never happen.
    Liberals/Socialists/Atheists live in a world where nothing bad can ever be caused by islam because they deny it being the Satanic death cult that it is, while having no understanding of it.
    No one can ever teach anything to any person unwilling to learn.

  5. We have to think of a way of ensuring the Left suffers exactly what they inflict on every Western nation. Or maybe I’m overthinking it. Every spiritual tradition has the concept of ‘what goes around comes around’, karma, fate, kismet, predestination, foreordained, dharma, Heaven’s decree, Providence, ‘those who live by the sword die by the sword’ … So the Left will receive their comeuppance.

    • Unfortunately, after decades of statist education (brainwashing), the Left holds the majority position . . . and they will drag you along in their destructive wake. The “reset” button on civilization is going to take humanity back to primitive, harsh conditions. It’s not going to be pretty.

  6. What an evil are dozens of Moroccans doing in a shelter. There’s no war in Morocco…

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