Lebanese-German: “Give Me Back My Old Germany”

The following video features remarks by a Lebanese man named Imad Karim who moved to Germany almost forty years ago. Like other long-time residents who have assimilated completely and appreciate their adopted home, Mr. Karim is appalled by the destruction being wrought by Germany’s current immigration policy. He calls on the younger generation of Germans to save their country from destruction.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   Pupils’ Congress Königstein Tuesday May 24, 2016
00:07   My name is Imad Karim. Originally, I came from Lebanon.
00:12   I have been living in Germany for 39 years.
00:16   I will read my story to you.
00:22   And then we can talk about it.
00:27   On a Monday, the 5th of December, 1977,
00:32   I arrived as a 19-year-old student in West Berlin.
00:37   I took up studying. And reading,
00:43   reading a lot. I tried to inform myself,
00:47   about my surroundings, the people,
00:50   whose daily lives I would share from then on.
00:53   I visited Arab families and we went to barbecues together.
00:57   Together with their German neighbours, they put pieces of meat on the grill.
01:01   On the right, beef and lamb, on the left, pork and sausages.
01:05   Yes, life was good, colourful and peaceful.
01:09   At that time, I lived on Weise Street, vis-à-vis the public bath Hasenheide, in the district Neukölln (Berlin).
01:16   There was the restaurant “Zum Jäger” with the best pork schnitzel,
01:21   the Italian with the spicy pizzas and the hot wife,
01:25   the shy Turk with the tasty kebab,
01:28   and the big-headed Lebanese with his self-proclaimed best falafel in the Western hemisphere.
01:35   A few years ago I visited Neukölln, and I did not recognize the district anymore.
01:40   I thought I was in Kabul.
01:43   The leftist Arab friends from back then are bearded old men now.
01:51   They divorced their German wives,
01:54   and married young Arabs, mostly their own cousins which they brought to Germany.
02:01   All friends from back then have become pious, devout Muslims,
02:07   who are firmly convinced Germany will become Islamic in the near future.
02:12   And those Christians or Jews who do not want to convert to Islam
02:16   will have to pay the poll tax and resign themselves to being second-class humans.
02:23   Yeah, we must kill Hindus, Buddhists, and other idolaters.
02:28   Please don’t get us wrong — we do not have anything against these people,
02:32   but we must follow God’s orders.
02:35   Summer 2015, I took my wife out for a Turkish dinner in our town in Baden.
02:41   We ordered beer. The waitress explained to me
02:45   that none of the eight restaurants on the town square served alcohol.
02:50   And she added, whoever drinks alcohol is bad and without morals.
02:56   Soon, it would be seen to it that alcohol can only be had within your own four walls at home.
03:02   Then I knew I was about to lose my Germany.
03:06   I came to Germany as a stranger and it took me in me with all its strength.
03:11   Today, Germany comes to me all strange, and I cry bloody tears, because I cannot protect it.
03:17   I am not the 19-year-old boy from back then anymore.
03:20   But you, my children, you can still save Germany.
03:24   Stop the triumph of barbarism. Tell Merkel, and the whole political elite,
03:29   and the Greens, and the media, and the justice system, and all,
03:32   that you decide who comes to you, and who not.
03:35   And don’t forget to give me back my old Germany, even when I am not around anymore.
03:42   (applause)
04:01   I’ll begin. Do you know this situation?
04:05   Many of those who I know, whether they come from Afghanistan, or Syria, or Eritrea,
04:10   are absolutely ambitious.
04:13   This does not exist among us Germans, us people born here, barely.
04:18   Such a drive to better oneself.
04:22   We have alphabetized people, women from Somalia, people from Eritrea.
04:27   We alphabetize people who come from Afghanistan, and who truly did not know how to hold a pencil.
04:31   After a bit of time, they can read and write.
04:34   It truly scares me, the way you, I beg your pardon, glorify this.
04:40   You mystify the topic. It is almost a divine mission, the way you describe it.
04:46   The refugees who have the best intentions, who only want good.
04:51   I have the feeling you construct a world, and you see a mission in it.
04:56   I wonder if there were no refugees now, if one or the other might get depressed,
05:01   because they wouldn’t have this divine assignment.
05:04   The reality is different. The reality is different, unfortunately.
05:08   There are great people among the refugees, who are curious and who want to learn.
05:14   But that is not the majority. And no matter how you word it and how you twist it,
05:19   that is not the majority. Because, if the majority were as you describe them,
05:23   they would not have begun the war in their country.
05:26   I have to, and I want to, back up Mister Karim on one point.
05:30   Namely, when it is about differentiating the reasons for migration.
05:36   Mister Karim and I sit here as migrants from Islamic countries.
05:41   When you look at the discussion beyond political colors,
05:46   the gravest critics of the way the German society deals with the current idea of integration and migration
05:57   are migrants who are established and assimilated here and who came from Islamic countries.
06:03   And this is not a coincidence, and it has nothing to do with right-wing attitudes,
06:06   that it is exactly those migrants who are here, and who have gone through this,
06:10   bring up this painful subject and say, what is going on here, misses reality by far.
06:16   (applause)

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  2. Of course, we are all looking to our youth to defend us. Isn’t that what always happens? What we pray to God is that our young men haven’t been so deracinated that they actually believe they are inferior to the invaders. I’m not sure about most of Europe, I pray that England is still self aware and will choose to protect itself and especially that the USA wakes up from its slumber and protects itself because without the USA the rest of us normal people are doomed to decades of socialist despondency and genetic annihilation.

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