Culture-Enriching Bullies in a Hamburg Elementary School

All those “refugees” that Germany has been welcoming with open arms are enriching German culture in unexpected ways. In one Hamburg school, migrant children who speak little or no German are terrorizing children from native German families.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Bergedorfer Zeitung:

Integration Problems

“The mood is coming to a tipping point”

[Photo caption: A group of rude refugee children are bullying students at the Gemeinschaftsschule. Concerned parents are now informing politicians.]

Contusions, bruises and even one laceration — a group of about 15 refugee children are bullying their co-students.

Schwarzenbek. 78 children from refugee families are at this time educated in so-called DaZ-classes [Deutsch als Zweitsprache = German as a second language] at this interdenominational school. One small group — parents speak of about ten to fifteen children; the headmaster Andreas Hartung speaks of eight to ten children — attract attention by exhibiting extremely rude and violent behavior.

Parents complain on Facebook

Danny Frank blew off steam on the social network Facebook last Thursday: When his daughter tried to help her friend, she was beaten by members of said group. The result: one laceration, contusions and a lot of pain. Frank’s description ignited a discussion, in which multiple other parents then told of similar experiences by their children — some on their way to school, some in the schoolyard.

Complaints during Resident Q&A session

Thursday night three families used the Resident Q&A by the City Council to submit their concerns. The mother Jacky Geske reported on her daughter, who is afraid of her school. As she was telling about her daughter, the room was moved and the around 40 visitors and politicians showed massive approval as they applauded her.

Principal is asking for patience

The principal, Andreas Hartung, didn’t even try to play down these problems, but he asked the parents for a little more patience: “Give us time.” It’s only been two weeks since the school took on a new educator whose sole concern is social integration. This week he already spoke with several parents of said obtrusive children from the lower elementary level.

But they are looking for a translator. And in the coming week there are more talks planned with the parents of children from the upper elementary.

Education act also applies to refugees

Furthermore, Hartung has clarified with the office of the district school department that the education act does indeed apply to refugee children as well. In paragraph 25, possible regulatory measures are listed, and among them is the expulsion from school. Hartung even went so far as to say: “Children cannot be told to go to school with fear in their heart. If nothing else works, then I will clarify whether the possibility exists to influence the process for a residency permit.”

Comments partially racist

In light of recent racist comments on the internet, Christoph Ziehm, the former speaker of the Round Table Welcome Culture, says that the mood in the city is at a tipping point: “it’s terrible that the offenses of individuals are being attributed to an entire group.” At the same time Ziehm can see a huge problem within the integration of these refugees into society: “Concerning the comprehension of equal status for men and women, Syrian families are limping 50 years behind us, Afghan families even 80 years.”

17 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Bullies in a Hamburg Elementary School

  1. Chairwoman Merkel’s plan of a Socialist workers Utopia does not seem to be working amid the ‘best’ of ‘planning’ by the German government, EU dictates, and the bleeding heart intellectuals . Anyone in their right mind would know that you can’t take cultural misfits, who are centuries behind on everything from basic hygiene, socially proper behavior, are illiterate, brainwashed since birth, are prone to violence, have a completely different view of sexual behavior, look upon as others as ‘unclean’ and ‘unholy’ Infidels and expect them to assimilate and function in a civilized society.

  2. But that new Kabob shop is great!! My daughters just love it! Wait, what????

  3. “Parents complain on Facebook”.

    Well we’ll soon see how long that travesty will be allowed to continue.

  4. >>Concerning the comprehension of equal status for men and women, Syrian families are limping 50 years behind us, Afghan families even 80 years.”

    More like 50,000 and 80,000 years, but I may have done a disservice to our distant ancestors by this comparison.

  5. “it’s terrible that the offenses of individuals are being attributed to an entire group, but you know, all those white people are just so darned racist!”

  6. In years gone bye they would have taken up arms well before now. Now the best they can do is complain on facebook. Complain. On facebook. Yeah, that’ll reverse the tide.

  7. I really don’t understand why it’s so hard for our polititians to set up the simple rule of “one misstep like this and you’re going back straight home”. It wouldn’t even be needed to forbid them from entering European soil again, they will make a misstep soon enough anyway

    • In many cases those most unruly migrants are coming from countries which refuse to take them back. Our idealists then call this reason for our helplessness to deal with it.

      In truth, I think that this is our opportunity to deal with it very sensibly. If country X will not take back one of its own undesireables, all further migrants from that country can be refused. Air or sea traffic from that country can be refused.

      Anyone can do injury to thee or me once, but it need not happen twice or more.

    • Because they swarm. There are so many of them and they know how to win in public by sheer effrontery. Westerners aren’t used to that.

      It’s the numbers, the lying, and the calculated offenses. Sad to say, I’ve seen fraternity boys do the same thing on some campuses. Jocks, too. They think they’re in charge and golden. I like men but testosterone-driven aggressive drunks (U.S. frat boys) are NOT men.

      Notice that these boys/men arrive without their wives, sisters or mothers. Ever been in a port city when hundreds of American sailors disembark after two or three months at sea??

      I realize it’s not p.c. in conservative circles to point to adolescent male wilding, but it happens. If girls/women weren’t such colossal witches, that behavior wouldn’t get lost in the background of all the shrieking…nor would the limits of the law be ignored.

      As a case in point, there is a lot of push to have the California judge who gave six months to a clean-cut white varsity swimmer for the rape of an unconscious woman – right out in public…he was interrupted by two Swedish men who were out on their bikes.

      This lawyer shows the limits under which judges operate, i.e., the state legislature decides who gets what and judges must stick to those limits:

      My “feeling” is that the ‘boy’ should have gotten more than six months but according to the lawyer above, the sentence by the judge was decided by the lawyers legislating in the state capital. In the South, rape is always taken more seriously…

  8. Because they swarm…. You are right. And our courts no longer accept the old idea that birds of a feather flock together, while cell phones make it easier FOR them to flock together less visibly.

    We have apps for everything else. Could not an app be made by which the police could monitor cell phone traffic calling for group street activity?

    Ah yes. Language difficulty….

    Well then, maybe a non linguistic app, of congregating GPS signals? One would need observations in any case.

    It really is not easy to figure out how to deal with people who are entirely exempt from all need to support themselves and have full time leisure and resentment. They are making a complete mockery of puplic assistance to those in need.

    • ×What we do in decency, and our gadgets of convenience are being used against us.

      I still believe that our leftist schemers are the weapons most in use against us.

    • I wonder if Israeli police/intel aren’t already doing this. And probably monitoring the situation across the line in that regard,too.

      Those innovations can’t catch the single killers but the groups? Yes! What do you want to bet some geek adolescent, not wired for destruction,is even now developing an application like that 🙂

      • btw, not doing too well today so I can’t finish my post…to distract myself from the pain,I’ve been reading two books – one from the chick lit detective genre, and another from the di…umm, manly parts detective genre (both for free on Book Bub)…in the chick lit book, this super brilliant systems analyst who works for the FBI has developed her own software for comparing markers on suspicious deaths which give the analyst a percentage of certainty as to whether the death is more likely to be (i) natural causes, (ii) accidental death (iii)suicide, or (iv) murder. Of course her program has no imprimatur from the FBI so she uses it where they can’t see it…

        I love innovations, even fictional ones. And I don’t like the FBI much right now…

  9. Your physical illness and our western cultural illness may both be best addressed by magic. I do not know any magic, I just say my prayers, but prayer is not a small resource.

    And Charles Dickens. The good old days were not so great, but it is a comfort that people did know right from wrong.

    • Many people would call prayer “magic”. All that I know is prayer gives me something to do while waiting for things to change. A rabidly leftist writer whom I used to enjoy reading until politics contaminated everything she wrote once said there were two kinds of prayer:
      Please, please, please was one. The other was thank you, thank you, thank you.

      But there are several others she missed: one is a kind of contemplation or awe – a prayer that atheists use though they would deny that their awareness of the numinous had anything to do with religious belief. They could be right.

      The other is contrition: the recognition that our acts or thoughts have somehow been harmful to others or to ourselves. Someone was telling me recently how she struggled with envy, that while she could be happy for her friend, she could also experience her soul shrivel that this good thing wasn’t hers also. That’s probably a condition of young-to-mid adulthood, before all the choices have been made and settled.

      The old concept of seven deadly sins, with Anger as the capital of them all – no, it’s not Lust you Baptists out there 🙂 because anger/reactivity is the ultimate harmful lack of control that drives many of the others.

      Interesting that Islam’s Rage Boys are encouraged in their ire.

  10. Yes. Our worst deadly sin as their greatest virtue.

    And yet there are those who profess to be surprised that our cultures do not blend together well. That is, surprised despite 1400 years of evidence.

    The wonders of modern education….

    I may be over due for my afternoon nap.

    • My erratic nap non-scedule now appeased, I see I stand in need of some correction here.

      “OUR worst deadly sin.” As if we are all Christian, or even know what Christianity is. Some of us no doubt believe what leftists tell us is Christian. Western civilisation may be an incidental byproduct of Christianity and Judaism but these religions are not incidental byproducts of our civilisation or there for our convenience.

      The truth may be that Islamic spokesman and leftists call us Christians and Jews because they are not familiar with Christianity, Judaism or civilisation.

      I am myself only still learning.

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